The meaning of the owl tattoo for girls and men: what does the tattoo on different parts of the body || Owl with skull tattoo meaning

Since ancient times, the image of an owl has been used in the culture of many peoples. The first association that arises in the head at the mention of this winged predator, will be the dark time of day.

This is probably why many people associate the owl with the dark forces, evil spirits, and sometimes with wisdom.

The meaning of the owl tattoo.

Who is suitable? Such a symbol looks appropriate on men and girls. The choice of place rather depends on the size and type of sketch that came to your liking. The meaning of the tattoo with the image of an owl. Sketches in black and white colors are rare and are usually applied to small areas of the body: the forearm, wrist or at the base of the foot. The image of an owl in bright, colorful colors or in the style of realism will decorate a larger area of your body: back, shoulders, abdomen. An owl with outstretched wings looks very effective in the center of the chest in men. Girls often apply the image of an owl head on the hips.

Places and style of tattoo. In tattoo designs, the owl is often juxtaposed with other symbols. For example, with a clock or a skull. The eyes of the bird can be executed in the form of gemstones.

About tattoos

Since time immemorial, owls are symbols of mysticism and the embodiment of evil. The ancient Celts treated with great caution the meetings with these feathered animals, because such an encounter meant the onset of negative and horrific events in life.
What makes owls unique is that they can turn their heads 180 degrees. This ability helps them to observe everything that is happening around them. Birds are excellent hunters, and they always hunt in the dark.

All these habits and unique abilities of birds have attracted the attention of people. Owls were invented various meanings, and lovers of tattoos with great pleasure began to draw on your body amazing birds.

Historical background on owls

The first people to give owls a negative meaning were the Chinese. It was in this state that the night raptor was attributed associations with fear, evil forces, and everything magical that the human imagination can do.

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In general, this is not very surprising, because the owl is able to move around almost without making any noise. And in total darkness, only its two large eyes shine brightly. Also with a high probability the image of an owl was supplemented by sharp, like a knife, claws and a head that turns practically three hundred and sixty degrees.

That is why the Chinese called the owl the cause of all misfortunes occurring in the world, or at least their harbinger. In addition, they believed that the owl was capable of pecking and gouging out the eyes. It is most likely that birds can indeed do this, though it is not quite clear what motivates them to do so.

In ancient Celtic culture, the owl was called a "scavenger," and it was thought to portend death itself.

In Christian culture, the owl was associated with magic. It could tell of a lack of faith or of a person serving evil forces.

Some African tribes were convinced that the owl, just like witches, danced a terrible dance on the grave on the day of the Sabbath.

Mexico turned this bird into a symbol of cold and night.

In India, the owl is a creature that accompanies the soul of the deceased in the transition to the netherworld.

In the myths of the ancient Egyptians, the owl has a similar meaning. There since ancient times, the owl was considered as a mediator between the two worlds - the living and the dead.

In Indian tribes, the owl embodies the highest wisdom. It is not for nothing that the feathers of this bird were often used when making protective amulets and averters. For example, an owl feathers should definitely be used in a dreamcatcher amulet.

As for the culture of the Americans, they have an owl symbolizing wisdom and longevity.

The ancient Romans and Greeks revered the owl as a symbol of science. They sincerely believed that this bird was a faithful companion of the goddess of knowledge and science. Coins were adorned with the image of the bird. In Greece, the owl was believed to be able to foretell future events. It is likely that it acquired this ability due to the fact that it is surprisingly well oriented in total darkness.

In terms of local culture, the owl symbolizes wisdom, intelligence and science. In some cases it acts as a symbol of spirituality.

General meaning

The owl tattoo is described in a wide variety of meanings. But the main thing with which such a drawing on the human body is associated is the love for the night and everything dark, as the owl is a night hunter and leads, in particular, only an active nocturnal lifestyle.

What else does the unusual tattoo mean?

  • Sketches with an owl are a symbol of wisdom and prudence. For many people, the drawn tattoo becomes a talisman against all kinds of evil, enemies and evil thoughts.
  • The Chinese point out the negative meaning of the owl tattoo. It means death and misfortune. Such thoughts come from the fact that Chinese wisdom says that owl chicks may peck their own mothers' eyes out when they are sick or exhausted.
  • Owl sketches signify cannibalism, all because owls are killers of their own relatives.
  • In Orthodoxy, an owl drawn on the body means denial of God, unbelief and a craving for profanity.
  • The meaning of the owl tattoo in India suggests eternal life. According to the inhabitants, after its death, the bird necessarily reincarnates into another living being and continues to live on sinful earth.
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Swastika tattoo: meaning in the zone

By the way, so does the inscription "SS". In this case, it stands for "saved conscience".

You can apply the swastika to any part of the body. In this case, the knees are chosen by those who want to say: "I will never get on my knees before the prison authorities. However, not only the prison staff, but also its orders are not to the liking of such a person.

The dark background and the white circle, in which the swastika is framed, show that the prisoner likes anarchism and rejection of the regime. He is violent and quite capable of displaying aggression in prison.

However, in American prisons the swastika is the hallmark of the "Aryan Brotherhood" gang, which really professes racism and commits a lot of murders on that basis. However, this does not apply to Russia in any way.

Swastika tattoo as a sign of rejection of the regime
Swastika tattoo as a sign of rejection of the regime


Girls who like tattoos prefer to draw sketches of birds on the body, which are associated with abstraction or cartoons.

What is the meaning of an owl tattoo for girls?

  • On the hand tattoo with an owl indicates the wisdom and mystery of the girl.
  • If the bird is depicted with comic meaning, the meaning of the tattoo indicates the girl's cheerful and carefree life.
  • Delicate and colorful colors on the tattoo attract the eye and are drawn by girls on the body as a sign that they are open to communication and dating.

The nocturnal bird in the culture and religion of different peoples

Our dual notion of the closest relative of the owl as a mystical creature, participant in witchcraft rituals, companion of the goddess of wisdom and a magnificent hunter was formed on the basis of the cultural heritage of different nations and the realities of life.

Everyone is free to associate this image in his own way, putting into it a special meaning, and it is up to the artist to embody in his masterpiece the wishes of the client together with mythology, reflecting in it the appropriate mood and surrounding it with suitable entourage, from blood flowing from claws and phosphorescent eyes to pretty hearts, flowers, keys and other sentimental twists.

Symbol of death, unclean powers and connection with the world of the dead

The vast majority of the world's religions and ancient cultures define the bird hunting at night as a bearer of evil, destruction, attributing to her connection with the otherworldly forces. The Egyptians held a similar view:

  • The Egyptians, who considered it the carrier of nightmares, capable of stealing and carrying a human soul into the world of shadows;
  • The Chinese, who considered it a symbol of death, chaos and destruction (even funerary urns were decorated with such images);
  • Hindus, followers of Hinduism, who believed that the owl is the servant of the god of the dead, Yama, and escorts the souls of the dead to the afterlife;
  • Celts, who associated the appearance of the "night witch" with an imminent death;
  • early Christians, who saw her as a servant of Satan, a personification of faithlessness and godlessness.

Enlightened Europeans have long since ceased to fear ghosts and witches, but some African nations and inhabitants of Madagascar still believe that loupe-eyed creatures, along with their witch mistresses, participate at night in orgies and ceremonies performed on tombs.

Wisdom, Experience and Clairvoyance

Strange as it may seem, the North American Indians were the furthest from terrible superstitions. Long accustomed to living in peace and harmony with nature, they valued strength, agility, courage, keen eyes and a keen sense of smell in animals and birds, making their images their tribal totems. The owl feathers were used by chiefs and ordinary warriors to decorate hair and headdresses, to make amulets and other objects of worship.

We owe our present respectful attitude to the bird that sleeps during the day and wakes up at night, which is reflected in many Russian and European fairy tales, to the ancient Greeks. It was the Hellenes, whose traditions and mythology formed the basis of the cultural values of European countries, who made this nocturnal and mystical creature a symbol of rich experience, inexhaustible knowledge, longevity, knowledge and clairvoyance, giving it to the goddess of wisdom Athena.

Owls are rare species of birds for most people. Some attribute intelligence and wisdom to these feathered birds, while others attribute them to mysticism. The owl tattoo is popular among fans of tattoo art. The meaning of the owl tattoo will depend on its location, as well as the type of tattoo itself.

In guys.

Young men try to choose more serious tattoo designs. In this case, the meaning of the tattoo can be very different.

  • On the right arm an owl tattoo is placed as a sign of wisdom and determination.
  • On the games of the legs and on the feet sketches mean renunciation of pain.
  • Black and white sketches are a symbol of calm, wisdom and determination. Bright colors on the tattoo indicate a guy's cheerful and reckless lifestyle.
  • An owl, depicted in its usual appearance, means power and love of life. Birds drawn with unusual flaws or with unrealistically large parts of his own body, point to the denial of the usual hustle and bustle of life.

The cock in the zone - a tattoo.

In general, in some cultures, this bird has been associated with lust - mostly in the West. Therefore, it is not surprising that in some circles it became a symbol of men of non-traditional sexual orientation.

Tattoo of a rooster in the penitentiary is a bad sign
The cock tattoo in the zone is a bad sign

Tattoo of the sun: the meaning in the zone

There are also some nuances:

  • The rising sun with its diverging rays represents the desire for freedom. Another meaning - the prisoner experienced prison life as a child
  • The sun with rays is a sign of authority, good luck
  • If a woman has a tattoo ring in the form of a sun with seagulls, it can be argued that she pines for the lost youth

Sun-Tattoo is a good sign even in prison
The sun tattoo is a good sign even in the zone

Where is the best place to apply an owl tattoo

The owl tattoo is considered a universal tattoo, it suits absolutely everyone. If you want an owl tattoo to look more mysterious or mysterious, it is best to have the design printed on your arm. For large-scale tattoos, the back or chest is excellent. For medium sized tattoos, the shoulder blades, collarbones, or calves are great. For very small tattoos, the wrists, fingers or lower back are great. The owl tattoo has a strong effect on its wearer because it is mystical. For girls it is best to stuff an owl tattoo of small or medium size, so the tattoo will look feminine and very sexy.

Shark tattoo: meaning in the zone

However, the shark is also a symbol of freedom, which is very relevant for prisoners.

Of course, it is difficult not to think of the smugglers, because the shark refers to the maritime theme. People who are not squeamish about the illegal transportation by sea, often decorate their bodies in such a way.

A shark tattoo can be on the body of a bribe taker or smuggler
The shark tattoo can adorn the body of a bribe taker or a smuggler.


For women

For men