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Prayer tattoo on the forearm
Tattoo prayers on forearm, photo from:
Prayer. Tattoos on a religious theme are popular not only among convinced believers. Covering the skin with holy symbols, a person asks for protection from higher forces. In some cases, this is a manifestation of a person's inner culture. Devout tattoo connoisseurs appreciate their tattoos, considering them part of the spiritual journey process.

Tattoos - can or can't?

Fatwa on drawing patterns on the body by inserting a special paint under the skin

Can I get a tattoo?

The answer of a famous modern scholar, Professor Muhammad ibn Abdulhaffar al-Sharif of Kuwait University:

The Kuwaiti Encyclopedia of Islamic Law says: "A tattoo (al-washm) is the piercing of the skin with needles so that blood comes out, and putting paint there to change the color of the skin.

Most hadith scholars agree that tattoos are forbidden because of reliable hadiths that curse those who do them and those to whom they are done. These hadiths include a hadith from Ibn Umar (may Allah be pleased with them both):

حديث ابن عمر - رضي الله عنهما - قال : ((( لعن رسول الله - صلى الله علية وسلم -الواصلة والمتوصلة والواشمة))

" The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) cursed those who have hair extensions and those who have hair extensions, those who have tattoos and those who have tattoos."

Some Maliki theologians spoke of the undesirability [of tattooing]. An-Nafrawi said (d. 1126. х.): "This (tattooing) can be considered undesirable, close to the forbidden (haram).

Some scholars, however, have made an exception to the prohibition when tattooing for the purpose of a specific treatment. This is permissible because necessity makes the forbidden permissible.

Is a tattoo suprajas and how to get rid of it?

There is unanimity among scholars of the faqih that a tattoo is suprajas because the place where the tattoo is made retains blood along with whatever is put there (i.e., the paint).

However, there is disagreement among scholars as to how it is permissible to get rid of a tattoo.

According to the scholars of Hanafi madhhab, the decision regarding tattooing is the same as about dyeing with sujas. After washing the skin becomes clean, even if a trace of najas is left behind. There is no need to peel off the skin because it is a mark that is hard to remove. A person's namaz is then considered valid and he can become an imam in prayer.

Maliki scholars say that if a tattoo is done in an unauthorized way, namely not for the purpose of healing, it is not necessary to remove it with fire. It belongs to the category of najas, which is forgiven, and the namaz with this tattoo is counted.

According to the theologians of the Shafi'i madhhab, it is obligatory to remove the tattoo unless there is such damage to the skin that it makes it necessary to do tamum. If there is a danger of that, then it is not necessary to remove it, and there is no sin on the person if he repents. This applies if the tattoo was given to an adult with his permission. If it was done before adulthood or without his consent, then the person is not obligated to remove the tattoo. His namaz is considered valid and he can also be an imam in the namaz.

Translation from Arabic by Muhammad Muslimov

Ideal arrangement

Tattoos on the arm in Latin are a great option for long sentences, placed along the whole arm, or on its separate parts: on the forearm, on the wrist, on the hand. Phrases for girls look feminine on the collarbone and neck, it is easy to hide them with hair or, on the contrary, to emphasize, picking up the outfit and hairstyle, but they should be made in small print. If you plan to write the whole text - it is recommended to do it on the back, on the shoulder blade. On the chest decor more often do men, large enough. Girls can choose the area under the chest, on the ribs, the inscription will be visible to the closest. It is necessary to take into account the content of the body decoration, choosing the place of its location. Messages to loved ones - closer to the heart, motivational statements - on the hands, life views - on the neck or back, words-amulets - on the hands.

prayer tattoo

Tattoo a prayer on your arm

In the section of Religion, Faith to the question Is it possible to nail our father on yourself in the form of a tattoo? asked by the author Yergei Yerofeyev the best answer is I call any religion a cunning Christian bullshit! It stuffs heads with cotton candy that you can't eat! It's in your head, but the smell of it is everywhere! It tastes nasty and comes out of your ears! It comes off your mouth with "spirituality" and flows down your shaved chin with a molten jellyfish of Christian marasmus! The popes will love you and your pop, if you can nail a joint of prayer on it! Just as they loved the libido of the crucified Christ too! Don't be petty and get a tattoo - nail yourself to two sticks and you'll have good luck!

Source The Second Coming of Scarlet Flower

like two fingers on the pavement, easy.

You can nail, but only your father is nailed strictly around the perimeter of the nerd

Uh-oh, this is going to be awesome. Awesome. What a wise decision.

Tattoo your domes.

In fact, originally by Christian concepts it is considered a very great sin to make tattoos and draw on the body. God gave a clean body. It must remain clean. All the more reason to tattoo prayers. ! It is horrible!

And then you will be running around stumbling to get it out.

A full back icon is better))

You should not soil your body with ink - it is harmful both spiritually and physically (can lead to skin cancer).

Drawing pictures on the body is seen by the Bible as blasphemy before God. Because initially tattoo was called to "protect" the bearer of it from any misfortune, according to Scripture, the owner of tattoos "making pictures on the body" is equated to fortune-tellers.

It's like-" I'm an Orthodox Christian, I want something that is Slavic. "Little girl, who told you that Christianity is a Slavic faith? It is the faith of the Jews and not of the Slavs, which was imposed on the blood by so-called Vladimir the Red Sun (burn him! for it!

I myself was thinking, quite recently, about the same thing. It's strange why so often I see tattooed dragons, devils, and predator faces, and I've never seen tattoos in the form of crocodile Gena or angels. There's some kind of connection here. Some correlation between the images and the content.

Of course you can! Even need to! And in the most prominent place. The jerks should be immediately visible. The forehead is the best place for this.

Necklaces are not worth doing because they came from pagan idolaters. In addition, it is a sin to use all kinds of amulets "for good luck". Also, it is not very pious to put a tattoo on a body that belongs to God. It is also forbidden in Scripture. In the Q.

1. tattoos are not allowed. 2. Oh, yes . Runes are from the Old Believer theme XD 3. It's spelled "christian" from the word Christianity, not the way you wrote it.

The specifics of different religious texts

Consider the leading religions of the world, which are often reflected in the form of tattoo prayers.

  • Christianity. Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants address God according to the text of Scripture. Often full quotations from various parts of the Bible, the Lord's Prayer, Agnus Dei, and winged expressions are inscribed.
  • Islam. Muslims can inscribe namaz or dua in Arabic, the language of the Koran. The former is a great ritual; the latter is a simple invocation. To pray for Muslims means to uphold one of the five pillars of tradition. It is optimal to recite the prayer in a mosque, but a Muslim should perform the ritual where he or she is caught up in the moment of namaz. For many it is a symbol of Allah's protection.
  • Judaism. Jews pray by the hour, as it was prescribed even during the Babylonian captivity. Often the Hebrew text is accompanied by numerical values and Kabbalah symbols.
  • Buddhism. By and large, there are no prayers in this tradition, but there are mantras and meditative texts. They require accurate pronunciation in the original language - Tibetan, Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese.
  • Hinduism. Here one can find quotations from the Vedas, images of Hindu gods and asuras, the sign of Om as a symbol of connection with the source of life.

The question is what the variations of such drawings might be. What can be added to the translations or the original? If the prayer tattoo does not fit on the body area, it is replaced by numerical and alphabetic designations - a reference to the sacred books and a certain section. There can also be additions in the form of crosses, the crescent moon, hands in a prayer gesture and other attributes of religion. But there are usually no superfluous details here, every little thing counts.

Perhaps the most popular image in Christianity is a detail of a painting by Albrecht Dürer with folded arms and a cross on a chain. To it may be added rosary beads, doves, other details, biblical lines. But mostly these variants of the prayer tattoo are common in the West, not in the Russian Orthodox tradition.

There are other religions that are less common - for example, paganism, Zoroastrianism, and Sikhism. Not all traditions have their own holy books, as well as classic versions of prayers, but runes, pagan symbols, images of the gods can be printed as analogues.

Meaning of the prayer tattoo

The artist Albrecht Dürer could be a very rich man today if he were alive. The sale of the copyright alone for his work, where he depicted the strained hands folded in prayer, would have earned him millions. Today, the most popular image in Western tattoo parlors is of hands folded to pray. Tattoos can be complemented by a cross or rosary, or combined with other drawings, but it is Dürer's drawing that serves as the original sketch. Such a tattoo can be applied both in memory of someone and as an amulet-reminder of what is most important-everyone finds meaning for themselves. But in the former Soviet Union, tattoos of hands folded to pray are rarely chosen.

Tattoos with prayer text

Prayer tattoos can be applied in the form of text, or they can be in the form of a letter code, indicating the place in Scripture or other source from which the prayer is taken. The text of the tattoo can be in either ancient or current language. Many celebrities get tattoos that are prayers. Angelina Jolie, for example, has a tattoo with the text of a Buddhist prayer. Do tattoos in Sanskrit. But in general, for textual tattoos, the most popular language is Latin. In Latin, there are many sayings that can be chosen as a motto of his life. If you want to exactly the Orthodox prayer to strike in Latin, then here there may be difficulties associated with the translation of the text.

Church attitudes toward tattoos - prayers

Among the religious tattoos - prayers in Russian the leading "Our Father". This prayer is applied to the wrist and forearm, pecking it on the chest. It is believed to serve as a kind of protection for the wearer. But the church since ancient times has had a sharply negative attitude to the application of inscriptions and drawings on the body. Tattoos are mentioned even in the Old Testament, "You shall not tattoo any writing on yourself" (Lev 19, 28). Therefore, before applying tattoos - prayers - think about it. Maybe it would be better if the prayer was not on the body, but in the heart.

If you have free time, then read

The text of an Orthodox prayer to the holy martyrs and selfless martyrs Cyrus and John

O holy saints of God, martyrs and blameless martyrs Cyrus and John! The martyrs of God, the martyrs without blameworthiness, St. Cyrus and St. John, the martyrs without blameworthiness, were in Heaven the crown of justice, which the Lord prepared for all who love Him. And looking upon your holy image, we rejoice in the glorious end of your life and revere your holy memory. And you, standing before the Throne of God, accept our prayers and offer them to the most merciful God, that he may forgive us all our sins and help us to stand against the wiles of the devil, that we may be delivered from sorrow, disease, trouble, affliction, and all manner of evil, May we live a godly and righteous life in this present age and may be granted through your intercession, however unworthy we may be, to see good things on earth alive, glorifying the one God in His saints, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, now and for ever and ever. Amen.

Popular Sketches

Men's sketches often look austere and minimalistic. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer monochrome large-scale drawings to emphasize the steely abs, to give the image of brutality and masculinity. Convenient location allows you to extend or combine the tattoo if desired, making the composition on the chest or back holistic.

  • Biomechanics This style became relevant with the development of technological progress. Half-man, half-robot is a really impressive sight: gears, metal pistons, nuts and bolts look through the flesh. This effect is achieved through the correct placement of the composition, light and shadows, taking into account the individual anatomical features of the person. To make the tattoo look organic on the ribs, you should seriously approach the choice of the master, because not everyone will be able to cope with such a complex work. It is necessary to give preference to a specialist with experience in this direction, having previously studied his portfolio and collecting reviews about him.

  • Inscriptions Tattoo inscriptions are a universal option. They reflect the inner world of their owner, his thoughts, feelings and emotions. Most often there are wise phrases and sayings in Latin, Sanskrit, English, Spanish, French, with or without translation. Men are more suited to the Gothic script and clear and pointed lines. Tattoo prayer on the ribs is a great way to protect yourself from the negative influence of evil people, gossipers and envious people. There is an opinion that tattoo amulets are better to apply on the right side, and drawings that help in the spiritual and personal development - on the left.

  • Animals . Male representatives prefer the image of animals of prey like a wolf, bear, tiger or lion. Usually the image indicates with whom the owner of the tattoo identifies himself, as well as what qualities he wants to adopt. A wolf is a symbol of aggression, courage, and loneliness. The lion is associated with power, majesty, royalty, the tiger - with strength and nobility. Very stylish looks male tattoo with a scorpion. For a representative of the zodiacal constellation of the same name, the pattern can serve as a talisman, for everyone else - to symbolize courage, caution, selflessness, loyalty and devotion.

  • Patterns Very beautiful and original look on the ribs compositions in the style of tribal. Usually these are monochrome images with many pointed lines intertwined with each other. On the relief of the male musculature tattoo looks convex, adds volume to this or that part of the body, in what you can make sure by looking at the photos of tattoos in the gallery. No less original look Polynesian authentic ornaments. In the Maori tribe each pattern had a special meaning, reflecting the life path of its owner. The stylized images of sea inhabitants served as powerful amulets and talismans. This is why many fans of body art go to exotic countries to get an exclusive tattoo, filled with magical energy.
  • Video about choosing a tattoo for men

Options and styles of amulet

Tattoo "Save and Preserve" is often accompanied by drawings with religious attributes - crosses, the faces of angels or saints. The thought enclosed in the text contains a request directed to God and is associated with the expectation of protection and preservation of not only the body, but also the soul.

Save and Preserve the tattoo on your arm, back, forearm in Latin, Russian. Photos, what do they mean, sketches
Tattoo Save and Preserve in Latin

Used for the text font is usually Church Slavonic, but encountered inscriptions in the Latin, Celtic and even graffiti style. Girls like ornate script with thin lines. Men prefer the gothic style with bold letters.

Fonts are the most common:

  • Calligraphic - the best of all styles, it is appreciated for its external beauty, when the letters are deduced with special care, curls are used. Patterns and ornaments are perfectly combined with it.
  • Gothic is reminiscent of the writings of the early Middle Ages. It is not easy to read the text in this design.
  • Printed signs are a recent fashion for this type of lettering. The design resembles a typewriter font, sometimes individual letters are made specially "flawed".
  • Handwritten font - created with the use of curls and the style of writing "by hand".


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