Tattoo meaning of number 13 - Tattoo - Tattoo Significance: Number 13

We propose to understand the meaning of tattoos in the form of a number 13. Many today are still afraid of this number and consider it devilish. There is even a disease - triskaidekaphobia, which affects everyone who is afraid of 13. This number in European culture is considered unhappy. So even in some buildings the thirteenth is missing in the numbering of floors. That is after the twelfth is immediately followed by the fourteenth. The same may be true of houses and apartments. It is interesting that in opera houses in Italy there may be no seats with this unfortunate number. The thirteenth row is often missing from airplanes.

There are many superstitions surrounding this number. It was believed that if thirteen people gathered around the table, one of them would surely die within a year. There was even a profession of the "fourteenth guest. He was asked to come to such meetings to thus get rid of the unfortunate thirteen. In America, in order to combat this superstition, they even created the Club of Thirteen. In Russia this number is also considered unlucky and is often called "devil's dozen".

According to numerology, each digit or number can have a secret meaning. Thus, if you make a tattoo on the body with the image of a number, there is the possibility of radical changes in their fate. And because before you do this or that tattoo, it is important to know what the specific number means.

The number 13 meaning.

The number 12 is the perfect, harmonious number, even in ancient times, people were sure of this. That is the number of months in the year, hours in the day and night, the signs of the zodiac. The end of the cycle, life, imbalance was attributed to the next number - 13. The devil's dozen denoted a fatal outcome, the combination of numbers frightened people and caused unpleasant associations.

In the Middle Ages, 13 was associated with the devil, his ability to interfere in people's lives, completely changing them. The legend was reinforced by stories of witches' Sabbaths, in which 12 witches took part, and the 13th was considered Satan himself. The cause of superstition was both the unreliability of the age and people's insecurity about the future. Fear forced people to link things that happened around the sacred number, highlighting trouble and bad luck.

In Christianity, the negative meaning of the number was associated with the events that took place at the Last Supper. Around the table sat 13 people, one of whom turned out to be a traitor, which led to the death of Christ. Therefore, the number began to have an ominous meaning, denoting with it the inevitable error, the inexorability of fate.

In the ancient Aztec and Mayan tribes, on the contrary, the number 13 was sacred and signified harmony. The legends of the peoples told of the 13 heavens, the weeks consisted of 13 days, and the Maya even introduced the 13th sign into the zodiacal system - the serpentine. For the Egyptians the number was lucky, indicating the favor of the gods and the best of circumstances, and its image was used as an amulet for good luck.

In modern America there is a special attitude to the number 13, but not bad. In the U.S. there are 13 states, and on the emblem of the state there are many elements in that number: 13 leaves and berries, 13 arrows, 13 stars. In New York City in the XIX century was very popular society, whose members actively fought against superstitions related to the number. Club members ridiculed prejudice, linking the fatal number with all the important events of society.

Many countries do not have houses or apartments under the number 13, nor do they have rooms or floors in hotels. In Indiana, by law on Friday the 13th, black cats cannot be let out for a walk without a bell alerting people of the animal's approach.

Why is the number haunting?

People seem to be literally haunted by this number. This fact is quite easy to explain:

  1. One likely reason is coincidence. Any number can occur to you several times and do not look for the secret meaning.
  2. Another reason is the person's own fear of the number. Since he is subject to superstitions about the cursed number, he will constantly notice it, completely overlooking all the other numbers.

    The number 13 haunts

All fears and superstitions are in your head. If a man will stop considering this number as a curse, he simply will not notice it and will allocate against the background of other numbers that appear in his life.

The meaning of tattoos for men

Tattoos with the number 13 are usually chosen by men, for whom this symbol has its own deep meaning. The number is very often depicted in conjunction with the attributes of gambling - the sign of the Queen of Spades, cards, dice, the inscription "lucky" in English. Such drawings are chosen by lovers of risky entertainment, trying to attract luck with the help of tattoos. People show a disdain for superstitions, emphasize faith in their lucky fate, confidence that they are sure to be lucky.

Men with a good sense of humor combine in a tattoo several legendary sources of misfortune at once: the number 13, a black cat, a raven, an owl. The sneering position well expresses the character of the tattoo's owner - a sensible, judicious, witty optimist. Such people do not spoil the mood for an unpleasant accident, even for a series of failures they always have a reasonable explanation. Tattoos that combine completely opposite meanings look funny: a horseshoe marked with the number 13 or a four-leaf clover with an unlucky sign.

Completely fearless and cynical guys prefer tattoos with the number 13, which is accompanied by intimidating drawings of skull and bones. Often the numbers are performed in a beautiful gothic style, decorated with colored elements. Marked on the open area of the body (neck, hand, palm, fingers), the image speaks of a decisive and rebellious disposition of the owner. Such men do not like the values imposed by someone, they prefer to confront the system, to play by their own rules, without regard to the opinion of society.

Places of application

On the man's chest a volumetric inscription or magic number will be placed without problems, you can choose any style and color scheme.

To put the same number 13 on the little finger in a simple form is quite a fast procedure in terms of time expenditure. Since the lines are short and there are few of them, a professional master will do it in a matter of minutes.

On the wrist will look good tattoo number 13 with additional elements. Ideas for the embodiment are endless.

This tattoo can be applied to any part of the body, it all depends on the desire of the person - whether he wants to hide the tattoo or put it on public display.

Tattoo, which there is no point in hiding, can be on the hand. If there is a desire to show the image only in the summertime on the beach, you can place the figures on the back, chest, leg.

The meaning of tattoos for girls

Lovers of mysticism, scary stories and stories that tickle the nerves, consider the number 13 as an original decoration for the body. Drawing reminds of numerous mysterious phenomena, strange coincidences, about which girls with an inquisitive, curious mind like to learn so much. Often figures are drawn together with a key or a lock, as a sign of the existence of interesting secrets, unexplored events, which have yet to be discovered.

Fans of black magic and witchcraft know that 13 is not just a number, but a symbol of connection with otherworldly forces and spirits. Such is the number of times ritual actions are repeated during magic ceremonies, invocation of demons, witchcraft ceremonies. Fans of occultism call the number "death" and consider a tattoo a sign of membership in secret societies.

What do they say about the number combination in numerology?

In numerology, the number is a combination of power and stability. The full deciphering of 13: the human spirit in pursuit of harmony and universal love. There is nothing diabolical or horrible about it.

In the cultures of the Celtic peoples the year was divided into 12 months and crowned by the 13th period of the winter solstice. During this period, all the power of nature and motion combined to bring fertility to the people. Many witches' covens included 12 adepts and a 13th chapter.

Thus, the number 13 is the point of the highest concentration of energy aimed at creation and creation.

Meaning in the Zone

In criminal circles, the tattoo is associated with a difficult childhood. In Soviet times, such symbols were put on the fingers of juvenile offenders in children's colonies. The sign denoted the difficult youth that passed in the places of detention. No less popular among the members of gangs tattoo on the left shoulder in the form of an epaulet with the number 13. This is a symbol of continuous, total bad luck, the presence of devils behind the left shoulder, which do not allow good luck to come close to the owner.


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