Impressive raven tattoos for men and women: ideas, meanings, sketches

In the modern art of tattooing there is a large variety of natal drawings and one of them is the image of a raven. The attitude to this bird is ambiguous. Some people are enthusiastic about it, while others treat this clever bird with apprehension. If you have a negative attitude to the raven, then you probably will not dare to put on your body tattoo with its image. But nevertheless, many people love these birds. It should be noted that the raven and crow are two different birds, which differ in size and coloring. The raven is a large bird with black plumage, while the crow can be gray or white and much smaller. And so the meaning of a tattoo depicting a raven or a crow will be different.

Meaning of the raven tattoo

In the world of tattooing, the image of a raven can have different meanings. Such tattoos were used by the Greeks and Celts. Almost at all times, the raven tattoo represented the power of the wind, wisdom and longevity. In Japan, the bird symbolized a happy family, the Egyptians, on the contrary, considered a raven the bird of evil, destruction and chaos. Tribes in Africa worshipped the bird, calling it a guide, and to kill a raven - meant to bring a curse on the entire tribe. In Christianity, the raven is treated ambiguously. On the one hand, a black raven - the bird of dark forces, but on the other hand, it was a raven that saved the prophet Elijah from starvation. Another meaning of the raven tattoo is loneliness and wisdom. Today, the raven feather tattoo has become a rock symbol. This tattoo is applied on the back or shoulder.

Ravens Through History

The Romans and Greeks regarded them, surprisingly, as luminous and sunny beings. Since times they were personified with deities, each with a close connection to the light of wisdom, the sun.
According to Roman mythology, the raven was once completely white. It was believed that the raven could not keep secrets, so Apollo decides to turn the white feathers into black.

Some believe that he has black feathers as a result of the sadness and pain he felt watching the pain and death of many people. Despite myths and legends, today the raven is a dark, intelligent and mysterious creature that creates an amazing image for myths and fairy tales.

History of Raven symbolism in different cultures

In North America, the raven tattoo is also a personification of the Supreme Being, the wind that he appears when his wings beat, thunder and lightning.

The raven is a common bird in social thought. This bird is described in negative terms and often deals with death.

Many cultures have believed that this mysterious bird carries powerful secrets. In some tales it is considered a creature that cannot keep secrets.

In the Middle Ages, sorcerers used the symbol of the Crow's Paw to spell death, when in Russia it was believed that witches took the form of these birds.

The remote people of Kamchatka have the Raven as the creator of the world. They have an amazing story of how a black raven held in its claws a piece of rock, but dropped it, the rock broke into small pieces, and from its wreckage appeared light. At that time, it turned into human form.

However, Christians convey the image of the raven in the most positive light, as the writings in the biblical books prove. According to one myth, it brought bread to a hungry prophet on his journey through the desert. This paradox was later extended to other Christian saints: Benedict, Anthony, Paul the Hermit, and Onuphrius.

The raven is the founder of the white light in some North American myths. It comes into being as if by magic: it came into being thanks to a woman who swallowed a feather.

In Japanese culture, the raven is a sign of family hearth and comfort.

The Indians believed that he brought light to the earth and that he was a symbol of balance, a dance between good and evil.

Tattoo of the White Crow

Separately, we should note the tattoos with the image of a white crow. To understand what such a tattoo means, it is necessary to refer to the concept of this word combination. Although in nature there are white albino birds, but still the concept of "white crow" has its own concept. In society, it is applied to people who are outliers, outcasts and those who do not want to bend to the patterns and attitudes of life. Therefore, the tattoo with the image of a white crow is applied by people who consider this bird an indicator of their life position, even to the detriment of their material well-being and socialization.

Color design

If in the implementation of the gull tattoo does not play a role in the choice of shades, then in the creation of the raven this choice is of particular importance.

Creating monochrome sketches, in which black will prevail, is able to enhance the negative coloring. The wolf and raven tattoo, performed in a similar style, look very intimidating.

The addition of light pigments can radically change the picture and transform the bird into a wiser creature, which acts as an ally of man and his protector throughout life's journey.

Recently, there have been drawings of white crows. They are, of course, less expressive, but no less spectacular. Creating such a bird on one's body allows one to characterize a person who is creative and unique. Equally as the albino raven lives and contradicts the laws of nature, so the person who chose this drawing, goes against the generally accepted rules and norms.

Tattoo of a raven for men

Many experts in the art of tattooing believe that the meaning of the image of a raven for men and women is different. If you thoroughly delve into the peculiarities of the meaning, the raven is both a male and a female sign. The male raven tattoo means wisdom, the ability to see what the average person will not see and knowledge of mystical secrets. Often, the raven tattoo is applied to men who have the gift of foresight, intuition, or wish to acquire this gift. The black raven that adorns a man's body looks attractive and enchanting. Beautiful and original looks this bird depicted in flight. Often the representation of the raven is applied with various additions, creating entire plots and compositions. Beautifully looks such a tattoo, complemented by certain inscriptions.

Tattoo of a raven for women

Girls more often than men use the tattoo of a raven. It is believed that he represents the female dark essence. Often modern girls choose sketches of the flying bird. Also popular are compositions with old houses, trees, the moon, a clock, a lantern or a candle. Tattoo of a raven on the shoulder is often made by women with a relationship to magic or witchcraft. It is believed that the image of a raven protects and is a guide to other worlds. Besides fans of ethnic style in a tattoo occur among both men and women, because the given tattoo reminds the ancient themes, ancient drawings of Celts or Romans.


It's important to discern a certain base before you just walk into a store and ask for a sketch you like from a catalog right away. But it's best to talk to a craftsman, and he can help you determine the design styles that will best suit your personality, tastes and goals.

Below are the mostly common types to consider when choosing.

Realism is one of the most sophisticated and common styles in the world. Be careful! They require special skills and experience. Be sure to ask your tattoo artist to show you examples of their work, or you may find yourself in a bad situation!

If you want an aggressive tattoo, then a thrash polka will work great for you. The thrash polka dot is done with a black and red palette. They look quite stylish and modern.

If you want a miniature tattoo, it is worth looking at styles such as graphics, Dotwork or minimalism. Often these techniques are diluted with watercolor elements.

Traditional (old-school, western traditional) is known for bold lines, bright colors and iconic designs such as roses, anchors and gorgeous female heads.

It would seem that crows are versatile and multifaceted animals that can mean something special to each individual. However, crows ultimately indicate some kind of change in one's life. Whether that change will be good, bad, or somewhere in between is up to each individual. Despite what the raven means to you, it will definitely create a beautiful and mysterious style.

Tattoo a raven on your back

The back is a great place for any tattoo. The image of a raven is no exception. Here you can draw the bird almost in full size. The only full natural wingspan cannot be shown, as this bird has a wingspan of up to 1.5 meters. Therefore, on the back, the raven is depicted in mini scale or with its wings folded. Choosing a large three-dimensional image, you have the opportunity to show all the details and color casts of feathers. As well as choosing the back for tattooing, there is a probability of creating a whole composition with various details and additions.

Popular varieties

The execution of the tattoo with wolves is presented in many variants. When applying a drawing, masters prefer to work with colors such as black, gray, white. Admirers of tattoos prefer to stuff the drawings on the back, neck, chest, as well as on the shoulder blade. Girls often choose to apply the image on the hand, namely on the wrist. Popularly used are such types of tattoos with this beast:

  • A lone wolf howling at the moon. It embodies independence, defiance, proud loneliness, the desire to separate from the crowd and follow the call of the heart.
  • A white wolf with blue eyes. A symbol of eccentricity, supernatural abilities, fearlessness.
  • Wolf skull. Is the embodiment of the relationship between the underworld and the world of the living. In this medium, a tattoo of the wolf's skull portrays the meaning of death and asks for help to cross over to the other side when the time comes.
  • Fenrir the wolf's grin. This is an ancient Celtic symbol that symbolizes chaos, evil beginning, unrestraint, inconsistency. The Fenrir on the girl's body represents loyalty to her chosen one, respect and obedience.
  • Fenrir is an Indian shaman with a wolf's skull. Powerful amulet that protects against disease, adversity and death.
  • Wolf in a pack. This tattoo is worn by a man for whom the family always comes first and for the good of his loved ones, he is willing to do anything, even if it is life-threatening.
  • Wolf with a rose. A symbol of loyalty, willingness to follow their leader without question.
  • A wolf in sheep's clothing. Indicates that the innocuous, at first glance, the man inside is a strong-willed, strong personality.

Popular is considered a tattoo geometry, where half of the head is transferred to the classic form, and the other half - a geometric pattern. The image looks like this:

Tattoo of crows on the chest

Separately, we should discuss the tattoo of crows, made on the chest. The image of a beautiful raven on a man's chest looks brutal and mesmerizing. The tattoo of this bird can be performed in the center or on one side. The created plot attracts attention and looks masculine. But for women, the image of a raven on the chest does not always create a beautiful image. A girl who decided to apply a raven tattoo, it is necessary thoroughly and to the smallest detail to think everything through. Here it is necessary to give advice: a miniature tattoo of a raven will look wonderful and mysterious on the chest.

The choice of the actual location

The choice of the area of the body on which the future drawing will be placed is a purely personal choice of the client. The master can only assist in this. The tattoo of a raven on the back is the best option for the male half of mankind, but choosing this location, it should be noted that the picture should not be limited to only one bird. For completeness of the picture and scale, you should choose additional elements that will emphasize the qualities of the bird.

About where to make a tattoo, you can talk endlessly, because tastes and preferences differ, and the choice of location depends on the created sketch and its size. If the drawing is small and monochrome, it is better to place it on the following areas:

  • shoulders;
  • collarbones;
  • lower legs;
  • hips;
  • shoulder blades;
  • clavicles.

In the case of choosing a large-scale sketch made in modern techniques, it is better to prefer areas that will reveal the potential of this picture.

Men quite often prefer to do tattoos on scars, trying to hide traces from operations or other skin defects. Beautiful ladies are not alien to the desire to veil some flaws in their appearance. Similarly to the stronger half of mankind, they create tattoos on stretch marks, hiding traces of pregnancy or a sharp change in weight.

Grim crow tattoos

Sometimes you can meet a person with a tattoo that depicts a bloody raven or the bird is complemented by somber details such as barbed wire, a skull or a grave cross. Not everyone dares to take such a step. And those who choose such tattoos are always fighting for their place in life.

When choosing a raven tattoo for yourself to get an original result, avoid triviality. Be sure to think through all the details for the tattoo, exactly what your bird should be and feel free to go to a professional master.

Left hand.

Moving to the actor's other arm.

Betty Sue.

In 1988, Depp tattooed the name of his mother, Betty Sue Palmer, on his left bicep. The actor associated with her the warmest feelings, he often called her his best friend. Betty Sue herself is very proud of her son's achievements, and sometimes they watch his movies together. The tattoo is in the form of a pink heart surrounded by abstract black Celtic-style lines.

Black Triangle

One of the most mysterious tattoos on the actor's body is also located on the left arm, above the dedication to his mother. It is an inverted equilateral black triangle with red abstract details near the edges. No one knows exactly what the tattoo symbolizes. There is an opinion that it has something to do with Johnny Depp's political preferences. According to another version, the tattoo has something to do with women.

Silence Exile Cunning.

These words meaning "Silence, Exile, Cunning" are painted on his left forearm in gothic script. Taken from J. Joyce's novel Portrait of an Artist in Youth.


Three is Johnny Depp's favorite number, endowed with sacred meaning in many world cultures. That's why he adorned his left hand with the little three.

Three hearts

On the inside of his shoulder there are three little hearts. Johnny has them inscribed in honor of his wife Vanessa Paradis and their two children, daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack.


Ogum (Ogun) is an African deity. The word salve translates from the Latin "Salve!" Johnny got the tattoo during a trip to Hawaii in 2010.


His left forearm is decorated with an image of a rook with cards in its paw. The drawing refers to the card game Rook. It was Johnny Depp's grandfather's favorite game.

The Skull Key

The drawing in the form of a key-skull the actor did at the same time with his friend Damien Ekhols. According to Depp, as a child he believed that such a key opens any door and removes all barriers.


The letter Z or zigzag is a common symbol of the Comanche tribe. Johnny got the tattoo in 2012, also in honor of joining the Indian tribe.

Little Guitarist.

On the back of his left shoulder is a little guitar player. The rather primitive style of drawing is due to the fact that it was drawn by Johnny Depp's son, Jack. His godfather Billy Carter has one just like it.

Man is a giddy thing.

The tattoo depicts a man in a suit, but without a face. The phrase underneath translates to "man is a giddy thing." The drawing was also done by Depp's son.

JJ 13.

Depp got the tattoo after the death of his security guard, Jerry Judges. He faithfully performed his duties for 20 years.

Sailor and Girlfriend

Both of Depp's hands have symmetrical black and white photographic images of a young sailor and his girlfriend. Apparently, the tattoo means that this couple is not destined to meet.


For women

For men