Tattoos about family: ideas, inscriptions, photos, sketches, examples

If you do not know what kind of tattoo about the family to do, read the article. It has a lot of ideas, examples and sketches.

For every person, the most important thing in the world is family. It is something native, a part of us. And it's not just about the same blood, but a spiritual kinship, and this is sometimes more important than everything else. For the sake of the family, we are willing to do anything.

Currently, many people do tattoos, and they give their preference to a particular theme. The great popularity of tattoos on the theme of family. This is considered the best way to prove their true feelings. Tattoos on such subjects do not only husbands and wives, but also brothers, sisters, and also in honor of parents or children. Below are many ideas for tattoos about family - original and touching, beautiful and cute. Choose and express your feelings.

What to do a tattoo about the family: ideas

Tattoo about family
Tattoo about a family
Tattoos about the family help to express their true feelings. Of course, close people know about our emotions, but to remind once again does not hurt, all the more in such an original form. Tattoos are the best way to do this.

The popularity of such ways of expressing feelings is increasing every year, as the family for many people is the most important thing in the world. Someone makes tattoos in the form of drawings, others in the form of symbols, and others nabbed inscriptions in Russian or Latin. In any case, it turns out very original and stylish.

Tattoo about a family: a symbol of loyalty Tattoo about a family

If you are wondering what kind of tattoo about the family, you can be imaginative and choose one of these options:

  • Come up with some phrase and write it in Russian or Latin.
  • You can come up with a unique drawing that only your family will have.
  • Make an inscription along with a drawing, then you will accurately convey the meaning of your feelings.
  • You can choose one of the aphorisms. Such phrases that are on everyone's ears will definitely be able to declare to the world about your emotions towards your loved ones.

Tattoo of a family
Tattoo about the family

Family Tattoo
Tattoo about the family
The tattoo can be done on the open area of the body, and you can hide under your clothes. Then it will know only you. Below you will find ideas for interesting tattoos that you will want to stuff on your body. Read on.


Tattoo on the leg is quite specific, as it requires constant depilation. However, you can do without it, but such drawings do not look too attractive and illegible. Especially if a woman's face or skull is chosen as the tattoo.

The most common tattoos are on the calf, knee or thigh. The sketch and its size will depend entirely on the choice of location and the area to be scored. There are no restrictions on the thematic range. It can be a pet's muzzle, a planetary system or an intricate pattern. The only exceptions are tattoos in the form of iconic religious attributes such as crosses or pentagrams. These are more typically placed at the top of the body.

However, any tattoo is chosen based on personal preferences. It is not important in what style and color scheme it will be performed. It can be a grinning predator or a brutal Celtic pattern, a playful picture in the style of Horror or gentle Watercolor. The main thing that the image was qualitative, liked the owner and reflected his personal worldview.

Tattoos - an inscription on the arm about the family: photos

Hand Tattoo: My Family is My Fortress
Tattoo - an inscription on the arm: "Family is my fortress".
With the help of such tattoos you can stand out from the crowd. The inscription on the arm about the family looks very stylish. Despite the fact that these phrases many and do not understand, because they are in another language, unnoticed by this tattoo will not remain. Here are some photos of inscriptions on the theme of the family:

Tattoo on the arm: My family is my wealth
Tattoo - an inscription on the hand: "My family - my wealth"

Tattoo on the arm: My daughter's smile is dearest than any of you
Tattoo - an inscription on the hand: "My daughter's smile - dearer than each of you"

Hand inscription tattoo
Tattoo - an inscription on the arm

Family Tattoo:
Family Circle Tattoo - "Loyalty" Inscription

Tattoos in the form of such triangles also denote family. By the way, if you add other images or inscriptions to them, the meaning will change. This should be remembered. If the theme of the tattoo is a family, then you need to do only such triangles.

Hand tattoo - triangles
Tattoo - triangles on the hand

Triangle tattoo on his arm
Tattoo - triangles on the hand


Often girls decorate their wrists with images of birds. Such a tattoo on the hand is very symbolic, because it denotes freedom.

The most popular pattern is a few birds flying with wings spread. He denotes freedom, not only vital, but also creative, willingness to rush for inspiration. The same meaning has a single lightweight bird in flight.

Tattoo: Yandex

Less often, girls put an image of a raven or a vulture on the wrist. Such selectivity is not accidental. Although these are beautiful tattoos, such birds on the body are considered heavy signs and are not recommended to be applied just for fun, especially superstitious individuals.

Tattoos for girls about the family: photos

Not always girls choose something delicate and cute for ideas for tattoos. Many give preference, for example, here is such a family of wolves, as in the photo below. Although it looks very even cute and in a female way. Below you will find some photos of tattoos for girls about the family.

Tattoos for girls about family
Tattoos for girls about family Tattoo for girls about family: "Elephant family"

Tattoos for girls about family
Family Tattoo for Girls

Family Tattoo: Sisters
Family Tattoo: "Sisters" Tattoo for girls: "Family is my strength"

Tattoo for girls: the symbol of a family
Tattoo for girls: a family symbol

Tattoo dedicated to the family: photo

If you have not yet decided what quotes about the family to choose, you can see examples in the photo. Here are different heartfelt inscriptions. They can be performed in any language. You can choose a beautiful font from those presented in the photo, or you can order your own font.

Tattoos about family with meaning: examples

The meaning can be conveyed in a drawing or inscription. What to choose is a personal matter for everyone. The main thing is that the idea of the image should come from the heart. There is a lot to choose from. Here are examples of options for tattoos about the family:

Tattoos about the family with meaning

Meaningful family tattoos
Tattoos about the family with meaning Tattoo with meaning: "I love my family.

Meaningful family tattoos
Tattoos about family with meaning

Meaningful family tattoos
Tattoos about the family with meaning

Meaningful family tattoos
Tattoos about the family with meaning

Meaningful Family Tree
Tattoo with meaning: "Family Tree"

Tattoos about a family: inscriptions with translation

Want to make a tattoo about the family, and that got something original, and not everyone could guess the meaning of the image, then select for a tattoo inscription, for example, in Latin. It will turn out very stylish and interesting. Here are options for phrases with translation:

Family Meaning Tattoos: Meaningful Inscriptions
Tattoos About Family: Inscriptions with Translation Tattoos About Family: Inscriptions with Translation

Tattoos about family: inscriptions with translation
Tattoos about family: inscriptions with translation

Family Tattoos: translated inscriptions
Tattoos about family: inscriptions with translation

Tattoo about the family for men: examples of male designs

Men prefer to do large tattoos - on the entire back, chest or arm. It is worthy of attention and always attracts the eyes of others. Declare to the whole world that family is the most important thing for you. We will help you choose the right option. Here are examples of male sketches for tattoos about family:

Example of male sketch
Example male sketch

Example of male sketch
Example Male Sketch

Family Tattoo for Men: Brothers Together Forever
Family tattoo for men: "Brothers together forever"

Example male sketch
Example male sketch

Male Sketch Example
Male Sketch Example Male Sketch Example

Man's thumbnail example
Male Sketch Example Male Sketch Example

Example of male sketch
Example of male sketch

Tattoo in honor of the family: sketches

We have many sketches for tattoos. You can choose beautiful animals, such as wolves, elephants, lions. They symbolize loyalty, devotion, protection of the most precious - the family. There are sketches of pairs of animals in love. They will suit those people who want to show that the other half is for them the dearest of all.

Paired tattoos in Latin for girls and guys with a translation about the family: examples of inscriptions for tattoos

Paired tattoos look very stylish. Such images and inscriptions are made by couples in love, husbands and wives, sisters, brothers and other relatives. See below for an interesting look at paired tattoos with Latin inscriptions for girls and guys about family. Here are examples of tattoo inscriptions with translation:

Tattoo in Latin for girls and guys with a translation about family: The only, the only
Latin tattoo for girls and guys with translation about family: "The one, the only"

Paired tattoo for father and daughter about family: Daughter loves daddy, daddy loves daughter
Paired tattoo for father and daughter about family: "Daughter loves daddy, daddy loves daughter"

Paired family tattoo
Paired family tattoo

Paired family tattoo for young dad and mom when the baby is born
Paired family tattoo for young dad and mom when the baby is born

Wrist tattoo: pictures

There's not a lot of room to get a tattoo in this area. Still, you can come up with an interesting little image or inscription to fit around the wrist and look interesting. Here are pictures of tattoos for this spot on your arm:

Tattoo on the wrist about the family: "A symbol of life and love"

Wrist Tattoo: Family
Wrist tattoo: "Family"

Tattoo on the wrist about a family
Wrist tattoo about family


After the arms, this is the second most popular location for spectacular tattoos. The back and chest allow you to realize the most incredible projects, but you have to be prepared for the fact that they will require a lot of time to perform.

Men's tattoos on the chest are more succinct. Among the popular sketches are the faces of people, animal faces, skulls, mechanical elements, mythical creatures or cartoons. Among the most common techniques are:

  • abstraction;
  • watercolor;
  • anime;
  • biomechanics;
  • cyberpunk;
  • ethnics;
  • linework;
  • newskool;
  • old-school;
  • Dotwork;
  • realism;
  • surrealism;
  • Organic, etc.

The most voluminous are considered tattoos on the back. Here can be individual large-scale elements, such as a soaring eagle or harlequin. Or a full-fledged picture with a detailed drawing of the background, shadows and halftones.

Sometimes only the lumbar zone is painted. But more often the back is painted from top to bottom. You can use the space of the back completely, paint only one of the shoulder blades or both shoulder blades from above.

Applying side tattoos is associated with increased painful sensations, nevertheless they are quite common and look very original. The basic rule of tattoos on the side is relief and elongated forms. Most often it is various sketches of dragons, snakes, scorpions, lizards and other reptiles. Plot pictures are also not uncommon, but it is desirable to place them in a vertical plane.

Touching family tattoos: sketches

Many people want to pad their body with something cute, native to childhood. Such tattoos are especially popular with parents who have recently had toddlers, or on the contrary, children have already grown up. See sketches of touching family tattoos:

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching family tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching family tattoos

Touching family tattoos
Touching family tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching family tattoos Touching family tattoos Touching family tattoos Touching family tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Touching Family Tattoos
Touching Family Tattoos

Other close relatives, such as brothers or sisters, will also enjoy such tattoos.

Family tattoos meaning and symbolism

Although tattoos can mean anything the owner wants the meaning and symbolism of a family tattoo is very specific. For most people, having this totem is a way to honor the people who are most important in your life or very close to your heart.

Tattoos are also found as a sign of love for a spouse, children or parents. Some people will also have them to show their love for a friend that they consider to be as close as their biological families.

With these totems, you also have a constant reminder and memory of your siblings, and so you will always keep them in mind no matter where you are.

These body markings can also be remembered by someone that is passed down. Most people have tattoos of their relative who has died.

While it may also mean that they will love them forever, some will use it to make sure that they never forget them or to show others that they are still mourning their loss. These tattoos can also be a sign of loyalty to someone like a spouse.

A tattoo is a permanent marking of the body and so one representing someone is a sign that you are committed to them and you are ready to be with them in eternity.

Some totems will also focus on telling a person's story and where he or she comes from, and a family tree is a great example of this.

A family tree can also be a sign of respect and reverence for ancestors. Some family totems will have religious or cultural symbols, and thus, people will use them to show their ethnic background and religious beliefs.

A good example are those that include the flag of the home country or the cross, which is one of the most common religious symbols.

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Tattoos about family, mom, parents: examples of inscriptions

Parents are the dearest thing that each of us has, and mom in general deserves only the best. That's why many adult children get tattoos about the family with text about mom. Here are examples of inscriptions of such tattoos:

Mommy tattoo
Tattoo about Mom

Latin Family Tattoo: Only a Mother Is Worthy of Love
Tattoo about the family in Latin: "Only a mother is worthy of love.

English Family Tattoo: Only Mama is Worthy of Love
Tattoo about a family in English: "Only a mother is worthy of love.

Family Tattoo: Mommy and Daddy
Tattoo about a family: "Mom and Dad

Ideas for Family Tattoos

Do you also want to tell about your feelings, to say thank you to your parents with a tattoo? There are many options and ideas for this.

Images are not always able to fully and accurately convey the full range of our feelings and emotions. And that's when words can help. On this page you can find a lot of ideas for tattoos dedicated to parents. But this is only a small fraction of what is possible to apply. Your family tattoo can be:

  • In the form of an inscription expressing an expression in your own words
  • In the form of an aphorism that best reveals feelings, attitudes, emotions
  • Phrase in any language (the most popular ones are English and Latin)
  • With a picture and an inscription

The inscription is convenient because you can put it in any place. If you do not want your confession to be seen by all, you can make a tattoo on the body in the place that is usually hidden by clothing. Or, on the contrary, open it to all, tell everyone what you are experiencing.

Tattoos about family are a manifestation of your personal initiative. Create and fantasize! And this post will just help you, push you to some original idea.

Friends! For a quick search of the necessary inscription for a tattoo use the key combination: CTRL+F


  • Believe in yourself - tibimet
  • Be faithful to the one who is faithful to you - Fac fideli sis fidelis
  • Be who you really are Esto quod es
  • Look up to heaven while standing on earth - Pedes in terra ad sidera visus
  • Live to live. - Vive ut vivas
  • Life without liberty is nothing - Vita sine libertate nihil
  • To live is to fight - Vivere militare est
  • Vivere, dimicāre, nunquam cēdĕre
  • For his angels will command about you-guard you in all your ways.(Psalm 90:11) - Quia angelis suis mandabit de te ut custodiant te in omnibus viis tuis
  • It is known that love is blind-notum est amoremcaecum esse
  • Either win or die. - AUT VINCERE, AUT MORI
  • Only a mother is worthy of love. - Solum mater digna amatu
  • Love is above all things. Amor omnia vincit
  • My angel is always with me - Angelus meus semper mecum est
  • My children are my life - liberi mei vita mihi sunt
  • My daughter is my life - Mea filia vita mea
  • My daughter is my love - Mea filia caritas mea
  • My son is my life - Meus filius vita mea
  • My family is my fortress - Familia mea fortitudo mea est.
  • Never give up! - Nunquam cede
  • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - Oculum pro oculo dentem pro dente
  • He who overcomes himself wins - Vincit qui se vincit
  • Under the wing of an angel - Sub alis angeli
  • Know thyself - Temet nosce
  • As long as I breathe, I love and believe -dum spiro, amo atque credo
  • # Truth is my light Veritas lux mea #
  • Pater dimitte mihi quoniam peccavi
  • Vale et me ama
  • Born to be happy - Nata sum ut felix sim
  • Born to be happy - Natus sum ut felix sim
  • I will make you remember me! - Faciam ut mei memineris
  • Family above all things - familia omnibus praestat
  • The words disappear, the letters remain. -Verba volant, scripta manent
  • Thank you mother for my life - Gratias mātre pro mea vītā ago
  • Thanks to my parents for my life. - Gratias parentibus pro vita mea ago
  • You're forever in my heart - Semper in corde meo
  • I'm not a follower, I'm a leader -Non ducor duco
  • I will either find the way or I will make it on my own. - Aut inveniam viam aut faciam


      There are minutes that you can give months and years for. تتواجد لحظات, التي يمكن ان تعطيهاشهر وسنوات
  • Being busy is easy, but the hardest part is being productive. .ان تكون مشغولا - سهلا, لكن من الاكثر صعوبة ان تكون منتجا
  • Eternal love - حب أبدي
  • Time doesn't heal, it's the person who's around that heals... ...الزمن لايشفي, يشفي فقط الشخص الذيهو بجوارك
  • A girl should not hear how she is loved but feel......الفتاة لايجب ان تسمع كم يحبوها, بل ان تشعر ذلك
  • If you love, love without deception. If you believe, then believe to the end. If you hate it, say it straight. If you laugh, laugh in your eyes اذا كنت تحب فحب بدون خداع... واذا كنت تصدق فصدق حتى النهايه تكره فتكلم بذالك مباشرة . تضحك اضحك في الوجهدون خوف !
  • If you think well of yourself, why do you need someone else to think well of you? ان كنت تفكر حسنا في نفسك, لماذا اذا تحتاج ايضا من يفكر بك حسنا؟
  • If you leave and no one calls you back, you're going in the right direction. ان خرجت ولم ينادي عليك احدا ما, فهاذايعي انك تسير في الاتجاه الصحيح
  • Live today, forget about tomorrow - عِش اليوم وإنس الغد
  • Remember: never be jealous of me. If I chose you, then you are much dearer than everyone elseتذكر: لاتغار ابدا. ان كنت قد اخترتك, فهاذايعني انك اغلى بكثير . من الاخرين
  • From your dreams comes happiness ... من أحلامك تولد السعادة
  • Sometimes, a step back is just a run-up... في بعض الاحيان خطوة الى الوراء . هذا هو المدى فقط
  • When you go up, your friends will know who you are. When you fall, you find out who your friends are. عندما تعلو, اصدقائك يعرفوك, من انت. عندما تسقط, انت تعرف, من . اصدققائك
  • When I see you, my heart beats more often. .حين اراك, قلبي يدق اسرع
  • Only someone with a beautiful upbringing is beautiful. .جميل فقط من لديه تربية جميلة
  • Beauty - جمال.
  • Whoever wants to move the world, let him move himself first... من يريد تحريك العالم فليحرك نفسه اولا
  • It is better to have a broken heart than not to have one at all... ...افضل ان املك قلب مكسور, من ان لا يكون لي على الاطلاق
  • The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. .افضل شيء ممكن ان يقوم به الاب لابنائه - هو انيحب امهم
  • It is better to love yourself than to give your love to someone who doesn't need it. .ان تحب نفسك, افضل من ان تهدي حبك لمن لا حاجة له
  • Love brings even the proudest man to his knees..الحب تنحني له الركب حتى اكثر الناس تكبر
  • Love is not a bird that can be kept in a cage - الجمال ليس عصفور في قفص
  • Love - حب
  • My family - أهلي or عائلتي
  • My thoughts absorb the silence - الصمت يغرق في افكاري
  • You can close your eyes to what you see, but you can't close your heart to what you feel. بامكانك ان تغلق عينيك عما تراه, ولكن لايمكنك ان تغلق قلبكعما تشعر به It is never too late to set a new goal or find a new dream! !ابدا لاتاخر في وضع هدف جديد لحياتك! او في ايجاد حلم جديد
  • Trust no one - لا تثق بأحد
  • One of the secrets to a strong relationship is to respect each other's hobbies. .واحد من اسرار العلاقات القوية - احترام هوايات بعضنا البعض
  • It knows no fear جريء
  • From true love always comes the light. .من الحب الحقيقيدائما ياتي النور
  • Sometimes it seems that in this world, no one can be trusted. ااحيانا يبدوان في هذا العالم, لايمكن ان تثق في احد
  • Forgive me and always love me - سامحني و حبني دائماً
  • Parents are the best we have, appreciate them because only they will love and believe in you until the end... الوالدين - هم افضل ما لدينا, قدرهم لان هم فقط سوف يحبوك ويثقون .بك حتى النهاية
  • Today people are much cheaper than their clothes. .اليوم الناس اصبحت ارخص بكثير من ملابسها
  • Family -أهل or عائلة
  • Family is paradise in a heartless world - العائلة هي الملاذ في عالم لا قلب له
  • Manage to love one so that you can get past a thousand of the best and not look back. تعلم ان تحب واحد فقط, بحيث ان مر بقربك الاف افضل لاتراجع الى الوراء
  • There are no weak people, we are all strong by nature. What makes us weak are our thoughts. لايوجد اناس ضعفاء, كلنا اقوياء من طبيعتنا. لكن افكارناتعلنا ضعفاء
  • Follow your path and let people say anything! .امشي في طريقك, ودع الناس تتكلم ماتشتهي With a man should not be boring or fun. He should be warm, reliable and relaxed. مع الرجل لايجب ان يكون الملل او المتعة. معه يجب انيكون الدفئ, الامان, . والهدوء
  • Susanna - سوزانا.
  • He who knows how to smile every day knows how to live. .من يعرف ان يبتسم كل يوم, يعرف كيف يعيش
  • You can do anything, all you need is the desire. بامكانك ان تفعل كل شيء, ولكن يجب ان تكون الرغبة
  • The smart ones give each other happiness, the stupid ones expect to be made happy. الاذكياء يهدون بعضهم البعض السعادة, اما الاغبياء ينظرون الاخرين حتى يجعلوهم سعداء
  • The happiest people don't have the best of everything. But they make the best of what they have. لدى اسعد الناس ليس لديهم كل شيء جيد لكنهم دائما ينتزعون .الافضل ماه موجود
  • It's good to have people who encourage you to be better من الجيد ان يكون اشخاص تشجعك على ان تكون افضل
  • If you want something done well, do it yourself. You want to get things done on time - start now. You want to be happy - think of those to whom you've done good! تريد ان تفعل شيء ما جيد - افعل ذلك بنفسك. تريد ان تقوم كل شيء !بوقته - ابدا الان. تريدان تكون سعيد - فكر بمن فعلت معه خيرا
  • Appreciate people who come in those moments when it's not them but you. .قدر الناس, الذين ياتون في اللحظات التي تكون فيها انت لا هم سيء
  • Appreciate a person not for their appearance, but for their attitude towards you! .قدر الناس ليس بالمظهر, بل بعاملتهم معك
  • I will always love you- وسوف احبك الى الابد
  • I asked God for water, he gave me the sea. I asked God for grass, he gave me a field. I asked God for an angel, he gave me you.لَقَدْ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالِقْ مَاءً فَوَهَبَنِي بَحْراً. وَ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالَقْ عُشْباً فَوَهَبَنِي حَقْلاً وَ طَلَبْتُ مِنَ الْخَالَقْ مَلَكاً فََوَهَبَنِي أَنْتَ
  • Tattoo about family - inscription: a Japanese symbol

    If you want to be so unique that you are admired by others, then get a tattoo about family in the form of a Japanese symbol. Such inscriptions are always admired because many people don't know what they mean and want to get to know the person to ask or just get their attention.

    Here is a Japanese symbol that means family:

    Family Tattoo: Japanese Signature
    Tattoo about family - inscription: japanese symbol

    Tattoos about family: examples of inscriptions in Russian

    If you do not like to be a mystery and always declare to the world your intentions and emotions, then tattoos in the form of inscriptions in Russian are suitable for you. You can make them on the open area of the body or hide them from prying eyes under your clothes. Here are examples of inscriptions in Russian for tattoos about the family:

    Examples of Russian tattoo inscriptions
    Examples of Tattoo Inscriptions in Russian Examples of Tattoo Inscriptions in Russian

    Examples of Russian tattoo inscriptions
    Examples of Russian tattoos


    Such design can allow itself to put only very confident girls, which by right are considered as the conquerors of the world.

    Tattoo: All about tattoo

    However, the crown can symbolize not only the achieved power and superiority.

    It can be a good symbol of future achievements, reminding you of your goals day by day with just a glance on your wrist.

    Neck Tattoos for Girls and Guys: Examples of Inscriptions

    On the neck tattoos do both guys and girls. Ladies with long hair will have to do hairstyles to show such a tattoo to all those around them. But it is worth it, because such images in this place look interesting and stylish. Here are examples of inscriptions for tattoos on the neck for girls and guys:

    Tattoo on the neck for girls and guys
    Tattoos on the neck for girls and guys

    Tattoo on the neck for girls and guys
    Tattoos on the neck for girls and guys

    Tattoo on the neck for girls and guys
    Tattoo on the neck for girls and guys

    Tattoos for girls and guys
    Tattoos for Girls and Guys

    Tattoos about the family on the leg: examples

    Such a tattoo will be able to show only in the summer on the beach. Of course, at home, when you will walk barefoot, such an image of your loved ones will also be admired. Here are examples of tattoos about the family on the leg, worthy of attention:

    Tattoos on legs
    Family tattoos on the foot

    Tattoos on legs
    Tattoos about family on the leg

    Family Tattoos on Feet
    Tattoos about family on the leg

    Tattoos of Family on Feet
    Tattoos about family on your leg

    Mini Family Tattoos: Sample Sketches

    Small tattoos look attractive and very cute. If you do such an image on your body for the first time, then give preference to exactly the small size of the drawing or inscription. You yourself will admire such a mini-tattoo, because it looks cute and even funny. Here are examples of small size tattoo sketches about family:

    Mini Family Tattoo
    Mini Family Tattoo

    Family mini tattoo
    Mini family tattoo

    Family mini tattoo
    Mini family tattoo

    Material well-being and a tattoo

    Money plays an important role in today's world. To be rich means to be successful. But how to increase your financial status with the help of a tattoo? It's easy! The main thing is to choose the right symbol. Here are examples of suitable inscriptions to attract money.

    The horseshoe

    The symbol of the horseshoe carries a powerful energy of prosperity. This sign is chosen to attract the blessing of fortune and to improve your financial situation without any effort. This is justified, as the picture of a horseshoe on the body helps to gain financial independence and move up the career ladder.

    The picture is stamped on the body in the classic gray colors: steel, metallic gray and silver is suitable. The place where you can score a horseshoe tattoo depends on the intended size of the symbol. Feng Shui experts advise to apply the image on the shoulder blades. If the drawing is quite small, the area behind the ear is suitable.


    There is one symbol in the world that means power and wealth-it is, of course, money. Images of money bills on the body are a great choice for those who dream to acquire and retain wealth. Money tattoos will help establish a financial flow and open up a money channel.

    Tattoo sleeve about the family: sketches

    A tattoo sleeve is a symbol of success and a method of self-expression. This is a great way to stand out among the drabness of everyday life. You will definitely be noticed in the crowd and admired. The most interesting thing is that such a tattoo costs a lot. The cost starts at tens of thousands of rubles. Naturally, if you do it at the real master, not at the drunken country man. Therefore, we can say with certainty that the holder of such an image is sure to have money, and therefore such a tattoo is also a symbol of wealth.

    Here are the sketches of the tattoo sleeve about the family:

    Family tattoo sleeve
    Tattoo sleeve about the family

    Tattoo sleeve about family
    Tattoo sleeve about the family Tattoo sleeve about the family

    If after viewing such a variety of sketches, photos and examples, you can't find an idea for yourself or your loved one, then watch the video below. In it, the master explains the meaning of tattoos and gives advice on how to choose a tattoo for yourself. Good luck!

    Tattoo for happiness and love: the best ideas

    The most common tattoos attracting love and happiness are a horseshoe and a sakura branch.

    Ladybug is considered a symbol of good luck: it attracts the proverbial good luck and financial well-being. Therefore, those who along with happiness and good luck want to become rich, it is recommended to stuff the image of this insect.

    Very often the wings of an angel are applied as an amulet for good luck.

    Also attracts good luck and passion is the image of an elephant with its trunk raised up.

    The symbol of love and passion

    Each tattoo carries a certain meaning. For example, a sakura branch is inscribed to attract love. This sketch, means readiness to enter a new relationship, as well as passion and vigor of the nature. It is a beautiful flower, which in Japan is the embodiment of sexuality and sensuality combined with a strong and strong-willed character.

    Another symbol of a happy relationship, passion and harmony is the rose. More often than not, it can be depicted in red or pink. It indicates happiness in relationships and represents a harmonious union. A dark or black rose symbolizes the loss of feelings, an unhappy relationship or the loss of the other half.

    Symbol of family, love and fidelity

    Tattoos about love are very versatile. They are often applied as representatives of the weaker half of humanity, as well as strong, courageous men. Often couples in love or married couples padding couple tattoos. This is an expression of emotion and attitude towards each other, dedicated to the feeling that unites them.


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