Celtic Tattoos. Symbolism, mystical meaning, sketches.

The main purpose of any tattoo is symbolism. The image of the rope as a symbol has its own history, purpose and meaning. A simple at first glance household item has taken its place among the extensive list of drawings on the human body.

The "Rope" tattoo has a dual symbolism. On the one hand, it is a binding and limitation, on the other hand, complete freedom. In the negative perception is a bondage and slavery, in the positive it is a strong marriage or friendship alliance. Interpretation depends on the location of knots, loops and additional elements included in the picture.

Meaning in ancient culture

In ancient times, the rope for people was considered a link between the real world and the otherworld. It was the rope that, in their opinion, tied the earth to the sky. In most peoples, the rope was associated with the umbilical cord and symbolized a kinship with the ancestors.

In myths and paintings about the underworld, it is depicted as a symbol of destiny. God Onuris, the king's gamekeeper, catches his enemy Horus with a rope and kills him with a spear.

For ancient philosophers, the rope was a symbol of the unity of physical and mental existence. And the vertical image of the rope implied the ascension of man. It is a movement toward knowledge and self-improvement along a thorny and difficult path.

The rope on which Judas hanged himself became a symbol of betrayal. It was this rope that bound Christ by the soldiers who arrested him.

The ancient Greeks believed that everything on earth was held together by the golden ropes of Zeus. They bound together all living and inanimate things, thoughts and deeds, past and future.

A special cord in Hinduism, as an indicator of good works, emphasizes the devotion of the Brahman caste to the faith. The knots on the cord carry information about the rituals performed.

The cord has always symbolized accession, unity with something or someone. The binding silver thread is told of the legends of antiquity. The thread represents life itself. Its length corresponds to the length of life, and strength qualities of personality. In Buddhism and mysticism, the rope is a symbol that binds opposites: spirit and physical body, heaven and earth, God and man.

The nuances of making it with your own hands

Although a talisman can be bought in a store, it is recommended to make it with your own hands to increase its effectiveness. The knot should not be considered as jewelry and use expensive materials.

Detailed scheme of weaving

There are many options for weaving the symbol of eternity. You can tie simple, complex, double knots.

The scheme for creating a classic version looks like this:

  1. Take a length of thread of 3 m, find the middle and pin it to the pillow with a pin. Each half is bent so as to form a loop.
  2. The right end is pulled from right to left through the vertical sections, sticking to the algori. Moving in the opposite direction, the action is repeated. The same end to form a second similar loop.
  3. Pull the other end from left to right over the vertical segments. Not reaching the outermost bend, unroll the thread and lead it from right to left under the loops. Below form a second similar element.
  4. Without letting go of the left end, form a vertical loop. Moving from bottom to top, follow the scheme "under 1 - over 3 - under 1 - over 3", and in the opposite direction - "under 2 - over 1 - under 3 - over 1 - under 1".
  5. The knot is sealed and aligned by gently pulling on the loose ends and loops.

Meaning of the "Rope" tattoo for girls and men

Tattooing in different interpretations has exactly the same meaning for both women and men. A detailed description of the symbolism will help representatives of the male and female half of society to decide on the choice.

Style or technique

Tattoo ornament, sometimes considered as an independent style and only containing in itself some elements from other styles. Sometimes masters say that ornament is more technique than style itself and such technical tricks are mostly used in BlackWork, DotWork, Line work genres. To a certain extent, both points of view have the right to life, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. Definitely, a tattoo ornament looks best on the shoulder.

The work can be really jewelry and therefore should be performed by a qualified, experienced and talented tattoo artist in a good tattoo shop. Talent is a must, because the craftsmanship alone - even honed repeatedly - will not do.

Tattoo "Knot"

The knot is a symbol of Slavic magic. It means the ties of connection, an agreement, a hold on good luck or a loved one. The image of a tight knot indicates a strong connection. A weak knot indicates a tangled situation and intrigue. An untied knot is salvation and deliverance from someone or something.

Celtic knot.

Tattoo with the image of a Celtic knot is popular among men. The symbol helps in gaining fearlessness, strength, determination and unwavering faith in victory.

The Celtic knot is a mixture of Slavic, Byzantine and Indo-Aryan styles. A warlike people, the Celts, used the image on the belts and ammunition of their horses. Warriors believed in the power of such protection against death during battles. At home, the Celtic knot was used as a talisman against evil spirits.

Loops, spirals, endless curves and uninterrupted lines are a symbol of the tangled path of life and the cyclical nature of human existence. The image symbolizes the relationship between all living things and events past and present.

The main semantic meanings of the Celtic knot image:

  • The cycle of life and rebirth
  • The connection between soul and body
  • eternity of existence
  • the pursuit of spiritual growth
  • Infinity and continuity of the world
  • Fearlessness and strength.

Of particular importance is the triple helix in the depiction of the Celtic knot. It symbolizes the triple nature of the Spirit and the union of the three energies in one point. In Christianity, such an embodiment is the Holy Trinity - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the modern world, the tattoo is used as protection against the actions of sorcerers and magicians. Owners of such a drawing are helped to make important decisions by the wisdom of their ancestors.

Nowadays, the tattoo symbolizes the desire for self-development, understanding of one's own self and even a sense of superiority over the people around.

Rules of knot magic

There are several rules for weaving magic knots:

  • The connection between the time of the weaving of the nodes and the lunar phases is close. A waxing moon means that the knot will serve as a magnet for good luck. A waning moon, on the other hand, will drive away bad things.
  • The place of creation of the amulet is important. If you weave a knot in the fresh air - let it be a secluded corner away from the bustle of the city. If you create a talisman in your home, be sure to do cleaning - dirt and dust will drown out the positive effects.
  • Clean yourself from evil thoughts - your mood will be transferred to the knot.
  • The material should be of natural origin: wool, metal, leather.

Variations of the "Rope" tattoo

Interpretation of the pattern can vary from the location of additional parts, the presence of gaps, the number of knots included in the composition.


Mysterious militant conglomerate of tribes who worshipped the forces of nature, believed in the transmigration of souls and reincarnation, and were destroyed by the Roman Empire. After the conquest of their lands by the legions, the Celts gradually assimilated and created some modern Western European states.

Celtic knots

Today there is no ancient written evidence of this people. But archaeological finds allow us to recreate, at least in part, their culture, beliefs and way of life.

The best preserved are the famous Celtic knots. This mesmerizing tangle of lines that go in a circle and never end. Next, we'll talk more about the individual elements of this art.

The Loop Tattoo

Tattoo with this image is not popular. This is explained by dark and sometimes eerie associations. It is believed that the "noose" with its ties captures a person and his fate.

Prisoners in American prisons emphasize their connection to crime by having a rope noose tattooed on their bodies. For prisoners, the "noose" is a symbol of the point of no return. In addition, the reason for the low popularity is the lack of artistic appeal.

History of the origin of the symbol

The history of the symbol of eternity is more than 4 thousand years old. It has been depicted at its earliest on clay tablets found in the Indus Valley, dating back to 2500 B.C.

The prototype of the infinite knot is thought to be an ouroboros - a serpent coiled up in a ring and biting its own tail. The exact age of this symbol is unknown, but as early as the 14th century B.C. it was one of the main motifs in ancient Egyptian iconography.

In the course of time it was borrowed by Western and later Eastern philosophers. The symbol of the ouroboros entered India and Tibet in the 1st millennium B.C. and was developed within the concepts of kundalini and samsara. Over time it was transformed into the image of an infinite knot.

Followers of Buddhism believe that the symbol of eternity was given by the gods to the founder of the religious doctrine, Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni, as a reward for reaching enlightenment.

Torn rope.

Such an image indicates that the person broke the vicious circle, in which his fate has led him. There was a break with the past and the road to the future is open. Received a good lesson that will prevent errors in the future.

Slavic knot magick (video).

In the comments below, share your experience of creating magic knots. You can also ask questions - I will be happy to answer them.

Alyona Golovina - White witch, psychic, author of the site "MAGIA".

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A rope around your wrist

A tattoo communicates a profession. This tattoo was once worn by dockers and sailors after making a second voyage. Often an anchor was present next to the rope.


The image of a rope in the form of a heart symbolizes unrequited love. The choice of such a drawing is made by people who are confident in their feelings, living in their suffering. They are ready to carry their painful passion to the end of life.

Phrases and inscriptions in various languages, symbolizing good luck

Latin phrases and sayings are often used to put inscriptions on the body. Often people choose the Chinese language, but here you should be careful: carefully make sure that the Chinese characters are translated correctly. Here is a selection of several Latin phrases representing attracting good luck with translation:

  • Audaces fortuna juvat - Fortune favors the bold.
  • Fortes fortuna adjuvat - Fortune favors the bold.
  • Per aspera ad astra - Through thorns to the stars.
  • Procul negotiis. - Away with trouble.
  • Sic itur ad astra - This is the way to the stars.
  • Veni, vidi, vici. - I came, I saw, I conquered.

Many girls choose another language - English. Phrases in this language also gained popularity. So that good luck entered into life unexpectedly stayed there for a long time, use the following sayings for tattoos:

  • Now or never. - Now or never.
  • Life is beautiful - Life is beautiful.
  • My guardian is always with me - My guardian is always with me.
  • Better be born lucky than rich - Better to be born lucky than rich.
  • Happiness takes no account of time - Lucky ones don't watch the clock.
  • Luck goes in cycles - Luck goes in cycles.
  • Nothing succeeds like success - One luck goes, another leads.

A few clear examples of how to look inscriptions that attract prosperity in life, on the human body.

Tattooing the inscription

Inscriptions are recommended in places where there is space for this: for example, on the upper back, under the chest, on the forearm, on the lower back. The inscription can be done in vertical and horizontal directions.

Hand lettering

When choosing an inscription, listen to your own thoughts and wishes: you should not copy other people's tattoos, all the more take the most popular options. Your favorite image will certainly bring good luck, prosperity and wealth. A small trick for a quick selection of tattoos: draw a pen picture in an inconspicuous place and spend a week with it: so you can understand how appropriate is the drawing.

VIDEO: Good Luck Tattoo

Tattoo for Good Luck

Tattoo for Good Luck. 40 Tattoos that bring good luck

A sign of infinity.

Drawing carries positive energy. It symbolizes boundless love for loved ones and their loved ones. The circles arranged in different directions represent the harmony of unity. For esotericists, this image is a symbol of endless space and time. The tattoo can be used as a wedding symbol.

Creation of the knot amulet

Following all the rules of ancient ancestors and adhering to Slavic beliefs, you can create an amulet with your own hands. If the desire to become happy, rich and lucky will be sincere, the knot amulet will definitely help.

  • Take the thread in your hands - the first knot is precisely in the center. Speak softly (you can whisper): "I make a knot - I bring love to me. Knot of love - happiness to me call. Say the same words after each knot of the knot.
  • Put one end of the thread, folded in two, in the first loop of the knot. Put on the second loop the end of the folded thread. Tie the third knot on top of the first two. The unused end of the thread should be pulled through the removed loop.
  • Tighten the resulting weave a little. The described steps are done from the right and from the left side. After that, the nauz is completely ready to protect you from trouble.
  • Thinking, arising in your head during the process of work, will be transferred to the talisman - take into account this moment. Try to think only about pleasant things. You can wear a knot yourself, or you can give it as a gift to your loved one.

In this article, you will find a brief instruction on how to create a talisman for love with your own hands.


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