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Fantasy tattoos, the sketches of which are most popular among fans of this genre in film and literature, are a reflection of the inner world of the wearer and can tell a lot if not about the character, then about the hobbies of man.

Tattoo Fantasy
Tattoo made in the style of fantasy

What can fantasy tattoos tell about?

Undoubtedly, first of all, such tattoos indicate that their owner is a fascinating and dreamy nature. Tattooed unicorns, hydras and pegasi, hobbits and magic rings, dragons and other inhabitants of the magical world - a direct sign that this is a person who believes in magic, even if not in the literal sense of the word.

The beauty of the fantasy world is unquestionable: here is the most unusual nature, the kindest fairies, the most terrible enemies, the most dangerous adventures and, of course, here good always triumphs over evil. Fantasy tattoos, the meanings of which depend on the "fandom" to which they belong, can vary:

  • Fairy tattoos.
  • Folklore
  • Tattoos from the literary world
  • Tattoos from fantasy movies

Tattoo a Pegasus
The photo shows Pegasus, a magical horse with wings that can fly

Details of the fantasy tattoo

When it comes to fantasy details, it doesn't necessarily have to be any living fairy tale creatures. It can be about incredible objects, plant cultures, even phenomena. The tattoos do not have any particularly deep meaning, but their aesthetic appearance and originality are usually pleasantly striking.

However, these tattoos should not be considered empty either. Most often, they still touch on basic human themes associated with love, friendship, loyalty, love of mankind and so on. The paint, however, does not have to be multicolored. Sometimes artists manage to pick up amazing subjects that use only a couple of colors, or just one.

Often in this style do temporary tattoos, as many people with time get bored with the existing picture, and that and the style as a whole. As for the symbolism, it is not too deep, too, but still present. For example, the dragon is associated with wisdom, the girl elf - with a pure disposition, gnomes - with wealth. In general, the variety of symbols is able to impress, and becomes another argument in favor of a tattoo made in the style of fantasy.


Remember the stories of grandmothers about house ghosts, fairies and Baba Yaga? It's not quite the same as fairy tales: it's something otherworldly and at the same time native. Something that we were so afraid of in our childhood, and now remember with warmth, but not without some shudder. It is difficult to imagine a person who would dare to make a tattoo of a house man - a similar evil is not often found among the sketches of tattoo artists. However, finding a mermaid among the tattoos is easy. More often than not, tattoos of Slavic evil spirits are done by adherents of Rodnovery and pagans.


My most vivid memory from childhood is going to my grandmother's house in the countryside and how she used to scare me at night, telling me stories about ghouls, ghouls and mermaids that could drag me to the bottom and turn me into one of them. When my grandmother passed away, I wanted to do something on my body that would be associated with my carefree childhood and memories of her. I made a mermaid tail on my ankle. Some of my grandmother's stories are always with me in this way.

Elena, Kaliningrad

Tips for sketches

Choosing a sketch for a fantasy style tattoo, listen to yourself. Decide which fabulous or mythical creature reflects your nature, which you clearly and unmistakably associate yourself with. The creature and the storyline are the first thing to determine.

Imagine your future tattoo. The brighter and clearer you imagine it, the better the final result will be. Important advice: don't copy ready-made works, which will show you a tattoo master or which you will find in the Internet. Let the tattoo will be unique, your personal, that no one else has such was not. Describe your vision in details to the master, and let him create a sketch for you.

Sketch should not be too aggressive or carry too negative meaning - remember, your tattoo will always be with you, will influence your mood, partly even your well-being. Therefore than bright and positive tattoo, than more good mood it brings you, so it is better! This does not mean that you have to choose pixies and flowers: even a dragon of prey can be made beautifully, majestically, in bright colors and look very cool.

Choose, listening to your intuition, and when you find "that" sketch - you will not be confused with anything else. And if there are doubts - it means it's not yours. So choose and look, not sparing time, a good tattoo is worth it!

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Tattoos from the literary world

Nowadays a huge number of authors write books in the fantasy genre, and their characters acquire a real image on the bodies of fans of such literature: hydras, monticors and centaurs, all these creatures have long ago descended from the pages of books onto the bodies of those who would like to become part of the magical world.

Especially common are tattoos on the theme of vampirism, perhaps most often by fans of Gothic culture: beautiful and pale young men with red fangs and fringed with maroon roses and girls with porcelain skin and a dangerous smile: the Victorian era, Anne Rice books and the movie "Interview with the Vampire" reek here.

Vampire Girl
Pictured here is a tattoo of a vampire girl.

Lord of the Rings tattoo
Tattoo from the world of Lord of the Rings - inscription in elven language from the ring of omnipotence

Fantasy Tattoo Themes and Plot

If we talk about the main themes, people can choose to apply to the skin:

  • Monsters;
  • Witches;
  • Dwarves;
  • Skeletons;
  • Ghosts and ghosts;
  • Mermaids;
  • Goblins;
  • Other unreal creatures.

The most fantastic plot compositions can be used here. The worlds are completely fictional, as a rule, sometimes cosmic and not at all similar to those in which we are forced to live.

This genre enjoys enormous popularity and its demand only increases every year. First the style manifested itself in literature, and then migrated to painting. After that, it is not surprising that there began to arise and body art, made in this genre. Such tattoos have the potential to be fascinating.

Tattoos from fantasy films

The beak-wing from "Harry Potter" long ago gained flesh when it became a tattoo on someone's body. Magical creatures: Dementors, Smaug, Golum, orcs, elves, and other inhabitants of magical movies are increasingly found on sketches, acquiring the image in the form of make-up movie actors. The Harry Potter universe and the Lord of the Rings are the most popular themes from which those wishing to have a fantasy tattoo draw inspiration.

Did you know? Actor Sean Biggerstaff, who played the Quidditch coach in the first Harry Potter movies, has a tattoo of a broomstick, a magical vehicle. He got it after filming the movie as a reminder that he was in charge of the team for the magical sport.

Harry Potter tattoo
The photo shows a whole set of symbols from the world of Harry Potter: the lightning bolt, the 9 3/3 platform, the abbreviation of Harry's name, and the Deathly Hallows symbol. Left photo: spells

Harry Potter Death Eaters Tag
This photo shows a tattoo - the Death Eaters mark from the world of Harry Potter


I'm a big Harry Potter fan, but I don't really like Harry himself: I've always been on the dark side. When I grew up, even though the world of Potter stayed far away in my childhood, it was still a colossal part of the girl I was. So I got myself a tattoo - the sign of the Death Eater. I know, it doesn't sound very childish at all ))) But if I'm going to be on the dark side with the dark lord, then be to the end ))

Karina, Tomsk

Advice: get a tattoo of something that is really close to you. For example, you shouldn't get a horse tattoo from the Arrow Queen series of books if you dream of having a pegasus tattooed on your body.

The meaning of a fantasy tattoo

Fantasy tattoo plots are varied and striking. One particular meaning of tattoos in this style does not and can not be, because there are too many options. And the meaning of the tattoo you can choose by yourself, relying on your worldview.

For example, the majestic dragon can represent strength, martial character and fearlessness in front of enemies. A beautiful mermaid or a fragile elf signifies a romantic nature, a delicate soul, and a sensitive intuition. Vampire means something dark, mysterious, mystical.

Any tattoo in the style of fantasy can reflect your character and inner world, a hidden nature, views on life. But it's worth remembering that with the years looks and character can change, and the tattoo remains - so choose carefully, what mythical fantasy character to score on your body.

Who prefers such tattoos?

Take a look at the numerous fantasy tattoo photos and you will be convinced that absolutely anyone can wear such a "drawing". Girls and guys, men and women, the most different tastes and beliefs.

A girl can make a beautiful fantasy style tattoo on her hip or arm, on the shoulder blade or back - in the form of mermaids, a mythical beautiful beast, a cute dragon, elves. For guys there are many options for more masculine and even aggressive tattoos: vampires, fire-breathing snakes and dragons, winged lions, werewolves.

This tattoo can make himself as a romantic man, as well as with a strong and tough character. Similar tattoos are loved by devotees of literature or films in the Fantasy genre, as well as people with a rich imagination and creative people.

But if you like fantasy plots and characters, do not even think about who they fit better. After all, the choice of tattoo is a matter of taste! If you're crazy about sketches in a fantasy genre and dream of wearing such a drawing on your body, do not listen to anyone. After all, what suits you - only you decide!

Tattoos Sci-Fi

Science fiction to some extent also refers to the fantasy genre, and fans of the genre is not less than among fans of winged horses and magic. Star Wars, Zombies, Another World are just a few of the themes that can be seen among young people's tattoos. The most common theme is, of course, the theme of Star Wars and the worlds that belong to this series of films: Jedi with glowing swords, Princess Leia and, of course, the head of Darth Vader are just a few things that fans decorate their bodies with.

Darth Vader tattoo
Sketch of a tattoo with a picture of Darth Vader and the inscription "No Hope," which translates to "No Hope"


I have loved Star Wars since I was a kid. When I grew up, the hobby remained and I decided to combine it with one of my current hobbies, tattooing. I nurtured the plan of a large tattoo from shoulder to wrist for a long time, and I realized it even longer: being an artist by education, I drew the sketch myself. Now I have a "sleeve" dedicated to the Lucas universe, where you can see all the key characters of the film. And even a little Ewok.)

Ivan, Ryazan

Popular plots and characters

Tattoos in the style of fantasy can be different: subtle elf girls, heroes of Russian fairy tales, fairies, demons, dragons, mermaids. It is believed that the images of dwarves and elves bring wealth, girl elf keeps purity of thought and character, the dragon is a symbol of wisdom, strength and freedom. Often, clients of the tattoo parlor stuffed with fantasy flowers, magic attributes, very popular subjects and objects from Harry Potter movies. One popular fantasy creature is the unicorn, which represents longevity, purity of soul, and romanticism. Images of fairies reveal a source of positive energy.

Often there are tattoos with fairy tale characters: witches, mermaids, wizards, woodsmen, and kikimoras. Fans of fantasy literature and computer games immortalize hydras, centaurs, minotaurs, manticores, sirens, succubi, genies and others on their bodies. Among the movies, along with "Harry Potter," characters and plots from "Lord of the Rings," "Game of Thrones" are popular.

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The phoenix is a mythical creature with symbolic meaning and deep philosophical meaning. The image of the phoenix is popular among tattoos, because it has the property to make life better and help in solving problems of its bearers. Origin The image of the mythical bird on the body is admired by others and inspires even more customers to stuff it. The phoenix symbol has a relatively serious interpretation and philosophical meaning. Ignoring the brightness and impactfulness of such a tattoo, we should not forget that this is not just a catchy drawing, but a sign that concentrates the forces of life and positive energy. Rarely can you find a tattoo with a phoenix bird in small sizes. As a rule, this tattoo is located on a large part of the body and catches the eye with the saturation of colors. The first mention of the phoenix bird was in the legend of Heliopolis - the city of the Sun in Ancient Egypt. At that time people worshipped the god Bennu, who was represented in the form of an heron. But illustrations have been found depicting the deity with a human body and the head of a heron. Another interesting legend is the one about the soul of the sun god Ra, the most important deity of the ancient Egyptians, being implanted in Bennu. Bennu emerged from the fire of the burning magic tree, so he won fame as the one who returned from the netherworld, and also became a symbol of the power of the Sun. According to legend, the phoenix lived for five centuries, and before his death, built a magical nest, after which it committed self-immolation. Three days later, the bird returned to earth from its ashes. The phoenix is often interpreted as a phoenix according to Egyptian legends and tales. Such a tattoo tells others about the philosophical thinking of its bearer, his interest in understanding life, belief in the soul and its infinite existence. The phoenix symbol has a variety of meanings in different cultures. For example, in the Roman Empire, the phoenix was depicted on coins. Christians compared this fabulous bird to the human soul, and it symbolized victory over death. The Jews, like most nations, have a legend about the magical phoenix. It says that the bird resisted the temptation to taste the forbidden fruit in paradise, for which it was gifted with immortality. People represent the phoenix symbol with the meaning of eternal life and the long path of human life. The Chinese interpret this sign by its philosophy, as a symbol of feminine forces and beginnings. This is why this picture is worn mostly by women. If the bird is depicted with a dragon - it means the superpower tattoo. The merging of the two sacred animals symbolizes the merger of male and female principles, which is called the yin and yang. According to Russian legends, you can see that the phoenix is very similar to the Firebird. And the Firebird is a symbol of keen intellect, good luck and wealth. Interpretation of the phoenix as a symbol of rebirth The main meaning of the image of the phoenix bird on the body is rebirth and resurrection. The sign of this creature symbolizes the beginning of a new existence emerging from the ashes of the past. This interpretation is as close as possible to the beliefs of the Egyptians. In their tales, after three days, the phoenix rises from the ashes. Also the legend of the phoenix has similarities with the Christian story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which may be another of its meanings. The meaning of will and victory An uncommon solution to the phoenix tattoo is a scene where the magical bird is framed by the flames of fire. This element is the personification of death, while the phoenix is a symbol of life. Such a sketch will help its bearer to establish his life, avoiding difficulties. This tattoo is often chosen by people who have problems in life and want to cope with them. Christians may apply such a symbol to the body as a reminder that life after death does not end. A symbol of femininity Women decide to perpetuate the phoenix symbol on their bodies, as a sign of kindness, femininity and mercy. Chinese mythology depicts the phoenix in green, red, white and black because they are symbolic and have philosophical meaning. Hope and immortality Yet most phoenix tattoos depict the phoenix in red because the phoenix, in Greek, means fire. In Japanese culture the bird corresponds with immortality, because the symbolism with it means infinite life, as well as hopes for a good future. A man who has a tattoo on his body with the Phoenix bird, stands out for its reliability, determination, and powerful energy. The fabulous bird will help its owner to overcome life's obstacles and find a way out of difficult situations. The phoenix has many different meanings: it represents the element of fire, of the chemical elements - sulfur, which corresponds to representations of the afterlife, in the palette of colors - is represented by a variety of shades of red.


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