Impressive eye tattoo: meaning, sketches, photos of interesting options for girls and men

Tattoo with the image of an eye is always an original and unusual decision, because with a similar image often people do not have to meet. Nevertheless, such an image was liked by both men and girls. When using tattoo it is necessary to understand that each symbol or sign has its own meaning, the eye is no exception, because it also has a rather complicated and interesting meaning.

Eye tattoo can be performed in different styles, both realistic and fantastic. The thing is that not only the human eye is used for tattooing, but also the eyes of cartoon characters, insects or animals. In any case, you need to understand what the semantic load carries such a symbol and where it is best to use it.

The meaning of the eye tattoo

At the moment, the most popular option for tattooing is the eye of one of the gods of ancient Egypt, namely the "Eye of Ra" or "Eye of Horus". According to myths and legends in Egypt, there was a fierce struggle between Horus and Seth for the right to take the throne. If they are to be believed, Horus' left eye was the moon and his right eye was the sun. During one of the battles he lost his left eye, which was later restored, but only partially. The god himself is depicted in all paintings with the head of a falcon, his eye symbolizing victory, is its direct embodiment.

Not only ancient Egypt was fixated on this symbol, but also a number of other cultures. Even in Christianity there is the concept of the "Eye of God," according to which God is omnipresent, sees the thoughts of man and his soul from within. In this regard, such a symbol would denote the presence of the soul and belief in higher powers. Also such a silhouette can be interpreted as an all-seeing Eye.

There is probably no person who would not have heard such a phrase as "man has a third eye". According to this context, a tattoo with an eye would indicate a good intuition and instinct of its owner, to deceive which is not so easy. In ancient times, such body art was used by witches, sorcerers and shamans, who believed that the eye helped them to discover their powers, represented prophecy and connected the magician with the otherworld for close contact.

This symbol has not escaped the Turkish culture, in which it was a symbol of good luck and fortune. Often the tattoo was applied to the palm, now it is less relevant, although souvenirs with a similar image is not difficult to find.

The main meanings of the eye tattoo:

  • Intelligence.
  • Life.
  • Faith in higher powers.
  • Soul.
  • Protection.
  • Sight.
  • Luck and victory.
  • Intuition.
  • Guardianship by higher powers.
  • Connection to the Otherworld.

Not a century to come.

Tattoo depicting the church domes, does not mean that their owner - devoutly religious person, it means that the person sat. The number of domes can indicate both the number of years spent behind bars and the number of "walks. And the bells on the skin mean that the person has served time in full, from bell to bell.

Any object wrapped in barbed wire is a symbol of unfreedom. Five dots on the hand - four dots forming a square, and a fifth in the middle - indicate that the wearer of the tattoo "has been doing time": "four towers on each side, me in the middle". The rising sun and sailboat symbolize dreams of liberation; the dove and flaming torch are symbols of freedom.

Tattoo of an eye in a triangle: the meaning of the eye of Horus

Another original type of tattoo will be an image of an eye placed in a triangle. Such a symbol is present in many cultures, often referring to people who have a special role in the life of faith. For such a tattoo uses the all-seeing Eye, and the eye itself may either be inscribed in a triangle, or located in front of the pyramid. An alternative name - the eye of Horus, in general, the tattoo is a symbol of the divine beginning.

According to many, such a sign is a symbol of belonging to the secret societies. The official emblem of this tattoo was the Masons and was a confirmation of belonging to a community.

Eye tattoo for guys

If we talk about statistics, then men with a tattoo of the eye much more than girls. Most people use this symbol simply as a pretty image or they put into it their own special meaning, thanks to which the tattoo has absolutely any meaning. For example, the eye tattoo of the god Horus for men means indestructibility and rebirth, while it will be a strong amulet for its bearer.

Also, very often you can meet guys with an image of the eye, placed in a triangle or tattoo, which will be the eye and the pyramid - the embodiment of the Egyptian divine character Ra. Such a silhouette will denote light and joy, protection from otherworldly and demonic forces, or the healing of ailments.

Eye tattoo for girls

Nakolka with the image of one eye or an eye placed in a triangle on a girl's body has a more romantic character, reflecting her state of mind. Very often girls use to tattoo their lover's eyes, symbolizing passion and fidelity.

On this basis, even the image of the eye of Horus or the god Ra will not wear protective properties, is the embodiment of strength or power, but simply act as a decorative element with an original appearance.

If a tattoo in the form of an eye enclosed in a triangle a girl puts on her buttocks, it means that she is an active lesbian. The symbol of the eye without a triangle, which is located on the hand, has a similar implication and will confirm the girl's passion for his sex and complete indifference to the opposite sex.


Eye tattoo in Egypt kept a person from the evil eye, negative energy from those around him, gave the wearer strength and purification.

The meaning of the eye tattoo depends on a number of factors and who applies it:

  • men;
  • women;
  • Prison inmates.

The sacred meaning of the amulet also varies depending on which eye is inscribed on the body. The left one is a symbol of the moon, the right one - of the sun. If the eye tattoo is applied together with a pyramid or in a triangle - it means that the wearer is part of a secret organization. In some meanings, it symbolizes the divine beginning. A Buddhist tattoo of the eye in a triangle or in the foreground of a triangle to represent divine enlightenment, wisdom and insight. In ancient times, such a tattoo was applied to the upper parts of the body to protect a man from a predator or wild beast. In religious beliefs, the stuffed eye symbolizes a special relationship with and connection to God.

Tattoo in men.

One of the classic meanings of the pattern is considered an expression of joy.
In the stronger sex, the stuffed eye on the body means that the wearer worships the God Horus or Ra. Such a talisman carries strength, the will to win, indestructibility. The eye becomes a guardian symbol that represents joy, light, healing from ailments, and a talisman against demonic forces. Often guys put eyes on their bodies, putting their own meanings into them without being bound to conventional standards.

Image on the skin in girls.

Women put romance into the eye tattoo on their bodies. Often, they pad their eyes during a time of heartbreak or a display of the eyes of a man they love. For girls, tattoos of the deities Ra or Horus have no sacred meaning and give no special protection, power or force. Girls of non-traditional orientation (lesbians) apply the eye in a triangle on the buttocks or on the hand without the geometric symbol, indicating their position and love for their sex.

In places of incarceration.

Certain categories of prisoners tattoo this pattern on their chest area.
Prisoners do not tattoo the eye just for fun. By stuffing it on his chest, a person indicates that he is hostile and seeks out among those sitting who have colluded with the prison administration and "turned in their own. In their circle, they are called a "bough finder." They may also be stuffed with thieves in law or "denialists." The painted image of an eye on the eyelids indicates that the inmates are awake and vigilant. Passive homosexuals ("downers") are indicated by a tattoo of an eye on their buttocks. They may be added with other facial elements to symbolize the inmate's preference for anal simulations.

Eye tattoo on the zone

Nakolka with the image of the eye on the body of the prisoner has its own special meaning and the location of the image plays an important role. For example, the literal meaning of an eye tattoo with or without a triangle, located on a man's chest, will mean that he is "looking for a bitch." This category includes inmates who cooperate with the administration and are unpleasant personalities to other inmates.

Also, the tattoo of an eye on a prisoner's chest can symbolize his belonging to the thieves in law or to the category of people referred to as "denialists".

Eye tattoo on the eyelids - the thief never slumbers and is omniscient. If the eye is on the buttocks of the prisoner, then he is a "downer" - a passive homosexual. Such tattoos are complemented by the nose, mouth and ears, creating the appearance of a face - in this way, the convict shows that he is not against anal contact.

Eye tattoo: sketches and original ideas

If the decision is made to score a tattoo with the image of the eye, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of the place for the drawing and the sketch that will be used. Among the most original and popular ideas for tattoo eyes are the following ideas:

  • Eyes on the elbows.
  • The eye on the hands.
  • An eye on the chest.
  • A combination of an eye and a rose.
  • Cat's eyes.
  • Eye of Horus with a deity in the form of a falcon.
  • The eye with the dragon.

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Features of execution and types of eye tattoo - what place to choose for an eye tattoo?

Artistic tattoo "Eye and blade". Master Denis Marakhin. Location: shin. On his own sketch. Working time: 2 hours
When choosing a tattoo, one has to consider the design and style in which the tattoo will be done. Masters tattoo studio "Maruha" It is strongly advised to take into consideration many features of the image, then tattoo will be the most thoughtful and attractive.

In what styles can you depict a tattoo with the image of the eyes?

Turning to employees in tattoo salons St. Petersburg, most visitors find it difficult to answer what will be the style of the future tattoo.

Tattoos (St. Petersburg) with an eye design can be created in the following styles:

  • Traditional.
  • Old-school.
  • New-school.
  • Tribal.
  • Celtic.
  • Ethnic.
  • Classic.
  • Realism.
  • Mixed style.
  • Polynesian.

Specialists at Maruha tattoo studio will help you to choose the best option, and possibly provide a few sketches, so you have an idea of style and design.

As a result masters will take into account all your wishes and create a beautiful, unique sketch you won't see on any other person.

Places for the eye tattoo

Art tattoo "Eye". Master Pavel Zavoloka
Men most often get a tattoo on:

  • Wrist.
  • Bicep.
  • Side.
  • Shoulder.
  • Back.
  • Scapula.
  • Neck..
  • Leg.
  • Arm.
  • Palm.

Women apply eye to:

  • Scapula.
  • Stomach.
  • Chest.
  • Neck.
  • Shoulder.
  • Side.
  • Lower back.
  • Thigh.

Eye tattoo size

Tattoos depicting an eye, most often applied to the body In the medium scale.

But also masters of the network of tattoo studios "Maruha" recommend to fill up large drawings, because they turn out very colorful, spectacular and attractive.

It is possible to tattoo and little eye. He will take up little enough space on your body, but will convey the same meaning as a large and medium-sized tattoo (St. Petersburg).

When choosing a size, also consider the location of the tattoo on your body.

Types of eye tattoos

Let's list how you can depict an eye tattoo and what it will signify:

  1. Eye tattoo. Master Alexandra Tabuns
    The eye with a tear Carries the meaning of bitterness, resentment. Many people apply such tattoos (St. Petersburg) in memory of deceased loved ones, as if mourning their departure from this world.

  2. The eye in conjunction with a tree The eye in conjunction with a tree symbolizes fertility, life, health, immortality, stability, and longevity.
  3. Eye with a flock of flying birds symbolizes the pursuit of one's goal and the management of one's dreams.
  4. The eye, surrounded by feathers, shows life and contact with the spirits, represents the marriage bond and the power of the three elements: thunder, wind and air. Also, such tattoos (Petersburg) are associated with courage, will and the desire to win.
  5. The eye in the triangle Means something incomprehensible and mysterious, inaccessible to human understanding. Such a tattoo can even put its meaning, which will remind you of something personal.
  6. The part of the face with eyes is a symbol of trust and self-confidence.
  7. The eye of "Horus.", the Egyptian God Ra, represents victory.
  8. The drawing of the eye in the human palm brings good fortune in business.
  9. You can also depict a cat's eye, a dragon's eye or any other animal.. Then the tattoo will have meanings not only of the eye, but also interpretations of animal tattoos.
  10. Eye in combination with a rose Will give you sensitivity, charm and loyalty. Such tattoos (St. Petersburg) are preferred by young girls.

Now the features listed above will help you determine the style and design of your eye tattoo.

Try to draw a sketch yourself and feel free to come with it to Studio "Maruha"! Our experienced specialists will finish it or remake at all, performing all your dreams.

Artistic tattoo "Eye". Master - Anna Korj. Location - arm. Time of work - 1 hour. Freehand

Eye is made on the internal side of the shoulder for 2 hours

Artistic tattoo "Eye" performed by Inessa. Made on the individual sketch of the master. Place of application - the forehead, working time - 30 minutes

"Eye" from Birch. Working time: 1,5 hours

Artistic tattoo "Monkey Eye". Master Niyaz Fakhriev.

Art Tattoo "The Eye". Master Kirill Svart. Arms Location.

Art tattoo "Mandala with Eye" by Yury Polyakov


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