Magical symbols in "Supernatural" and their meaning

Sam and Dean Winchester - the main characters in the popular television series "Supernatural. It comes with great success since 2005, and its popularity is not getting any smaller. Two brothers who are in the center of the story, and stand against all kinds of evil and evil forces, so the unusual creatures in the picture enough. This is a kind of detective, generously seasoned with mysticism and special effects. But, of course, it would be impossible to achieve such success for the series without the performers of the main roles, who simply conquered the hearts of girls from all over the world. The brothers have interesting tattoos on their bodies, duplicating each other. However, this is not just a tribute to fashion, but an amulet with special meaning.

Tattoos of Sam and Dean

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of the popular series "Supernatural". It has been a big success since 2005, and its popularity is not diminishing. Two brothers who are in the center of the story, and stand against all kinds of evil and evil forces, so the unusual creatures in the picture enough. This is a kind of detective, generously seasoned with mysticism and special effects. But, of course, it would be impossible to achieve such success for the series without the performers of the main roles, who simply conquered the hearts of girls from all over the world. The brothers have interesting tattoos on their bodies, duplicating each other. However, this is not just a tribute to fashion, but an amulet with special meaning.

Care tips for Supernatural tattoos

  • Choose a hygiene office: there are so many places out there where you can have your tattoo done, but not all of them are worth trying. You need a place with high standards of hygiene.

It's very easy to get an infection simply because you carelessly chose a tattoo parlor, so be careful where you go.

  • Wear loose clothing: it's not just with supernatural kinds of tattoos, but you should wear loose clothing to keep your piece healthy and fresh.

The places with your symbol tend to become sensitive and thus, you should avoid any kind of irritation that can come with tight clothing.

  • Limit your exposure to sunlight: It's normal to want to show off your latest piece to your friends. But this may not be a good solution, as sunlight is not ink friendly, especially if you've had your symbol done recently.

Keep your tattoo when it's new and you'll have it forever and much more summer flaunting.

  • Keep it clean: you won't bathe for days after you have your piece done, but you can have souls to keep your body and symbol clean. What you need to do is keep the tattoo away from the flow of water.

You also don't have to scrub it and you will have it last as long as you want it to.

Your wish is granted and you now know all about the magical supernatural symbol. You have the look you want and what meaning is attached to it. You also know how to give it great care after it.

Keep your tattoo bright and fresh and it will remain not a work of art, but a part of the body you treasure.

Tattoo appearance

Celebrity tattoos are temporary, they are only used for a role in a show. However, this does not make the image any less popular among fans of the series "Supernatural". The image itself is a peculiar pentagram, namely a star enclosed in a circle and framed by tongues of fire. To some extent this image resembles a seal. The tattoo is made in black.

Located this picture of both brothers in the collarbone area. Why this particular area was chosen for the image remains a mystery. However, there are several hypotheses. One of them says that this place is the most noticeable, it is easy to show if necessary. At the same time, any clothing can also easily hide this tattoo from prying eyes.

Sam and Dean's Chest Tattoos

Gabriel's Horn

Gabriel's Horn

In the Supernatural series, the symbol called Gabriel's horn has some pretty powerful powers. It is used to lure the angels to you. The horn of Gabriel is used to attract the angels and to bring them to you. However, it requires very rare ingredients: fairy bone, griffin feathers and blood. The symbol is depicted in the form of a horn and lights up the moment it is used. Gabriel's horn emits a special sound that lures all angels within its hearing range. In Supernatural, Gabriel's horn appears in season 9. It is used by the fallen angel Gadriel to lure the angels with the symbol to himself, and then to force them to join Metatron, who is the angel and scribe of God.

The meaning of the tattoo in the series

According to the plot of the series, the Winchester brothers hunt evil spirits and demons, fighting all kinds of mystical creatures. Therefore, the tattoo they have chosen is not an easy one. This is a rather powerful amulet against evil forces.

By the way, it is quite a common gesture. For example, in a number of tribes tattooing on the skin was a tradition. Every boy who reached a certain age and became a full-fledged hunter made this kind of image. It became a talisman designed to attract luck to the side of the man, not his victim. It was also believed that the amulet calls for certain spirits that favored the hunt, helping young men.

There is also a known case where Solomon was able to defeat about seventy spirits with the help of a magical seal. This legend does not use a tattoo, but a similar image is involved: a circle and a star.

Sam and Dean with a tattoo on his chest

The appearance of the mark of Cain in the series

The mark of Cain.

In the TV series "Supernatural" symbol called the mark of Cain is first mentioned in the 9th season of the movie. Dean Winchester makes a deal with Cain, the essence of which is that the protagonist takes the mark of Cain in order to kill the Knight of Hell Abbadon. After that, the tag brings Dean great suffering, as the lust to kill is awakened in him. However, the Winchester brothers find a way to get rid of it. They perform a ritual to remove the symbol, and it disappears from Dean's hand. Dean and Sam didn't expect the Darkness to break free at all because of it.

The pentagram tattoo in the real world

Nowadays, many people imitate characters from their favorite movies and TV shows. Sam and Dean are no exception. Tattoo, similar to the image on the skin of the brothers are increasingly ordered in tattoo parlors. However, it no longer carries the same meaning that the characters put into it. For most, it's just a way to signify their love for the series.

However, some elements of the tattoo can be deciphered. For example, the five-pointed star is often associated with something magical and mystical. A similar pentagram was also used to restrain unclean forces. Many movies and books described rituals for summoning demons. It was the painted star that helped keep the evil force in place.

Sam and Dean tattoo: sketch

Tongues of flame is an additional element of the tattoo. It can indicate the Winchester brothers' ability to stand up for themselves. Also fire can speak of the desire to destroy all the monsters and spirits that are in this world. At the same time, this sign is not just a sign of the possibility of action, it is an expression of readiness for it.

The symbol of the circle is one of the oldest. Any ring has a philosophical meaning, marking the beginning and end of all things. Also, this symbol speaks of the cyclicality of what happens, the possibility of the return of the old.

Variations of anti ownership of the tattoo

These tattoos can have different meanings depending on the color, with or without wings. The color can be red, black or any of your favorite colors. Most people have a grayish color tattoo because it is the color most commonly used by artists.

When the tattoo is not new, it seems to be dark, but as it ages it begins to turn green.

Tattoos with wings look more attractive and noticeable, and they may be preferable for people who like visible tattoos. When an anti-ownership tattoo with wings is drawn on the back, it can cover the entire back from the shoulders to the lower abdomen.

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35+ Best Supernatural Tattoo Designs - Protect Yourself from Evil

In this modern society, tattoos have become very rampant especially the supernatural tattoo because it has become quite a trending thing in style and fashion. Different people have the tattoo symbol for different reason like in remembrance of their loved ones or an adventure.

However, in this article we will be focusing on the anti-possession tattoo that is featured with a pentagon. The anti-possession supernatural tattoos that are on Sam and Dean are very popular and most people have questions on what the tattoos means.

The tattoos are to protect them from demon possession. It is featured as a pentagram or an endless knot that signifies protection to the ones that have the symbol.

The famous people known to have these tattoo symbols are Sam and Dean Winchester that have been featured in the Supernatural Series and they use it for protection. The two boys have these tattoos on their upper left arm that provide them with anti-demon possession.

The tattoo can be denied if it is destroyed (burnt). Research has it that Dean still has the tattoo but now it is inverted for turning into a demon. Dean revealed that he was planning to have the tattoo even before he was featured in the Supernatural series.

A pentagram to protect your home from dark forces

Pentagram to protect the house - a talisman that protects the home of man from black magic, dark forces, the devil, demons and bad people.

All dark supernatural will bypass the entrance to such a house.

The pentagram allows you to protect your home in several ways:

  • To perform a special ritual;
  • Create a pendant amulet.

Below we will consider these two methods, which are suitable to protect your home. In order to create an amulet for a person will be suitable not only a pendant, but also a tattoo. However, the choice of the master of tattoo should be approached with the utmost attention. It is best if the expert will understand the magic and believe in the efficacy of such tattoos.

Why This Is Popular with Supernatural Series

The tattoos are very popular because they are believed as to have anti-possession charms on popular stars Sam and Dean of the Supernatural series.

Their pentagon shape indicates that the tattoo offers maximum protection from demon possession and people seeking for that tend to have the symbol engraved on them. Some friends believe that these tattoos that maintain their friendships; no demons can possess them to ruin their friendships.

Fans of Sam and Dean are inspired by the process they underwent getting the tattoos to get their own symbols of the same tattoo. People that are hunted by angels or demons get this anti–possession tattoos to stop the spirits from hunting them.

Fellow castors of Dean in the “Supernatural” series have had encounters with Sam and Dean. There are a few instances that I can describe here:

While in the pajama, the wearer is assured that no demon can attempt to obsess them since they are fully protected.

  • While on a hunt, a guy gets possessed by demons and then Dean and Sam decide to get him an anti–possession tattoo to prevent him from demon possession.
  • A lady runs her hands through Dean's skin and his skin starts burning and blistering in hot bubbles.
  • Cas decides to get the anti-possession tattoo but Dean is worried that the Enochian Angel would not be able to spot him.

The Ritual of the Pentagram

The pentagram of protection as a talisman is also a special ritual that allows you to activate the protective function in your home.

To perform this ritual, you will need a church candle.

Also, you will need to think beforehand about the places where the sign will be depicted: the pentagram must overlap every wall, ceiling and floor. It cannot be depicted opposite to mirror surfaces, mirrors, and windows, because the action may be directly opposite.

Execution of the ritual assumes the image of a burning candle of symbols of the pentagram on all thought surfaces. Do it by concentrating on the amulet and on protective thoughts.

Variations of the Anti-Possession Tattoos

These tattoos may have different meanings depending on the color, with wings or without wings. The colors maybe red, black or any of your favorite colors. Most people have the grayish color tattoos because that’s the color that is mostly used by artists.

When the tattoo is new, is seems to be dark but while it ages it begins to turn green.

The tattoos with wings look more attractive and visible and they may be preferable for people that love visible tattoos. When the anti-possession tattoo with wings is drawn on your back, it can cover the whole of your back from the shoulders up to the lower abdomen.

Кулон пентаграмма

Кулон пентаграмма – отличный оберег для дома, который защитит жилище и его обитателей от негативных воздействий, демонов, дьявола и темных людей. To create an amulet, you will need a sheet of thick paper or cardboard. On this sheet you will need to draw a five-pointed star with equal angles and enclose it in a circle.

It is recommended to draw the star and the circle with red ink, and when the image is ready, it should be dipped in hot wax. Now the pendant is ready, it remains to charge it with energy. To do this, the sheet is placed on the left palm, and the fingers of the right hand should gently touch the amulet. At this moment, it is necessary to concentrate on what you want to protect your home from.

Now in a prayerful gesture with the pendant between two palms, you should bring the pendant to your heart and close your eyes. When you open your eyes after a few minutes, place the pendant on your palms in the right position, with one ray down - this is the pentagram that protects.

The pentagram of protection should be near the entrance to the house. This is necessary to protect the house from demons, evil spirits, the devil and bad people. Помните, если вы сомневаетесь в том, как правильно изобразить символ, то лучше всего перестраховаться, изучив фото и изображения знака.

Placements of the Anti–Possession Tattoos

The tattoos can be placed in various parts of the body. Men mostly place these tattoo symbols on their chests, legs, arms or at the back. Ladies like the symbols on the neck, breast, stomach and the groin area.

For people that would want the tattoos to be highly visible, they place them mostly on the arms or legs so they can be seen when they put on sleeveless top or shorts.

For them that would like to hide their tattoos maybe from parents or for fear of religious fanatics, they place the tattoo symbols on their chests or at the back.

There are people that like exposing their tattoos and this kind get the artist draw the tattoos on their exposed body parts like the neck, the face or the lower part of the arm.

Пентаграмма защиты человека

Pentagrams are used not only as a talisman at home, but are also considered an excellent means for personal protection. The symbol can be enclosed in an amulet, a talisman, or represent a tattoo.

The sign can be depicted on jewelry, clothing belt, bracelet, and so on. Although the most powerful are considered amulets and tattoos.

Tattoo of a pentagram

The protective tattoo pentagram is the most effective magical amulet. It accompanies a person all the time and becomes stronger every day.

Tattoo is more practical, unlike such an object as an amulet, which can get lost or broken. Therefore, it is difficult to find something better and stronger than a tattoo for personal protection. Various photos will help you decide on a symbol, making sure the pentagram is depicted correctly and the tattoo is effective in terms of protection.

If you decide to get a tattoo with this symbol, you should be thorough in choosing a master. Рекомендуется отдать предпочтение тому, кто практикует нанесение магических символов на кожу и верит в их эффективность. Цвет изображения должен быть черным. В нем не должны присутствовать иные знаки, символы и предметы.

Themed Anti–Possession Tattoos

Some tattoos are colored to some specific themes that have their own different meanings. People get the themes according to their favorite colors or the meaning.

The themes may be in different colors like pink, red, blue, green and many other colors and all have an attached meaning to the anti–possession symbol. You may decide to get a theme of a sibling’s faces or names.

People have different reasons for having tattoos on their bodies. Some have them just for fun and beauty while others are seriously seeking for protection from demon possession.

Some people have been found with the anti-possession tattoo symbol yet they claim that they do not have it for protection from demons. But they have it just for beauty because they love its appearance.

Where is the most common place for a tattoo of a pentagram?

Tattoo of the pentagram on the arm encountered perhaps most often. The optimal place for its application are the forearm and wrist. If the image is combined with other elements, it is printed on:

  • the chest (but this choice is mainly made by men, not women);
  • back;
  • calves.

Pay attention! Supporters of various subcultures put a drawing on the neck or the back of the head. So they seek to attract more attention.

By the way, we should mention the fact that the tattoo pentagram value has its own and on how it is embossed on the body:

  • If the upper ray is directed strictly upwards - this is a positive image, indicating faith in God, in goodness, in protection from the dark forces;
  • If the drawing is inverted and the ray is directed strictly downwards, it points to sorcery, adherence to dark forces. Such a drawing is compared to the face of the devil - two rays looking up are his horns, and one looking down is his beard.

In this case, it is not recommended to put the image on the wrist. Because with different positions of the hand the sign will also change its meaning. Although some like this ambiguity and mystery.

Tattoo of the pentagram: choose a style of drawing

The style can be virtually any. Let's tell about those directions, in which the tattoo of the pentagram is performed most often. One of the most common variants of the application is minimalism - it is simple, clear, without fine details drawing.

Pay attention! If you plan to use other compositional elements along with the star, realism is a good style solution.

If you want your pentagram tattoo to look not only realistic, but also somewhat intimidating, choose such directions for its application as:

  • tribal;
  • biomechanics;
  • or steampunk.

A good execution option is a monochrome pattern made up of dots and lines. For this purpose, such directions as graphics or dotwork are chosen. When creating compositions with other elements, details, it is worth choosing the direction of thrash polka.


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