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Men's tattoos on fingers

It used to be believed that tattoos on the fingers - exclusively the prerogative of prisoners. In today's world, such tattoos are on the contrary available to everyone and are considered extremely fashionable. And nabivate them as women and men. Let's consider the most popular and stylish tattoos on the fingers of the male gender.

Universal finger tattoos for men

Tattoos on the fingers are relevant both among women and men. In this case, there is no clear limitation between what tattoos are more suitable for a woman, and what - a man. Of course, more brutal options choose the representatives of the stronger sex. However, there are a number of finger tattoos that are considered universal.

To the universal finger tattoos can include a variety of subjects. The main rule of such universality is minimalism and simplicity of the sketch.

The only style of tattoo that is not suitable for men is mehendi.

Also considered universal are tattoo-inscriptions or Braille, with which you can write any word or phrase, without completely hammering the surface of the fingers. Predominantly such a font is printed on the joints.

Status drawings

This is another attribute showing one's belonging to the chosen caste.

This is a sign of resistance to the prison or prison camp authorities and a reluctance to follow the rules of the society.

The owner of the tattoo is an anarchist.

The stars are applied not only to the knees, they are also placed under the collarbones and the chest area, which also indicates belonging to the highest circles of the criminal world of authorities, thieves in the law.

To a knowledgeable person, they tell about the nature of the character, attitudes toward the law and views on life.

Not unambiguous tattoo. It can mean a talisman, a thief in law and the number of trips.

Cross - the tattoo thief in the law. Applied on his knees.

A symbol of the thief in law, speaking of his master's high rank in the criminal world.

Are located in a prominent place - the fingers, are a kind of business card. Can tell a lot of interesting things about the owner, you can learn more here.

Unusual tattoos on the knuckles

Tattoos on the knuckles are performed especially often. They represent a full picture or are either a continuation, or a component of one large tattoo.

On the knuckles you can implement the most unusual and daring ideas, but the most popular type of tattoo on the fingers remain exactly the inscriptions. Lovers of the unusual can perform silhouettes of animals, flowers, the contours of different objects (stars, planets, geometric shapes, swords and daggers, even ships).

The most unusual way of applying tattoos to the fingers is the blackwork technique. In this case, one large sketch with gaps is created, which is then transferred to the fingers and palms to obtain a complete pattern.

Prison tattoos

These images are fundamentally different from the drawings applied to the body by experienced artisans on the outside. Each prison tattoo has its own meaning and significance. It should be understandable to anyone who has had time in his life to be in prison.

The most common prison tattoo is a ring depicted on the finger. Its image will help to correctly determine the status of the prisoner. Therefore, people who do not break the law should carefully study the meanings of tattoos before depicting them on their bodies.

Prison tattoos

Tattoo inscriptions on the fingers with a meaning

The main message of tattoo inscriptions is to capture something important to a person in plain sight. This can be the names of relatives, a loved one, or important dates. Another main meaning of finger tattoos is the ability to show your priorities or character traits. They can also be appealing and motivational phrases.

As text for tattoos are often inscribed:

  • Love - Hate - love-hate;
  • Love life - love life;
  • Good - Bad - good - bad;
  • Wise mind - wise;
  • Live free - live free;
  • Carpe Diem - seize the moment;
  • and other similar sayings, most often in English or Latin.

The font for the text should be chosen according to personal preference. The most used is Gothic, and fashionable, especially in the new year, is a minimalistic strict font without serifs.

The meaning invested in the inscription on the fingers should be accessible and understandable not only to the owner of the tattoo, but also to others. The exception is texts written in Braille.

The style in which each finger is decorated with a tattoo with one letter is called lettering.

You should not try to fit many words on your fingers. First, it will not look aesthetically pleasing, the tattoo will quickly float and be difficult to read. Secondly, fingers are the first thing that catches the eye when making friends or shaking hands, so regardless of the presence of tattoos, they should look neat and not seem like a solid spot.

If the star is located on the lines

Determining the star's location

A six-pointed star on the lifeline indicates that you are facing a purposeful person. Nothing is achievable for him, and he always achieves his goal. Especially if the line ends with a star. A star on the heart line means that you are communicating with a soulful person. His emotions always take precedence over his thoughts. Such a person will always come to the rescue in a difficult situation, and he won't ask anything in return.

If the line of mind ends with a star, it indicates that its owner is difficult to perceive the events around him. It is quite difficult for him to make the right decisions. Usually such individuals often make mistakes, after which they fall into a long-term depression.

If the line of fate ends with a star, it marks an imminent death. If it is located at the initial end of the line, then you will experience unforeseen financial difficulties. Basically, the symbol has the same meaning as the cross. If the five-pointed star on the palm is located at the level of the wrist, it means that you are quite developed spiritually. It is much easier for such personalities to achieve success in life, and to approach their own goal.

If the heart line ends with a star, then your heart lover is cheating on you. A girl needs to pay attention to this and take urgent action. You need to change your life quickly, and try to change your fate. Most likely, your heart will be torn, but you are committing these actions for your own good. The marriage line has always been among the most difficult lines of the palm.

Cool sketches for tattoos on the edge of your fingers

You can get a tattoo not only on your knuckles, but also on your rib (side). This chip became popular thanks to celebrities who preferred to stuff such tattoos secretly back in the noughties. Now the trend for such a tattoo arrangement has become one of the main trends in the tattoo industry.

Usually, it is customary to make a tattoo on the edge of the finger with a secret meaning, understandable only to the owner. It can be a secret key, a symbol of the zodiac sign, a dagger or sword (maybe even scissors), an arrow with a heart, a favorite flower or a secret word.

In general, imagination knows no boundaries, so the theme of the tattoo can be absolutely any: from the nautical style to heavy Gothic.

Such tattoos are distinguished by their simplicity and small size. Because fingers are often in contact with each other and friction is created, the life of such a tattoo is much less than in other areas of the palm. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically update and refresh the beloved drawing.

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What do the stars of thieves in law look like?

This image came from the wind rose that used to be applied by sailors as they were leaving on their voyages. At that time, the celestial luminaries served as a landmark in the sea, so such a symbol was chosen to serve them as a kind of amulet. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and the stars have come to mean the hard way of life of its owner.

In its modern form, tattoos in the form of stars came from the mid-20th century. The tattoo is shaped like an eight-pointed star with black and white rays, printed in pairs and symmetrical to one another. Such an image defines a person who honors human and thieves laws, living by certain concepts.

As a rule, the symbol is stuffed without inscriptions, although sometimes you can see portraits, animals and various symbols depicted inside. The accompanying elements and their meanings are many, and each has its own unique meaning. For example, a picture of a cat means a pickpocket.

Infinity symbol

symbol of infinity on a finger

The infinity tattoo symbolizes "forever" and can be tattooed for several purposes. Perhaps it is endless love or a cherished friendship. In essence, the symbol represents a deep bond that you believe will never be broken. Made in black, this beautiful little design is one of the most popular tattoos today.

Shoulder epaulettes tattoo: meaning, photo, sketch, prison, in the zone, cons, left

Nowadays, most tattoos are done for beauty and rarely carry any semantic load. But even now there are prison tattoos, which do themselves mostly people close to the underworld, such as epaulettes on the shoulders. However, few prisoners can do a shoulder epaulettes tattoo. In this article, let's break down the detailed meaning of the tattoo that it carries in the zone.

Who can get a tattoo of epaulettes?

Since ancient times, people decorated their bodies with different tattoos. Patterns on the body could tell a lot about a person: where he came from, what he does, his social status and other things. In the 20th century, tattoos became the prerogative of prisoners. Convicts used them to "read" the history of newcomers to the zone.

The fact is that epaulets are the most controversial tattoo in the world of thieves. The epaulettes are worn by the military and police - the main enemies of prisoners. But at the same time, to make such a tattoo can only thieves, whose authority is not subject to the slightest doubt.

The stars on their shoulder straps can tell you how many strolls the convict has had.

Also, such a tattoo can be made to those who have served time in a high-security colony. It is forbidden to ordinary convicts to do a shoulder epaulettes tattoo - it can lead to the forced correction of the figure by homemade machines or even cutting a piece of skin with the printed image.

To put a shoulder straps on the body is a big responsibility, for which you will have to answer harshly, according to the prison laws.

Juvenile offenders rarely have this type of tattoo - they lack experience and authority. An exception is made only for those who spent more than 50 days in a punishment cell: in this case the right to epaulettes appears.

What does an epaulet tattoo look like?

Epaulettes tattoo can look in different ways. The most popular are those that look like hussar epaulettes, or like military or police epaulettes. Stuck them more often men, but in rare cases, this type of tattoo is found in the fair sex, convicted on serious articles, serving time in high security colonies.

Thieves law clearly regulates what a person can pierce himself or herself.

Tattoo epaulettes are usually applied to both shoulders. But if it is a question of applying to one side, the tattoo is done on the left shoulder. Often the epaulettes tattoo on the shoulder is a blank epaulettes, where subsequently pinned additional symbols that indicate something.

It is worth noting that those who wear such insignia on their shoulders will never take the path of correction. These people have dedicated their lives to crime. They know no other life, and even when they leave the zone they will continue to lead a criminal lifestyle. They can't work or earn a living by honest work - their authority won't let them.

What do the shoulder straps in the zone mean?

Historically, epaulettes and epaulettes on the shoulders of convicts were considered a badge of honor. Such tattoos mean that the prisoner has been in places not so distant. Or that the article under which he entered the zone was considered elite. As a rule, these are articles for serious crimes - theft, murder, and so on.

The swastika on the epaulette signifies denial of God, compliance with and respect for prison laws only, and adherence to fascism.

The tattooed suits of playing cards, a wolf or wings mean that it is not the first time the convict has been behind bars for theft or stealing.

The eagle on the epaulettes indicates that the person denies the laws and hates snitches. This is a kind of symbol of the free spirit, which does not tolerate any restrictions.

Some prisoners decorate their epaulettes with a skull and bones, which means the commission of mass murder.

People who commit ideological crimes prefer to have a cross tattooed on their epaulettes. They feel no remorse, no regret for what they have done.

The inscription SLON stands for death by knife. Such inscriptions are very dangerous. The colony staff can understand from them that a convict is aggressive and take measures to subdue him. Only desperate criminals who are sure of their impunity can add such an abbreviation to their epaulettes.

Stabbed shoulder straps with the inscription VV (Internal Troops). This type of shoulder straps is usually applied to those who openly oppose any representative of the state power - a guards in the colony, head of the zone, etc.

Wolves, cats, tigers, various predators, barbed wire, clawed paws are also spelt. All this is a symbol of strength, cunning, wisdom and independence. Also, these elements serve to intimidate fellow inmates.

Features drawings and meaning of tattoos time (clock)Значение-тату-время-часы-аудио-версия-статьи-для-сайта-tatufoto.com_.mp3
(If you don't want to read it - you can listen to the audio version of the article)

This article was published according to the information provided by the resource where you can learn all about skinny jeans and other fashion trends.

A tattoo about time is mainly depicted in the form of a clock. In this case, both men and women with the same frequency apply such a tattoo

How exactly is the clock tattooed on the body is not important, it can be almost a real image, and can be a stylized image. The main thing is that the meaning with strong philosophical overtones from this does not change

New Tattoo of the Japanese dragon.

The meaning of the tattoo about the time - the clock

When a person puts on himself the image of a clock frozen with a certain time, he wants to capture in his memory something extraordinarily important, something that happened in his life. Perhaps it was an incredibly happy moment that he wants to remember forever, or an important event that changed his life and cannot be forgotten.

But maybe something terrible happened, and the event is forever etched in his memory and will now remain a mark on the body.

It also happens that the tattooed clock is a memory not only of the past. Perhaps it is a reference to the future, to what is worth waiting for and what is worth believing in. A reminder that by no means should one turn away from one's intended path and one must move precisely to the goal.

The image of an hourglass can talk about the inexorability and transience of time, as it slips away and seeps through the fingers how would we not try to stop it. Therefore, this picture is always a deep philosophical reflections of its bearer.

Of course, the watch tattoo can also talk about death, which no one can avoid. Thus motivating a person to act without wasting time, to use every minute with maximum benefit.

Photo examples of tattoos on the subject of time (hours) (610 photos):

(click to see more photos)

Details in the image of the clock tattoo strongly influence its interpretation:

  • If a dial is drawn with no hands - it denotes a meaningless life, an empty existence;
  • When the clock has a cuckoo, it speaks of reverence for past times and past generations;
  • Big Ben Clock - a message to England, thereby to primness and aristocratism;
  • the sundial - inherently linked to the heavens and our universe;
  • The hourglass suggests that time is fleeting, but if you do not lose a minute and take everything from life, you can manage to get on with the time that is measured;
  • Drawing of the broken clock tells about unfulfilled dreams and irrevocably lost time;
  • The drawing of a clock in the style of Salvador Dali will also talk about the transience of time;
  • Clock from the tale of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) is very popular. The hero of the fairy tale, the rabbit, was always looking at his watch and was always in a hurry to get somewhere. By depicting this drawing on himself, a person most likely wants to say that he too is short of time and has to rush often.
  • The drawn internal mechanism on the clock denotes that time, like a clock, is just a technically complex device and just needs to be figured out.

Non-standard types of clock tattoos

There are very unusual variants of such tattoos.

  1. An hourglass where blood is drawn instead of quartz particles. There is a comparison of time with life in general and it is presented in a very scary way.
  2. A tattoo with a dial and an eye in the center. The illusion is created that time is not something physical, but a very definite personality. Most likely, it is a symbol representing God, who watches over a man and looks at how he lives and what his priceless time is spent on.
  3. A gun watch should communicate the value of time, for life can "pull the trigger" at any second.

Time is the most important and most valuable thing a person can possess in life. As long as one is alive, it is worthwhile to be on the move and not waste it on trivialities. A wise person often calculates and evaluates what is happening around him, so that every second of his life is filled with happiness, benefit and important events.

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