How to Draw a Wolf in Pencil: Step-by-Step Description of the Process for Beginners and Experienced Artists

What you need for the drawing

Little will be needed in the work:

  • colored pencils in various shades of gray;
  • gray and black felt-tip pens (for the second version)
  • a sheet of paper;
  • eraser.

The workplace must be well lit. Step-by-step performance of the work will help to consistently create delightful drawings.

Wolf's eyes

To begin the work it is necessary to draw the eyes of the animal. To do this, draw two eyes extended in different directions, extending from the center to the top. The shape of the eyes should resemble petals. Inside the painted eyes are pupils - completely shaded circles.

Next, an elongated wolf's muzzle is drawn, which is depicted in the form of a triangle with rounded corners. Inside the triangle, a spout is drawn in the form of a triangle with a rounded corner to the top.

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From the muzzle the contour lines of the head are drawn. To create the image of an animal that has fur, the bottom lines of the head symmetrically bred to the sides and slightly upwards.

On the side of a few zigzags are drawn. And then the lines gently rush upwards and, tapering upwards, converge in a regular semi-circle.

To visually separate the top and bottom of the head, lines are drawn from the spout to the top of the fur, which are then painted in different colors.

Creating a psychological portrait of a wolf

Before starting the drawing lesson at home, you should decide on the mood of the animal in the drawing. Choosing the atmosphere and mood of the future picture helps to develop important qualities in children:

  • attention;
  • observation;
  • an urge to develop an outlook.

Parents should ask the child to tell how he or she would like to draw his or her wolf. Before drawing, you can ask your child to tell what features are peculiar to a real wolf. It is easier to master drawing techniques, drawing a calm and confident animal. This makes it easier to draw its muzzle and body parts.

In the static position, it is easier to observe the proportions of a wolf's body. The baby learns to express the mood and basic character traits of this strong predator, which fears no one in the woods except hunters.

The torso of the beast

From the head to the back is drawn a line of the back, which is made in the form of a curved line, repeating the outlines of the spine and rounding downward.

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From the bottom of the muzzle down traced a second small segment, which ends at the point where it will begin paw.

Paws of the animal

From the place where the bottom segment ends, the front paw lines are drawn, separated from the limb by one segment at the bottom. Next, the belly and the hind paw of the animal are drawn. The upper part of the hind leg must be rounded.

Sections of the neck, chest and abdomen must be highlighted. They will be subsequently shaded and painted in different colors.

Next, the front and rear paws of the second plan are drawn, with the lower part of the paws separated by one line.

Step by step work

Let's use the geometry lessons. Drawing a standing wolf:

  1. Draw a circle in the left half of the sheet with a simple pencil. A little to the right and below we draw an oval that resembles a lying egg. The wide part is closer to the circle.
  2. Smooth concave line connect the circle and the wide part of the oval - mark the neck. From the top of the circle on the oval draw a line of the future scruff.
  3. On both sides of the oval from the bottom draw two straight lines - paws. Place them at a slight slope. To the front lines, draw two short segments at an angle, to them two more straight lines. For compliance with the proportions in the joints check with the original image of the wolf.
  4. Hind paws are outlined in the same way, only in form they are more like the Latin letter S, which has more pointed corners.
  5. Create a base for the muzzle. Starting from inside the circle, with the exit line for the circle draw a rectangle - the outer part should be narrower than the inner. On top of the circle mark the ears with two triangles.
  6. Draw the outline of the nose, mouth, eyes, ears, using softer pencils.
  7. Draw the neck, chest and front paws. We soften all sharpening.
  8. Draw the belly, hind paws, back of the wolf.
  9. From behind the oval, draw the tail of the wolf - so that it is slightly visible between the hind legs. The tip of the tail - fluffy.
  10. Use a rubber band to remove unnecessary lines. Now we draw small strokes, resembling wool strokes, on the whole contour of the animal. Large strokes highlight a strong neck with a fur collar, abdominal undercoat.

Now you know how to draw a wolf step by step. You can paint the beast, using paints or pencils. You need to use wavy lines to depict strong paws and musculature. Gray tones of varying intensity will help to imitate the texture of the wool.

The tail

The next step in creating the image of the forest animal is to draw the tail. The tail is depicted by wavy lines with zigzag edges, which symbolize wool.

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The middle of the tail is divided into two parts by a long vertical line.

Cute pictures of wolves

Beautiful wolf lying on a rock

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border favorite_border bookmark_border

Black and white wolf with wistful eyes

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

White wolf lies by the pond

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

White wolf, with open mouth staring into the distance

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border

White wolf lies on the snow

Pictures and photos of wolves
favorite_border bookmark_border favorite_border bookmark_border

The wolf lies near the moss

Pictures and photos of wolves
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Pictures and photos of wolves
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Coloring elements of the image

After completing all the previous steps, which allow you to quickly and easily draw a wolf, the elements of the drawing are painted:

  • The nose, eyes and fingers are drawn in black;
  • in a light gray shade painted chest and belly, the lower half of the head and paws of the background;
  • front muzzle, inner part of ears, lower elements of hind paws are filled with simple gray shade;
  • the lines of the ears along the upper part, the upper half of the head and the main body, with one part of the tail, are filled in a gray color of a darker color;
  • the second tail portion and forelegs are sketched in a rich gray.

If the number of shades of gray pencils does not allow you to perform the coloring as in the instructions, you can apply the technique of different effort on a simple pencil. By varying the degree of pressure, you can get different shades of gray.

This easy-to-follow guide describes how to easily draw a full-length wolf and create an impressive picture. The following are step-by-step instructions for beginners to depict a wolf that sits.

Howling at the Moon.

Drawing the moon and the howling wolf is not that difficult.


  1. Draw a circle in the upper right corner of the sheet - this will serve as the base for the head. Now draw on the line of the circle at the top, toward the right corner of the sheet, two elongated arches - the upper is larger, the lower smaller. This will be the mouth of the howling beast.
  2. On the left side of the circle horizontally draw another arch - for the ears of the wolf.
  3. Under the head draw a larger circle, slightly moving it down and to the left. From the line of the circle below at a slight angle downwards draw two straight lines - for the front paws
  4. Even below and significantly to the left draw another circle, larger than the previous one. So we create the basis for the body of the wolf. From below the circle from its middle to the edge draw a horizontal line to the left, connect it with a short segment at an acute angle with the line of the circle. This will be the back paw.
  5. Connecting smooth lines main body shape. Bottom left, depict the curved line wolf tail.

Drawing details.

  1. For the eye from the top of the muzzle, draw a thick short line, adding details.
  2. At the tip of a larger semi-arcs draw the nose - darken the line at the edge and add nostrils. Shade the nasal lines.
  3. Draw muzzle. A thick curved line marks the mouth, tiny dashes draw protruding teeth at the top and bottom of the mouth (one is enough). The lower lip line should be thickened. Using short strokes imitating wool, draw the chin.
  4. Detail the ears with thick curved lines and fine strokes inside.
  5. The contour of the head is drawn with fine strokes to make it look like wool. Later on, we also draw the entire torso.
  6. Draw the front legs, not forgetting the joints. A few lines below depict paws with claws. The second paw can be hidden behind the first one, leaving a couple of lines in sight.
  7. Draw the back leg, also adding a paw with claws and toes. Do not forget that the hind limb is somewhat larger than the front.
  8. Combine all the circles and lines in the drawing, tracing the contour with small strokes, imitating fur. The tail should be drawn with longer lines.
  9. All unnecessary lines are removed, using an elastic band. Using a soft pencil, draw the main features, adding expressiveness to the body.

It only remains to add the moon. It is not necessary to paint the beast completely - it is enough to apply a few tones with a simple pencil, and to depict a shadow from below - so it will seem that the beast is illuminated by the moonlight.

There is another way: you can paint the body of the beast completely dark, and light gray or white highlight the main details and the moon. The rest of the space is shaded.

How to draw a wolf, howling at the moon - simply or with the effect - you can decide for yourself. In any case, such a work will look very interesting.

Having mastered a few techniques, you can already draw animals on your own in the variants that your imagination prompts you. Be brave and you will discover many more amazing things, not only in the world of drawing, but also around you.

Drawing the head

First, the head of the beast is drawn. This is done by drawing a curved line representing the top of the head and the nose. On the left, at the end of the line, is drawn a spout of triangular shape, which leaves an unpainted small oval. It will create a sense of glare.

From the nose to the right a line of the mouth is drawn, which is slightly rounded and ends with a vertical segment of short length. An arc-shaped segment and two lower canines are added at the beginning of the mouth.

The bottom of the beast's mouth begins with triangles, symbolizing wool. A line is drawn from the fur, which ends at the border of the neck.

To highlight the front of the wolf's muzzle, diverging symmetrical lines are drawn from the nose, which are rounded at the location of the eyes. From the eye, which is in the foreground, additional zigzags of wool are drawn, forming a cheek.

In the rounded eyes two points are drawn.

Above the cheek, a slightly inclined ear is drawn, which is depicted in the form of a triangle. A semicircular line is drawn from the triangle with zigzag lines for fur, which creates a complete image of the back of the head.

The other ear is placed in the background. Internal parallel borders are drawn on the ears.

The chest and front paws of the beast

A line is drawn from the beast's mouth to create the outside of the chest. Zigzag stitches are drawn to add lushness to the coat.

Drawing the inside of the chest, from the cheek downwards, a wavy line is drawn that passes vertically into the beast's front paw.

Continuing the paw, a rounding is created at the bottom, and toes are added. The second paw is drawn the same way as the first.

The body of the beast.

The next step in creating a drawing is the torso of the wolf, which is in a sitting position. For this purpose, from the back of the head down, a little slanted, a line is drawn, which ends with a rounding. Parallel to the curvature, to create the image of a bent paw, a symmetrical semicircle is made.

Fingers are finished drawing on the bottom paw.

The next step is drawn second paw, as well as outlines of the stomach with a tail. The tail, to give volume, is drawn with wavy lines at a wide interval.

Symbols with which a wolf tattoo can be combined

Symbolism is an essential attribute of any tattoo, except for those that are made in the force of minimalism without superfluous details and elements. As for tattoos with the image of wolves, most often they are combined with such symbols as:

clock - suggests that the man is always ready to defend himself, in a hurry to achieve his goals, knows the value of time;

the moon - Mystical symbol that shows the connection with the otherworldly world and together with a wolf can indicate the mental torments of men;

Photo 44

flowers - a romantic symbol, which translates the whole characteristic of the wolf into the connotation of love and a relationship with a woman;

Photo 45

Feathers - Here is hidden sacred meaning, representing the harmony of soul and body, strength and wisdom, peace without aggression and anger.

Photo 46


Having created the contours of the beast, it is necessary to visually separate the elements of the drawing. For this purpose, the nose part and the mouth are painted in black.

Separate strokes are applied to the chest, thus creating cascades of wool.

The thorax, muzzle, inner part of the ears and one part of the tail of the animal are painted in gray. The other part of the drawing is painted in a darker tone.

The given steps of how to draw a wolf in pencil or felt-tip pencil, even for beginners amateurs and children, help consistently draw the image of beautiful animals and create a unique picture.

Drawing a wolf correctly

How can you just draw a wool that looks a lot like wolf skin? The question is as interesting as the activity itself.

If in the process of drawing it is decided to use only a pencil, it is best to put into practice a schematic application of shadows, using a competent description on this subject.

After all, it is always the image of wolf hair that is considered the most difficult.

  • To do this, it is usually necessary to draw a lot of small hatchings along all the contour lines with a pencil.
  • Carefully review, before you begin, the possible options for such shading.
  • In reality, the wolf's coat varies in color and shade. This is clearly visible during the molting period.
  • Therefore, when shading, it is better to use several colors instead of one.
  • It is not an easy task to properly apply the right colors on a pencil drawing.
  • The difficulty lies in both the selection of the right color and the need to take into account the application of at least the main characteristic shades.
  • The back must necessarily be marked with a dark stripe. Similar stripes can be seen on parts of the neck and belly.
  • Darker tones are selected for the forehead and bridge of the nose.

Tactics can be employed by which it will be immediately clear. That in front of the audience a typical wolf, if you portray him preparing for a fight with the dogs, or standing quietly in the clearing in the silence of the forest.

Picture tips how to draw a wolf

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