Tattoos amulets and talismans, tattoos runes and their meanings. Tattoos amulets for men, girls, women Slavic from the evil eye and spoilage, Eye of Horus, Buddhist, Indian, ancient Old Russian

Slavic Tattoos and Meanings

Slavic gods are quite popular amulets chosen in tattoo shops. It used to be believed that their images can protect a person from any trouble. But to do this, it is worth a good understanding of the interpretation of such images:

Veles - Veles was responsible for making the land fertile. As for people, it was believed that Veles was the one who gave them knowledge of agriculture and medicine.. He is able to provide prosperity, material well-being.

If we look at this symbol in a broad sense, it can be interpreted as the return of man to his roots. In Slavic mythology, Veles was considered an extremely important deity, because he brought the world into motion. Our ancestors thought that it was he who created day and night, the seasons, sorrow and joy - in short, all those phenomena of which our life consists.

Such a symbol of the god Vélez can be depicted in the form of a tattoo amulet
Such a symbol of the god Veles can be depicted as a tattoo amulet

As a tattoo you can also apply the seal of Velez, which looks like a bear paw.
As a tattoo you can also apply the seal of Veles, which looks like a bear paw.
Perun - god thunder, lightning, military courage. The landowners did not worship him much, but for the princes and vigilantes worshipping Perun was of great importance. Given that Russia has experienced a lot of bloodshed, turned to this god often. At the present time the image of Perun is capable of giving a person strength.

A feather tattoo that rewards its wearer with powers
Tattoo-Perun, which rewards its owner with strength

Svarog - Heavenly deity and, as our ancestors believed, the father of all living beings, the gods. Svarog protects all living things, rules life.. Svarog acts as a powerful amulet, concealed impressive power, othe human, the otherworldly and the divine.. Worth applying to those who want to To bring harmony into their lives, to minimize chaos.

This is an image of a svarog can be applied as a talisman tattoo.
This is an image of Svarog can be applied as a talisman-tattoo.

Svarog - was the god of the sun, of heat, of fertility.. He helped not only the plowmen in growing a good crop, but also the princes in making the right decisions. It is not for nothing, therefore ranked as one of the most revered patrons. Such a tattoo will encapsulate The runes have an exceptionally bright energy.

Runa, which can be put as a tattoo as a sign of Dazhdbog
Runa, which can be applied as a tattoo as a designation of Dazhdbog

Yarilo - was the son of Veles, in charge of of spring warmth and fertility. It is believed that the image of this deity is able to reward the owner Yarilo was a son of Veles, a son of spring warmth and fertility.

IMPORTANT: the Slavs considered Yarilo the patron saint of the most reckless feelings. If you are familiar with feelings that defy reason and you want to gain control over them, you should definitely pay attention to the image of Yarilo.

Picture of the god Yarilo for a tattoo
Image of the god Yarilo for a tattoo
Makosh - was believed to be the one who held in her hands the canvas of the world, into which the fates were woven. Taking care of the family hearth, embodies femininity, motherhood. The Slavs were convinced that she embodied energy of the earth.

Tattoo picture for the goddess amulet Makosh
A picture for a tattoo of the goddess amulet Makosh

Stribog - also a rather significant deity, to whom the wind was subordinate. Stribog is a warrior, he always comes to the rescue in the battle against the dark forces.

Tattoo picture of a goddess of protection Makosh
A picture for a tattoo of Stribog

Pictures of tattoos with ornament for men

Tattoo bear paw - a symbol of power

Tattoo black and white print ornament

Tattoo embroidery

Ethno sleeve

Photo from the portfolio of the tattoo parlor Alliance (Kiev)

Tattoos amulets for men

Christmas carol - A very common amulet that men have worn since childhood. It was believed that he helped to be Lucky in a fight, gives wisdom. At the same time wisdom comes first.because only a fool is always, as the ancestors reasoned, ready for a fight. God Koliada tirelessly monitors the renewal of the world, changing it for the better.

The women did not wear such a talisman, but there were small exceptions. So, a girl could wear a carol to give herself courage and confidence. But even a brief wearing was not encouraged, so the carol is rightly considered a truly masculine sign.

Mens tattoo amulet caroler.
A masculine tattoo amulet A caroler
Svarog square - Another very masculine symbol. He patronizes the members of the stronger sex, which Svarog's square is another masculine symbol and one of the most masculine in the world.Especially blacksmithing. It helps to show ingenuity in the work, to put all the forces in the process.

Mens tattoo square svarog
Svarog square tattoo for men

Valkyrie - amulet, which refers to the most ancient. Most often applied to the armor, because it helped warriors to keep in the battle honor, nobility, wisdom, justice. Such qualities also contributed to the fact that the warriors were able to protect their kind. Valkyrie is aggression, but aggression in the name of salvation.

The ancestors advised to apply such an image to a young man, who in all situations would get into a fight, not being able to hold his own. The Valkyrie was a sparing of unnecessary anger.

Tattoo of male amulet-valkyrie
Tattoo of a male Valkyrie amulet
Sunny Cross...also called... Celtic crossThe Sun cross, also known as the Celtic cross, was often carved on shields and swords in one form or another. People were sure that this amulet would help in the terrible moments of battle. It even went so far that the warriors thought that the sign adorned shield can not be cut. The same applies to tattoos - a Celtic cross gives the bearer courage, resilience, and faith in their cause.

Mens tattoo amulet sun cross
Men's tattoo amulet Sunny cross

Color executions

Tattoo amulets are usually performed in dark colors.

  1. Images of gods, totems, animals can be performed in color.
  2. Patterns, ornaments, except for Celtic, must necessarily be black and white.

Before making an amulet:

  • study the meaning of the chosen symbol, its power.
  • Pay attention to compatibility of the symbol with other images.
  • Choose a place of location.

Applied amulet should be endowed with faith - this is its main power.

Tattoo of a dream catcher

Tattoos for girls: amulets

Ladinets - has always been considered amulet of love and happiness, a protector from various misfortunes. Not for nothing a woman called her husband "lado", and he called her "ladushka". In Slavic mythology, Lada was the patroness of of beauty and love.. Not without reason such an amulet was given to a girl from the age of three. From that age until marriage it helped form in her feminine character traitsThe symbol of the moon was a ray of sunshine.

Our ancestors believed that rays should be turned to the right but to the left - this direction was considered as truly feminine and emotional. It contributed to the fact that a woman could fully reveal her potential.

Sketch for a women's tattoo amulet ladinets.
Sketch for a female Ladinets tattoo amulet
The Star of Lada - A symbolism of a woman, It was believed that a girl should wear such a talisman from a young age, because it promises a promise of a child's health. It was believed that a girl from a young age should wear such a talisman, because it promises longevity. In addition, the image balances the characterLada Star, giving it kindness, tranquility, prudence.

Sketch for female tattoo amulets ladinets star
Image for female tattoo Star of Lada

Bereginya - An image with powerful female energy. It promises prosperity, fertility. It was believed that if the owner of Beregini lives according to her conscience and honor her ancestors, her fate will be good, and her house will always be prosperous.

Here such image can be used for female tattoo mercy
Here is an image that can be used for the female tattoo Bereginya

Svitovit - embodies harmonious universe, the victory of light over darkness. Especially for creative people. As an expression of the combination of the heavenly with the earthly. The women of the day liked to wear Sweetovit.and women of primeval age, In this sense, it is a symbol of the power of the Universe and the Universe.

Female tattoo Tweet Tweet female image
Image for the Ladybug Tattoo

ladybug - may well be considered as a talisman for the fair sex, because it embodies maternity, fertility. In addition, this insect, without exception, causes positive emotions, protecting its owner from negative ones. The inhabitants of Scandinavia were convinced that such a talisman attracts true love..

In order to become a goddess of the Moon, you must protect your beloved from evil and unbelievable things, which happened as a result of your desire to transform the goddess into a magic carpet. But that is probably the only negative meaning of this symbol.

Ladybug tattoo amulet
Female tattoo amulet in the form of a ladybug

Sac Yant: meaning

In the tattoo Sac Yant

uses ancient writing, as well as special signs - Yantras. Let's look at the varieties of all tattoos Sac Yant.


Consider the three main types that are applied to the body.

1. Yantra Durga.

It exists to oppose the forces of evil - poverty, hunger, bad thoughts, fears. Means peace and prosperity.

2. Yantra Kali.

Symbol of spiritual development, change, strength, renewal of energy. Fights the fear of change, with attachments.

Amulets and talismans and their meanings.

Star - One of the ancient universal amulets, which was designed To make life more successful. It is not in vain that when the star fell, it was accepted to make a wish, because it acted as a kind of magnet to attract good luck. This tattoo is especially recommended to put on a person who has a lot of negative and hopeless situations in his life.

Star tattoo amulet
Tattoo-amulet in the form of a star

Grasshopper - Was respected in a large number of countries. A real talisman for people of creative professions. But for the rest of us, too, it can bring good luck, longevity and wealth.. The Japanese were especially convinced of this - they even often took the insect in a miniature cage with them.

Tattoo amulet in the shape of a grasshopper
Tattoo mascot in the form of a grasshopper

Scarab - symbol in which the ancient Egyptians saw ...the embodiment of the immortal soul.... It is believed that such a tattoo helps a person to understand his soul, to bring it back to life after difficult experiences. It is safe to say that the scarab encapsulates wisdom of the world..

Tattoo amulet in the shape of a scarab beetle
Tattoo-amulet in the form of a scarab beetle

Bee - A powerful talisman that will provide Longevity and hard work. Moreover, through such diligence, a person will be able to acquire and wisdomnecessary in life. Earlier it was believed that this insect carries the blessing of the gods to people.


Spider - Ironically, this tattoo would serve as a great amulet, which can protect its owner From negativity from the outside, diseases. Especially worth paying attention to this picture creative individuals - It will give you diligence and inspiration. The seven legs of the spider symbolize The seven legs of the spider symbolize the cyclicity and harmony of the universe..

IMPORTANT: It is desirable to represent an insect with a spider's web - it often served as an embodiment of guiding thread, helping people. Inhabitants of India perceived a spider's web as an image of order.

Tattoo amulet spider
Tattoo-amulet spider
Moose - perfect choice for strong-minded menFor whom difficulties are not a problem. Determination, however, also needs its amulet - and it is elk Moose is the best choice for men of spirit and character.. As believed by our ancestors, the image of this animal will strengthen health.

Moose moose amulet tattoo
Moose tattoo-amulet

Pelican - It is the person, dreaming to change the world for the better, cannot do without such a talisman. Pelican The main purpose of the talisman is to help people in their dream to change the world for the better, to help them develop and to look for new ways to improve themselves.

Tattoo amulet in the form of a pelican
Tattoo-amulet in the form of a pelican

Magical tattoos are a modern tradition

It's funny, but despite their prevalence, sak-yants are exactly the part of the country's cultural tradition that is almost always invisible to tourists, Because rarely does anyone pay much attention to the tattoos of the local population - you never know what someone draws on their body.

Sak yant magical tattoo

And even if someone pays attention and gets interested in them, the language barrier still makes understanding practically impossible. But this is a very interesting and original tradition, which is worth learning more about it.

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The ancient art of Sak-yanti dates back to the days when Ayutthaya was the capital of Thailand. After the country became Buddhist, the meanings of tattoos have changed somewhat, and the tradition of these tattoos has so successfully merged with Buddhism that sak-yants are even sometimes called "temple tattoos."

Sak yant magical tattoos

Today there are even individual monasteries that are famous for their sak-yant masters.

For example, Nong Khim Monastery in Chiang Mai.

Sak yant magical tattoos

Tattoos amulets against the evil eye and spoilage

Black sun - Quite common amulet among the Slavs and Scandinavians. Quite a long time the symbol was the prerogative of the priests, but in the dark ages they allowed to do so and the common people. It was believed that the Black Sun ...amplifies the energy... because of its connection to its ancestors. It is believed that This amulet is very powerfulIt is also considered to be a symbol of the Black Sun.

IMPORTANT: Despite the power of the image, it must be used with great care, because it imposes and enormous responsibility. A person who has applied such a tattoo must live according to conscience, honor ancestors, be guided by reason in making decisions. Only then, as the priests believed, will the amulet be able to protect.

Black sun evil eye tattoo
Tattoo from the evil eye Black sun
Fern flower - It was believed that this image embodies the the power of light, the life energy, capable of defeating any evil eye, affliction or spoilage. It is also called the flower of Perun.and it allows even the most improbable wishes to come true.. Our ancestors were convinced that this amulet could cleanse a person's soul.The symbolic meaning of the wrist of Perun, which is the wisdom of the gods.

Tattoo on the wrist pen color
Perun Color Tattoo on Wrist

The cross - always been considered quite effective protection against spoilage and evil eye. It is recommended to apply such an image Either on the back or on the chest area. Especially the cross will be useful women of a strong characterWho may have a lot of ill-wishers.

Tattoo in the shape of a cross from the evil eye
Tattoo in the form of a cross against the evil eye

Buddha - The Thais considered the image of this deity a reliable protection against the evil eye. A person became invulnerable to everything that belonged to evil forces. He seeks the light.And the light will protect from any spoilage.

Tattoo Buddha from the evil eye
Tattoo Buddha against the evil eye

Lunnitsa - this talisman against the evil eye was worn exclusively of the fair sex. Young women were considered most vulnerable to the evil eye, so it was especially recommended for them to wear the moonbud. Spoiling for infertility - This, too, was not to be feared, nor The moonwoman was not to be feared, nor was she to be bewitched by an unpleasant man.

Moonshine tattoo against the evil eye
Tattoo-moon from the evil eye

The eye in the pyramid - one of the most common amulets of this type. Its roots go back to ancient Egypt. It was believed that such an all-seeing eye carried to its wearer light, wisdom, strength. It was believed that the eye belonged to the god who looked after the man.

Tattoo from the evil eye in a pyramid
Tattoo from the evil eye The eye in the pyramid

Magical tattoos, features

Any supernatural tattoo affects the life of the owner, whether he wants it or not. According to this tattoo master must understand the structure of the signs and the set of interpretations.

The client is given a set of writing options and their meaning. Magical tattoos can change destiny, enhance a part of character and even cause damage.

The same sign has similar interpretations in different peoples. Undoubtedly the symbols of the triangle are read as images of the elements, the circle and the cross. As the most common interpretations of any sphere is taken as the meaning of the sun, movement and ascent. The cross defines the sides of the world, divides the streams.

Magic Eye Triangle Tattoo on Hand
Tattoo of a triangle with an eye, forearm

The main thing in the magical sign is the energy flowing into the human body through the image. With the help of a tattoo, the energy of the body is strengthened, increasing the potential. It also makes it possible to carry out the transformation of the person, if the owner wishes to change under the desired psychological image.

If a master undertakes to perform a tattoo in the style of magic signs, he must be well versed in the rules of the symbol. For example, there are several variants of the Agiskhjalm, which has a second name "Helmet of Terror". It is drawn in the form of a snowflake and provides protection against surprise attacks.

With the addition of "pitchforks" on each ray it is an impenetrable defense against anything hostile. But if in its center to inscribe a symbolic image of a face, the picture becomes a protection against souring wine. Such a symbol was inscribed on the bottoms of barrels. Accordingly, the altered image is useless in a person's personal protection.

The same is true of the pentacle. A star with its two rays turned upwards was originally considered a symbol of the head of a sacrificial animal. It carried the meaning of "sacrifice" and "gift to the gods." Later it was used as the official symbol of the Church of Satan, which fundamentally changed the energy of the sign. The drawing no longer carries the meaning of protection, but rather conducts low energies of destruction.

  • Tattoo on the arm, Agisjalm

  • Tattoo of a goat on the knee

Almost all of the symbols can be combined. However, in order for their meaning to be harmonized, it is necessary to know the rules of arrangement. The drawings are selected from one tradition and do not mix with images of other faiths.

This is why the master is required to have a deep knowledge of symbolism and graphic skills. A crooked line or missing point in the center of the circle changes the meaning of the symbol, and therefore changes the entire message as a whole.

The color combination also requires processing for the sign. More often than not, magical tattoos are depicted in black and white or dark brown outlines. This allows you to create a beautiful effect and achieve a resemblance to the drawings in the manuscripts.

Solar signs are not well suited to the blue spectrum, water symbols do not suit the red and yellow gamut. Air signs are rarely drawn in earth colors, respectively symbols of the earth element are not well suited colors of mind energy or ether. That is why the master must take into account in the work not only the wishes of the client, to be able to offer options that suit his expectations.

Types of magical tattoos

Magical tattoos are divided into religious, cult, ritual and shamanic. Occult signs from the alchemical set partly inherit the Hebrew and Kabala. Common symbols of this trend often include the 8 Ultimate Star of David, candlestick, scales, alchemical sulfur and letters of the alphabet.

Star of David, forearm tattoo
Star of David tattoo.

Universal magical symbols:

  • circle with a dot in the center - the sun;
  • eye - protection from the evil eye;
  • cross - four sides of the world;
  • square with a cross in the middle - sown field or fertility;
  • knot - protection, longevity;
  • wavy line - water, greeting the evil eye, life energy.

Esoteric tattoos of northern traditions are runes or staves composed of them*. The most popular tattoo symbols of the Nordic traditions are the hammer of Thor, the Agisjalm. Eastern traditions have brought the infinity sign, the mandala and the pentagram into tattoo culture.

The latter is a more universal symbol found in both Ancient Greece and Europe. The five-pointed star is used in Tibet as a security sign. It can be found in the Sac Yant and Celtic traditions.

*Stave - several runes collected in one symbol, changing the meaning in favor of the message. It can be a composed symbol of eternal life, wisdom, protection from enemies or attracting good luck to the home.

Tattoo amulets: eye of the mountain

The Eye of Horus - A fairly common tattoo motif that is the embodiment of the ancient Egyptian god Ra. It was believed that this sign bestowed its wearer with In the eyes of the man, it was believed that the eye of Horus was a symbol of the ancient Egyptian god Ra. In addition, a person receives the ability to notice what is going on in the soul of othersThis, in turn, also helps to avoid trouble.

The convenience of such a tattoo is that it can be applied to people of any gender, age and occupation. Even the character in this case does not matter.

IMPORTANT: As for the color scheme, it is preferable to use green and blue shades. Of course, you can also do the usual black and white tattoo.

Preferable places of decoration - are the back, lower back, wrists and ankle.

It was believed that the right eye - symbolized masculinity, the sun. The left eye. was associated with the moon, that is, with passive energy and femininity.

Eye Mountain Tattoo.
The tattoo of the Eye of Horus.

A vow given at the infliction of a magical tattoo

It is believed that the person tattooed and the person tattooed must observe - five daily precepts:

Thou shalt not kill. do not steal do not lie do not commit adultery do not drink alcohol

which are the basic rules that define the life of any Buddhist.

The observance of these five precepts implies a certain level of moral purity, which is the key to maintaining magical power.

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Buddhist amulet tattoos

Om - is a popular amulet because it helps you find tranquility, discretion. Om, according to the beliefs - the sound that began the creation of the world, which means that and he can keep away from trouble.. It is believed that even in desperate situations, the image is able to to give a person strength to help find a way out.

IMPORTANT: Please note that tattoos with such a symbol should only be applied to the upper part of the torso.

Buddhist amulet tattoo in the form of om sound
Buddhist amulet tattoo in the form of the sound Om
Mandala . - It is considered to have the structure of the universe. Able to protect, strengthen spiritual wholeness, protect from earthly vanity. The principle of the mandala was even used to build altars, temples and cities.

Mandala amulet tattoo
Mandala Amulet Tattoo

Bodhisattva - a being who seeks to comprehend the ideas of Buddhism in order to save the world around him. Naturally, such an image can often be found as a talisman.

Amulet tattoo amulet bodhisattva
Bodhisattva amulet tattoo

Lotus - ...helps a person... remove obstacles on the path to self-knowledge and self-improvement.Self-awareness, self-improvement, and the pursuit of higher goals. The lotus is said to wisdom, helps to harmoniously combine light and dark sides. This image is conducive to sthe protection of human purity, spirituality..

Amulet amulet tattoo
Amulet tattoo amulet

Characteristics of tattoos in pagan style

Pagan tattoos include images of Slavic and Scandinavian subjects. They are based on ancient runes, sacred sun symbols, stylized drawings of trees, animals, various geometric figures: circles, squares, rectangles. Pagans worshipped the forces of nature, deified them - hence the images of snakes and gods are found in the drawings of this theme. There are basic figures that are found in many pagan tattoos - a tree, a rook, a dragon.

Indian amulet tattoos

Dreamcatcher. - One of the most famous and revered Native American symbols to this day. The Indians were convinced that an intricate weave of threads stopped any evil spiritswho would want to penetrate into the consciousness of a sleeping person. Negative thoughts, evil eye must also be entangled in the amulet.

IMPORTANT: It is desirable to apply the tattoo on the shoulder, neck or back - the places closest to the head.

Amulet tattoo amulet dreamcatcher
Tattoo amulet dream catcher
Kokopelli - One of the main deities revered by Native American tribes. It was believed that Kokopelli travels in human form with a flute when one season succeeds another. This creature is exceptionally positive, it brings people money prosperity, protects during childbirth.. Especially is located to people who are prone to adventurism.

Amulet tattoo amulet in the form of kokopelli
Tattoo amulet in the form of Kokopelli

The face of the Indian - was originally applied by the representatives of these tribes themselves, mostly chiefs. To this day, there is still debate as to what exactly such an image used to mean. Most researchers are inclined to believe that it was The tattoo was a talisman for the affairs of the heart and prosperity.

Ceremonial tattoo in the form of Native American face
Tattoo as a talisman in the form of the face of the Indian.

Totem animals acted quite often a motif that told others about the personal qualities of the person. Thus, wolf symbolizes loyalty, good intuition and perseverance. Coyote - The embodiment of cunning, bull - willingness to take risks, bear - courage and strength, the eagle - power and the ability to see things through.

Tattoo amulet in the form of the totem animal wolf
Tattoo amulet in the form of the totem animal wolf

Feather - Native Americans saw the feather as a sign of rebirth, eternal life.. Only the most important people were honored to wear this image, as the feather helps to establish contact with the gods. Eagle feathers The feathers of the eagle are a symbol of the bird's courage, strength and lightning speed.

Tattoo amulet in the form of a feather.
Tattoo amulet in the form of a feather.

Women's amulets tattoos with ethnic ornaments

Ethno-creative .

  • Swastika

The Slavic swastika means the right order of things in the world (health, strength, joy, light and more). When depicting the swastika uses a cross with bent clockwise ends, which can be a minimum of three bends, there are swastikas with ten. This shows the eternal cycle: day and night, the change of weather, the alternation of seasons.

A variant of the colored tattoo

A variant of the black and white tattoo

  • Gods

The image on the body of the Gods testified to the love of the Slavs for the deities, symbolizing power and might.

  1. Perun - Power and patronage;
  2. Dazhdbog - solar deity, helps to make the right choice;
  3. Veles - medicine and working with the earth;
  4. Svarog - celestial guardian and father of all created things on earth;
  5. Yarilo - symbol of fertility and the power of the sun;
  6. Makosh - goddess of fortune and good luck, family happiness. Suitable for women;
  7. Stribog - deity of wind protects from evil.

Tattoo of the god Perun.

  • Animal amulets

Besides believing in the Gods, the Slavs feared evil spirits. Amulets and tattoo amulets with the image of animals served to protect the body and soul from evil.

Tattoo-Rune: the influence on life

Tattoo runes are quite popular, but this category of images should be treated with particular care. Some runes have a powerful energy that can literally change lives. And not necessarily these changes will mean wealth fall from the sky or unearthly love.

IMPORTANT: it is believed that some runes can affect the subconscious mind so strongly that the effect can be completely unexpected. The energy of a person with such a tattoo is quite capable of changing, so before going to the salon it is necessary to get acquainted with the meaning of the selected figure.

Our ancestors had no doubt that by activating some energy processes, a person must give something back to the universe in return. In this case, the person can choose a drawing of a graffiti (a combination of two graffiti and two graffiti) in order to receive a payback.

However, it is not necessary to be afraid to apply the runes - it is only worth to understand the intricacies. So, each rune consists of three interrelated parts - directly to the runes, a sign - a form and sound. Separately, they will not give any effect. Also Do not make up the runes of the words - Each character itself has a meaning and special energy.

One rune is better as a tattoo
As a tattoo, it is better to apply one rune

On what places on the body to be applied?

In order for a tattoo to acquire magical meaning, it is applied separately from other body drawings.

The most vulnerable places are considered to be:

  • The wrist;
  • neck;
  • The lower back.

Some symbols may reinforce others. Some are incompatible.

Is there a difference in which place a tattoo is placed?

The same drawings on different places will carry different meanings. If it is a talisman for protection, it is better to do it in a place where no one will see. The perception of energy flows will become more harmonious. Talismans for good luck, on the contrary, should be in a prominent place. Averters for strength must be placed on the lower part of the body - closer to the ground.

TIP! The most powerful place for a tattoo is the palm. All the energy passes through it first.

Slavic tattoos: amulets runes

Peace - is the first of the runes. It serves as a symbol the union of man and god, That is, says that man - the creator. Such a tattoo can give a person The impulse of creativity, the pursuit of knowledge, will help you discover your true self to the fullest.. At the same time, the image streamlines your inner world.

Tattoo amulet rune
Tattoo as a rune amulet Peace

Odoleni-grass . - Slavs did not know better amulet against disease. According to their beliefs, all diseases were sent upon a man by the forces of evil. What better way to fight them than with a double sign of fire? Body, utensils, armor, weapons - often enough you could find Odolen-grass.

Slavic amulet-tattoo of odolen-grass
Slavic tattoo amulet Odolen-grass

Rainbow - symbolizes the road, passing through which, Man tries to reconcile the forces of order and chaos. In this case, the road indicates not just a movement somewhere, but a special search state "golden mean. Runa . helps when you want to stabilize any situation, to get help in the journey.

IMPORTANT: Rainbow is good for those people who live according to the motto "Do what you want - and be what will be.

Tattoo Rainbow rune
Rainbow Tattoo Rune
Krada - embodies fire, the creative impulse.. Fire means creative fire - the divine spark that helps to realize what we have in mind. But any realization implies the unfolding of .and that's what Krada does. It cleanses the thoughts of a person from all unnecessary, superficial.

Such runu krada can be applied as a tattoo
Such runu Krada can be applied as a tattoo

Wind - rune inspiration, will, ascent, creative impulse.. A person with such an image gets to To explore himself as best he can. He finds the truth and follows it.

This image of the wind rune can be put as a tattoo
Such an image of the Wind rune can be applied in the form of a tattoo

Lelja - The embodiment of the energy of water, which flows vividly in springs and streams. The Slavs were confident that this rune awakens in a person intuition .. Lelia also embodies blossom, spring, joy..

If a person wants to put an amulet of love, then there is no better option than Lelia. And by love is meant to a greater extent spiritual-emotional, not physical affection.

Example of a tattoo with runami amulets Slavs. the upper runes - lela
An example of a tattoo with the runes-overlords of the Slavs. The upper three runes are Leel.

Magical tattoos origin

The earliest documentary evidence of the use of sak-yant refers to the reign of King Naresuan Maharaja - the golden age of prosperity of the Ayutthaya kingdom.

The warriors covered their bodies with Yant tattoos and also wore special shirts - Sueayant "shue yant" (an outer garment with protective formulas designed to repel blows from weapons).

The yants themselves were not the only element necessary for the sacred geometric symbols to be imbued with magical power.

Magical Tattoo Festival in Thailand

The recitation of the Kata, is also an integral part of the process of activating the magical power contained in the Yantas.

Activation occurs by transmitting "samadhi" and visualizing the necessary elements that must be active in the Yantas.

Scandinavian rune tattoos

Kenhealth rune, can bring healing, protection from any harm. In addition, it can bring stability in friendship and love .. Considered an excellent talisman for artists.As it promotes the release of creative potential.

This Scandinavian runu ken can be applied as a tattoo
This Scandinavian runu Ken can be applied as a tattoo

Maine . - Helps the owner of the image to the full to realize his potential.. Runa comes to the rescue and those who do not yet know what they want from life, what road to choose. Moreover, the amulet even contributes to the fact that people around them become more benevolent - Perhaps because the owner of the tattoo learns to live in harmony with the world.

Tattoo amulet in the form of Scandinavian rune maen
Tattoo amulet in the form of the Scandinavian rune Maine

Jera - promotes wish fulfillment. The sign itself symbolizes the harvest, that is, the favorable conclusion of any business. The rune is capable Give a good mood, to give strength.

IMPORTANT: However, it is recommended to remember that there will not be manna celestial - it is important to make personal efforts for a favorable outcome. The rune tells us about the full cycle, in which the harvest is only the result. And working the land, sowing is also an important part of the cycle.

Scandinavian rune Jera may well be applied as a tattoo
The Scandinavian Rune Jera may well be applied as a tattoo
Horn (Turisaz). - not only attracts success in business and love, but also ...protects against the evil eye.... Especially useful for those who have made an impressive number of enemies - the rune weaken their impact. Turisaz as if. nudges people to ensure that it is in the right place at the right time.

This runu turisaz can be drawn as a tattoo
Such a runu-Turisaz can be depicted as a tattoo

Ur (Uruz)attracts a pleasant change in the life of the owner, promotes health. The rune is interesting because allows a person to find something where there is only ashes left. It unites, as the Scandinavians believed, the subtle and physical worlds, is a merger of male and female principles.

Tattoo amulet in the form of the Scandinavian rune ur
Tattooed amulet in the form of the Scandinavian rune Ur.

Technical progress and the change of beliefs have led to the fact that we have forgotten about many of the meanings of the images. Meanwhile, not in vain people from ancient times created entire sets of rules about where to place signs, when and to whom. Therefore, it is extremely important before you enlist the help of a particular amulet, carefully study its interpretation and the nuances of the application.

Where is the best place to get a tattoo?

Pagan style tattoos can be either colored or monochrome. Choosing a drawing in this style, think well, on what part of the body it will be. Images of mythical animals and gods are large-scale drawings that do not make sense to do a small size. As a rule, they are distinguished by the complexity of work and the rich play of halftones, which only experienced masters can cope with. Such drawings will look good on the forearms, back, torso.

If you want a small neat tattoo that will have a deeper meaning, opt for a rune or an elegant leafy ornament. They look great on the wrist, neck, any other part of the body. When choosing a pattern, select the image so that its meaning was not an empty word to you. After all, not without reason in ancient times, such pictures were considered sacred - what if there is something in it?


The signs of Japanese and Chinese writing have not only an original and stylish appearance, but also a deep semantic meaning. A properly chosen sketch allows you to fix a problematic area of life or to activate the vital energy. Hieroglyphs denoting health, love, career, longevity, wealth, good luck are in the greatest demand.

Young people often imprint the designation of a hieroglyph with their zodiac sign or totem animal according to the oriental calendar. Such symbols not only protect from trouble and misfortune, but also help to take the path of self-discovery, to express their individuality. A special magical power have similar tattoo amulets for men on the wrist, fingers or neck. It is these places are the main energy centers.

Chinese character

Ancient Egyptian symbols

Egyptian tattoos

Ancient Egyptian symbols are the most ancient and powerful talismans, the effectiveness of which has been tested for thousands of years. Popular designs include the eye of Ra and the ankh key. The first symbol brings material prosperity, protects from dishonest and deceitful people, and helps to find self-confidence.

Tattoo amulet on a man's arm in the form of an Egyptian cross allows you to develop psychic abilities, to understand his purpose in life. This sign gives longevity, good health, heals from ailments. It also helps to establish personal life: to meet your soulmate and create a strong and friendly family.

Types of amuletic tattoos

Signs on the body were used by people of all continents. Ancient tribes painted their bodies and faces to scare away evil spirits, intimidate enemies on the battlefield. Egyptian priests put special signs on the body to communicate with the gods. Scandinavian warriors drew amulets to go out of the battle victorious, in such a case, the talisman gave fearlessness to his wearer and fueled his willpower.

In different cultures, you can find amulets that are suitable for men and for women. They have different energies and are tuned for different purposes. There are also universal drawings suitable for everyone.

The most popular amulet tattoos:

  1. Scandinavian runes, runic staves.
  2. Pagan Slavic images.
  3. Hieroglyphics.
  4. Celtic patterns.
  5. Buddhist figures, inscriptions.
  6. Ancient Egyptian signs.
  7. Images of animals.

Often you can see an omniscient eye, a dream catcher on people's bodies. These special signs also carry magical and protective energy.

The choice of tattoos is not an easy task. It is necessary to be guided not only by the aesthetic side of the question. It is important to study the meaning of the symbol, for what purposes it was used before, what people it suits.

The Latin cross

Latin cross

Christians and Catholics impose the Latin cross as a symbol of faith. It is believed that it protects the wearer from various kinds of trouble, brings good luck. The long vertical line represents God, and the other 3 represent the Holy Trinity. The only thing to avoid is the image of Christ with the crucifixion, as it is not a talisman, but symbolizes the atonement for the sins of all mankind.

Quotes from religious books

Tattoo prayer

Quotes from the Bible, the Koran, fragments of prayers are another kind of religious amulets. Their meaning for men is similar to the interpretation of the Latin cross: divine protection, belonging to a particular faith. The selected quote is the life credo of the owner, so a special spiritual meaning is put into the composition. It is believed that in order to activate the protective function, the tattoo should not be applied to the open areas of the body. The most suitable places are the ribs, side, chest (men).

Svarog square.

One of the most powerful amulets-tattoos for men is an ancient Slavic symbol called "Svarog's Square" (also known as the Star of Russia). It is the embodiment of masculinity and symbolizes the victory of harmony over chaos. This kind of body painting helps to realize your creative potential, succeed in your career, and achieve financial prosperity to the fullest extent.

Since Svarog patronized all craftsmen and farmers, his symbol will bring luck and success to men whose profession is connected with physical activity (builders, athletes, blacksmiths, etc.). By the way, the famous owner of such a symbol is the Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin.

What to put on the wrist

As options, the following types of images can be offered:

  • fast course of time will symbolize bracelets, watches, patterns;
  • symbolic inscriptions: your life credo, an oath or a memorable date;
  • catchphrases;
  • words in a foreign language (English, Latin, German, etc.);
  • Animals: the meaning of this drawing is characterized even by our ancestors, who believed that the properties of an animal are transmitted to its owner;
  • freedom is symbolized by birds or butterflies;
  • Abstraction or geometric figures;
  • A scattering of constellations or celestial planets (be careful in choosing this type of image, as one star on a woman's wrist characterizes her as a person who prefers same-sex love);
  • objects in the form of 3D, realistically looking on the body.

The Dreamcatcher amulet

The dreamcatcher was highly revered by Native American tribes. Interwoven threads were used to catch evil spirits and collect bad dreams.

The Dreamcatcher tattoo looks very beautiful and spectacular, which is why it as a tattoo has gained popularity among young girls. Dreamcatcher images are also a strong talisman. The tattoo will protect from evil people, black magic, diseases. The image will give tranquility, freedom and purity of thoughts.

Apply the Dreamcatcher should be close to the head. The best location of the amulet is shoulders, neck.

Celtic Patterns

The Celtic culture has found its reflection in the art of body painting. Unusual patterns consisting of geometric shapes and stylized images of animals have incredible magical powers, help you find your purpose in life, to reveal talents and abilities.

Celtic patterns

Celtic tattoos and their meanings for men:

  • trefoil (trexel) - attracts money, improves financial well-being;
  • Heart - personifies the union of two loving souls, helps to improve personal life;
  • triple helix - allows you to achieve spiritual and physical harmony;
  • butterfly - symbol of change, rebirth to life;
  • Lion - symbolizes courage, nobility, gives courage and manliness.

Flower tattoo - what does it mean?

Girls most often prefer to depict various flowers on their wrist. And this is not by chance.

  • The lotus has always symbolized purity and harmony with the world around.
  • The symbol of immortality is said to be associated with several flowers on the same stalk.

An experienced specialist can draw entire paintings on your body, but do not forget that the wrist is still a small surface, so this option will not suit you.


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