Tattoo Heart - the meaning and meaning of tattoos for girls and men, placement (on the hand, wrist, finger, chest), inspiring photo ideas

Tattoo heart - a widespread and deep in meaning sign. Depending on the nature and location of the details, it can indicate both a loving person who has found his soul mate, and the one who wants to get a relationship and puts the family above other interests. To understand if you should do such a tattoo, you should familiarize yourself with the meaning of the symbol.

Heart tattoo on the body.

Historical background: the meaning of the first heart tattoos

Scientists do not know where and when heart tattoos were first made, as well as what meaning the authors put into this sign. However, as far back as antiquity, each nation had its own associations with the symbol.

For example, in Ancient Egypt, the drawing of the heart meant feelings and desires. In ancient Rome, its meaning was more frank and intimate: it symbolized passion. In India, the sign is associated with the fundamentals, something that allows a person to live.

In most European countries it was associated with family care, protection and security. In Russia, the symbol indicated spirituality and faith in God.

Christians associated the sign with Christ, who died for the sins of others. Over time, the meaning of the symbol changed. Later, the heart began to denote romance, lofty love, and passion.

In mysticism, the sign illustrates the receptacle of the human soul. In astrology, the symbol is associated with cosmic vibrations.

Cross under the eye - a tattoo with meaning

A small, compact and well-recognized symbol is the tattoo of a cross under the eye. The meaning is most often associated with religion, because it is the most common Christian symbol. Of course, in places of imprisonment, they attribute a certain "criminal" meaning to everything, but we will talk about the sacred.

A cross under the eye is a tattoo that is quite rare. In the underworld, crosses are applied, as a rule, larger and on other parts of the body. So characteristic of this image is more often for "civilians". Interpretation can be reduced to religion, if the cross under the eye (tattoo) in shape resembles a Catholic. In such a situation, it is a symbol of humility and readiness to endure any test of fate. Sometimes people try to show that they put their life in the hands of God. An inverted cross means the opposite - denial and protest against religion, even a mockery of Christianity.

Sometimes you can find a small Celtic cross under the eye - a tattoo, the meaning of which is quite difficult to establish. Generally, in Celtic culture, the cross meant wisdom and the ability to resolve difficult issues, the connection with nature. Today, this symbol is a sign of Celtic Christianity.

In any case, such a tattoo under the eye speaks of the determination and strong spirit of its owner. The tattoo has the same meaning for both men and girls.

Tattoo cross under the eye photo

The meaning of the color scheme

Depending on the color, the following interpretations are possible:

  1. Red. In a good sense - warm feelings, affection, romance. In the bad - the desire for power, aggression, warning of danger. The second is more accurate in cases where the sketch includes other similar details, such as a flame or a snake with fangs grinning.
  2. Pink. Pink has only positive meaning. Symbols of goodness, tenderness and romance. Symbolizes noble feelings. This applies not only to the other half, but also to relatives and loved ones.
  3. Orange. Associated with cheerfulness. Emphasizes the passionate, energetic nature of the wearer. The orange heart indicates a positive attitude to everything and love of life.
  4. Yellow. Color of treason or jealousy. Sometimes small yellow hearts are left on the skin of those who have experienced resentment. It is a sign that the person has not forgotten the offense.
  5. Green. Most often combined with flowers, branches, vines, etc. Tattoo in the form of a green organ symbolizes the youth of its owner. Such people even in old age remain agile and energetic. Green can be a sign of hope and faith.
  6. Blue. A moderate shade that symbolizes the honesty and loyalty of the bearer of the tattoo. It is the color of family and noble people. Blue hearts are sometimes applied to the skin of people whose lives are associated with the sea. In a global sense, the sign could mean eternity.
  7. Blue. Symbolizes tranquility, harmony and trust. People who prefer the blue shade are open and communicative. They easily find common ground with others and are good at smoothing out conflicts.
  8. Purple. The heart of this color can indicate nostalgia, unrequited love, a long-standing relationship with someone. If there are other details in the sketch, the image takes on a more positive meaning. The drawing means carefree, frivolous, adventurous.
  9. Lilac. A hue of harmony and belief in a bright future. A favorable color for people who want to emphasize moderation.
  10. Black. Most often in this color scheme depict a heart tattoo with the name of a loved one. Such a tattoo indicates a loss, a loss. It can be complemented by wings.
  11. Gray. In negative terms, the color gives the same meaning as black, in positive terms - indicates the strength of mind, intelligence. The gray shade is preferred by people who are friendly and open-minded.
  12. White. Symbolizes innocence and purity. Sometimes it is chosen by people associated with medicine.

Color tattoos
A variety of colors and shades in the tattoo.

Tattoo "teardrop" under the eye - the meaning

Got to the most important - the meaning of the most common tattoos. Be attentive to this point when choosing a drawing to avoid various unpleasant situations and oblique glances of a certain public. What does a tear under the eye tattoo mean?

Even such a touching and seemingly harmless decoration as a tear under the eye tattoo meaning and origin has a prison-criminal. And we are not talking about the Russian places of incarceration, but the U.S.. There, in turn, a "custom" brought South American prisoners.

Initially, the answer to the question "What does a tear under the eye tattoo mean?" was eerily simple, but exhaustive - murder. As a rule, such marks were applied to the face of criminals whose conscience was hanging over someone's life. Sometimes several teardrops were applied, each signifying a different victim. If only the outline of the drop was drawn, then the murder was committed at large, but if the drop was completely painted over, then the person with the tattoo killed someone already in prison.

For North America is characterized by a different interpretation of such a tattoo. What does the tattoo of a tear under the eye mean to US prisoners? Here it is not a symbol of murder (although that is not excluded either), but the loss of a loved one or a threat to others. Let's examine both situations in more detail.

Some prisoners tattoo a tear under the eye, the meaning of which is commonly seen as a warning. This is how they talk about their ability to protect themselves, this is how they warn that they are willing to go to any lengths. In the second case, it is a sign of grief: such tattoos are applied by those who lost someone very close to them while in prison. Such is the way to express the stingy masculine sadness.

Tattoo a tear under the eye photo

What does a tear under the eye tattoo mean in other parts of the world?

In addition to North and South America, similar tattoos can be found in many countries around the world. In some cases, a tear under the eye tattoo has a meaning far different from that in the homeland of this sign. And in most European countries it is considered just a decoration and semantic load carries only in terms of psychology.

Tattoo tear under the eye value in Russia is not the most pleasant. In domestic prisons, the teardrop is applied forcibly, and it is considered a stigma of shame in the criminal environment. It is not surprising, because it is given to those accused of rape, including (and especially strictly) for the abuse of minors. It is clear that the owner of such a mark within the walls of the prison lives hard and upon release he immediately pieced it together. Interestingly, in Australia, the tattoo of a tear under the eye has the same meaning.

Tattoo of a tear under the eye - a civilian meaning

What does a tattoo of a tear under the eye mean for a person far from the criminal world? This image has a quite peaceful, civilian value. Strangely enough, on such a decoration are solved most often women. The most famous owner of the tear is Amy Winehouse.

Psychologists, as well as the owners of the tattoo themselves, characterize it as an expression of sadness and grief. Sometimes people so emphasize regret for their own mistakes, sometimes - the loss of loved ones. Missed opportunities, heartbreak, sadness and longing - that's what this humble sign speaks about. Among women, it used to be a common symbol of widowhood or an unhappy marriage (not for love).

What is the difference between the meaning of a realistic image and a cartoon one?

The realistic image has a more complex meaning, unlike the conventional one. It retains the meaning of a cartoon drawing, but it adds traits such as spirituality, vitality, optimism.

The anatomical heart symbolizes love, but less romantic and more profound. It is a connection between souls. The color of the tattoo reflects the nature of the relationship. The closer the shade is to red, the more positive the interpretation of the tattoo.

The anatomical heart is a symbol of life. It is a kind of amulet. In the figurative sense, such a heart is a backup. It helps to overcome obstacles without losing health and optimism.

Anatomical heart.

A narrower meaning of the tattoo - endurance and physical strength. Sometimes the pattern symbolizes openness. The person is not hiding anything and is ready to communicate. The tattoo indicates the inability to conceive of something bad, the purity of thoughts.

The image of the anatomical heart is a symbol of doctors and medicine. Nakolki most often make surgeons. A person who underwent surgery or suffers from heart disease can put the image on his chest. It serves as a reminder of victory over death or the fragility of life.

The heart is a symbol of medics.

Specific meanings

The heart tattoo with a halo or angel has a special meaning. This is a religious image that means love for God. If a flag is used instead of the standard coloring, the symbol indicates patriotism.

With wings
A heart with wings.

The presence of other details may indicate personal preference. For example, a heart and a cat's paws indicate a liking for cats.

A heart with paws.

Gesture Culture in Korea

In Korean culture, gestures are part of the etiquette that evolved from ancient religious rituals and are directly related to the Buddhist and Confucian tradition that exists today. A gesture associated with tradition reflects everyone's place in the hierarchy of Korean society.

An incorrectly applied gesture can cause universal condemnation and affect a person's reputation.

The most common gesture, reflecting the culture of the Koreans - a bow used for both greeting and farewell. And the order of the bow, its depth can tell a lot to an interested observer familiar with Korean culture.

Korean heart with fingers. Meaning, name, other interesting Korean gestures

The Korean heart with fingers is another widely used gesture in Korean society and can be seen on TV and in glossy magazines depicting local celebrities expressing their love for their fans this way.

There are many such gestures, many with meanings different from those of Europeans. In Korea, if you use gestures in the European sense, it is easy to make an irreparable mistake. Foreigners are better off not using any gestures at all at first.

On what place is better to tattoo the heart?

The choice of a place for a tattoo depends on your preferences. First of all, determine whether you want the image was visible to others. A compromise option is a tattoo on the forearm. It can be opened or closed depending on the mood and the situation.

Men more often choose the shoulders, chest and back for tattoos and apply large canvases to the skin. Girls prefer small tattoos on the leg, hand or neck.

On the shoulder
A heart with a halo and wings for a girl.

Anatomical heart is often applied on top of the real one: on the chest. Unfortunate places for tattoos are elbows and knees. There are joints there, so in motion the image will distort and look different than what the bearer of the tattoo and tattoo-master had in mind.

A man's heart.

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Other meanings with visual examples of work

The meaning of the symbol depends on the details surrounding it and the overall nature of the sketch.

Broken Heart

A broken heart is a classic symbol of a failed relationship. It can indicate unrequited love, betrayal, betrayal, separation, etc.

The symbol on the tattoo can be not only broken, but also torn, bleeding, stitched with threads. Such a tattoo is recommended to be applied to closed parts of the body, as it has a personal nature.

Tattoo with a broken heart for those disappointed in love.

Minimalist design

Minimalistic tattoos in the form of outlines or single-color hearts most often act as a talisman. It takes away from a person's misfortune, serves as a kind of spare "life". Some believe that such a tattoo can accumulate energy and transfer it to the owner, if required.

Tattoo in the style of minimalism.

Heart with wings

The wings are a symbol of freedom. Together with the heart it can mean liberation from addictions. This applies both to painful love attachments and to alcoholism or drug addiction. Sometimes a tattoo with wings indicates freedom from public opinion.

A free heart with wings.

Use as a talisman

Omerge tattoos are most often placed on the neck, wrist, fingers and other small parts of the body. Nakolki have a small size and simple design. It is customary to hide them from others. For this reason, tattoos on the neck are covered with hair, not applied on the back of the hand, etc.

On my finger
Tattoo on the finger as a talisman.

Other variations

The following combinations are often found:

  1. Celtic heart. Symbolizes the connection of souls. Sometimes the tattoo is chosen simply for its beautiful design. Often nakolki do paired (for example, instead of wedding rings). Occasionally, such an image can indicate a strong friendship or kinship.
  2. A dagger and a heart. The image has several meanings. The first is the experience of suffering. The person has gone through a failed relationship and is still in pain. The second interpretation implies that the bearer of the tattoo is no longer capable of love. Feelings have no place in his life, so now they can't hurt.
  3. Heart and fire. The meaning of the image depends on the sketch. If flames envelope the entire drawing, it indicates an overly passionate and emotional relationship that brings suffering. A small amount of fire can characterize a relationship with someone or the person himself. In the first case, it is passionate love, in the second - hotness, sensitivity, mobility.
  4. A castle in the shape of a heart. The tattoo indicates the inaccessibility of its owner. He does not want or is not capable of a relationship. If there is a key next to the lock, on the contrary, the person expects the other half. The tattoo can be paired: the first partner has a lock, the second has a key.

Examples of a heart tattoo.

Types of tattoos with a heart and peculiarities of their performance

Depending on how the heart will be depicted, with what elements will be created the sketch of the tattoo, will change the meaning of the natal drawing.

Let's list all the tattoos that use the symbol of the heart, and define their meanings:

  1. The most common is the heart tattoo with a name inside. The text can be inside the heart or in a special frame for inscriptions. Such tattoos were usually made by sailors. They inscribed the word "Mother" in the heart, as this woman was always waiting for them. Some created tattoos with the names of their loved ones, but not many girls waited for sailors, so they stopped doing them.
  2. Another popular type among heart tattoos is the "broken heart." It symbolizes forgotten love, and such tattoos are made as a reminder of past love, parting with a loved one, grief, suffering and pain. If you meet a person with such a tattoo, you should not ask who exactly hurt him so much. So you only show your tactlessness.
  3. Heart-shaped tattoos can be pierced with daggers, swords. Such tattoos will mean betrayal, restraint, courage and strength. If the heart is pierced from above, it means treason committed against the tattoo holder.
  4. A beautiful model is a tattoo in the form of a half heart. Usually the other half is applied to the body of your loved one or significant other. If you touch the parts of the body, the halves will fold into one heart-shaped tattoo. Also, such a tattoo can mean the loss of your other half. Perhaps the owner of the tattoo wants to find his beloved.
  5. The heart can be decorated with flowers. A rose is often drawn together with a heart. The rose - is a symbol of love.
  6. Inside the heart, a silhouette of your other half is pierced. The purpose of such a tattoo is to impress and please your beloved, as well as accurately determine the choice of the other half.
  7. The heart can be pierced with an arrow. Such a tattoo means focus, purpose, direction, flow of positive energy. And also the tattoo will mean falling in love, as arrows are the weapons of Cupid, with which he gives people the power of love.
  8. A heart that is key-locked, or has a key lock. This tattoo is usually done by lovers to bind themselves to a loved one. One depicts a heart, the other depicts a matching key.
  9. The symbol of the heart with wings. Such a sketch is associated with joy, optimism, lightness, falling in love.
  10. The dolphins, depicted in the form of a heart, will tell those around them that the heart is the symbol of the soul.The dolphins, depicted as hearts, will tell people around you that you love the sea and these creatures.
  11. An angel with a heart, or a sign with a halo. This tattoo idea states that you are a religious person, possessing purity of spirit, devotion and love.
  12. The symbol of the heart and the stars. The sketch will represent happiness, good luck and bring only good things into your life.
  13. The sign of the heart in the hands. Such a tattoo is understood as a manifestation of care, parental love.
  14. Heart in the form of a flag. The tattoo represents patriotism, love for the motherland.

  15. Art tattoo "music in the heart". Master Ilya Beryoza
    "Anatomic" heart. Depicting such a heart can not every person. As a rule, it is stuffed by people who have had or have heart disease.

  16. Heart with trefoil - An ancient tattoo. It is a sign of spiritual immortality.
  17. A symbol woven from a wreath of thorns, or a heart with a wreath. Meaning such a tattoo will be pain, suffering, which should be taken by each person to atone for his sins.
  18. A vignette with a heart Will be a reminder of first love. Some people add drops of blood to the sketch.
  19. A heart and a crown. Usually the first symbol means love and the second symbol means fidelity. The combination of these signs is excellent, they harmonize together.
  20. Heart symbol and any other sign, image of an animal. The idea of such a tattoo is to show others your preferences. For example, you can depict a heart in headphones. So you show the world that you adore music. The heart and the infinity sign mean eternal love. Another idea is to draw a heart in the paws of a cat. With this sketch, you will tell the world that you love cats. And there can be a huge number of such tattoo options.

Tattoo masters studios "Maruha" Note some peculiarities of performing tattoos with a heart. You should know about them, they will help you understand the design and stylistic design of the tattoo sketch.

Colorfulness of execution

Usually the heart is tried not to depict in black color. As a rule, it is dominated by Scarlet, purple, red, pink shades.

Depending on the color design, there are several other types of heart tattoos:

  • The golden heart. Means unity, peace, harmony, love for God.
  • The white heart. Symbolizes the connection with medicine, healing.
  • Black symbol. Always associated with loss, pain, suffering.
  • The scarlet heart Means passion, love, romance.

Pay attention to the color your heart will be depicted in!

Places to apply

Girls Prefer to put a tattoo in the shape of a heart on:

  • Chest.
  • Lower back.
  • Lower abdomen.
  • Scapulae.
  • Side.
  • Wrist.
  • Neck.

And guys get these heart tattoos on their:

  • Shoulders.
  • Chest.
  • Legs.

Sketch options for inspiration

With a sketch you need to decide even before the hike to the master, so that the specialist can understand your preferences. Galleries with beautiful photos can help you in your choice.

Various sketches.

Styling for men

Men's tattoos are often represented in the form of an anatomical heart. The strong sex prefers black and red colors. The image can be complemented with wings, flames, etc.

For men
Brave heart for men.


For women

For Men