Tattoo Butterfly - the meaning and location on the arm, leg, lower back, stomach, creative photo ideas and sketches

Tattoos have long ceased to be a distinctive feature of different cultures. Today, stylish tattoos decorate their bodies young girls and boys, wishing in this way to express their "self".

Numerous salons, offering to do a variety of tattoos - from the modest barely visible paws of animals to cover the patterned designs throughout the body. The first thing a girl who wants to do a tattoo must decide is to choose a sketch and decide on its location.

Exclusive motif - a butterfly tattoo

Originally, it is a symbol of the immortal soul, acting as a mediator between the worlds. The individual lives through three hypostases: a caterpillar, a chrysalis, and finally acquires an enchanting appearance. It is to some extent a repetition of human existence, when the unenlightenment, the darkness, the monotony of mortal life, ends after death with the resurrection in a new guise. Many survivors who have changed for the better because of suffering, choose this symbolism.

Since ancient times, the image carries a positive and creative connotation, bestowing positive changes on its owners. It corresponds to personalities who are looking for their own self-expression.

Meaningful load of the tattoo

Today, the popular tattoo with butterflies is in high demand, especially among girls, emphasizing their femininity, attractiveness and the desire to find family happiness. It is a metaphor of transformation, characteristic of individuals who are not afraid of uncharted roads and transformations, wishing to get rid of the mistakes of the past. It emphasizes:

  1. Femininity and beauty.
  2. Freedom.
  3. Luck, luck.
  4. Gracefulness.
  5. Tenderness.
  6. Eternal youth.

Regarding their worldview, everyone sees their reflection in the multifaceted type. The Aztecs believed that warriors who had fallen on the battlefield came alive in butterflies, seeking solace and comfort in the heavens. Scandinavian myths found commonality with the air element, hence the elves have wings. The ancient Romans considered the flyer a harbinger of war, and the Mexicans correlated it with deceased loved ones.

In Christianity, it is the emblem of resurrection. In pictures of the Christ Child can be found winged silhouettes on his arm. In China it is a sign:

  • joy;
  • of love;
  • abundance;
  • longevity;
  • joyfulness, carefree.

Only in Japan, along with prosperity, the symbol is intertwined with frivolity and calculating, referring to geishas. This is the only country that endowed it with inferior qualities.

Butterfly for babies

Children like to draw summer, green glades, flowers and, of course, colorful butterflies. Drawing a butterfly for children is easy.

They draw a circle. Inside put two large black dots, the eyes of a butterfly. Nose is not, and depict the mouth of a horseshoe, with the tips up. On the head draw horns with balls on the end.

Rounded line drawn fat body of the insect. Cross it with two strips.

The wings start from the contour of the head and an undulating line lasts to the bottom of the abdomen. Now you can color with colored pencils or paints.

Interpretation for women

Traditionally, the symbolism is purely ladies' because of the bright color palette. Red wings signify passion and sexuality, black shades signify the presence of a philosophical mind, a craving for knowledge and fresh discoveries. Extraordinary people who do not recognize the shackles, who adore to travel, show such a tattoo thirst for freedom and mental agelessness, and the maximalist fixes momentary satisfaction with being.

Often, creative people who work on stage, like this option. The girl shows that she possesses:

  • kindness;
  • gentleness;
  • devotion;
  • fragility;
  • spirituality;
  • spontaneity.

Harmony in the family is the most important aspect for such a lady. It is also a statement of looseness and impatience for violence. Color also plays a fundamental role. Blue tattoo tells about the dreaminess, red - about ardent love, orange - about family, purple - highlights extravagance. The black tone is an indicator of the search for the meaning of life, the belief in reincarnation.

Tattoo, as a rule, becomes a mark of turning points: a wedding, the birth of a baby, a change in the sphere of activity.

A colored butterfly

How do you draw a beautiful butterfly when there are such unusual specimens in nature that it takes your breath away? To understand this, you need to look at pictures of butterflies you have drawn. Become familiar with what solutions other artists have used.

Achieving a resemblance to living insects, you need to consider their anatomical features. The wings go from the chest, the chest is wider than the abdomen, large cells go to the middle of the wing.

The butterfly will be drawn sideways. Applying rounded lines, draw the upper and lower wings. Visible edge of the second wing. The body is outlined with an elongated oval, ending with a round head. Two antennae emerge from the top of the head, bold lines. Picture bent legs that originate at the top of the body.

Beginning to draw the pattern along the border of the upper wings. The size of the pattern decreases to the base of the wing. Refine the shape of the insect, make a bend at the junction of the thorax and abdomen. Large cells are drawn on the upper and lower parts of the wing. From the cells diverge parallel strips. Scales are not visible.

Apply colors to the sketch. Darker colors are applied to the base of the wings near the abdomen. Overlapping some colors with other, get smooth transitions. Small features on the face is not traced. The head and body, legs are painted with dark colors. Use multiple colors and shades.

Near the edges of the wings depict glossy highlights. To do this, darken the area around the bright spots. Stripes on the wings are highlighted in color and well visible. It is interesting to play with the shape of the fringe. In some butterflies it comes in waves, in others it comes in a straight line of dark colors. The lower wings may have elongated borders like drops.

Significance to men.

Very rarely, but the stronger sex also resorts to the idea, to capture the delicate outline, though, avoiding garish colors. Guys stuff brutal images in the form of amulets that attract Fortune. This is done by natures seeking to unlock the mysteries of the Universe, seeking righteous paths. Men's bodies are covered with Celtic subjects or large-scale paintings where natural elements are present.

The tattoo is also performed in honor of a deceased person, to show respect and perpetuate their memory.

Popular compositions

The composition for the tattoo depends entirely on the vision of the client, the invested meaning and the technical possibility of the desired style. For some will be sufficient for a simple emblem in the form of a cicada, made in black, small size. Others will not be enough quality drawn butterfly with an astronaut in the style of Realism, with the elaboration of all the details.

Also, everything rests on the client's budget. The bigger, more beautiful and more voluminous is the tattoo, the more the salon or the artist will charge for it. For beginner clients who are doing just their first tattoo, you can do with a modest minimalism. And for avid lovers also suit a colorful scene in Watercolor.

Features of the application

An important factor is the position of the silhouette in the image:

  1. Open wings in the photo - the embodiment of openness, sublimity and harmonious balance.
  2. Folded wings are a sign of poise and responsibility.
  3. A fluttering character means independence.

Two butterflies - an expression of mutual feelings. An individual on a flower characterizes the hostess as a loyal, faithful companion. Paired with a chrysanthemum, it is a testament to unfading beauty. The aesthetic pattern looks spectacular on the ear especially in color. The insects can "fly up" from the buttocks down the back, which looks very sexy and impressive, highlighting the sensual curves of the figure.

As for the prison circles, such a tattoo is stuffed by professional prostitutes, usually preferring intimate places. The sign of hives is worn by serial killers, maniacs, pickpockets.

Relationship between the place of the tattoo and the meaning of the drawing

The place of the tattoo also has a direct impact on the meaning of the drawing of the butterfly. Despite the fact that the butterfly has a very small size and its silhouette can decorate any part of the body, the tattoo is most often imposed on the neck and back.

Such a place speaks of the desire of the person to show his dominance. A person with a butterfly tattoo on the neck nonverbally indicates to others their superiority. In this context, the insect is interpreted as a desire to be better than others and to improve one's life.

The tattoo on the arm symbolizes the desire of a person to become the master of his life and to rule his own destiny. The drawing, which adorns the leg, indicates that the bearer of the tattoo has not yet decided on his place in life and is only beginning to draw the line of destiny.

A butterfly tattoo on the coccyx or buttocks indicates low self-esteem, which the person wants to raise with a drawing.

Styles and locations

More often give preference to realism, which gives a good chance to depict a sketch with 100% similarity with the original. Such a picture is a true masterpiece. The three-dimensional fragment is easy to confuse with a real individual, it "lives" and "breathes" on the body.

Also relevant is watercolor with imperceptible contours, careless strokes, chaotic splashes, which gives the work originality and fabulousness. The variety of variations in shape, size, coloring of free creatures do not hold back the imagination of the master.

Interesting and mysterious is the ornamental way, operating with clear lines and symmetric patterns. Volumetric compositions are complemented by symbolic details. Butterflies occupy the area:

  • abdomen;
  • arms, legs;
  • shoulders, wrists;
  • loins;
  • neck.

The ephemeral beauty is a beautiful choice for refined people. The meaning of the tattoo depends directly on the meaning that the wearer puts into it. It sometimes acts simply as a decorative ornament, adding a unique personality and style to your appearance.

The meaning of the butterfly tattoo among ancient peoples:

  • Mayan tribes - associated the drawing of a butterfly with the souls of the dead, who returned to the human world;
  • Tribes of Mexico - a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Tribes decorated themselves with drawings of an insect in order to call upon the mercy of the gods and receive a bountiful harvest;
  • Middle Ages - a sign of a witch or sorceress. Drawing on a woman's body indicated her supernatural abilities;
  • Greeks - considered the butterfly as a symbol of male and female elegance and refinement. Such a drawing spoke of the sensuality of its owner;
  • Art Nouveau period - the association of the butterfly with man's desire to recede into the bosom of nature;
  • Chinese - the opinion that warriors who died in battle become butterflies, gaining peace and harmony. To attract the attention of deceased loved ones, the Chinese depicted their symbol on themselves;
  • The Egyptians represented the insect with the family. The butterfly was considered a symbol of family well-being and fidelity;
  • The Japanese associated the butterfly tattoo with feminine grace and femininity. The drawing of a butterfly often adorned the body of a geisha.

Each nation sees something of its own in the butterfly tattoo, so today it is difficult to say which of the proposed interpretations has the most realistic meaning. Often people tend to the meaning that reflects their thoughts and worldview.


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