How to make a temporary tattoo or mehendi at home: step by step instructions, tips, photos

In this article, we will consider how you can do a temporary tattoo yourself.

A great advantage of temporary tattoos is the possibility of changing them. In addition, such tattoos are painless, because they are applied on the principle of the figure, and are safe for the body. In this case, you can make a temporary tattoo even at home with or without henna. In the first case, there is one disadvantage - it is possible individual intolerance. But so choose high-quality and natural materials.

How to make a temporary tattoo with henna or mehendi at home: paint recipes

One of the most popular varieties of temporary tattoos is mehendi. It is painted on the body, an ancient art that came to us from India, which is practiced there for a long time not only as body decoration, but also as an attribute of national holidays and rituals. Previously, the recipe and technique, how to make a temporary tattoo in the style of mehendi, were kept strictly secret. But today we will share with you the main secrets of applying and preparing the henna dye.

There is a belief that the symbols applied to the body, predetermine the life path of a person. For example, drawing an elephant is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, a lotus flower - fertility and health, a curly stem - love and protection from the evil eye.

Recipe #1 - classical

  • Prepare a coloring paste: From 20 g of henna.
  • The juice of 1 lemon.
  • This pulp is well mashed, cover with clingfilm and send to a warm place for 12 hours.
  • Next we add:
      1 tsp. sugar.
  • Any essential oil of 1 tsp.
  • And the juice of 1 lemon.
  • The consistency of the mixture should be similar to thick sour cream or toothpaste. Therefore, if necessary, add more lemon juice or loose henna.
  • Cover everything again with cling film and send it to a warm place for 12 hours.
  • Important: Do not stir the mixture in a metal container. Oxidation and deterioration of the paint itself is possible.

    Recipe #2 - with tea

    • В 0.5 l of water brew steeped tea (brew - 3,5 tsp.) Ideally, this mixture should be simmered on low heat for no more than 10 minutes, so that the color will be richer.
    • Strain and pour hot into the henna (40 g). Stir thoroughly. Add Add 2 tbsp. lemon juice and 5 drops of essential oil.
    • Insist about 4 hours.

    Recipe #3 - Quick

    • We brew strong tea in the proportion of. 2.5 tsp of brew per 0.5 liters of water.
    • We divide it in half and pour in the juice of two lemons, one tsp sugar.
    • Pour 2 tbsp. henna (40 g), Stir until lumps are eliminated. Sustain the mixture for 25 to 40 minutes (the time will depend on the saturation).

    Recipe № 4
    Recipe #4

    How long does mehendi last?

    The homeland of this technique is ancient Egypt. Later it spread to the countries of the East and Asia, but the real artisans live in India, Morocco and Pakistan. Each nation has invested in the painting a special meaning and gave preference to a certain direction: some inhabitants had widespread plant drawings, while others had images of animals and geometric patterns. Some body ornaments were designed to indicate the status of the wearer, while others had a deeper sacred meaning and the ability to attract good luck and ward off envy and malice.

    Europeans have been infected with this art relatively recently and also began to make mehendi on the body in the form of various ornaments, flowers, oriental patterns. Today, on the streets of the big metropolis you can find bright girls with mehendi on their hands, dressed in the style of boho. No less original look drawings on other parts of the body - the neck, shoulders, stomach, hips. Extremely common is a drawing made in the area of the ankle.

    With proper care, the image made by henna, holds on the skin from 7 to 21 days. With each day it will gradually lighten, and then disappear. The longevity of the drawing largely depends on the level of skin preparation: it is necessary to peel the skin and remove all the hair in the right place. The final color of such a biotattoo will depend on the selected area on the body. It is necessary to remember that mehendi on the legs will look brighter than the drawing on the stomach. And if immediately after the application the color will be only slightly orange, in 48 hours it will darken, and then at all will get a bright brown shade with noticeable redness. The color of henna can be changed by other dyes of natural origin - basma, antimony, etc.

    How to make a temporary mehendi tattoo at home: application technique

    • Do depilation and peeling The areas on which you want to make a temporary tattoo - mehendi looks much more impressive on smooth skin.
    • Immediately before the application of the tattoo, the skin in these areas Rub with alcohol and apply eucalyptus oil. This way the mixture will penetrate the skin better.
    • The tattoo is applied with a special cone (you can make it out of foil or waterproof paper, having cut off a little tip) or with a thin brush. You can do it manually or with a stencil, it depends on the artistic abilities of the master.
    • If you use a stencil, Secure it with tape or plaster. Paint can be taken off after it dries so as not to smudge it. The henna itself dries for at least an hour. You can make a preliminary sketch with a cosmetic pencil (just re-sketch it from the paper, pressing it into place).

    For your own convenience sketch
    For your own convenience, make sketches

    • But for a more saturated color for several hours the drawing should be protected from touch and water. To speed up the drying process, you can hold the tattoo in the sunlight.
    • The thickness of the lines should be 2-3 mm. If you make a mistake, immediately wipe it off gently with a cotton swab soaked in lemon juice.
    • After the paint dries, scrape off the paint with the blunt side of a knife or a plastic scraper (for waxing). А to fix The picture can be sprinkled with lemon juice or a mixture of 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of sugar. And don't soak for at least 4 hours!

    Take your time and draw each curve neatly!
    Take your time and carefully draw each curve!

    Important: Mehendi can last up to 3 months, although it depends a lot on where you draw, how often you wash and the color of the paint. Colored ones last longer, black and white ones last less. Of the locations, the most durable tattoo is on the ankles and wrists.

    The drawing can be washed with water, but do not soap or rub with a sponge, and before the water treatment be sure to lubricate with vegetable or olive oil. Try to avoid strong physical exertion, swimming in the sea / pool, because salt water or chlorinated water quickly washes away the paint.

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    Technology of drawing henna

    To perform mehendi requires properly prepared henna, which is placed in a special cone with a sharp tip. Before the drawing, the skin is cleaned of dirt and degreased. An experienced master, as a rule, does not use a preliminary sketch. After all, if you apply henna, for example, on a pencil drawing, it will not give the desired effect.

    After the master finishes the pattern, it takes time for the henna to dry. In the air, it shows its coloring properties and gives the brightest and most saturated shade. It is not recommended to wash the mixture off with water. It is better to wait until the dried powder itself falls off the skin, forming a given pattern. As a rule, it takes from 1 to 3 hours.

    henna for mehendi at home

    How to make a temporary tattoo without henna, through paper: step by step instructions

    There are different ways to do a temporary tattoo on your own. One of the simplest and most affordable is a paper transfer tattoo.

    Translation Tattoo

    • It is a tattoo, made by means of ready translated pictures and inscriptions of various complexity, that easily and quickly are put on any site of a body on the following technology: a site of a skin on which will be put a translated tattoo, degrease and dry
    • remove the protective film from the drawing
    • Put the pattern on your skin, abundantly moisten the back side with a damp sponge, after 1 minute the paper base will start to roll away from the skin by light rubbing
  • Keeps such a tattoo for several days and if necessary can be easily removed with soap water.
  • Algorithm
    According to this scheme, you can independently choose a sketch, having printed it on special paper for tattoos. It can be bought in special or stores for needlework.

    Through a simple paper

    • Print out any drawing on A4 of the required size. It is desirable, however, that the sketch was bright and contained a lot of color
    • Cut out the drawing according to the contour, degrease and scrub the necessary area
    • Liberally spray perfume, cologne or alcohol on the front side of the pattern and wait for 2-4 seconds
    • Dip it in cold water, for about 0.5 to 1 minute.
    • We put the drawing on the skin, press it and wrap a napkin around it. Spray liberally with cologne (perfume). Keep in mind - there is a lot of consumption.
    • We wait 2-3 minutes, so it is better to remake, remove the sheet, no additional processing is required. In this case the period is extended practically up to 5-7 days!

    This tattoo is not only permanent, but also the most realistic looking
    Such a tattoo is not only durable, but also looks as realistic as possible

    What color the drawing can be achieved

    The henna drawings on the body can turn out different shades - it depends on three nuances: the time of holding the paste, the reaction of the skin to the dye, and the place where the image is applied.

    Immediately after the removal of the paint ornament will be pale orange, after 4-5 hours it will darken and become bright orange, and then after 2-3 days its color will gradually change to red-beige.

    Depending on the type of skin, the final result of mehendi at home can turn out as a rich red or dark brown. The brightest images come out on the dense parts of the body (arms and legs).

    How long does a henna tattoo last? It also depends on the reaction of the skin and the place where you decided to draw the pattern. If we talk about the average time period, the henna tattoo on the stomach, on the back and under the breasts lasts from three to seven days, and on the arms and legs - from one week to two. Then the paint gradually fades and disappears without a trace on the skin.

    How to make a temporary tattoo with a pen, eye pencil, marker: scheme of application

    • The easiest way to get a temporary tattoo is to apply Gel pen Wanted drawing and fix it with hairspray or wax. Such a tattoo lasts on the skin for up to three days.
    • There is another option - you draw Eyeliner pencil (it is better overprinted and brighter) on the paper stencil. You put it on the defatted skin (!), then on the printed image draw clear lines with a felt-tip pen / eye pencil. Sprinkle talcum powder / powder. Finish with a splash of peroxide or any liquid for wounds, let dry.


    • A similar scheme is used to draw a sketch marker, but only Sharpie. You need to rub baby powder or talcum powder into the drawing, sprinkle with varnish. Do not pour a lot of glue - the skin will become very dry and the tattoo will be stretched. This scheme will help maintain the tattoo for up to 3 weeks.
    • You can use permanent markers And a stencil (any pen can be used in the same way). You cut out the necessary drawing, fix it with a tape, degrease the place beforehand. The tattoo lasts for several days and is easily washed off with soapy water.

    With such markers it is possible to correct, if a tattoo began to descend
    With such markers it is possible to correct, if the tattoo begun to descend

    Mehendi painting on a body

    You can draw mehendi not only on the hands and feet, the henna signs look beautiful on other parts of the body. For example, very graceful looks henna tattoo on the neck, especially if it is not a specific pattern, and simple and at the same time stylish patterns.

    Girls often choose small tattoos in Arabic or Indian style, where the emphasis is on floral motifs and flowing patterns. Sometimes white henna for mehendi is used for this purpose, but mostly for special occasions.

    Also often paint the back, abdomen and chest area, which looks very exquisite. In the network you can find a large number of photos and videos with all sorts of options for temporary tattoo designs.

    How to independently make a temporary tattoo airbrush?

    • This type of temporary tattoo is applied to the skin with a special paint using a stencil and airbrush - A special gun, used for spraying paint. You can make the stencil yourself or use a ready-made.
    • The area of skin on which you want to make a temporary tattoo, degrease first with medical alcohol. You attach the stencil with plaster or tape, but so as not to cover the cut out areas. With a ready-made stencil, it's much easier - it's glued directly onto the skin. Then paint is gently sprayed over it. As a tip - do not use too fine lines.
    • At the end, sprinkle the drawing with talcum powder, Remove the excess with a cosmetic brush. To keep the drawing longer, you should periodically treat it with hairspray or a special powder.

    Quick and easy, but the inventory is expensive
    Quick and easy, but the equipment itself is expensive

    Mehendi painting on the leg

    The henna tattoo on the leg is done not only by women, but also by men. And, despite the fact that such drawings are often hidden under clothing, the meaning of the applied ornaments is also given special attention.

    In this case, it is not even the pattern itself that is important, but the part of the leg, on which it is applied, because it carries a certain meaning.

    What do these places mean?

    • Left foot. The ornament on the left leg indicates that the person is looking for his place in life.
    • Right foot. Drawing on the right foot indicates confidence and purposefulness.
    • Left foot. The pattern on this area indicates that the person lacks attention.
    • Right foot. The image on this area indicates selfish tendencies.

    How to get a shiny temporary tattoo?

    It is very easy to get a temporary glitter or rhinestone tattoo.

    • All you need is a special glue (like inERO), a stencil and some glittery auxiliary material.
    • You treat the skin with alcohol, fix the stencil, and apply glue to the pattern
    • But wait 20-30 seconds until it until it's translucent.
    • And only now you sprinkle the glitter, but it is necessary to hammer it in a little. So your movements should be... patting .
    • Rhinestones (it is more convenient to apply them with tweezers) mount after removing the stencil on the pattern of glue
    • If you are doing a combination of several colors, then each layer dry each layer with a hair dryer. Complete drying of the glue takes about 30 minutes (without auxiliary drying).

    To keep the tattoo of sequins can up to 1.5 weeks, rhinestones - no more than 3 days.

    Each layer needs to dry
    Each layer requires drying

    Doing yourself a tattoo step by step

    Let's read more about how to do a henna tattoo at home, let's choose a recipe and a sketch, as well as consider the application of the figure. Important: if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to ask for help from someone who knows how to draw, or to practice on inconspicuous areas of the body, in any case, a trace of henna for a while will "decorate" you.

    Photo - Stencils of patterns for tattoos

    To begin with it is necessary Decide in a style of drawing. There are several options:

      Animalistic themes - these are drawings of animals, birds, insects, made with light strokes and circles;

    Photo - Stencils of dragons

    • Plants are the most common trend, especially popular with Indian beauties;
    • White drawing is a special style, it is also called colorless because of the absence of colors;

      Photo - White henna drawing

    • Colored children's drawings with glitter - small drawings;
    • Women's intimate tattoos - different butterflies, birds, etc.

      Photo - Stencil butterflies
      We offer you our selection of photos, beautiful templates and ready-made Indian sketches on which to do a henna tattoo at home. Remember, the meaning of the tattoo will be as you thought it up for yourself.

      In order to make henna for a tattoo we will need:

      1. Henna powder (one spoonful will decorate the hands of six people)
      2. A few teaspoons of very strong tea or coffee

    • Two lemons or limes
    • A strainer
    • Wooden or steel alloy spoon
    • A ceramic, glass or wooden mixing bowl.

    • Photo - Tattoo on the back
      A general rule when mixing henna: the more acid, the darker the mixture. If the paste does not give a dark enough stain, you just need to dilute more citrus juice in it, i.e. black tattoo does not imply adding more basma or coffee (it will rather give extra "brownness").

      Step-by-step instructions:

    • Use a sieve to sift the henna powder into a bowl;
    • Sieve the juice from one lemon or lime into the bowl with the powder, you need to stir the mixture until it forms a smooth paste;
    • Add very hot strong tea or coffee to make the mixture a little softer than toothpaste, now cover the mixture with a cloth and leave it overnight until it swells;
    • The shelf life of such paste in the refrigerator is 2-5 days.

    Photo - Multicolored tattoo

    How to make, stuff a temporary tattoo, tattoo itself at home?

    This procedure requires some skill and special materials, but if you want to make yourself not just a temporary tattoo, and for a very long time, the result is sure to please you.

    You will need:

    • Insulin syringe - it has a very thin needle
    • Less resistant special paint for tattoos

    Important: Do not use ballpoint pen paste!

    Warning: There is no telling how the paste will behave under the skin, especially after time. In some cases it doesn't completely resolve and remains a shapeless bruise that needs to be removed by laser or overlaid with a tattoo! And sometimes it needs a surgical intervention! It is possible to get blood poisoning if you pierce very deeply!

    Tip: Practice on artificial skin or pigskin beforehand.

    There will be redness at first, but sometimes that's a sign of inflammation!
    There will be redness at first, but sometimes that's a sign of inflammation too!

    1. Prepare a sketch, be sure to degrease the skin (!) and transfer the pen/pencil outline by retyping
    2. You squeeze some paint or paste onto a saucer, film
    3. Use a syringe and needle to dip it into the paint, but do not draw it in.
    4. As often as possible, pierce each area of the drawing, without inserting the needle very deeply - only on the top layer
    5. There must be no blood or pain!
    6. After applying all the lines, apply the antiseptic again. Some redness is possible at first, and in a couple of days the tattoo will crust over - no need to tear it off! It is not necessary to tear off!
    7. Keeps such tattoo some months and practically is not washed off with water, only after a while.

    How to make paste for a henna tattoo

    If you want to do mehendi at home, then you first need to prepare the paste, which will need henna powder, two spoons of sugar, half a lemon and 130ml of tea brew. How to dilute the henna and how to make mehendi paste at home? Here is the easiest and most accessible recipe for everyone:

    1. Brew the tea. You can make the brew stronger or weaker - depending on what shade of the future drawing you want to get. 130ml is a medium strength.
    2. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the ready and cooled brew. It is better to strain the liquid, so that there are no seagulls and pieces of lemon in it - this is important.
    3. Separately, in a cup, pour the dry henna and gradually add to it the tea-lemon solutionTo make a paste. Let it stand for 25 minutes - and the cooking is done.

    4. Now all you need to do is to roll up a cone of thick paperThrough which you will apply the henna tattoo at home, and you can begin to create.
    5. Do not forget the glovesEspecially if you are applying mendi for the first time. Although henna is safe for the skin, but it stains easily and it will be difficult to wash your hands of it.

    Therefore, if you do not know exactly when to paint on the body, you should not prepare the paste in advance - it is better just before the application.

    Secrets of drawing henna

    When the mixture for the morning is ready, you need to stir it once again thoroughly and proceed to outline the contour and create a tool with which we will draw. You can use a thick polyethylene or foil, but the real "home professionals" can even use a simple bag. In general, anything that does not leak and from which you can make a cone will do.

    1. Cut a 5×5 cm square from a plastic bag. Put a tablespoon of henna paste in the center of the square. The henna should be the consistency of toothpaste;
    2. Fold one side into the other to make a cone shape;
    3. Roll the tip of the cone between your thumb and forefinger until the hole at the tip of the cone is the diameter of a sewing needle;
    4. Secure the sides of the cone with tape. As you squeeze the ribbon, paste will come out of the spout of the cone;
    5. Use the cone in the same way as a cake decorator, to make thin lines, you need to gently squeeze the tip.

    Photo - Painting with henna
    We advise at first to use stencils with wide lines that do not require experience or increased attention, it is more convenient to pass training by outlining the wrist.

    Important! Before you apply, it is necessary to lubricate the dermis with oil, about this should not be forgotten, by the way, often a set of cosmetic oils contains wooden sticks for fragrance. Their wide ends are also a great tool for dyeing.

    What are the advantages of tattooing with natural materials

    • The henna tattoo is short-lived, it can always be replaced with a new one, or removed completely.
    • The drawing can be applied independently on any part of the body that is convenient for you.
    • The process of applying the biodrawing is absolutely safe.
    • Does not cause any damage or infectious inflammation.
    • Affordable price.
    • Minimal possibility of allergic reactions.

    What the design can tell us

    Each element of the drawing carries a certain meaning. The most basic are:

    Lotus flower. A symbol of purity and innocence. Very often a drawing is applied to those who have these qualities or want to bring them back.

    Peacock. This symbol is often seen in individuals who seek knowledge of the truth, as well as those who are tired of life. People of creativity, a bright bird helps to reveal and increase their potential.

    Elephant. Painted strong animal endows men with nobility, and women with wisdom. For the elderly, the elephant-symbol of longevity, and a sign of continuation of kin for brides.

    God Ganesh. The image of Ganesha, represents the body of a child and the head of an elephant. Such an image will help remove all obstacles in new beginnings, strengthen intuition and help you regain your childhood spontaneity and the joy of life.


    For women

    For men