Meaning of life tattoo for girls and men, photo tattoo of the tree of life

When most people think of geometry they think of boring math lessons. But great minds have actually discovered that everything (really everything) in the universe is connected not only but it is also geometric.

This includes the orbits of stars, plants, animals, people and even the intangible like emotions and music.

While there are many interesting concentric geometric patterns none are as intriguing as the Flower of Life.

This pattern is the creation of all life in the universe, and some people believe that by studying this pattern we might unlock the secrets of time and space.

This model also gives rise to reviews of models such as the seed of life, the egg of life, the fruit of life, the Tree of Life, and the Metatron cube-we will discuss this in a little more detail when we get to the designs.

Meaning of the life tattoo

Human life is unique. It is a gift of Mother Nature, the most precious gift of all. This theme has been, will be a source of new ideas for tattoo artists. Each tattoo carries a meaning, which gives it the bearer of the picture. More often than not, a life tattoo is performed in the form of a letter. Some sayings remind a person of pleasant events, and some act as a warning.

For a long time life tattoos in the form of inscriptions are actual among all age groups. They occupy the first positions among tattoos. So they remain at all times. They do not become outdated and keep their original meaning. Sketches of a life tattoo also suffice.

Usually, life tattoos about the meaning of life are looked for and chosen from aphorisms, proverbs, quotes and deep reflections. Someone chooses a suitable text from a favorite poem. One can also come up with one's own. It only remains to decide what will fit the situation or fit as a motto.

The text of the tattoo can be in any language. For example, if there is a desire to portray a life tattoo in English, French and other languages, you should carefully study the translation. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting something other than what was meant.

By the way, a lot of life tattoos are written in Latin. It is necessary to write all the dots and dashes, not missing anything, so that the meaning remains at least positive.

Tattoos are also divided by gender. Of course, often women choose male drawings and vice versa. Meanwhile, the basic options of tattoos are divided into male and female.

Photo: Flower of Life tattoo

Tattoo of the Flower of Life and the Dragon

Flower of Life and Yin Yang

Flower of Life tattoo on your arm

3D Flower of Life tattoo

Flower of Life tattoo on back

Flower of Life on your arm

Flower of Life on your palm

Sacred Geometry tattoo

Palm Tattoo

Tattoo on Hand

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Geometry tattoo

Flower of Life

Flower of Life

Flower of Life on your back

Geometry tattoo on hand

Geometry in a tattoo

Flower of Life
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Men's Life Tattoos

In ancient times, men of different tribes drew different tattoos. Tattoos were such peculiar passports of men. In modern times, tattoos are more of an art than a necessity. A man expresses himself through a picture on his body.

The pain threshold of men can make large tattoos, with volumetric elements. Men are in principle more enduring and tolerant. To pad the symbol of life tattoo choose the back. It can be a whole composition or a single picture. For example, the muzzle of a deceased pet, home, which no longer exists, a portrait of deceased loved ones, and so on.

Inscriptions like to put on the hands, feet. Inscriptions express love for someone, the date of an important event. Children's birthdays, sometimes with portraits.

On some amateurs you can read their entire life journey. Just like a book.

The Mystery of the Flower of Life

Although art historians have not determined its origins, the Flower of Life is one of the most ubiquitous figures in sacred geometry. It is found in numerous cultures from around the world: Egyptian, Gaelic, Turkish, Chinese, German and Indian. The flower appears in countless works of art, from the beautiful stained glass windows of cathedrals to contemporary music (A Head Full Of Dreams - Coldplay). It even appears in books by Leonardo Da Vinci! However, in the twenty-first century, it is most often seen on human bodies.

Because the Flower of Life is a common symbol, tattoo artists have adapted and stylistically expanded it in different ways to make it their own. Some artists make it simple, and some incorporate it into their designs in more inventive ways. The various Flower of Life tattoos illustrate that it is at the center of everything in the universe, and especially the decorative body art.

Women's life tattoos

The weaker half of humanity more often stops at miniature tattoos. Both pictures and texts are very neat. True, unlike men's, life tattoos for girls are more vibrant, saturated.

Some ladies take the risk of stuffing large tattoos. There are usually reasons for this. For example, a girl has a lot to say about life. Sometimes it is not at all easy to get to the meaning of what is written or depicted. It is impossible to understand the meaning of life tattoo.

Women more often choose plant motifs. Writings on the body of girls abound with curls, peculiar lines. The tree of life tattoo is popular. Variants and modifications of this popular tattoo a great many. Variety contribute to a variety of performance styles and nail.

The picture can be monochrome or colored. It is the tree of life that is equally suitable for both women and men. The meaning of this symbol is just life. Legends and myths of all cultures give such a tree special properties. Even in value equated to a living creature. The tattoo tree of life carries the meaning of infinity of life. Symbolizes the cyclicality of life, growth, development, immortality. Like the tattoo of life and death.

There is also a tattoo of the flower of life, with secret meaning. Occurs in all cultures. Flower is perceived as a symbol of life. Life is born in the center of the bud and continues indefinitely from the center and along the petals.

Of the frequently used tattoos are those dedicated to parents. These are words of gratitude for the gift of life. Such an inscription speaks of a man who loves and appreciates life, honoring his mother or both parents. Such a wish-inscription will be with the wearer until death. It means that the parents, the love and respect of the child for them, will also remain until the end.

What is the Flower of Life?

The Flower Of Life - is a certain matrix of Life, a sign of unity of the spiritual and material. It is a geometric figure formed by the intersection of circles with the same radius, which form a symmetrical six-rayed pattern.

This mystical geometric symbol comes from the Seed of Life, a set of seven circles representing the first stage of our growing understanding of the universe. According to some metaphysical theories, when the psyche reaches the close limits of perception, it expands into new realms, becoming comparable to Vesica piscis. - a figure formed by the intersection of two circles of the same radius, superimposed so that the center of one lies on the circumference of the other. The 19 circles make up the Flower of Life, which represents a complete understanding of the cosmos.

Tattoo of the flower of life

The Flower of Life is believed to contain a record of the Akashi - chronicle of existence, and because of its overarching nature it is used in meditation as a means of striving for enlightenment in some spiritual disciplines.

The Meaning and Power of the Tattoo

For brave people, the tattoo "My Life, My Rules.". These people know what they are talking about. Control what happens in destiny.

This expression is in all languages of the world. Tattoos are worn by millions of people. For many, it is an incentive to live as strong, powerful people. To adhere to principles.

For romantics in love, the words: "One life one love" are as suitable as possible. This indicates that the person is willing to serve one person. Devote themselves to their beloved, to their other half. These people are loyal, devoted. Characterized by devoted, tender feelings for the object of adoration.

Optimists choose the tattoo "Life is beautiful". The owner of such a tattoo looks at life with open eyes. That life is beautiful for them is an axiom. Life credo.


For women

For men