How to Draw a Cat - Easy Workshops with Instructions for Children and Beginning Artists

A cat is the favorite pet of many. Children often draw funny cats. At first glance it seems that drawing an animal is difficult, but if you apply simple rules and schemes, you can very soon learn to depict even realistic representatives of the family of cats.

Draw a cat

Let's try to draw this cute kitty with a bow in a few simple steps.

How to draw a cat

We start with the guides , make a sketch of the head, paws and muzzle

Tracing the head, add roundness to the body and paws.

How to draw a cat

A few small touches. And look how beautiful the cat turned out!

How to draw a cat

Animal footprints with captions

Lessons with pictures "animal footprints" is an interesting, fascinating and very educational activity for children. Learning and recognizing footprints helps develop not only memory, but also spatial thinking.

You can start studying with pictures, but with the onset of winter and after the snowfall it is worth to conduct visual examples outside (children will love it immensely).

It is unlikely that you will find a paw print of a wild boar, hare, wolf or bear near the house, but seeing where a cat, dog or bird has been walking is quite realistic.

Draw a cat

Drawing a cat will differ in the expression of the muzzle, after all it is a cat - a serious and militant! Let's start drawing the cat in stages.

How to draw a cat

Let's define the shape of our cat. Guides will help us. Paws, ears, eyes.

Next, muzzle, finish drawing ears and collar.

How to draw a cat

Paws and tail - simple flowing lines

How to draw a cat

Details that give expression to the muzzle and remove unnecessary lines. Got it?

How to draw a cat

Drawing a cute kitty cat

Before that we had simple drawings, now let's try a cat in color. That's the cutie we're going to have in our sketchbook.

How to draw a cat

Guides again, they're a big help.

How to draw a cat

Ears and muzzle details

Paws and tail.

And most importantly - the eyes. Done!

How to draw a cat

Drawing a cartoon cat

Basically, they're all cartoon cats, but this cat is special. This is the easiest and simplest drawing of a cat possible. Let's break it down in more detail.

How to draw a cat

Two simple curved lines form the cat's face

How to draw a cat

The same curved lines are the ears

Let's draw the same lines inside of the ears and draw a guide line underneath that will tell us the height of our cat

Let's draw softly curved lines - the body, let's define the tail.

How to draw a cat

Doris the tail and proceed to the hind legs

How to draw a cat

Finish at this stage with the hind legs

How to draw a cat

Draw the front paws

Only 4 lines and we are ready!

How to draw a cat

Let's start with a muzzle and draw a big smile, at the same time clawing the soft paws

How to draw a cat

Eyes, mustache and you can paint. Well done!

How to draw a cat

Animated funny cats

Very easy to draw cartoon cats, also using geometry and the method of steps.

Cat in profile

In this variation, the pet image will have two paws.

Step 1.

Using the dotted line, again draw two circles of different sizes. On the left - the one that is larger. This will be the torso. On the right - a smaller circle, the boundary of which goes beyond the first circle.

Step 2

Start tracing the contour. To do this, the head is taken as a whole, and the torso to the beginning of the transition boundary. Excess dashed line is removed.

Step 3

Draw ears, muzzle, eyes (don't forget the pupils), nose, "smiling" mouth, long mustache.

Step 4

Next, they draw two round on the tips of the paws with claws-dashes.

Step 5

Stripes are added to the back and tail. If desired, they are colored in gray or orange.

Cat Philosopher .

This image is very easy to create. All you need to do is a triangle, which is divided in half with a dotted line. This is followed by actions:

  • At the top, ears are drawn, with the upper sharp corner of the large triangle "cut off".
  • In the middle of the dotted line adds the olfactory organ and an elongated segment with a semicircle at the end labeled the mouth.
  • Draw little front paws "iksikom", cartoon round eyes, mustache.
  • Paws depict claws (dashes). And, of course, do not forget about the tail.

Cheerful pussy.

To represent this animated animal on paper, perform the following steps:

  1. Step 1. Draw a vertical centerline. On it "string" first the bottom of the torso, which looks like a heart, and then the top - a circle. And at the end of the "assembly" they "put on" a big round head (it should be twice as big as the rounded part of the torso).
  2. Step 2: Add pointed ears, nose, mouth, and unlikely eyes one by one.
  3. Step 3. Draw a feline "smile" in the form of a recumbent figure "3" at the base of the nose.
  4. Step 4. Designate the paws. To do this, from the lower boundary of the upper thoracic part down, lead parallel four lines, which are rounded at the ends in pairs.
  5. Step 5: Draw two more hind paws: two ovals on each side of the "heart" (the lower part of the animated image).

Draw the cat's face

Don't want to draw a whole cat, just a muzzle? Let's give it a try. It's easy! Will this one do?

How to draw a cat

Oval, sideburns and not quite a straight line between them

How to draw a cat

Ears, their inner part, remove the extra lines at once

How to draw a cat

Let's draw the ears from inside and add eyes and eyebrows.

Let's make the eyes more expressive by shining, let's draw a nose, a little fur. That's it! Easy, isn't it?

How to draw a cat

The meaning of the cat's paws tattoo

For each person, a tattoo is something special, individual. Cat's paws most often remind the owner of some important event or a dear creature. When a person sees a cat's paws tattoo, the following associations most often arise:

  1. If it is a girl, she is enthusiastic and open to new opportunities. Considering that these tattoos are from the category of cute, they are very often applied by young ladies. We can assume that they for their age are already independent people, a reliable support.

    tattoo on hands

  2. Catwoman. Passionate, bright and graceful lady with the changeable character of a cat. Most often, their tattoo is done in dark colors and has an underlying meaning.
  3. Fearlessness. The owner of the strict type of cat's paws is a person who is not afraid of the innovations of the modern world and will be able to dodge them, like a cat.
  4. An ambiguous message. There is also the cat's paw tattoo, which directly hints at a promiscuous lifestyle. To avoid this opinion of oneself, it is necessary to add to the tattoo a neat appearance combined with good manners.

In fact, the latter meaning is formed because of the signs pointing to it in the appearance and in the inner world of the bearer of the tattoo.

Pusheen Cat

The famous Pusheen cat will be painted from now on and forever! Easy and simple! Sounds like a spell? Nonsense! You don't need any magic to draw Pushin the cat - just a pencil and an eraser. That's such a beautiful cat will come out.

How to draw a cat

Give roundness to the shape of an oval, draw ears and expand puffy

How to draw a cat

We remove surplus, draw eyes and a nose.

How to draw a cat

Add beauty whiskers, stripes and paws.

How to draw a cat

Tail and legs. So now where to go such a beauty?

How to draw a cat

Garfield the kitten

Do you like Garfield? Let's try to draw this red-haired beauty when he was a kitten.

Unusual, but let's start with the eyes and the nose.

How to draw a cat

Around them we will draw the head with ears and the body - simple, slightly curved lines

How to draw a cat

Draw paws and strips with whiskers.

How to draw a cat

And that's it! Meow!

How to draw a cat

Animal footprints with captions

A general chart of the footprints of popular animals:

Dog and Cat

You've probably seen more than once the footprints that pets leave in the snow and on the ground. Cat and dog paw prints are similar, but they still have some differences.

In dogs, in addition to pads and hair, claws are also imprinted. At the same time, the size of the marks can be different - depending on the breed of the animal.

The wolf and the chanterelle

If your property is located near the forest, wild "relatives" of the dog from the same family - Canine - can sneak up on you. As a rule, wolf tracks are larger than dog tracks.

But you are unlikely to encounter them in your garden, as forest sanitarians usually avoid people and their homes. But foxes are not averse to sneaking into a hen house and eating there.

Fox tracks are easy to distinguish: on their front paws, the two middle toes are visibly forward.

More photos of fox footprints:


Squirrels are active both in summer and winter. In search of food, they jump from tree to tree and sometimes go down to the ground, leaving trails there.

If you set up bird feeders on your property in winter, be prepared that cute squirrels can get to them, too.

More photos of squirrel tracks:

A chicken and a ferret

If you not only farm crops, but also keep chickens or rabbits, take care to protect your farm from ferrets. They hunt mostly at night. Also poultry and animals can be harmed by martens.

Draw Maine Coon.

Classy cat. With a letter in his forehead, of enormous size, will impress anyone. Let's try to draw him.

How to draw a cat

Draw the defining main lines of the head, ears, and muzzle

How to draw a cat

Smoothly connect not quite flat lines, form a coat

How to draw a cat

Draw the letter "M" with islands of dark fur and add a mustache with eyelashes.

How to draw a cat

Draw the main elements and remove auxiliary lines. Beautiful drawing. It can also be done with colored pencils, giving the color bright colors and highlighting the green eyes.

How to draw a cat

Drawing Siamese cat

The capricious queen of cats, willful and strict Siamese cat. Let's try to draw her grace and become. The drawing is done in pencil, but you can add realism to it and make it in color. So, in 6 simple steps.

How to draw a cat

We draw conventional lines of the body parts and guides to determine the pose.

How to draw a cat

Draw the head, the body and front paws with fluid lines.

How to draw a cat

Hind paws, tail and head parts. Delete unnecessary things

How to draw a cat

Simplified anatomy of the animal

Each animal's body shape is defined by two anatomical levels: skeletal and muscular. They can be hidden under the fur and skin, but without them the cat would be shapeless. Fortunately, you don't have to learn the shape of every bone and the name of every muscle - you just have to draw what you see.

A cat's skeleton can be simplified into a set of lines. You need to memorize the proportions and location of the joints as well as their limits.

The easiest way to master this method is to look at a photo of the animal and draw the "skeleton" seen on the body. After dozens of such sketches, the hand will remember the outline, muscular memory sometimes works wonders.

Tip: If you have to draw cats from your imagination, try not to look at the picture after you start drawing. This is a good method to develop your visual memory; you will need it in the future.

When drawing, you need to pay special attention to the spine. In cats, it is very flexible and is limited only to the thorax, hips.

Muscles are more complex than the skeleton, in the case of cats they can be simplified. This is because cats have very stretched skin, which covers the outlines of the muscles even in naked breeds. This makes it very easy to draw them.

After the skeleton is ready, you can start "dressing" it with body parts, turn:

  • hind legs;
  • hips and shoulders;
  • front paws;
  • skin between the parts;

Now you can draw the outline of the body. It is quite blocky and can be shaped like a loaf of bread. This is the easiest and most correct way of how to draw a cat in pencil.

Drawing Kittens

Cute and funny kittens just begging to be drawn. Let's try to draw them.

A playful kitten

The two circles give us an idea of the kitten's size and the main guides define the kitten's movement

How to draw a cat

Let's draw the muzzle in detail and shape it

How to draw a cat

Draw the body with lines that imitate fur, outline the paws

How to draw a cat

Fluffy tail, bow, whiskers. Kitten ready!

How to draw a cat

Kitten girl

A very detailed lesson on how to draw a pretty little cat like this

Connect the two circles with a semicircle line

How to draw a cat

Around this line we draw the body and add guides for the paws.

How to draw a cat

Draw a tail.

How to draw a cat

Around the guides we add lines for paws and we draw the head and ears.

Draw muzzle, finish with ears.

How to draw a cat

Lines of eyes, eyebrows

How to draw a cat

Nose and mouth

Little details on muzzle, feet and body are left

And claws, necessarily! You can paint as you wish.

How to draw a cat

How to build a head and a snout

To draw a realistic figure, you must be careful to learn the basic principles of the correct construction of the muzzle and head.

In full-face

In the process of creating the main part of the image follow the following steps:

Stage 1.

On the sheet make a sketch of the future head - a circle, slightly elongated and not strongly pointed at the bottom. In a cross in the entire perimeter of the circle.

Step 2

On a horizontally positioned piece, eyes are sketched. A little lower indicate the nose and a circle, which will be the convex part of the muzzle. When depicting, symmetry is respected: the right eye must be located at the same distance from the nose as the left.

Step 3

The ears are added at such a distance from each other that the line that leads from the edge of one inner ear goes to the tear duct of the eye and further to the nose.

And with the second such line they form a semblance of a triangle. The ears are made pointed at the top. Also see that the end points of the outer ears are on the sides of the horizontal segment of the cross.

Step 4

From the corners of the eyes do two lines to the nose, draw nostrils, eyes give details: emphasize tear ducts, draw narrow pupils and shading them, do not forget to leave highlights (or create glare with eraser over shaded).

Draw a mouth and volumetric cheeks, work through the zone of points-follicles, which will grow a mustache. Usually there are four such rows on each side. And, in fact, portray the long mustache itself, not only near the mouth, but also from the "eyebrows".

Step 5

Working with a pencil. To give a realistic wool, make quick strokes, not connected to each other.

They see how the fur of the animal grows and try to repeat the structure with different stroke techniques, shading where necessary by more frequent segments (in the drawing inside the ear, for example), and where the image requires it - highlighting (the areas near the eyes and those to which the light falls).

Step 6

To give the eyeball volume, using the technique of pointillism (painting dots) and the edges of the point to highlight the circular volume. This method can also be used in detailing other areas of the work with a simple pencil. The method allows you to achieve greater realism.

Step 7

Soft a simple pencil make a fluffy face. Once again, emphasize details, working with light and shade.

In profile

To perform this task, also draw a circle, to the right of which draws something like a trapezoid (muzzle). The circle is divided into quarters by a cross. The axis of the horizon will point to the side where the cat's gaze will fall.

Two-thirds of the trapezium will occupy the upper lip and nose, the rest of the place will take the lower jaw.

Then the eye (one, because the view is from the side), ears (one slightly hidden behind the other) and nose are outlined. Following this action, focus attention on the details: pupils, mustache, wool structure.

When they master the scheme of constructing a head, they practice by drawing from nature or from photos of different representatives of the feline family. In the process of work constantly look at the image, comparing it with what you get. They carefully calculate proportions and observe symmetry.

So, for example, focus on how one segment (from the eye to the tip of the nose) is larger or smaller than the other (from the inner ear to the eye canal or from the nose to the chin).

Do not miss the point of mirroring the right side to the left, but if you draw a cat with his head slightly turned sideways, then use slightly different proportions.


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