Tattoo with an arrow - meaning for girls and men, the place of application (on the hand, finger, wrist), creative designs and photo ideas

When someone decorates his body with a tattoo, he does it for a reason. Each drawing carries a certain semantic load for the person who wants to stay with it for the rest of his life. Nevertheless, almost every symbol has some universally recognized definition, or even a few. Recently, a very popular drawing on the body has become an arrow. The meaning of the tattoo, its features and sketches should be considered in more detail.

arrow meaning tattoo

Symbolism with historical plumage

Warlords applied such an emblem on coats of arms, emphasizing the connection with the army. The Paleolithic inhabitants proudly stuffed it on their bodies as a whole tribe. In some countries boys were given this paraphernalia at birth as a sign of future men. African peoples use the pointed specimen for ultimatum declaration of attack and capture. And when broken, it signified the end of hostilities.

It is easy to see that the appearance is similar to that of a lightning bolt. Folk legends have informed of places that were subjected to the heavenly discharge, they acquired the status of consecrated areas. If a person suffered, he became a bearer of superpowers. It was also the personification of a sunbeam, bestowing warmth and light.


With the help of photos you will be easier to decide on the style and location of the tattoo. We hope that this gallery will help you to find a suitable sketch and bring it to life.

The meaning of the tattoo

First of all, it is an expression of finding your true purpose and harmonious existence. The owner does not swerve from the intended road and does not change his personal opinion. It is a symbol:

  1. Marksmanship, the ability to see the target with concentration.
  2. The ability to wield a weapon.
  3. The desire to defend oneself.
  4. Coolness, equanimity.
  5. Aggressiveness towards enemies.
  6. Determination.

There is also another side of the coin - an arrow of Cupid. This body signifies femininity and eroticism. Ancient Roman mythology tells of Cupid, equipped with two arrows, one - the embodiment of true love, the second - of discord and parting. With such an item the wearer speaks of his love, having finally chosen his chosen one.

Revealing a deep meaning of the object, it is necessary to take into account its location and direction, which states:

  • North - connection with reason, wisdom, knowledge;
  • south - the presence of innocence;
  • east is farsightedness;
  • West is flair and intuition.

The silhouette allows you to know your own inner world and follow the right path. Although in criminal circles, the cross arrows are a trait of a thief. Influential authority draws a lion surrounded by armor, where the accessory in question is a sign of power. Three cards punched with it indicate a gambler or card cheat.

Compass Arrow Tattoo

The execution of compass arrows has its own special meaning. If the arrow points north - it symbolizes intelligence, east - emphasis on foresight, south - innocence, west will tell about the well-developed intuition of its owner. If the arrows are pointing at the same time in all directions, it means that the person can not define his life purpose.

Meanings characteristic of men

Since ancient times, members of the strong sex were engaged in the extraction of food and land grabbing, so it is an omen of the extractor and master. The tattoo also reflects:

  1. Masculinity.
  2. Militancy.
  3. Cold wit.
  4. Restraint.
  5. Self-control.
  6. Cunning.

A stretched bowstring with an arrow has the meaning of masculine health, resilience. Guys prefer black and white tones. Most often, the simplest form is taken as a basis, excluding additional ornaments. The sketch is supplemented with a killed animal symbolizing victory, a bow, an eagle. The sign is peculiar to hot active individuals.

For women

For the fairer sex tattoo (tattoo) arrow has a different meaning. Seeing this symbol, immediately recalls the varmint Cupid, who shoots from an arrow into the hearts, giving people hate or love. Romantic persons adorn their bodies with pierced hearts or arrows that are entangled in the thorns of a rose. This can mean the desire to love or, on the contrary, an unhappy love experience.

Also, this symbol can have the meaning of devotion and friendship. In this case, the arrows will be crossed. If the tattoo contains many crossed arrows, it means an alliance of the universe and the Earth. The center of the tattoo where all the arrows come together means that everything in the world is interconnected and unified.

Type of women tattoos

Women do tattoo according to their vision of the world and semantic load. The master provides a picture of a feminine plan. It can be a flower of arrows, whose center informs about the unity in the nature of all things. The element in the rose with thorns, indicates a tangled relationship and the owner's denial of the love theme. The outline of a rose next to it is a longing to find love.

Samples tied with a rope mean wariness and adherence to principled views. If the person is not trustworthy, but if you earn her respect, you will have a reliable and loyal friend. Crossed hands means strong friendship and intertwined human destinies. And the pierced heart is a metaphor for eternal loyalty to your partner. The sign is symbolic of:

  • rebirth;
  • progress, ascension;
  • creativity;
  • unity;
  • sexuality.

The colorful feathers on the image are an accentuation of pride. The images are complemented with captions, commemorative dates.

Tips for sketches

Your perfect sketch will appear if you thoroughly approach the semantic load of the image. Think about what associations are born when you look at the line. Will it be a vector of life aspirations or the Rose of the Winds.

The subject has a very simple structure. For this reason, it is recommended to dilute the composition with additional elements. Beautiful and winning look tattoos in geometric style and line drawing.

For the master to fully realize your expectations, tell him about your desires and aspirations. With this approach you are guaranteed a colorful and original tattoo.

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Zodiacal sign

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius seek patronage from their constellation. The space hunter is depicted as an archer or centaur. Ladies replace such figures with the slender hunter Artemis. These characters are the personification of flame and aspiration to the goal. They capture the presence of:

  • impulsiveness;
  • ambition;
  • protection;
  • good accomplishments;
  • life fire.

Representatives of the symbol spend a lot of time defending their interests, ideals, the truth. Their tattoos are peppered with star clusters, planets.

In the zone.

There is more than one meaning to the arrow tattoo in places of confinement. It all depends on the composition in which the symbol is included. A tattoo on the shoulder with a drawing of a crossed arrow and a key is a sign of a "burglar". This means that the burglar purposefully opens any door he needs.

On the chest of an influential authority can be seen the image of a lion, surrounded by medieval armor and weapons. This can be a mace, a spear, a variety of swords and, of course, arrows and bow. The meaning of the tattoo - power, strength, significance. If there is a book among the objects, it is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

Places of application and style directions

With thin lines, the picture is applied in fragments to minimal areas, and some masterpieces occupy, for example, the entire side or spine. Tattoos usually occupy areas:

  • forearms;
  • wrists;
  • neck;
  • back;
  • calves;
  • between the shoulder blades.

An unobtrusive image looks unobtrusive on the fingers. Equipped with additional details complicates the picture. Minimalism with dark shades is popular, but also bright watercolor looks stylish and attractive. Girls love the Boho style, where objects symbolize not war, but the divine rays of the sun, a way out of the ordinary frames. The design looks Greek canvases or Renaissance creations.

The color is chosen taking into account the presence of nailings, because harmony must be maintained between them. As you can see, the internal content of the subject is very diverse, although directly it is a demonstration of clear principles of life, where the tip states a sharp mind. In addition, the arrow tattoo acts as a talisman against evil forces and incantations.

Colored arrow

Far from always the arrow is performed in the classic black color. Very often there are sketches of bright and catchy tones. Of course, performing a colored arrow is characteristic of girls, because it gives them the opportunity to show their individuality. Often they are goal-oriented, persistent and strong girls who are used to achieve everything on their own. The color image is very often performed in the technique of new skull, oriental, watercolor or minimalism.

The popularity of the heart tattoo in different times

Even in ancient tribes, tattoos were stuffed on special occasions. Each of them had a specific meaning and often corresponded to a certain status in society.

So great popularity had a tattoo of the heart, starting with the 50-60s of the 20 th century. For example, in biker culture. The image of a heart with wings and to this day symbolizes freedom, heroism in the name of love. Sailors had a similar meaning with this tattoo. The military stuffed the heart with the names of loved ones for whom they fought at the front.

Since the end of the 90s, the white heart has spread among volunteer organizations, symbolizing help for the sick.


For women

For men