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The bodies of popular artists of the Russian stage are often decorated with numerous tattoos. To your attention - a stellar dozen of musicians known for a great love to emphasize individuality with drawings, phrases and symbols on the skin. Enjoy watching!

Perhaps the record-breaker in the number of tattoos is the rapper and businessman Timati. The artist admits that each image and inscription on his body carries a certain meaning.

Tattoos take up more than 70 percent of Timati's body. Even on the phalanges of his fingers there are signs and symbols.

It seems that tattoos are becoming a trademark of rappers!

Photo: Instagram Timati @timatiofficial

Bianca's tattoos.

The tattoos on the arms of the queen of Russian R'n'B are more than just jewelry.

Bianca refers to tattoos as symbols that can influence her life and bring good luck. Photo: Bianca's Instagram @biankarnb

The former members of the Quest Pistols reunited and took on the development of a new band, "Agon." The soloists of the epatage collective - Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goryuk and Konstantin Borovsky - are passionate about tattooing.

Photo: Instagram of the band "Agon @yo_agon

Garik Burito tattoos

Musician of the band "Band'Eros" Igor Burnyshev is actively engaged in his own project - Burito. The artist admits that his inner state has changed with the appearance of special images on his body. Garik Burito intends to develop for himself a whole complex of tattoos.

Photo: Instagram of Igor Burito @garburito

The leader of the band "Night Snipers" Diana Arbenina comments on the meaning of one of the tattoos on her arm as a symbol of faith. The phrase embossed in Hebrew roughly translates as: "Everything between us is still the same".

Basta's tattoos are rather modest compared to other representatives of rap. Vasily Vakulenko rarely exposes his torso at performances to show off his tattoos. However, his tattoos are no less interesting and filled with meaning. In our review, we will figure out what the inscriptions on Basta's arms mean and what other tattoos the musician has done to himself.

Tattoo Basta on his hands

On the hands, or more precisely on the forearms were originally tattooed :

  • "Vaya con Dios".
    Which means "to go with God" in Spanish.
  • "Quien si no mi".
    which translates as "who if not me".

These inscriptions tell us that their owner holds them in high esteem and wants to go through life doing his best, but not overstepping other people's boundaries.

Later around these inscriptions appeared drawings of armor, similar were in gladiators and other warriors in the old days. The armor tattoo is always interpreted as belligerence, the ability to defend oneself, to stand up for oneself, one's principles and interests. The ability to stand up for oneself in the modern world is no less important than the ability to wield weapons in ancient times.


Over time, Basta "dressed" his hands in a kind of armor-aruches. They have appeared already after the Spanish adverbs. Tattoo-arm from elbow to wrist serves a protective role. Just like the armor serves as physical protection of the hand. Such a Vakulenko tattoo is interpreted as an indicator of his courage, bravery, valor. The ability to stand up for his principles is as important as wielding a weapon in wartime.

Tattoo Vakulenko peculiar, looks very brutal, attracts views as a symbol of strength and strong-willed character of the owner. At the same time armor is a powerful talisman. Such tattoos are no stranger to sentimental people.

Basta's tattoo on his leg

Basta has his most ironic tattoo on his leg. a monkey with a microphone.

. Vasily Vakulenko was born in the year of the monkey, this is the first symbolic meaning of the tattoo. And the second is a dedication to creativity, a reminder that whatever heights in show business you have not reached, do not lose your head. Humor and self-irony, the ability to laugh at any topic, even the most serious, always help in life to remain adequate and sane, even if success dizzying.

The bodies of popular artists of the Russian stage are often decorated with numerous tattoos. To your attention - a stellar dozen of musicians known for a great love to emphasize individuality with drawings, phrases and symbols on the skin. Enjoy watching!

Perhaps the record-breaker in the number of tattoos is the rapper Timati. The artist admits that each image and inscription on his body carries a certain meaning.

Tattoos occupy more than 70% of Timati's body. Even on the phalanges of his fingers there are signs and symbols.

It seems that tattoos are becoming the trademark of rappers! On the photo - Timur Yunusov and Vasily Vakulenko (Timati and Basta


Photo: Instagram Timati @timatiofficial

The Russian rap singer, composer and producer is the owner of tattoos on both forearms.

Photo: Instagram Basta @bastaakanoggano

Yegor Creed admits he got his first tattoo when he was 14 years old! Today, the female audience favorite is 22 years old, and the number of tattoos on his body has increased significantly.

Photo: Instagram Egor Krid @egorkreed

Jigan, a famous hip-hop performer and professional athlete, is seriously into tattooing.

Over the summer, Jigan was a guest on Country FM, where he talked about music, sports and tattoos.

Photo: Instagram Jigen @iamgeegun

Photo: Instagram Nargiz @rocknnargiz

The band's lead singer Roman Pashkov is the owner of a lot of tattoos and doesn't seem to plan to stop there!

Photo: Instagram of Roman Pashkov @pashock_official

Tattoos on the hands of the queen of Russian R'n'B is not just a decoration, treats them as symbols that can affect life and bring good luck.

Photo: Bianca's Instagram @biankarnb

The former members of the Quest Pistols have reunited and taken up development . The soloists of the epatage collective - Anton Savlepov, Nikita Goryuk and Konstantin Borovsky - are passionate about tattooing.

Photo: Instagram of the band "Agon @yo_agon

Musician of the band "Band'Eros" Igor Burnyshev is actively engaged in . The artist admits that with the appearance of special images on the body, his inner state has changed. Garik Burito intends to design another set of tattoos for himself.

It's no secret that tattoos are a weakness for representatives of rap culture. Rapper Basta also shares this passion. In fact, looking at him, there is no doubt in this fact - the body of Vasily Vakulenko, hiding under a resounding nickname, is covered with intricate patterns. All the tattoos of the musician are not of any pathos and are not made to conform to rap culture. The drawings that adorn Vasily's body were carefully chosen by him and have a personal meaning and significance, motivation and reminder. On his right arm there are two inscriptions in Spanish: "Quien si no mi" and "Vaya con Dios". They can be translated as "Who else but me" and "Coming with God". From wrists to elbows, Basta's hands are covered with fanciful patterns depicting ancient warrior shields, which is a symbol of the musician's firm and unwavering character. The left shoulder is decorated with two revolvers, resembling in their shape two letters "G", as a hint to the second stage nickname of the musician - NoGano. You can see a monkey with a microphone on Basta's leg. The meaning is clear: in the year of the monkey the musician was born, and the microphone is a symbol of his activity and love for music.

Vasily Vakulenko, which is the real name of Basta, is a famous Russian rapper known for his unusual and meaningful lyrics. He also performs under the pseudonym Noggano. In addition to his main creative path, the rapper also has experience in radio broadcasting. Vasya Vakulenko also had a hand in the creation of several music videos. The celebrity is known as an extraordinary personality. Therefore, no one is surprised that the tattoos on Basta also impress by their originality . Even an ordinary inscription decorated by him as an interesting tattoo.

Tattoo Basta (Vasily Vakulenko): meaning, meaning, pictures

Here you can learn all about the tattoo Basta (Vasily Vakulenko), features drawings, their meaning, history and interpretation, interesting facts about the appearance on the body.

Tattoo Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) - photo examples of celebrity tattoo drawings

Tattoo Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) - all the most interesting + photos

Vasily Vakulenko, better known under the pseudonyms Basta and Noggano, is one of the most famous and revered rap artists of our time. His creativity leaves few people indifferent. Many fans of the performer know that he expresses himself not only through lyrics and music, but also through tattoos. There are several tattoos on Basta's body, each of which is original in its own way and endowed with a special meaning, just like his creativity.

Two Nagans

The left shoulder of the performer is decorated with two revolvers - a nagana. Their location resembles the double letter "G" in Noggano's creative pseudonym. In this way, the singer emphasized a part of himself and his creativity, imbued with a hooligan and defiant mood.

Inscriptions in Spanish

Tattoos in a foreign language are often chosen to preserve a certain mystery of what is written. After all, not everyone can immediately understand what certain words and expressions mean. Therefore, such inscriptions are often the object of close attention and curiosity of others. Maybe that's why many people choose these tattoos to decorate their bodies. And Basta is just one of the connoisseurs of such tattoos.

Quien si no mi

On Vasily's right arm is painted the inscription in Spanish "Quien si no mi", which translates as "Who else but me?" This phrase is a kind of life credo of the performer. He mentioned it many times in his interviews. Probably, these words inspire him to write the compositions, which find an echo in the hearts of millions of people.

Vaya con Dios

Another Spanish expression is located on the musician's left hand. "Vaya con Dios" translates as "Walk with God" or "Walking with God. These words symbolize a kind of religiosity and a special attitude towards life. The singer's fans know that his work is characterized by a special philosophy, which can also be seen in the drawings on the body.

It should be noted that both of these Spanish expressions are heard in Basta's song "California". Absorbed by the story, which this composition conveys, you can understand the meaning of the words tattooed on the musician's body even more deeply.


Just the inscriptions on his arms Basta decided not to be limited to. Over time, he got the handcuffs on his arms from wrist to elbow. Wristbands are a part of the armor, meant to protect the hands. This original element can be regarded as a symbol of a strong willed character of the musician. Such an unusual tattoo, definitely, gives masculinity and confidence, and certainly attracts the eyes.

A monkey with a microphone

On the performer's left leg is another interesting tattoo. It is a monkey holding a microphone in his hand. In general, the monkey is not the most popular version of the tattoo. This is largely due to the different interpretation of the image of this animal. In Western culture, for example, the monkey is a symbol of guile, cunning, deceit and immorality. And in the East, the monkey is on the contrary treated with reverence, because there it symbolizes cautiousness and wisdom.

However, in the case of Basta, this image is very symbolic. Vasily Vakulenko was born in the year of the monkey according to the Chinese calendar. And the interpretation is likely to be in favor of Eastern wisdom lovers. And the microphone is an integral part of the musician's life for many years. So we can assume that with this tattoo the singer wanted to reflect his essence, to show himself.

Tattoo Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) - photo examples of drawings from 05.05.2018

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Tattoos in the form of inscriptions

Noggano has two inscriptions on his hands made in Italian . The very fact that the tattoo uses a language which is not the native one for the celebrity speaks about her desire to hide her thoughts from the people around her. The letters are made clearly, without excessive curls. One of the inscriptions is translated as the phrase "who else but me. According to the rapper, it is his motto in life. In his compositions, Vakulenko partially uses the message conveyed by this tattoo. The other hand has the inscription "Coming with God!" on it. There are no comments on the meaning of this kind of tattoo from the celebrity. However, there is speculation that this is another philosophy of the musician, which he transfers into his lyrics.

Basta with tattoos on his arm

Later on, the tattoo was supplemented with peculiar shields covering Basta's hands. Lats, armor and their components, chosen as the basis for the tattoo, speak of the sentimental character of the person. Only a strong personality applies such an image. Shields are quite a powerful tattoo. The celebrity could choose it also in the role of amulet, which is relevant for public people.

Basta tattoos: another perspective

The meaning of Vasily Vakulenko aka Basta tattoos

Basta, who is also known under the pseudonym NaGano, is one of the most prominent and influential rap singers in Russia. Millions of fans faithfully follow his unique creativity and, of course, each of them has noticed the symbolic and eloquent tattoos that adorn the musician's body. What do they mean?

Who, if not me?

On Basta's right arm is tattooed the inscription in Spanish, which reads "Quien si no mi". In Russian it translates to "Who else but Me?

This phrase is like a credo of life for the musician, he repeatedly spoke about it in his interviews. Probably, this is the question Basta asked himself when he wrote his most daring lyrics, which became hymns for a whole generation of young people.

Go with God

There is also a text tattoo on NaGano's left arm, "Vaya con Dios." Translated from Spanish, it means "Walk with God" or "Coming with God."

Many of Basta's fans claim that this musician has his own special philosophy, which he puts into his musical compositions. And this opinion is certainly correct. Such conclusions are easy to draw if you look at the special meaning of his tattoos.


However, the two winged expressions on his arms Basta did not stop. After some time, the musician complemented the compositions with two wristbands. It was this weighty touch that made his tattoos even more original and unusual.

A pair of Nagans

Two nagans, which symbolize the double letter "G" in the name NaGhano, are stamped on Basta's left shoulder. In such an interesting way he expressed his alternative personality.

A monkey that sings into a microphone

A tattoo depicting a monkey holding a microphone in its paw is on a man's leg. This tattoo has two meanings. First, the rapper was born in the year of the monkey. Second, he dedicated his life to music. It is very symbolic.

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The monkey is a musician

On the leg of Basta there is a very funny image. On the tattoo is a monkey, which firmly holds a microphone in his paw. This sketch is quite symbolic. Noggano himself was born in the year of the monkey, so the choice of the animal is predictable. Because he spends his entire life with music, he provided the main character of the tattoo with a microphone.

However, besides this connotation, there are other interpretations of the monkey tattoo. For example, this animal is associated with ease and cunning . However, people who choose this creature as a talisman are not capable of evil. They often have a lot of friends in their environment. Often worried about nothing. Also, they are very intelligent animals, which are considered the progenitors of man.

Basta tattoos on the arm and leg

Microphone, of course, is a direct relation to the music. These kinds of tattoos are chosen by people closely associated with this field. The microphone itself can also talk about openness, about the desire to speak out, to prove his point. This tattoo is not used by people who are secretive and prefer to keep silent.

Tattoo Basta on his hands in the form of numbers

Monkey .

A very interesting tattoo adorns the left leg of the rapper. It is a singing monkey. It holds a microphone in its paw. In fact, the monkey, as a symbol, is rarely tattooed. The image of the animal in any context is interpreted ambiguously. In different hemispheres, the monkey is ascribed radically different properties. The West ascribes hypocrisy, immorality, treachery and ingenuity to the beast, while in the East it is treated with respect, even reverence. The Vakulenko tattoo in this context acts as a symbol of restraint and sanity.

There is also a second meaning of the symbol. Vasily Vakulenko was born under the sign of the monkey according to the Eastern calendar. In the case of Basta, the Eastern interpretation would be correct. That is, the priority is wisdom, goodness.

Monkey is surrounded by a huge number of friends. Very reverent about any detail.

The presence of a microphone means that he is a musician, has dedicated his life to art. The microphone itself speaks of openness. Hidden people are unlikely to choose this symbol. Overall, this tattoo of Vakulenko reflects him, his essence.

Basta-man and Basta-musician wonderfully complement each other. Despite the fact that the rapper's body is oversaturated with paintings, in general, everything looks organic. The meaning of the words of his composition is revealed even more fully on the background, full of philosophical meaning, tattoos.

Two guns

On the shoulder of the rapper placed two guns, namely nagana. This is a direct reference to Vakulenko's stage name. The number of weapons speaks to the double letter "G" used in the pseudonym.

Weapons made on a man's body may speak of aggression . However, such people are not prone to betrayal. For them, it is easier to solve the case with a fight than to build intrigues and revenge.

Also the tattoo with the image of guns speaks about the desire to prove their masculinity . By displaying this attribute of a militant man, Basta most likely wanted to emphasize his determination. Such a gesture is common to many young men .

Nagans on the shoulder

On the left shoulder of the singer there are two nagana revolvers. They are located parallel to each other and look like a paired letter "G". Vasily's creative pseudonym just refers to this tattoo and sounds "NoGano". The sketch is his. Basta's tattoo design characterizes the rapper as a defiant, hooligan kid. Although guns mean aggression, their owners are not capable of treachery. They are used to solving problems openly. They will not build intrigues.


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