Segmental ring: description, purpose, application, types and peculiarities of care

Barbell, labret, twist, banana, segment ring... Unfamiliar names, right? And yet all of the above are common piercing jewelry. This article will provide you with information specifically about the segmental ring. What kind of jewelry is it? What does it look like? What kind of piercings is it used with? And a lot of other information about the jewelry you will get here.

How to wear a piece of jewelry correctly

Usually when encountering this type of piercing jewelry, many people are puzzled and ask how to open a segment ring. In fact, it's quite simple. You should proceed in exactly the same way as you would with a balloon ring. Simply pull the small segment of the ring toward you with some force. There is no need to unscrew anything because these rings are not threaded. Apply some force and detach the small segment from the large segment.

We all understand that with many punctures it is pretty easy to get an infection. It will not make anyone happy, and so you should always clean your piercing jewelry before you use it. The same goes for the segment ring. Cleaning the ring is quite easy, and so don't be lazy. After all, your health depends on you.

ear piercing

In order to clean and disinfect the ring, you should dip it in a salt solution for about five or ten minutes. To do this, simply mix a quarter spoon of salt and 250 milliliters of warm distilled water. After that, you need to rub the ring with this salt water, using a piece of tissue.

In case you need to use pliers while putting on the jewelry, they should also be disinfected. You can use the same saline solution or a special saline solution. Carefully wipe all the parts of the tool that may be touching your jewelry.

Do not forget that it is necessary to wash well the place of the puncture. Even when it heals completely, you will need to treat your puncture with a gentle antiseptic agent (for example, benzalkonium chloride, bactine or just the most common liquid antibacterial soap, which has never harmed anyone). All this will greatly reduce the possible risk of infection, infection of your puncture in the future.

Don't rush to change the first earring at the puncture site. It should be left in place for a period of 8-9 weeks after the piercing procedure itself. The earring can be removed only after that, but the place can fully heal only after 12-24 weeks after you made the piercing. Professionals strictly advise not to wear the ring until your piercing is completely healed.

segmental rings

The hardest part of putting on a segment ring is opening it. As mentioned earlier, simply pull the small part of the segment toward you with some force. You can use small scissors, pliers, or pliers to open the ring and pull the small segment out of it. After that, if you have already treated the entire ring with antiseptic, put the larger part of the segment into the puncture. Now return the small part of the ring segment to its original place and, if necessary, squeeze the ring back together with the same pliers.

Expediency of the piercing: what does the piercing in the girl's nose and how to prepare for it

Photo from a site: MissEva.Ru

Photo from: MissEva.Ru

Always to emphasize their own beauty, to stand out from the gray masses, to express themselves as they want, these are the main reasons for nose piercing called by modern girls and women, and guys are not behind them in the pursuit of originality and uniqueness. Today the nose piercing is at the peak of popularity, but it is not the newest invention, and is known and successfully practiced for many centuries, for example, among Indian women, where everything, whatever is done, has a value. But even before that, on the hot shores of Africa, members of tribes and communities used to prove their masculinity with such piercings.

Originally, the tradition of piercing the nose and putting an earring in it came to America, and then to other parts of the world from India, where it was brought by hippies. They were imbued with the culture and wanted to be like those whose life, views, and ideals they liked so much. In fact, piercings were done by Indian girls and guys, they put a ring-ring into the hole to demonstrate that they were busy or married. Today, no one puts such meaning in the piercing anymore, nevertheless, it is worth knowing such information, for general education.


Modern young people are not even interested in the name of the nose piercing, before making it, meanwhile there are several types of such piercings, and each of them has its own name, which does not hurt to learn, going to decide to take such a step. In addition, you should know that the first earring for the nose can not be either platinum or gold, much less silver. Exclusively medical steel and nothing more.

Limitations and contraindications

It is worth understanding that despite the apparent simplicity and accessibility of such a piercing, the consequences of nose piercing can cause quite unpleasant, about which we will talk a little later. In the meantime, it is worth discussing what steps you need to take to avoid such consequences. In fact, everything is quite simple, it is worth taking the time to ask the question, so as not to regret later, because with the wrong piercing or follow-up care, it is quite possible that surgical medical care is required.

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  • Before deciding on such a piercing, make sure that you have no heart disease and cardiovascular system, inflammatory processes in the body and fever.
  • You should not do nose piercing, if any chronic illness is in the acute stage.
  • Before the piercing in a week can not drink oral contraceptives, as well as other drugs hormonal plan.
  • It should consult a doctor about the use of pills before and after the piercing, especially those that affect blood clotting. For example, aspirin is strictly contraindicated in such cases.
  • A day before the puncture should not drink coffee and strong tea, limit smoking, completely avoid alcohol, whether it is a sip of wine or a glass of beer.

How to remove the ring

In fact, there is nothing unusual in the process of removing the segment ring, but for some magical reason, this is what causes a lot of difficulties for all fans to impress others with their appearance. Using the same pliers, blunt scissors or a special device for removing jewelry for piercings (of course, you should rely on what you will use most conveniently) move apart a ring and, pulling a small segment out of it, remove it. Depending on the place where the piercing was made, it may be differently difficult to remove the jewelry. Somewhere there is not enough space between the skin and the ring, somewhere you are afraid to hurt yourself or just inconvenient to get to the ring ... If you still can not get rid of the ring, it is best to seek help from specialists in the salon where you once made piercings. At any rate, the masters have more experience "dealing" with such products. Probably with their experience you are not the first who can't take off or put on the trinket for piercing independently...

A little about the care of piercings

There are a few simple rules, following which you will be able to wear the jewelry for a long and painless time:

  • Until the piercing heals, you should refuse to go to the pool, the gym, the beach. Also, you should not touch the skin of the nose with your hands.
  • Every day you need to treat the place around the puncture with antiseptic or other drug, which was prescribed by the master. Be sure to rinse the nasal mucosa.
  • In order for the hole to heal as quickly as possible, it is recommended to lead a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of rest and give up alcohol.
  • At first, it is necessary to clean the accessory without taking it out. When the canal is finally formed, you can take the earring out of the nose and wash it in antiseptic.
  • To clean the jewelry, you should not use aggressive detergents, because they can damage the top layer of the product. It is best to clarify with the master what the accessory is made of, and how to properly care for it.

If you need to regularly remove your jewelry for training, professional etiquette, a change of image and so on, consult a master and buy transparent plastic or silicone products. They will keep the canal from tightening, but they won't be visible.

It is possible to remove a nose piercing on your own, but only if you follow the above rules. Remember, it is your health that is at stake. So if you start bleeding in the process, if you feel pain, if you notice that the earring is overgrown with skin, see a doctor or piercer.

Daith (Deis) piercing

deis piercing

Now you finally get the information about what was talked about back at the beginning of this article. What is a dais piercing or dais piercing? It is a piercing of cartilage that is located in the very center of the outer ear. Such piercing is not popular, but it looks very special. Of course, it is strongly not recommended to make such a piercing by yourself at home. It necessarily requires a certain level of skill and professionalism. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that such a piercing at the beginning gives terrible discomfort, but over time, when the piercing heals, it will never bother you again. The first few days are promised swelling and redness, but after 4-8 months it will heal completely. For this type of ear piercing, a segmental ring will also work.

Types and types of nose piercings: how do nose piercings and not only

It would seem that everyone knows what a piercing is, but what is the name of the nose piercing can answer not everyone. The thing is that there are several types and kinds of piercings, which differ in their location and, consequently, the names are different. First of all, we need to understand the name of the nose piercing ring, which can be inserted not only in the wing of the nose, but also in the central septum.

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Nose wing piercing, or Nostril piercing, is the most relevant, and also a common type of piercing, which no doubt everyone has seen.

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There is also a piercing Septum, in which a hole is made in the septum of the nose. And it can be done both with the capture of cartilage and past it.

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Nose piercing Bridge is the piercing of an earring or rod through soft tissue, that is skin, at the bridge of the nose, approximately at eye level. And distinguish both horizontal and vertical bridge. Some make entire compositions, inserting several decorations on different sides or on top of each other.

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There is also the Septril piercing, which is essentially very similar to the septum, but the earring itself is brought vertically down.

Photo from a site:

A photo from the site:

Horizontal nasal piercing, called Nassalang, as well as its variety Austin Bar is the most complex technology and is a continuous piercing of the tip of the nose, which affects both wings, as well as the inner septum.

Among other things, there is another type of piercing, which is much less common, but it exists, so it should be paid attention to. Nasal tip piercing is done from the inside, upwards, and is displayed at the very tip of the nose. There are also a wide variety of combinations of punctures of varying degrees of difficulty.

Risks and Consequences

With any procedure, be it a piercing or a tattooing session, there is a risk of getting various infections, so be sure to ask your master about how the room is sterilized and the tools used, as well as what needles and gloves he uses (they should be disposable and opened in front of you). The shape and material of the jewelry is extremely important. If you put a ring or circular right away, there is a high risk of long healing and skin deformation around the jewelry, so we advise to put only straight bars. Also make sure that the jewelry is made of titanium, other metals can cause allergies, and instead of the joy of the piercing you get only inflammation, pain and possibly even oxidation of the metal on the jewelry.

piercing septum

Choosing an earring

There are many varieties of jewelry for this type of piercing:

  • rings with varying amounts of jewelry on them;
  • half rings in the form of horseshoes;
  • decorative bars and bananas;
  • Clickers - rods with a small half-ring.

When choosing jewelry, you should consider not only the appearance, but also the metal from which the earring is made. Titanium, high-grade gold and bioplastic are the priority of choice. Low-quality products can cause an allergic reaction.

Who goes with a septum?

There are no definite clear criteria by which to determine who a septum suits and who does not. But there are some nuances that are worth observing, so as not to look ridiculous. Since the septum is a puncture of the nasal septum, it can visually lengthen the nose. Therefore, if you are the owner of a long sharp nose, you should choose the decoration with special care. There is no criterion and on the basis of gender: septum do both girls and men.

septum nose piercing

How to pierce the septum at home

Most often it is interested in young people who, for one reason or another, can not or do not want to go to the master. This is normal behavior and it is possible to conduct such a piercing at home.

So that the procedure was as quick and painless as possible, and also did not turn out to have undesirable consequences in the form of infections, falling out of the barbell because the piercing is rejected, for a successful procedure we need:

  1. A friend with a steady hand.
  2. Gloves
  3. A piercing needle
  4. A septum clamp
  5. Miramistin and Chlorhexidine
  6. Cotton swab
  7. Titanium jewelry

Does it hurt to pierce

Masters, daily confronted with completely different reactions of clients to pain, say that everything is very individual. As proof, professionals cite the following statistics: according to clients, only 10% of them feel unbearable pain, 60% feel sufficiently strong, but not so strong as to refuse the procedure, and another 30% feel various kinds of discomfort, which they cannot call pain.

The painfulness of the puncture depends on:

  • The presence of nerve endings in a particular point - this point is almost impossible to predict;
  • The low pain threshold of those who decide to pierce their nose;
  • The diameter of the instrument with which the procedure is carried out;
  • The psychological mood.

You should know that you should not puncture your nose during infectious diseases with high fever, runny nose, taking blood thinning medications, because serious bleeding is possible. The same applies to alcohol.

How to pierce the septum without pain

Some people who are very afraid of pain take alcohol or various illegal substances before the piercing procedure. This is unacceptable, as bleeding can intensify, and the effect of the supposed painkiller will suddenly turn out to be the opposite.

For 15-20 minutes before the procedure is desirable to relax enough, breathe deeply, in any case, do not set up for pain. Some masters use special gels, ointments, sprays, ice compresses, which have a local anesthetic effect, while others "plagiarize the teeth" of the client and, seizing the moment, quickly make a piercing and almost as quickly inserted into him an earring. Practice shows that the faster the hole is pierced, the less pain is felt, although the process of inserting the ring, earring, barbell, can also be painful.

Where exactly to pierce the septum

The septum is punctured in the lower part of the nose, but not at the tip itself, but close to it, so you do not need to stick the clamp straight in, the closer to the tip the better, but without fanaticism.

Piercing should not affect any cartilage, and pierced the thinnest part of the nasal septum. At the same time is not too close to the edge - if you make too little indentation, by inserting too heavy a product, there may be a gradual destruction of the part of the nasal septum, which requires surgical repair of the lower part of the nose and the inability to re-pierce

Ready piercing should not interfere with food intake, and after healing - do not create any discomfort

And more specifically

Then we take ourselves with our fingers to the intended place of the puncture and feel the first cartilage which serves as the septum of the nose, we must not touch it during the puncture, also there is the second cartilage which we must not touch and it is the lowest part of the nose

Don't hit it.

As you understand our aim for the puncture is what is between these two cartilages and if we puncture correctly, the pain will be minimal, about a three or at most a four out of ten. But you can't do without a tear, it's a feature of the septum.

Nose disinfection

Nose must be disinfected before the piercing. We take our cotton swab, put chlorhexidine on it and treat it. It is better to do it with gloves on

Inserting the clamp

Since our friend may be a little shy to pick our nose looking for the right place for the puncture, it is better to do it for him, take the clamp and set it in the optimal place where the cartilage will not be hurt, and the friend should confirm whether the clamp is evenly set

  1. Put on gloves.
  2. Disinfect.
  3. Pull the lower part of the nose away slightly.
  4. Place the clamp evenly
  5. Make the puncture with a steady hand
  6. Remove the clamp.
  7. A piece of jewelry is inserted into the inside of the needle and pulled inside the puncture

Pros and cons of the septum

The indisputable advantage of septum nose piercing is A wide choice of decorationsRings, circulars, various clickers, with opals or with rhinestones. Everyone can choose a piece of jewelry that will help emphasize your individuality, as well as correct the shape of the nose. Septum for girls can look very gentle, septum for guys - very masculine (male septum in general has many fans). If you happen to get bored with the jewelry, and you don't want to part with the piercing. It's easy to hide the septum in your noseby replacing the ornament in the septum with a circular and wrapping it inside, which is another plus! The disadvantages of the septum nose are few, but they are quite weighty, so some people who want to get this piercing, have to set themselves up for a long time. The first disadvantage: in order for the septum piercing to heal well and please you, the master installs a straight bar.rings and circulars can be put only after 3 months. The second disadvantage: the place of the piercing is not the most convenient, and to feel the junction between the cartilage is not easy, and sometimes the piercing artist may hit the cartilage, or the piercing may not be perfectly flat, so be prepared for the fact that during the procedure you're going to have to go through several piercings to achieve a flawless result.

septum piercing

How long does the septum take to heal

Septum heals for a relatively long time, it is from 6 to 8 weeks and during this time it is necessary to take care of the piercing

Wash with seawater, which can be purchased at the drugstore or with an ordinary weak solution of salt, these two methods are additional and not necessary. The basis of course is chlorhexidine and miramistine.

Miramistin contains stimulants of healing and so it speeds up the process, but it cannot be used for 10 days in a row because it causes dysbacteriosis.

Only constant care and quiet placement of the nose decoration will shorten the healing time of the wound

Fresh puncture must be protected from cosmetics, accidental trauma hands, articles of clothing.

Care must take place strictly with MIRAMISTIN and after 10-20 minutes it is necessary to rinse it with saline solution. Because dysbacteriosis has not been canceled. And miramistine has an immune-stimulating effect.

Soak a cotton swab and treat the piercing on both sides, and if you smell something unpleasant, you need to wipe the jewelry as well. If the unpleasant smell does not disappear, you will have to change the jewelry after the complete healing.

Crusts, which are inevitably formed around the wound, should not be plucked off, because it significantly slows down the healing process.


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