Tattoo leopard - meanings for girls and men, original sketches and photo examples

Tattoo has long been a familiar decoration of the body. And it is not at all surprising to see a completely blocked back or arm of representatives of both the female and male sex. Previously, only important and famous people exhibited spectacular tattoos. Today, every second person has a body drawing. It was believed that the tattoo carries a special meaning that is understood only by its owner. One of the significant and meaningful tattoo images is a drawing of a leopard. Let's take a closer look at the semantic meaning of this beautiful animal.

Meaning of the leopard tattoo

The tattoo on the body with the image of a leopard often displays specific qualities and character traits of the person. Such an image expresses and emphasizes the strength, courage, bravery, determination, and sometimes aggression of its owner. It is believed that this tattoo nabivayut brave and courageous people. The image of the leopard can be as an independent figure, and a component of any composition with deep semantic meaning. Very often a leopard is combined with knives, flowers or a sunset. Sometimes the original image of the leopard fighting another animal, such as a snake, is performed.

In the Christian faith, this animal was considered an accomplice of the devil himself. And such an image was treated as a symbol of sinfulness. It is because of this value of the tattoo with leopard for a long time was welcomed only among believers. The image of an animal, or at least spots identical to its color, will tell about the courage and endurance of its owner. It can also be a symbol of loneliness and the fact that people achieve all of life on their own.

The Big Five

Traditionally, the leopard is included in the group of dangerous animals in Africa. The capture of five members of the fauna at once is considered honorable. These include the buffalo, lion, rhinoceros, elephant, and, of course, the leopard. If a hunter was able to catch at least one representative of these animals, they say that he became the bearer of the grand slam.

Did you know?

It is difficult enough to kill a lion. It is known that the animal goes hunting at night. Thanks to its quiet footsteps, you can only know of its approach because of the quiet sounds made by the beast. Its voice sounds like a cough and a saw's squeak at the same time. Besides, the animal is very survivable, like all members of this family. There are cases when a wounded leopard pretended to be dead and killed the hunter. Often it is the cunning man decides to get a tattoo of a leopard. Its meaning is closely related to the nature of the animal.

Leopard tattoo in black and white

Tattoos with a leopard in men

The bold leopard image on the male body symbolizes royal majesty, the elevation of his own self-esteem and superiority over other people. Therefore, this picture is characteristic of purposeful and strong men. The meaning of the tattoo with a leopard has a large number of variations, for example:

  • ferocity;
  • heroism;
  • intelligence;
  • loneliness;
  • cunning;
  • protection;
  • courage;
  • fearlessness.

This image can become a personal talisman exclusively for men who are independent of other men's opinions, that is, for self-confident men. Often decide to wear such a tattoo single men who lead an independent life. In this regard, they easily perceive changes and very easily adapt to them, taking advantage of it for themselves.

What does it mean?

There can be many variants of interpretation:

  • intelligence;
  • cunning;
  • deceit and manipulation;
  • protection;
  • loneliness;
  • strength;
  • heroism.

It all depends on the execution options of the leopard tattoo. Such images are made by people who prefer to enjoy a secluded life. People with a leopard tattoo are identified with the quiet, peaceful existence of this animal. They love peace, protecting themselves from the daily hustle and bustle. Therefore, the meaning of the leopard tattoo suggests solitude, dignity and courage.

Beautiful leopard tattoos in women

Tattoo in the form of a leopard in the fair sex usually serve the purpose of expressing their beauty, gracefulness. Of course, it is a symbol of superiority over others, glamour and independence. Most often in girls such tattoos are found on the arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest and thigh. For girls is characterized by a colored image of an animal. Such a drawing in the female sex very often carries the meaning of devotion and fertility. Sometimes there are individual spots of leopard color on some parts of the body, which can mean mystery and hiding the truth about themselves. Perhaps a woman with such a tattoo pretends to be someone other than what she really is, in order to keep the advantages behind her. Still, it is impossible to unequivocally judge the meaning of the tattoo in women. Very important is the position of the beast, its color and size. Most of all, this picture is suitable for independent, bold and strong girls.

Some facts

The leopards are popularly known for their cunning: they use suggestion tactics, giving their prey an imaginary calm and assurance of safety, and then, at the most unexpected moment, they attack. Leopards kill everyone in their path - there are a few known cases of attacks on humans, but don't worry. If a leopard has a choice, for example, a fat antelope or a human, he will choose the former without a doubt.

It has long been believed that the leopard's spots symbolize the ability to hide the truth, giving oneself an advantage in any situation. Even the Italian poet Dante used the image of the leopard in his work as a symbol of deception, fraud and malice. Representations of this predator in African traditions make a great contrast with European ones. In Africa, the leopard is a very perceptive animal. Many consider it a brave warrior who does not run away from an attack.

These animals have a connection to the spiritual realm, so shamans wear leopard skin to protect themselves from evil spirits. The Egyptians used the skins to protect themselves from the god of darkness and chaos, Seth. Despite such differences in interpretation, one thing is undeniable: the leopard is a beautiful and graceful animal. Knowing the above facts, it is easy to interpret the meaning of the leopard tattoo.

The best areas of the body for a tattoo of a leopard

The most successful and effective tattoo with the image of a leopard looks on the forearm or thigh. In case the whole animal sample is taken as the basis, then the area on the body should be large enough so that the picture does not look ridiculous and distorted. For example, on the back or chest will be enough space to perform such a drawing.

Individual parts of the animal, such as spots or the head, are also very popular. Such tattoos can be performed on absolutely any part of the body. The most popular is the transfer of the animal from the sketch to the rib or side. Girls are very fond of performing paw marks, which betray the personality of mystery and modesty. For men are characterized by clear geometric shapes. Tattoos of small size look great on the shin, wrist or hand. The color scheme may correspond to the natural color of the leopard. But very often a black and white solution is also used. From this the image does not lose its superiority and attractiveness.

Realism style leopard tattoo

Realism is a style that unambiguously exceeds all ratings in terms of popularity when performing tattoos. With the help of this technique it is possible to perform the image of a leopard very clearly and naturally. But to perform a decent job, it is necessary to find a good master and have patience, because the detailed drawing of the predator will take a lot of time.

Black leopard tattoo

Graphics - monochrome images with clear lines and angles. The peculiarity of this style is that all drawings are performed exclusively in black, and additional shadows and transitions are depicted with strokes. Rather original and interesting looks predatory animal in the style of graphics.

Color variants of the leopard tattoo on the photo

Leopard nature has awarded the unsurpassed coloring and incredible appearance. Basically this animal is depicted in combination with a grin, but sometimes there are also quite calm options drawings, without aggression and rudeness, for example, calmly resting leopard near a tree or on it. Also very popular are colored body drawings combined with cute and delicate flowers or rough daggers.

Unusual tattoo designs with a leopard

A huge role when choosing a leopard tattoo is played by the style in which the sketch is made. It is from him depends on the meaning and nature of the sketch, and subsequently the interpretation of the tattoo on the body. The leopard tattoo is a very bold and extravagant decision. It is not suitable for all people. So be very careful when choosing a sketch for your body.

Ancestral beliefs

To understand what the leopard tattoo means, help ancient myths and legends. In the mythology of many African tribes there is an image of a deity that takes the image of the leopard. This representative of the cat family was among the four sacred animals that were depicted during the ritual dances. Leopards are associated with the majority of funerary traditions of these lands: their skins were put on the dead ruler, they were hung around the funeral carriage, were put together with the dead person in his tomb.

The leopard skins were also worn by shamans. The spots on the animal's fur were associated with the eyes, so it was believed that such a garment would allow the shaman to establish a connection with the spirits, to see what was hidden from the eyes of mere mortals.

In ancient Egypt, there was also a connection between this predator and burial rituals, for example, its hide served as a symbol for the priest who escorted him to the tomb.

In European culture the image of the leopard is much rarer. In Christian tradition, it is described as an unclean animal, a henchman of the devil, and a symbol of sinful lust and cruelty. The image of the leopard appears in The Song of Roland when the hero has a prophetic dream. It is also mentioned by Dante.


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