Tattoo Linework - description, male and female tattoo designs, beautiful and stylish photos

Want a tattoo? Decorate your body with drawings or inscriptions was and will be fashionable. The main thing is to choose the right tattoo that will not only carry the meaning, but also stand out with the beauty of execution. For a talented master - it is quite a manageable task.

Getting a tattoo: how does it happen?

The first important step on the way to getting a really cool tattoo is to choose a drawing, relying on its meaning. For example, a very popular among girls is the butterfly, which embodies a symbol of rebirth, a new beginning and simply is a symbol of freedom and unearthly beauty.

The second step is to decide on the style of the tattoo, because the same butterfly can be done in different directions.

The third step is to prepare a sketch and choose a professional master. It is better to make a sketch together with the master, so that he has an accurate idea of the client's desire.

Chikano (chikano).

The style of chikano tattoos has its origins in the 40s of the last century, such tattoos were made by members of the underworld, they determined their affiliation with gangs. Today, this style remains popular, but already among young people around the world.
Distinctive features of chikano in the clarity of the contours of the picture, there is a standard dominated by black, but now many have moved on and colored. Standard chicano tattoos are saints, namely Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and St. Lucas. Over time, they were joined by Santa Muerte, which gave rise to a separate branch - the Muerte style, tattoos in this style depict girls with a mask (face) of death.

Who is suitable for Polynesia

Any tattoo can both manifest the character of the owner, and help him become what he wants to see himself. In general, the style suits strong and confident individuals, bold, decisive and clearly know what they want in life - or those who would like to acquire these qualities. After all, by applying the Polynesian tattoo, a person joins the culture of the fearless and enduring ancient tribes.

There is no division into male and female images here - they equally go to the representatives of both sexes.

Very often, those who wish to do overlapping tattoos on the arm, resort to the application of the Polynesian tattoo. This is quite justified, as the patterns favorably emphasize the musculature of the hand and are able to cover the unappreciated drawing.

Polynesian tattoos for men look interesting on the chest, especially when it comes to the transition of the pattern on the shoulder - it allows you to create an accent on the protruding parts of the body, so this solution is preferred by such professions as athletes and bodybuilders.

Women's Polynesian tattoos More often presented in the form of patterns on the lower back, sides, thighs. The intricate lines of the natal pattern accentuate the curves of the body, giving seductiveness, femininity. Tattoo on the scar after a cesarean is also a popular solution.

Black-verk (blackwork).

The classic of tattoos is black. Blackwork is just the perfect choice for fans of the black color, because its main feature is the application of black paint on large areas of the body, namely on the large, small tattoo in black color can not be attributed here.

This style is often used in a mixture of all kinds of other, in addition, it is a great option for those who have a "shameful" tattoos that need to get rid of.

Prices for tattoos

Tattoo (1 session)from 3000 rub
Tattoo correctionfrom 2000 rub
Overlay tattoofrom 3000 rub
Tattoo restorationfrom 2000 rub
Sketch designfrom 1000 rub
Removal of a tattoo without scarring (laser)from 1000 rub
Inscriptions, symbolsfrom 3000 rub

Old school

Old school tattoos were "introduced" by sailors back in the 19th century, they considered certain drawings on the body as a kind of amulet, that is why this style has standard (most popular) pictures, most often these are anchors, swallows, roses, hearts and daggers. Usually old-school involves small bright drawings, often with inscriptions.


Dotwork is ideal for tattoos that are based on geometric shapes. Tattoos made in this style consist of many dots of different intensity. The main color of the style is black, sometimes red, rarely other colors.

New skool (New school)

Tattoo style began to develop in the 80s. He something similar to the old-school style, but if he had the standard images such as anchors, roses, skulls, the new skull is more diverse.

Typically, the new skool tattoo have a humorous nature, often depicting popular cartoon characters, but here you can give a flight of fancy, welcome any bold and sometimes inadequate ideas. Like the old skool, the new school combines a variety of bright colors. The central figure has a clearer and brighter contours than the rest.


The name of the style speaks for itself. Not every craftsman is capable of high-quality execution in the style of realism. Many say that it is a photo on the skin, here the smallest details are traced. Tattoos in realism can be both black and white and in color, they can depict people (loved ones, idols, movie characters) or animals.


Celtic tattoos, while vague and confusing, carry a deep and interesting meaning. All of these often ornate intertwining lines that look like a puzzle like a labyrinth, in fact, symbolize the unpredictability of life, the confusion of life's path. They have no beginning and no end, infinite, like life itself. The knots signify the connection between heaven and earth, soul and body. A place of honor among the tattoos of this style are Celtic crosses.

Celtic tattoos often feature birds (symbolizing freedom, loftiness), a particular bird complements the tattoo its significance, as crows symbolize wisdom, eagles - the power, speed, sometimes they are stuffed and as a talisman. Recently, Celtic tattoos have been transformed into a more modern motif - they can be three-dimensional, colored.


Without a doubt one of the most memorable, outstanding, unusual styles of tattoo - thrash or thrash-polka! Not for nothing is the translation from English - trash, such a tattoo is disconcerting.

Those who tattoo in the thrash style, more often than not, want to express a kind of protest to society, a protest to the standards, to stand out from the gray masses, to attract attention. And how can not attract attention large enough in volume random drawings in red and black colors. There is no way to go wrong in this style. Tattoo can consist of anything, whether it's portraits of celebrities, animals, birds, objects, inscriptions, and in general abstract strokes, blots.

Tattoos in the thrash style frighten with their dirtiness and at the same time attract with their strangeness. To them experience a variety of emotions from love to hate, but no one will remain indifferent to such a tattoo.


Treble is one of the most common styles of tattoos. The boom of this style occurred in the late 20th century with the publication of Tattoo Time magazine. Externally, a tribal tattoo is a kind of pattern, a lot of intersecting lines with sharpened ends, they can be folded into a certain pattern, but not necessarily.

The tribal tattoo came to us from Polynesia and symbolized the connection between body and soul, so in this style is not as important the drawing itself, as the feelings and emotions that you experience when you see it.

Currently, the demand for this style has fallen because there are more interesting, bright and unusual options, and tattoo artists consider such work uninteresting, not revealing the potential of the artist. But it's always possible to dream up and add something unusual.

As tattooing styles have changed

Over the years, tattoo styles have come a long way in their development. If initially the body designs were simple tattoos of lines, then later they became full-fledged paintings.

Today the styles of tattoos are so diverse that among them there are even realistic images. Sometimes it's amazing how masters manage to create incredible beauty masterpieces. Fantastic colorful images with smooth transitions of colors, shades, shadows. And about the symbolism in general do not have to talk - in the pictures is hidden a certain sense!

If you look at the styles of tattoos with photos, you can find a lot of interesting trends. In each of which there is a special philosophy.


One of the most spectacular styles of tattoo, his essence in the juxtaposition of man and the mechanism (robot), that is a machine-human hybrid, cyborg. Tattoo in the style of biomechanics is large enough, most often they are done on the shoulders, arms, legs and back.

It looks as if the skin on the body splits and under it you can see all sorts of mechanical elements (gears, chips, wires), artificial organs, joints. It's as if we can see what's inside the person - that's actually the main idea of the style.

Not every master can control the biomechanics, everything is important here: the colors, the clarity of lines, the fine details, sometimes even a knowledge of human anatomy is needed to match correctly, for a perfect realistic effect.

Permanent makeup. Tattooing

Almost every woman dreams to look every day as if she had just left a beauty salon. It is real! From the minute-to-minute touch-ups, regular painful plucking and smearing, and other cosmetic manipulations, tattooing saves. In the salon "Style tattoo" your appearance will be made so flawless that you will always be thought of as a very well-groomed lovely lady. Permanent make-up is applied to the eyes, eyebrows and lips and lasts up to 5 years.

Eye Tattoo

If you do not have enough time to constantly touch up your eyelashes, the eye tattoo is exactly what you need. With it your eyes will always be bright and expressive. In our salon, you can draw your arrows, any color, eyeliner. You will no longer need to apply eye shadow on the eyelids, tattooing will replace them for several years. Moreover the procedure is absolutely painless and irritation disappears after 12 hours.

Eyebrow tattooing

Do you want to get in just one hour the eyebrows' shape that you have always dreamed about? Our masters will make you any shape and color of the eyebrows tattoo - you can choose at your taste or by the advice of a professional. Modern tattooing allows you to simulate the natural structure of the eyebrows or provides "flooded" eyebrows, ie, as if shaded with a pencil.

Lip tattooing

This procedure allows your lips to get a flawless look. Lip tattooing means applying the perfect contour and filling in the remaining space, or just tinting the natural color without using bright colors and without tracing the contour, at your discretion. Our masters will help you correct the asymmetric shape of the lips, make thin lips fuller and too full lips, slightly smaller.


A slight spice up your image is given by moles. Mole application to the body is one of the services of our tattoo parlor. The procedure takes just a few minutes and is absolutely painless. Such a mole will always look natural and will be a nice addition to your image.

In the salon "Style tattoo" you can also update the existing permanent makeup or correct its deficiencies. All tattoo services in our salon are performed by qualified specialists. With the help of permanent make-up they will take away your hassle and make your look inimitable!


In Polynesian culture tattoos were an essential attribute of every self-respecting person and by their quality and quantity it was possible to judge boldly the position in the society. The Polynesians even applied tattoos to their faces, and often not in the most humane ways.

To this day, many people associate the Polynesian style with woodcarving. Originally such tattoos depicted Polynesian mythical gods and to some extent were amulets. Today they are no longer endowed with such a meaning, but they remain as externally interesting and unusual.


The name of the style speaks for itself. Minimalism is quite popular in the world of tattoos. Minimalist tattoos do not have to have a small size, they can be at least on the entire back, but the drawing will be light, contoured, without an abundance of colors (2-3 is enough).

Styles of tattoos as an opportunity to show your outlook

Each style of tattoo is a separate world. He reflects a certain philosophy, worldview. When choosing a specific style, you must take into account your life principles and priorities. Only then you will be able to pick up the pattern that will match your inner world.

Our site presents various styles of tattoos and their detailed descriptions. A lot of drawings, sketches will allow you to better understand the philosophy of a particular direction and realize whether it suits you!

If you want to get a unique sketch, which has no analogues, use the appropriate button on our site. The master will contact you and, after listening to your wishes, will draw a truly original sketch!


Watercolor tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity. Their peculiarity is that they look like a picture painted on the body with watercolor paints. In the style of watercolor tattoos as brightly as possible displays the professionalism of the master.

Such tattoos can be filled with any colors and depict any object, abstraction, person, animal. They are probably more suitable for girls, because they look best in bright colors, but it is quite possible to develop and male sketch.

Paints and pigments

Tattooing is the process of applying paint under the skin with a special machine with a built-in needle. The quality of the picture depends not only on the skill of the artist and the availability of expensive equipment. An important factor is the properties of the paint itself.

Tattoo ink is a special pigment that, when in contact with the skin, takes on a specific color and preserves the brightness of the design. A large percentage of tattoo inks on the market have a base that allows you to mix different inks and get new shades.

Some tattoo masters do not use popular professional paints, preferring to create their own pigments. As a rule, this happens when the artist puts high demands on the purity and dispersity of the product.

In not so distant times, when chemistry as a science has not yet developed enough, for tattoos were used paints based on vegetable components. Of course, such pigments caused a number of unpleasant consequences, including allergic reactions. In addition, the colors of that time quickly faded.

This is not the case these days. Today's paints are made with precision equipment. The product is thoroughly treated and purified. Most modern paints have components in their composition that help accelerate the healing of injured skin.

Tattoo paints can be divided into price categories. There are affordable, and there are - expensive. The latter are mainly represented by products that have surgical plastic microgranules in their composition. The tattoo stuffed with such ink will keep primordiality of color for many years.

Recently, however, organic-based inks are increasingly being used. Mineral pigment technology keeps the pattern crisp and minimizes the likelihood that the tattoo will "float". Organic inks are typically used for micropigmentation.


Oriental tattoos show the beauty of oriental culture (often Japanese and Chinese) in all its manifestations. Standard tattoo themes include flora, fauna, religious motifs and mythology, the most popular being dragons, tigers, geishas, lotuses, and blooming sakura.

Oriental tattoos are suitable for both men and women. Usually use bright, saturated colors, tattoos are applied to large areas of the body, the picture is like a painting on a canvas with no gaps. Masters persistently compete in Oriental style works, but no one can put so much energy, professionalism, meaning there as it was in ancient times.

Piercing Salon: Piercing in Moscow

Piercing - is always an opportunity to change yourself and draw attention to yourself, take advantage of it, and your image will be unique!

Piercing means skin piercing to decorate the body. Today this procedure is very popular, especially among young people.

If you want to make a "highlight" in your image, decorate your body, the specialists of Style Tattoo salon know hundreds of ways how to do it!

Types of piercings

In our salon you will be offered all kinds of piercings, both traditional and the most unusual. The traditional ones are the lip piercings - by piercing this part of the face, you can change your appearance dramatically, making it sexy and somewhat aggressive. The pierced lips will always attract the attention of others, so with such an appearance you will not be left without attention.

If you want your appearance to be more impressive, you can get your nose pierced in our salon, and if you are a young girl, in order to emphasize your beauty and sexuality, you can make a belly button piercing.

Despite the fact that pierced ears today are not a gimmick, our masters that perform ear piercing will always find something to surprise!

Intimate Piercing

Since intimate piercings are very diverse, it is advisable to talk about them separately.

The most "modest" subspecies is tongue piercing. Our masters will perform it so that you will only enjoy becoming the owner of the jewelry on this part of the body. This will give you a new sensation of intimacy with your loved one, will bring a little exoticism into your relationship.

Enrich your sex life and nipple piercing, which will give a lot of strong and pleasant feelings through additional stimulation of this erogenous zone.

Our masters know many secrets to intensify the feeling of men and women during sexual intimacy with partners with the help of intimate piercings, so if you want to amaze and surprise yourselves, this service is exactly what you need.

Piercing jewelry

The jewelry for the piercing is selected taking into account your taste preferences and the safety of the material from which it is made. It can be gold, surgical steel or titanium, materials that do not cause allergic reactions. In a striking representative piercing in MoscowIn the cabin "Style Tattoo" they will help you to choose the right shape of jewelry depending on the type of piercing and conduct the procedure quickly and painlessly.

Everyone has his own reasons for piercing. Someone wants to just stand out from the crowd, some do for religious reasons, someone for the spice of sexual relations. But most do piercing, following fashion trends.

The lip piercing is done in the center or on the side. The piercing heals relatively quickly in 1-2 months. The earring on the inside has a flat shape, and a soft texture, so as not to spoil the enamel of the teeth. But the first two weeks will be difficult. You can eat almost nothing, but this is a plus, you can lose a couple of pounds. The second disadvantage is a change of diction, and not for the better, you will become a little lispy. Also do not exclude the possibility of inflammation, the oral cavity is considered the most unclean part of the body. In general, a small, neat earring in the lip looks very sexy.

Nose piercing came to us from India. A girl who had reached the age of sixteen, underwent a nose piercing procedure. It was a kind of sacred rite. Nowadays, nose piercing is done for the sake of decoration. The procedure is almost painless, but anesthesia can be used at the request of the client. The whole process takes about a minute, you won't even have time to come to your senses. A very important moment, if the master will offer you to pierce with a pistol, you should refuse. The gun knocks out the tissue, which can affect adversely, and the needle gently pierces.

Belly button piercing is the most common piercing, of course after ear piercing. The procedure is almost painless. The history of belly button piercing goes back to ancient Egypt, as evidenced by sculptures. Belly button piercing became very popular after the Aerosmith music video, female fans began to imitate the heroine of the music video and it happened. It is better to do this procedure in specialized salons. A qualified master will make the puncture practically painless, smoothly, and most importantly, will not introduce any infection. The first few days you should refrain from going to the sauna, swimming pool. Wear loose clothing, and in the first few days, cover the piercing with a gauze bandage.

Ear piercing has been popular all over the world, especially in tribal cultures. For example, in Austria, a mummy (5300 years old) with an ear piercing was found in the Similaun Glacier. There are 9 types of ear piercings. The most common piercing is the earlobe. The procedure is painless and takes a few minutes. The master makes a mark and makes the piercing with a pistol. For the first few months, it is advisable to wear earrings made of a medical alloy. Almost all women had their earlobes pierced, with the piercing usually done at an early age.

The Mayan Indians practiced tongue piercing for rituals, high-ranking members had their tongue pierced with barbs, the blood was collected in a bark and burned in honor of the gods. Now, of course, blood is not burned, well if only at will. Be sure to consult a professional to avoid undesirable consequences. Most often, the puncture is made in the center of the tongue, as well as possible punctures on the side and at the tip. Initially, a larger rod is inserted into the piercing, as the tongue might swell up twice in the first two days.

Jewelry for piercings are made mostly of silver, gold, in a fresh piercing inserted piercing of surgical steel, allergic people give preference to products made of titanium. For nose piercings are used earrings - nostril. It is a curved earring, with a pebble at the tip. Labret is used for the nose, lips, ears. It is a rod with a flat bar. It can be installed horizontally, vertically and at an angle. Bananas are inserted into the navel, the name acquired because of its curved shape.

Intimate piercings in most cases are made for the sake of sexual arousal. Pierced nipples, frenulum, testicles, foreskin, clitoris, penis is not pierced.

Find piercing salon in Moscow not a problem. There are a great many of them. Choosing a salon, make sure that the studio has all the necessary licenses for medical activity, and certificates from professionals working in the selected salon. Of course not hurt to look at the gallery of work performed and read the reviews. Our salon has all the necessary documents, our staff is highly qualified guys approach to work with a creative attitude. Conduct the procedure of piercing painlessly and very qualitatively.


For women

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