Tattoo a shark - options for sketches for men and girls, placement (on the arm, leg, shoulder, chest), funny photos

The great white shark is the ultimate predator. A creature that hunts with great power and speed. These incredible creatures lived even before the dinosaurs. At the moment. about 350 species of shark are known.but there are probably many more. The size of sharks varies greatly. The smallest shark is the dwarf shark, no larger than the palm of a human hand. Up to about 15-20 cm in length. The largest shark is the whale shark.. Its size often exceeds 10 meters in length. But despite its large size, whale sharks feed only on plankton and small crustaceans.. The shark is considered a fish, but most surprisingly, its body has no bones. The fact is that the entire skeleton of the shark consists of cartilage. In order in order to breathe, the shark must constantly swim. Without movement, it will die.. These fish can not move the gill covers to pump water through the gills, so it has to be in motion so that the body is enriched with oxygen. Another amazing ability of the shark is to spit out its stomach. Since the shark is quite a voracious fish, sometimes it eats what it cannot digest. To empty the stomach and get rid of all the extra things, it can do this. And here's what the tattoo of this unusual fish can mean, let's analyze below.

Positive and negative interpretation of the shark tattoo

The shark is distinguished by its speed and aggressiveness during the attack on the victim. Her swiftness, the main, trump card for the success of the hunt. But intelligence and strategic thinking allow it to wait for the right moment for a decisive throw. It is able to track down prey by drops of blood in the water. In a positive sense it symbolizes:

  • Sharpness;
  • Fearlessness inherent in a true predator;
  • The speed of making the right decision. The hallmark of successful leaders;
  • Courage;
  • Gracefulness of movement.

In the negative sense. Means:

  • Mad desire for power;
  • Aggressiveness towards others. The owner behaves like a predator in the literal sense does not allow anyone to relax next to him;
  • Manifestation of uncontrollable anger.

However, in any case, the owner of the tattoo with a shark differs stubbornness, confidence in its own right, stubborn character. It is not unimportant that more often there is a female interpretation of the meaning of this image.

It is believed that a shark in the form of a body drawing can serve as an excellent amulet for a strong woman. Thus, a girl demonstrates independence, determination and causes admiration along with fear on the part of surrounding people.

For men and women

Tattoo with the image of a shark refers to sketches that do not have a strict gender binding, so it can be confidently called universal. The difference in this case is observed only in the details of the sketch and the meaning that was invested in the drawing by the owner of the tattoo. The personal characteristics of the shark can simultaneously emphasize the character traits and the life position of the representative of any gender. And if to judge about the additional details present in male and female body drawings, ladies in most variations are inclined to less aggressive and "bloodthirsty" images. Tattoos on the male body in this case are characterized by a more open demonstration of power and dominance.

What a Shark Tattoo Means to the Peoples of the World

There are many references to the use of the shark tattoo in different parts of the world. But there are conflicting symbolic interpretations:

  • Polynesian interpretations of the shark tattoo are reduced to a protective effect against ill-wishers. Australians, however, see the shark as a link between the sea and the mainland;
  • The Indians of Central and North America identified the shark with a successful hunt, perceived as a talisman for protection against various troubles;
  • The Japanese saw the shark as a messenger of divine beings inhabiting the sea. The predator could only help those who believed in him.

Modern interpretations add another variant of meaning - success in business, a talent for gambling. It is said that the person has developed professional skills, behaves like a shark in the water. The bearer of the tattoo with a shark tends to dominate other people.

However, often the shark tattoo is used by seafarers or fishermen. It can serve as an accurate information that in front of you a representative of one of the maritime professions.

Interesting facts about the shark tattoo

  1. In ancient times, the shark was considered a talisman against enemies and predators. This fish was treated with respect.
  2. Indians believed that the image of the shark would help in the hunt, as well as allow you to remain invulnerable.
  3. Many peoples considered the shark a deity or totem.
  4. In Japan, it was believed that the shark will help in any case, in any life situation, in any problemThe main thing is to believe in her.

What does the hammerhead shark tattoo mean?

Wearing a drawing with a shark hammer means a double symbolism - fear and mystery of the character of the owner. Scientists have not been able to fully study the behavior of the hammerhead shark. The predator is characterized by bloodthirstiness and developed skills of tracking and attacking the victim. Because of this there is an increased interest in it on the part of scientists from various countries.

What else is possible?

The tattoo can include additional elements:

  • anchors
  • dinghies
  • steering wheels

All of this suggests a kind of ritualistic drawing.

Cartoon versions of the image - rather about some kind of boyish rebellion against social rules and parental opinions.

The shark among the roses is a female favorite, it is difficult to interpret such an image, but probably the mistress knows how to build relationships and for her dating is more of a hobby.

A shark with wings instead of fins is a free-spirited animal.

And sharks also know how to chew on dinghies, anchors, chains, helmets and sometimes each other, so what the end result will be a drawing - only you decide!

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Available styles for a shark tattoo

An experienced master can perform a tattoo with a shark in any style. However, more often used:

  • Realism, as it allows you to convey the power and ruthlessness of the sea predator;
  • Polynesian direction is similar to the Tribal style. It is advantageous to use in the case of the application of the shark on the back or shoulders. A distinctive feature is the use of black color;
  • Old skool provides a clear image of the shark with an emphasis on the symbolic significance of the pattern. However, the new skool is characterized by the use of a distorted anatomy of the marine predator;
  • Dotwork guarantees restraint and accuracy of composition with the use of a shark. Women more often resort to this direction;
  • Graphic style is based on the connection of several directions in one drawing;
  • Watercolor direction allows you to create a bright image of a shark with clear features of the body on any area of the skin.

The main thing is to choose a suitable sketch for applying a tattoo with a shark on the basis of personal qualities and goals. The correspondence with the character of the owner will strengthen the work of the drawing as a talisman or amulet.

To choose a successful composition in combination of a shark and other elements will have to look through many photos in various catalogs. If it is difficult to choose a suitable image on their own, then we recommend to trust the experience of the tattooist.

The meaning of the tattoo on the "zone"

The meaning of the tattoo "shark" in prison, in the zone can be different. Typically, these tattoos are imposed on the zone, people taking bribes, embezzlers. As a shark in the zone can adorn themselves smugglers and people committing illicit maritime transport. That's the kind of meaning "in the zone" has.

"Shark of business" probably you have heard this expression. In the field of business have success just those people who have the same qualities as the shark. Many people do such tattoos to emphasize their character, but often wish to hide the tattoo under clothing. Now you know what such tattoos mean and what meaning they have, both in normal life and in the zone.

Disadvantages of the style

The few disadvantages of the Polynesian tattoo include:

  • Duration of application. It is unlikely to get by with one session; most likely, you will have to visit the master several times.
  • High cost due to the large area and volume of work.
  • Painful - for the same reason.
  • The meaning of the tattoo. To the choice of a pattern you need to approach very carefully, so as not to apply a drawing that can be misinterpreted or will bring bad luck.

Interesting to know! If the tattoo becomes unpleasant over time, it can be removed or overlapped. But this is also a very long, difficult and expensive process. More often the opposite is true: Polynesia is used to overlap other, annoying tattoos.

Tips from a specialist

You can read recommendations from a specialist in our article "Your First Tattoo. Where to Start?". And also a lot of useful information you will find in the article "Contraindications to tattoos. Important points."

Important to know! The tattooist will certainly give tips on care. Follow them strictly, otherwise the healing of the figure will turn into a difficult ordeal. In the worst case, the entire work will be ruined.

Tattoo in the style of Polynesia - a fashionable and aesthetic trend with deep implication. You should choose the image responsibly and not apply it only for decoration.

Totem Shark

Rare enough and outlandish totem for the inhabitants of the continents.

The qualities of such people, which appear naturally in a dangerous situation or when he lives on autopilot, not including the Mind, are based on all the shark's properties.

For example, these people exhibit a particular flexibility and plasticity of movementThe skeleton of his totem, the shark, has no bones at all; it consists entirely of cartilage.

They're quite they don't eat much.and their energy is very economical.

It's the same with sleep - they don't they don't need to sleep for long periods of time.but a state of wakefulness and movement is preferable.

In the sea robber thick as sandpaper, scales, and this property makes a person with her totem - not to that thick-skinned, but. but capable of great protection against the pricks of the outside world. And this quality can be varied, you can develop it, amplify it.

Nature endowed the shark with monstrous teeth, which, as we were told, grow in two rows. It's just that the second row is a spare row, and when the outer tooth is lost one way or another, the inner one takes its place. This analogy gives bearers of the shark totem destructive abilities.They are serious adversaries and should not be played with.

It is not for nothing that "sharks of capitalism," "business sharks," and "sharks of the pen" were formed, all about people who know how to survive in their tough competitive environment. Because they have no ethical blocks, they take whatever they want, they are predators.

These people are are cold-bloodedThey're hard to bring out of themselves. The signal of a threat from them - Increased speed of movement, intensity of facial expressions and gestures. If this is your totem - you can trace the growth of your inner aggression on this sign and, if necessary, calm yourself down and harmonize in time.

Shark people can sense their opponent's energy perfectly, and they respond to the fear of the person. Therefore, when communicating with such interlocutor, especially if it is your boss, try to be calm and remain at the level of your mind.

Sharks are smart and will study you for a long time, and as soon as you think that you have lost interest, then he will make his move. Near such a person can not lose vigilance and slacken attention.

The positive qualities of the shark totemthat we can learn from it:

  • they are intelligent and observant, always studying the territory and people, separating strong rivals from easy "victims";
  • they can work much more efficiently than most people, without wasting energy on unnecessary conventions - go directly to the goal;
  • they are unpretentious and even, one might say, omnivorous. They can achieve a great deal, with little that they themselves need. They are ascetics, but self-actualization is important to them;
  • they know very well what it is to be themselves, and that is their great strength.

Characteristic designs

It is not strictly possible to single out the most popular designs. If you look at the photos of tattoos in the style of Polynesia, you will see that they all consist of a mass of details and elements. The meanings of some of the symbols:

  • Scales - A talisman against disease and danger;
  • Shark's teeth - Strength, courage, protection at sea;
  • Bonito (two closed rows of teeth, between which are white rhombuses) - energy, skill;
  • Closed spiral - Perfection, infinity;
  • Open spiral - renewal;
  • Turtle: The animal's rugged shell symbolizes protection from dark forces.
  • Tiki Masks: protect against the evil eye and dark energy.
  • CrossSymbols of harmony, strength and faith.
  • LizardSymbolizes wisdom and the search for knowledge.
  • SunSymbol of a clear mind and a sense of purpose; positive energy.
  • BearSymbols of strength, serenity and power.
  • SharkThe Shark: conveys tenacity, courage, and determination; considered by the Māori to be the strongest animal.
  • Moon - Femininity, femininity.
  • Stingray - Also very powerful amulet against evil, can give internal independence, attractiveness;
  • Butterfly - immortality, lightness of life, thirst for flight and movement;
  • Lion - The Lion is an amulet of courage, power, might, boldness, bravery, etc.

The specific meaning of the fish symbol in prison tattoo

It should be recognized that in the "classic" prison tattoo, the image of a fish is practically not found. Prisoners and lawbreakers used other symbols to denote one or another action, to convey information.

Although they could use certain individual drawings, in one way or another associated with fish. For example, there was a picture of a fishing line, float and a fishing hook with the acronym SNPNKM, which stands for "Watch out, don't get hooked by the cops.

Perhaps a certain detachment of prisoners from fish is due to the fact that these waterfowl were often used by early Christians. Because the fish tattoo was depicted in such a way that it resembled the word "ichthyos" - "Jesus Christ the Son of God the Savior."

Therefore, if prisoners did or do use a fish on their bodies as a tattoo, they most often put a common meaning into its depiction.

For example, in different interpretations, fish can mean the spiritual callousness of man. Which, incidentally, is characteristic of many "residents" of places of detention.

However, we must remember that much depends on what kind of fish is depicted on the body. Same shark symbolizes obvious danger and dark forces. But there are many positive interpretations of the tattoo, depicting a fish.

Place, style, and color

The shark tattoo will be appropriate on almost any part of the body. Men's tattoos are best placed on the neck, forearm or back. Women's will look good in such places:

  • on the lower back;
  • under the chest;
  • The ankle.

Girls can even get a tattoo on the scar after a cesarean section to hide it in an original way.

Most often, the shark tattoo is depicted in the style of realism, which is characterized by an accurate representation of reality. Therefore, the priority color scheme is white and gray or even black. If the tattoo is associated with the underwater world and contains additional elements in the form of fish, ships and seaweed, it should be done in blue tones. If there is a goal to reflect the fury of the predator, the red color in the tattoo is suitable for this as best as possible.

Not the last impression on the perception of the tattoo has its size. Small ones are suitable for girls. Their advantage is that they look neat and unobtrusive, and if necessary can make an inconspicuous reduction of the tattoo. Men suits the size of the sketches, which occupy, for example, the entire back or forearm. Also very effective looks tattoo, made to the entire ankle.

History of symbols

The shark is one of the oldest animals that appeared on our planet about 40 million years ago. Some scientists suggest that it is much older than the dinosaurs, or at least the same age as them. Perhaps that is why the shark has become an important symbol in the cultures of many peoples around the world, beginning with the inhabitants of North America and ending with the people of Australia.

The people of Polynesia, the founders of tattoo art, believed that the shark tattoo was a good amulet against evil spirits and enemies, so they tattooed it for personal protection. In addition, they gave the shark the meaning of beauty, grace and strength.

It is also associated with the Shark and the Spirit of Water, and is considered the almighty and all-powerful spirit of the element. This is how a shark, when displeased, could cause storms on the seas, bad catches or sinking of ships. The tattoo also helped to placate her and attract to his side, so that the voyage of the sea ended successfully.

The tattoo of fish, particularly sharks, were especially popular among Hawaiians. They believed many legends and stories related to this underwater predator. One of them says that the first founder of their tribe was bitten on the leg by a shark. The ruler did not die, miraculously dodging the sharp, like daggers, teeth. Since then, many girls do tattoo shark on his leg, believing that it will save them from a meeting with a bloodthirsty predator.


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