Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, scapula, hip, shoulder, back, lower back

Features and benefits

According to statistics, this figure girls choose much more often than guys. A large representative of the family of cats gives women grace, special sexuality, independence and a hidden nature of predation.

Tattoo (panther for girls originally symbolized the sign of home comfort and hearth) often symbolizes that girls are capable of much, trying to protect their children or loved ones. Even the sense of self-preservation will not block the way of the woman going forward.

Panther tattoo for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

Originally, ancient people were of the opinion that there were two kinds of such an animal in the world. The first species is the jaguar, the second is the big black cat, which has survived to this day.

The Chinese had many legends about this animal. They gave it a special meaning: it was believed that the big black cat was a "hybrid" of a lion and an ancient mystical creature, which was glorified in this country in the distant past. Today, drawing with a panther on the body is very popular. People still hold the opinion that by putting this picture on their body, they will become more protected, as well as crafty and strong in the necessary hour of danger.

The ancient tribes of Indians and Native Americans were the first to apply this image. The big dangerous cat emphasized their militancy and strength of spirit. Quite often the tattoo was also applied by military personnel seeking to stand out.

Different religious, tribal and foreign countries quite differently interpreted the secret meaning of this animal:

  • European countries believed that the panther could protect a person and his family from evil forces (demons, spirits, dragons).
  • The Christian faith held a negative view of the black cat. People believed that it was an unclean animal capable of communicating with the world of the dead.
  • The IndiansMaya, on the contrary, were revered as a panther and regarded it as one of the first representatives of some higher power. Its image, like that of the jaguar, was often used in various séances. The giant cat was drawn on various totems, and chiefs wore its skin for special, too, ceremonies.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  • In Egypt. This animal was honorably portrayed in human guise, which signified a formidable, dangerous and at the same time graceful and graceful woman. It was for this reason that the first deities (sphinxes) appeared in ancient Egypt.
  • Ancient China almost rejected this black cat, taking it as a cunning, crafty and dodgy creature.
  • African countries took panthers and jaguars as guardians and protectors of the home. This was because the animals could tear and chew the throat of anyone who allowed themselves to attack their family and friends.

Today, as a rule, pictures with a panther are stabbed by self-confident, strong in mind and body people who seek to achieve their goal at any cost. The pictured images have a hidden meaning, which depends on the position of the depicted animal. For example, if a cat is drawn crouching, it means that the person holds the view that everything can end in one moment, that is, a constant readiness for death.

A panther depicted jumping can remind its wearer of the sincere price of happiness, its fragility, thereby allowing not to do rash actions. If the animal scowls from the human body, it speaks of the aggressiveness and danger of its owner. If the big black cat is made in the form of preparing to jump, it can symbolize steadfastness, beauty or willingness to protect the person and his family.

The bearer of such a tattoo is usually significantly different from the rest. He is considered special, because even in ancient times, the panther represented an aristocratic nature, as well as arrogance and danger.

The tattoo (panther in girls is a symbol of power, grace) denotes strength both spiritual and physical. The moment she smells danger, the cat becomes ruthless and cruel to her enemies. A girl who has made such a tattoo, confidently and purposefully goes forward in life. She is not afraid of any difficulties, arrogant and ready to fight to the end for her family and friends.

Suitable symbols for the panther tattoo

Symbolism is an important part of the sacred meaning of the tattoo, because often in addition to the panther men pad additional objects or animals. For example:

A panther and a rose - Devotion to family and the woman he loves;

Panther and dragon. - The inner battle of two opposing personalities in one man;

Panther and knife - personification of cruelty, aggression, readiness for battle.

Choosing a place to apply

Particular attention should be paid to the place of application when choosing such a tattoo.

Having scrolled through dozens of different websites (both Russian and foreign), we can unanimously note that in 90% of cases the panther is depicted in a realistic style.

As a rule, this tattoo is of large size due to the fact that the master can show the gracefulness, fragility, as well as the danger and aggressiveness of this animal. This requires a fairly large area on the girl's body. The specialist will be able to depict the cat in all the details and draw every hair of the creature only when applied to the back or chest.

The most popular places for this image:

  • Chest Girl or ribs (transitional tattoo).
  • Shoulders (two kinds of panthers are possible).

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  • Back (touches and waist section).
  • Hips (ideal for a girl).

Each of the areas on a girl's body has its own merits. For example, on the wrists, hips and shoulders masters often depict paired drawings. As a rule, on the left is a yellow panther (leopard), and on the right - a black one. Such a variant will be perfectly visible to others and let the wearer know about the temper of her wearer. For those drawings that are elongated in length, the knees, shins or forearms would be ideal places.

The tattoo (panther in girls can be displayed as a separate drawing or merge into a single landscape) looks good if a woman has a "sleeve" made. The last method described allows you to combine the various small patterns on the body into one big picture, which will merge perfectly with the girl's body.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

A separate dynamic image will look great on girls engaged in fitness - they can get a tattoo of a large black cat on the biceps, which will give them sexuality and attractiveness. Girls can also put a panther on their sides, knees, pectoral muscle bulges, triceps or collarbones. This will give the image technology "3D", that is, the image becomes very realistic and from the side it will seem that the panther is about to jump off the body of the wearer.


We can speak about the types of panthers conditionally, because the nature of the animal is based on the genetic mutation of the four known species of the feline family: the leopard (leopard), jaguar, lion and tiger.

Black panther-Description of the panther-life-style and habitat-14

Leopard panthers are superior to lions and tigers in their swiftness and agility. The ability to climb trees and rocks, excellent reaction time and fearlessness make them super cats. The ancient Sumerians recognized black panthers as goddesses of fertility and love.

Jaguar panthers are also unique in their ability to survive in different environments. The Indians called them deities of darkness, and the roar of the animals was considered a peal of thunder.

Artificially bred hybrids, crossing panthers and other wild cats, led to the emergence of the

  • Tigon, a hybrid of a lioness (panther) and a tiger;
  • The liger, a hybrid of a tigress and a lion (panther);
  • leopon - a hybrid of a lioness and a leopard (panther);
  • Pumapard, a hybrid of a cougar and a leopard (panther).

Hybrids do not occur in the natural environment due to the different natural ranges of tigers and lions. The birth of kittens of different related species is possible in the cramped conditions of zoos, circuses.

Black Panther-Description of Lifestyle and Habitat Patterns-10

Ligers are born significantly more often than tigons. Papa's hereditary traits dominate the appearance of the kittens. Today, ligers are the largest cats, with a height of up to 4 meters and a weight of more than 300 kg. It is practically impossible to obtain offspring from them.

Tigons appear less frequently. After birth the babies are usually sickly and weakened. The sizes of grown individuals are smaller than those of their parents.

As a reminder of the existence of the leopard and pumapard, only the stuffed animals, doomed to extinction, remain. Many researchers are convinced of the futility of crossbreeding experiments with these raptors.

Styles and color solutions

To obtain a unique and elegant tattoo, it is necessary to connect the imagination not only of the master, but also of the girl who decided to decorate her body. To do this, it is necessary to see not dozens, but hundreds of photos on the Internet or in tattoo studios and make the right and favorite decision.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the panther is black, which in itself implies a large area of application. This is necessary in order for the tattoo not to turn into a "small spot" on the body, in which it will be difficult to consider the cat. Particular attention should be paid to shadows and color transitions in order to make the "play of shadows with light" scheme look truly stunning.

Panther tattoo for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back, shoulder blade

In some cases, some objects can be added to the picture of the animal for a picture full of harmony. These can be daggers, torches, flowers, trees, Celtic patterns, flames. The panther will look especially beautiful together with natural elements, such as waterfalls, streams, forests, trees.

Special attention should be paid to the eyes of the animal. They should be very bright and colorful, stand out from the overall picture of the tattoo. In this case, the picture will take a realistic and beautiful look, able to highlight the tattoo and give it a special grace.

Tattoo (panther in girls is very popular in the form of a separate, head of the animal) looks well colored. If the master manages to give the right shade and create a special atmosphere for such a drawing, the tattoo will stand out significantly and show the predatory disposition of its bearer.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

After a girl chooses a suitable sketch, she should think about the style and concept of the future tattoo. Today, tattoo studios are overflowing with different versions of the image of this animal. It is worth noting that a large cat depicted in two different styles can have quite the opposite meaning.


This style is inherent in many shades and colors.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back
Tattoo panther for girls in the style of Watercolor

Thanks to the smooth transitions and traced lines, the image on the body will look like a drawing depicted on a canvas with paints.

Thrash Polka

This style is based on the predominance of black and white shades. As a rule, it represents various types of mass culture: characters from cartoons or movies, Gothic-style inscriptions, piquant at the moment themes.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

As a rule, the image in this style expresses the latent aggression of the carrier (due to the fact that the image is dominated by red ink).

Old School

A style beloved by many. Based on brightly colored drawings with a predominance of standout colors and simple objects that have a regular shape.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

Older generations note that this style was used by sailors, at the beginning of the last century. People who do not desire romance will gladly choose this style.

Geometric Drawing

This style is depicted in simple forms, necessarily with the lack of any edge. To many people it resembles the unfinished sketches of a structural engineer. It is also called 3D.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

Due to its forms, it can seem to others that the panther is quietly sneaking around and is about to jump out of the body of its mistress.


The name says it all. The master tries to depict every hair, every claw of the panther and draw it so that it becomes similar to the real animal.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

Here it is important every detail, every light in the eyes of the predator - then the image "will fit" on the skin perfectly.

Why is the panther black?

The black color of the panther is caused by a special mutation of the animal's genes, known as melanism. Such mutation is very common among predatory representatives of the feline family, for example, in Malaysia about half of all leopards there have black coloring due to melanism and, in fact, are black panthers.

The black coloration of these animals is often of practical importance (for nature is always wise in her actions), especially many black panthers live in dense forests, where in the lack of light dark animals are less visible, which makes their life very easy.



General statistics suggest that each girl interprets the meaning of the panther depicted on her body in her own way. Some part of women considers this animal a symbol of refinement and grace, tries to be like her character, and some - a sign of aggression, militancy and hostility.

General meaning of panther tattoos:

DeterminationThe owners of such a pattern on the body will not be long wrinkled and make hasty decisions, they will always be decisive and permanent.
DangerousIf such a girl has offended someone, she will never stay in debt, regardless of the offender's position in society and his sex.
ConfidenceA girl will always walk resolutely through life, defeating obstacles in her path by any means
Self-confidenceA girl who have put this pattern on her body will never give up and will never give up, they will fight to the end and in the end will reach their goal.

Girls, who opted for a huge black cat, inherent in the title of strong people with a strong-willed character and at the same time - sexy and dangerous creatures. The image of the panther makes them especially graceful and feminine. It is worth noting that the image of a panther looks very beautiful in those girls who are trim and slender. Young women make such a tattoo to give their image a special, unique mystery, and in some cases - to denote the "connection" with other worlds.

Girls with a panther on their body declare to those around them that they are true hunters, they can not have any rivals, and in life they are born leaders. Despite these masculine characteristics, the tattoo gives them the appearance of a caring mother and affectionate woman with a loved one. Tenderness mixed with danger, grandiosity and sexuality, a particular calculating and predatory - these are the main qualities of the bearer of such a tattoo.

Panther tattoo for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

The color also has an important meaning. For example, a black and white colorless panther will reflect loneliness in a girl's life. The yellow color of the animal, on the contrary, will emphasize her popularity and the desire to win for themselves a crowd of fans. If on the back or chest lies a collapsed panther - a sign that the woman in life seeks tranquility. If the black animal is preparing to jump and looks aggressive - it indicates the determination of the girl, her strong character and determination.

Tattoo, executed in tribal style, will show the desire of its bearer to connect with the spiritual world, and will also show her wisdom, kindness, concern for loved ones and unearthly inner beauty. Bare claws of the animal or its grin indicates an aggressive character of the girl. The same meaning has a panther made in a jump, or simply its paw with claws released.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

Exceptionally non-serious value has a tattoo made in the style of cartoons. Girls depict it as a separate picture or can complement her existing picture (for example, a sleeve). Often the picture is done in pink or yellow. This shows a cheerful mood and positive characteristics of its bearer.

Examples of panther tattoos that are not recommended to apply. Their meaning in the criminal world

Even in criminal circles, the attitude toward panther tattoos is always positive. Prisoners tattoo the animal to demonstrate their leadership, strength, wisdom, and ability to defend their position. Negative connotations may only cause sketches such as:

Cartoon panther. - If its owner is not a young guy, but a man of advanced age, the tattoo will speak of his non-seriousness;

Panther and dagger - Such a tattoo can be overly aggressive and cruel, because of what the owner will be perceived as extremely categorical.

In general, the panther is always associated with strength, intelligence, flexibility, beauty, and leadership.

Applying techniques, painful sensations

Before applying the tattoo on the body, the girl, first of all, is to shave the part of the body on which the image will be applied and thoroughly wash it, preferably with liquid soap. Before the work, the master will do the same operations to avoid infection and to do the work properly, without obstacles.

Before starting the work, the specialist smears the girl's skin with some antiseptic and, if she wishes, with an anesthetic (such as lidocaine).

  1. To begin with, the master prints out a drawing chosen by the client on a special paper. Then he puts it on the body and holds it for about 2-5 minutes, and then gently removes it.
  2. The main thing after removal is to show the clear contours of the main picture. If they are reduced to the skin with gaps - the specialist dorisovivatsya them a special marker, and then opens the package with the paint, opens it in front of the girl, and, dipping the needle machine in a container, begins to "punch" the main contours. This is the main "part" of the tattoo, it is given special attention.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  1. After marking and piercing all the contours of the picture, the master proceeds to darkening and filling the picture with colors. The main thing is the master's experience in playing with shadows and color. The integrity and overall appearance of the future tattoo depends on it.
  2. As a rule, at least 2-3 sessions are needed to fill the drawing with shadows and paints. After them the girl should walk carefully and not disturb the damaged skin. It usually takes one working week (5 days).
  3. After complete healing of the skin, a girl needs to come in for a session of so-called "correction" so that the master could correct and touch up the details that he could not see during the application of the previous times.

It is worth mentioning that while applying a tattoo a girl will feel particular pain in places where bones are especially close to (collarbones, feet, ribs, ribcage, spine, elbows).

Are there guidelines for a panther tattoo?

The tips for selecting and applying tattoos are fairly simple and straightforward. Namely:

  • The skin should be healthy, without wounds or diseases;
  • a man should go only to an experienced master with the appropriate education;
  • Prepare a sketch in advance, it is desirable that he was unique, not someone else's copy;
  • With the master you can consult about the place for the sketch;
  • Before you do tattoos, a man needs to know the exact meaning;
  • It is important to decide on the style and color solution.

Opinion of the expert

Viola Madison

Master of tattoo, experience 8 years

Assess your pain threshold, how much pain you can tolerate and for how long. This will help determine the choice for tattooing, because the skin in different areas reacts differently to the work of the master.

How to choose a salon and a master

Girls should be very careful to choose a specialist who will do the tattoo.

A good, experienced professional can easily be distinguished from a novice by several signs:

  • A good master always has a photo of his work. They are located in his studio or on his website. If the artist does not have his own website, you should visit his page or group on VKontakte - usually specialists post their work and achievements there. If you cannot find the master's results on the above mentioned sites, it is a good reason for you to leave and not to return to such a "specialist".

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  • All tools (needles, paints, medicines, films and sheets) must be opened by the master in front of the client before each session. It is necessary to see for yourself that all the necessary items have never been used before.
  • In good and proven studios there are televisions, laptops or music equipment so that the girl is not bored while her tattoos are being applied to her body. The master politely asks what she prefers (movies, music) and turns on her chosen entertainment. With them, time passes much faster and the tattooing process seems less monotonous and painful.

Lifestyle and habitat

The panthers' geographic range is wide. Numerous populations are found in Asia, South America, and the African vastness. While black leopards are more common in the mountains of Ethiopia, black jaguars are found in the American wilds.

Black panther-description-lifestyle and habitat-6

In the wild, panthers are attracted to tropical forests and foothills. Locations, where the black panther livesMost often impenetrable and remote from human settlements. When meeting humans, animals do not show aggression if they are not hungry and do not need self-defense. The dangerous predator has cunning and great strength.

Black panthers lead a predominantly nocturnal lifestyle. Their coloration gives them a significant advantage in hunting. They move silently and smoothly, and their excellent sense of smell makes it easy to spot their prey.

During the day, after long walks in the dense forest, panthers sleep for a long time among the branches. They find places to rest in dense bushes at a height of 4-5 meters.

Black Panther-Description of Lifestyle and Habitat Features-18

The character of animals is characterized by willfulness, stubbornness, and determination. Attempts to make an animal domestic and tame inevitably ended in tears. That's why it's very rare to see black panthers at circus performances.

They are virtually impossible to train. The only panther attraction in Europe is performed by Maritsa Zapashnaya. Unpredictability of animals is always associated with great risk in working with them.

They are individualists by nature, preferring a solitary existence or in family pairs. The creation of a pride, as in lions, is a rare exception. Each individual or pair has its own territory, whose boundaries should not be violated by congeners.

Black Panther-Description of Lifestyle and Habitat Patterns-16

Panthers are considered to be some of the most bloodthirsty predators among other felines. The hungry animal does not choose its prey, it rushes at all living things. Panthers have no fear of anyone. Unlike other cautious congeners, a panther can approach a human on its own.

Predatory animals are always attractive inhabitants of zoos. Visitors from different countries show a constant interest in wildlife. The mystery of other worlds, the mysteries of their inhabitants attract people who make panthers symbols of different cultures. It is no coincidence that the image of the panther Bagheera from Kipling's book "Mowgli" became widely known.

An interesting fact has been noticed by fans of the English writer. The fairy tale actually shows male black panther Baguir. But in the process of translation there was a replacement of the sex of the character, as the word panther is feminine. In addition, the grace, elegance, wisdom and beauty inherent in the image were usually attributed to heroines.

Black Panther-Description of Lifestyle and Habitat Specifics-15

With their tremendous patience, panthers can track their prey for hours.

Is it possible to do it yourself

A girl can always get a tattoo on her own, the main thing is the desire.

But it is fraught with such consequences as:

  • Spoiled skin (withdrawal requires expensive laser sessions).
  • Carelessness. A person from the side can see better how the image will look more beautiful.

Tattoo panther for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  • Inexperience, a girl can pierce the skin with a needle quite deeply, which can lead to an infection.
  • Inconvenience. A girl can perform the process of applying a tattoo on her own and in full comfort only on the other arm, and more precisely its side up to the elbow. The other zones (legs, shoulders, neck, back, forearm) will not be fully accessible, which will significantly complicate, if not spoil the whole work.


Panthers reach sexual maturity by the age of 2-3 years. And since they live in a permanently warm climate, they can breed year-round. The male, having found a suitable female, engages in sexual intercourse with her. When the female becomes pregnant, she looks for a safe and comfortable place to give birth.

A female panther's pregnancy lasts 3-3.5 months. Usually the panther gives birth to two or three small kittens (well, not really kittens), like babies of an ordinary cat, at first they are blind, and only then they develop eyes. The mother panther does not leave her babies for the first time, feeding them with milk, while the father, as a real provider, brings food.

In general, panthers are very caring to their offspring, and at an older age, the mother panther teaches her cubs how to move, hunt, and other tricks of their animal life properly. By the time the panther reaches a year old, she is a fully grown and ready to live her own life as an animal.

Panther with a cub

Tattoo care

  1. After the session is over, the master should take out a diaper or a special mica from the newly opened pack and wrap it around the tattooed area. Quality films have a bright print and expensive appearance, which will distinguish them from the usual, cheap ones.
  2. Professional mica is good because under it the girl's skin after work will be able to freely "breathe" and be fed with oxygen, which is very useful for healing.
  3. It is not necessary to expose the newly depicted tattoo to sunlight or other types of temperature changes (solarium, sauna, bath).

Panther tattoo for girls. Meaning, photo, on the arm, leg, shoulder, back, lower back

  1. A very important point is the proper care for the tattoo in the first days. It is necessary to remove the protective film 2-3 times a day, wash the place with warm water without pressing hard on the skin and then you need to let the skin dry.
  2. Special ointments for healing are given by the master after the session or told which one you need to buy (depending on the skin type).

Only a specific specialist can give the right care for the girl's drawing, because it depends on many factors: the size of the drawing, the girl's skin type, the color of the tattoo. Also of great importance is the place of application, the general condition of the tattoo area. It is necessary to pay attention and to execute all recommendations of the master after the application of tattoo with a panther, its safety directly depends on it.


The favorite food of the predator is the meat of large herbivorous animals: buffalo, antelope, zebra. Stealing domestic sheep, cows, horses, and pigs that find themselves without human supervision is common. Hungry animals are satisfied with monkeys, game, eggs from nests, and can even eat the fruit of orchard trees.

Panthers search for victims on the ground, often guarding their prey at watering holes. The meat is eaten on the tree. The carcass is torn to pieces by the sharp teeth and jerks of the head. This peculiarity distinguishes panthers from their lion relatives and other feline relatives.

At altitude, food is beyond the reach of terrestrial competitors such as hyenas, jackals, and other predators.

Without food animals can survive for 4-5 days. But then panthers are able to sneak into dwellings, farmsteads and cowsheds in search of prey. Interestingly, a well-fed animal won't even touch a goat standing at its paw.

Black panther-Description of the panther-lifestyle and habitat-17

A hungry animal will stop at nothing. In cannibalism the panther is observed, but to a lesser extent than tigers or lions.

What Panthers Eat

The panther on the hunt
The panther is a carnivorous predator, so any animal can be found in its diet. The wild cat gives preference to cloven-hoofed animals, and the size of the victim does not matter: zebra, antelope, buffalo, roe deer, etc. can be found among them. It can also attack livestock; cows, sheep and goats can be its victims.

Although the panther predominantly hunts on the ground, it may also be interested in monkeys as potential prey while resting in a tree. This predator can go without food for five or six days.But in this case, the sense of hunger overwhelms the cat so much that it begins to pose a great danger to humans, which it is ready to attack without a second thought.

These predators usually look for their prey and hunt it down waiting for a suitable moment. When the game will come closer, the panther in a few jumps can catch up with her, and if necessary, can rush to catch up, developing a speed of 60 km / h. It is difficult to escape from this predator or to escape from its clinging claws.

How long do panthers live?

The panther
Like all representatives of this animal species, panthers are not long-livers. Their age ranges from 10 to 12 years. Even under favorable conditions, they rarely live to be 15 years old.

Panthers remain active for the first 8 years, and then there is a period when they become inactive and no longer attack large animals. Predators can no longer cope with hardy and strong animals. They look for easy prey and do not disdain carrion in their last years of life.

An interesting fact: there are documented cases of a panther living twenty years.


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