How to draw a wolf step by step with your own hands - easy instructions for children, unusual ideas and diagrams to create a drawing

Wolf tattoo - one of the most popular tattoos among fans of body art, who are inspired by the images of animals want to get the next portion of ink under the skin. Powerful, amazing and full of sacred meaning, wolf tattoo designs come in a variety of variations.

Like the lion tattoo, the wolf head tattoo can easily be placed anywhere on the body, including the shoulder, arm, chest, back or involve the sleeve in the tattoo plot. However, many people prefer the image of a wolf pack because of its deep meaning regarding family, loyalty and unity.

On the other hand, the image of the leader symbolizes a strong leader who sacrifices himself and protects the rest of the pack. In addition, a suitable drawing can be chosen from a howling, snarling or grinning wolf. By the way, a tattoo with a predator howling at the moon can represent the raw animal instincts and rebellious nature of a lone wolf.

Regardless of your choice of style for the image image, the best wolf tattoos offer an opportunity to add your personality and express your creative flair. Let's take a look at some cool wolf tattoo styles to see if this type of body art is right for you.

Drawing a wolf picture easily

Answering the question of how to draw a wolf with a pencil, we can recommend using the elaborate step-by-step instructions for children.

It is quite detailed and will help beginners determine how to beautifully draw the well-known representative of all predators.

The characteristic aggressiveness can mainly be conveyed by the corresponding grin of the animal. A bit difficult, but possible to convey in a drawing the coldness and predatory gaze.

If you already have some experience in drawing a dog, then it is worth a few changes of approach with respect to the wolf, which, first of all, catches the eye the power of the body, more pronounced than the pet.

Putting into practice a simple drawing technique and your creative skills, it is quite easy to draw a wolf step by step in such a way that everyone can immediately say with confidence that it is a predator, not a dog.

General tips

Leisure activities, built on learning to draw, helps at any age to reveal their imagination, hone their skills. Moreover, fine motor skills, with which the work with pencils and brushes is connected, develop the brain.

The wolf in the drawings can be anything from a cute little cartoon puppy to a brutal predator.

But first of all, it is necessary to think over the composition on paper: to determine in what position the animal will be (sitting, standing, running, etc.), what psychological mood the drawing will have, what will be the background.

One should begin with pencil sketches. A sketch is created using a set of simple pencils, eraser and sketchbook paper. Subsequently colored pencils, paints and brushes and felt-tip pens are needed. Also useful is a sharpener.

The most "popular" colors are considered gray, red (mouth and tongue), green (eyes), white (undercoat and tip of the tail).

It is not bad if you have the opportunity to use a tablet - with it you can position a sheet of paper at the right angle. In addition, the workplace should be well lighted.

You should use images of wolves from the Internet or books as an example. Choose simple and relaxed poses to learn - it's harder to draw a running wolf than a standing one, and for a portrait you need to get a little "hands on".

General contour outlines

Using the recommendations offered by the beginner's workshop, you should create a sketch sketch in pencil step by step.

To do this:

  • Preliminarily, to simplify the task of drawing a wolf representative, it is necessary to divide the place for the drawing into equal squares.
  • By marking, in this way, the surface can more accurately show the basic contours of the predatory animal;
  • Initially, the outlines of the torso and the circumference of the head are drawn.
  • Separately added strokes to indicate the paws and tail.
  • It is not at all difficult to represent the front pair of legs, unlike the hind legs, which are always in a slightly bent position. In this they are akin to the cat's.

The meaning of the tattoo wolf

Such a sketch is preferred by people with a strong spirit, courageous and aggressive natures. But also do not forget that the image expresses family, cultural values. You can choose an image if you want to express love for people, for nature. We should not forget that by nature these animals are predators, they even once competed with humans in obtaining food. This is what the image can denote:

  1. In some cultures, the wolf is seen as a divine mythological creature.
  2. But in ancient times, this predator was a symbol of evil, the embodiment of cunning. But this perception is explained by the fact that people and wolves were competitors.
  3. It was once thought that the beast could associate with ghosts and evil spirits. People thought that he communicated with the otherworld when he howled. One could even encounter information that the beast was possessed by the devil.
  4. Many hold the opinion that this beast is symbolized with loyalty, courage, opportunity, to become part of the pack.

Drawing the head and face of the beast

Many people have a little difficulty in how to simply draw a predatory head with a small grin.

  1. Before beginning such work, it is worth removing the marking lines, which are now no longer needed.
  2. Then proceed directly to drawing the approximate head outline, leaving the detailed drawing for later.
  3. Initially the outline of each ear is drawn, and only then the muzzle itself.
  4. It is the exact execution of such detail, makes the image look like a wolf, rather than a fox or a member of the canine breed.
  5. If you have a drawing of a person in front of you, then first of all the attention will switch to the head and face. The same happens with the animals.
  6. Draw a wolf in such a way that its predatory nature is immediately visible.
  7. If you don't give a special expression of a beast of prey on paper with a pencil, the result will be a drawing of an ordinary mongrel dog.
  8. First you need to remove the now unnecessary contour lines in the head drawing, and then start drawing the nose.
  9. Then it's turn to depict the eyes and gaze. Gradually all the small details are added, denoting the main features of the wildlife representative.

In general, then drawing a wolf in several stages is not that difficult and fascinating. As if a little touch to such a mysterious world of animals.

At the step when the body, head, paws and tail are already done - the picture looks like a completely finished composition. It remains to decide on one important point - whether to resort to coloring.

Quite often, the image with a simple pencil so expressively and fully conveys the essence of the inhabitant of wildlife, that after coloring with paints or colored pencils wolf somewhat loses its animal attractiveness.

Master class for drawing the wolf from the cartoon "About how the wolf and the dog were friends.

Drawing should begin with the creation of a sketch of the head. To do this, you need to perform the following steps step by step:

  1. Draw horizontally a regular oval with wide ends;
  2. Divide it into four parts with a vertical and horizontal line, drawing the vertical line exactly in the middle, and the horizontal line so that the lower parts are larger than the upper ones;
  3. On the horizontal line draw irregularly shaped ovals, which will represent the wolf's eyes. Care should be taken to ensure that they are placed evenly. Inside you need to draw the pupils in the form of dots;
  4. Draw the nose at the bottom of the muzzle in the form of a rectangle with smoothed corners. The lower part of the nose should be depicted in the form of a stretched letter "M".
  5. Draw above the nose triangle with rounded apex. Bottom draw the muzzle in the form of irregular squares with flattened corners. Under them is drawn lower jaw;
  6. Draw ears in the form of triangles on the head;
  7. Draw muzzle, eyes and ears.

After the head, the torso is drawn in the form of a large pear, extending to the bottom. Then the lower paws of the sitting wolf are drawn, and the front paws, on which it rests while sitting.

To paint such a wolf should be gray paint inside the outline, and the outline should be marked with strokes depicting wool.

When both drawings are ready, parents can discuss with the child how the two drawings differ from each other. When a child describes a calm, realistically depicted wolf by comparing it to a characteristic cartoon character, he or she will learn that wolves, like people, can have different personalities.

Drawing Wool correctly

How can you just draw a coat that looks a lot like a wolf's skin? The question is as interesting as the activity itself.

If in the process of drawing it is decided to use only a pencil, it is best to put into practice the schematic application of shadows, using a competent description on this subject.

After all, the image of wolf hair is always considered the most difficult.

  • To do this, it is usually necessary to apply a lot of little strokes along all the contour lines using a pencil.
  • Carefully review, before you begin, the possible options for such shading.
  • In reality, the wolf's coat varies in color and shade. This is clearly visible during the molt period.
  • That's why it's better to use several colors instead of just one when painting.
  • It is not an easy task to correctly apply the right colors to a pencil drawing.
  • The whole difficulty lies in both the selection of the right color and the need to take into account the application of at least the main characteristic shades.
  • The back must necessarily be marked with a dark stripe. Similar stripes can be seen on parts of the neck and belly.
  • Darker tones are selected for the forehead and bridge of the nose.

It is possible to apply a tactic by which it will be immediately clear. What is in front of the audience a typical wolf if depicted preparing for a fight with dogs, or standing quietly in a clearing in the silence of the forest.

Division into styles and standard colors

As everyone knows, the wolf by nature is a forest gray predator, not shining with cunning, but has a natural instinct to survive in all conditions. Gray, so traditionally black and gray colors are used for his image, capable of fully conveying the mood, character and meaning of the idea of the tattoo in a drawing.

But all the rest - the background, blood, scars, his eyes, fangs and additional subjects on the plot can have a certain color and create the illusion of reality. Wolf tattoos are applied both in different techniques and in different styles. The most popular and demanded of them we presented below.

Wolf in the style of Watercolor

Fierce Wolf and style Watercolor, it would seem, two incompatible things, nevertheless such tattoos exist and even look good. This is almost the only style in which the gray coloring of the beast can be anything from blue to purple.

The Watercolor style is famous for its soft transitions from one color to another. All the appearance of creating the illusion of a made drawing with water-based paints.

Geometric Wolf

One of the most popular styles applicable to forest sanitarians. Its essence is reduced to the direct use of elementary geometric figures, known to everyone from the elementary school geometry course, in the tattoo combination. The wolf is inscribed in these figures (most often in the rhombus) or in the foreground, and simple geometric elements are used as an additional background.

But more often half of the predator is simply portrayed literally from the triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals and other simple shapes.

Wolf in the Graphic style

Wolf tattoo in the Graphic style definitely resembles a pencil drawing on paper, only it's on the body and it can't be erased with a rubber band. The pencil drawing is gray and the natural color of the predator too, that's what they have in common.

Not always tattoos in this style have to be black and white. Color can be present, but the very idea of a wolf image as a drawing should remain. Graphics is one of the most effective styles in which any tattoo with a wolf looks interesting.

Celtic Style Wolf

A popular Celtic style tattoo character. The style goes back to the culture of the ancient northern warriors has a separate, almost canonical image of the wolf. It is the profile of the beast, consisting of beautiful woven lines resembling wrought steel flat bars, with its mouth open and its tongue sticking out (almost always). The image always has fangs and a sharp elf-like ear.

Tattoos are often applied in conjunction with the Dotwork technique, which creates an etched metal effect that enhances the visual appearance of the tattoo as an ancient piece of jewelry that came straight from the Celtic forge.

Neotraditional Style Wolf

It's very, very common to confuse the Neotraditional style with the Newschool style. It's simple - the Wolf in Neotradition is flatter and less funny. And the confusion comes from the fact that both styles resemble animation and use a full palette of colors.

The dyeing technique is similar to the canonical aspects of Oldschool, only more versatile in terms of color, and therefore more modern.

The wolf in the Newskool style

This style offers us a funny interpretation of a forest predator in the form of a cartoon character, with big anime eyes and a disproportionate head in relation to the body. The style is very bright, colorful (in most versions), interesting and modern.

Newskool makes the wolf a completely anti-aggressive animal, while maintaining the whole set of symbolism.

Wolf in the style of Old Style

Tattoo Wolf in the Old School style - is a tribute to the old traditions of body art, when there were certain methods of applying dye under the skin, canonical color solutions and created a kind of database of ready-made templates, one of which is the head of the wolf.

Sometimes it holds a rose in its teeth, and sometimes it is enveloped in flames. Tongues is also depicted in the familiar 50s form.

The Organic Wolf

While the usual Organic style tattoos depict an eye or specific skin bursting through a person's skin, the Wolf bursts through the impressive lacerations left by his claws.

Wolf in Ornamental Style

How do you weave the image of a ruthless predator into the patterns? Elementary, either the wolf itself becomes in the foreground and his image is decorated with ornaments, or the head of the beast is completely composed as an ornament, like a scheme for macrame weaving.

Not infrequently in a tattoo can be distinguished skillfully veiled scheme of the universe - a mandala.

Wolf in the style of Realism

We thought and still think that the Realism style makes the Wolf tattoo a living, true work of art body art. Rare masters, only true professionals are able to portray the predator correctly and not to screw up. And there are very few such specialists who can not only redraw, but create stunning sketches themselves and bring their ideas to life on their clients' canvases.

Wolf in the style Sketch

What can be said about the wolf tattoo in the style of Sketch? There was an idea, sketched a drawing, and so left. But do not have to suffer, what color to highlight how to lay the hair, everything is simple and ultramodern.

And it is not even necessary to think out something, it is enough to take a ready-made idea for a tattoo and just simplify it as much as possible, and the masters will help you with this.

A wolf in the Tribal style.

Let's be clear, patterns of black weaves of tapering lines combined with a wolf's head is not the most fashionable option today. It's more of a tribute to the past from the 90's, like Oldschool 50's.

There are only 3 uses of the style: the wolf is made up of lines, the lines surround the predator as an ornament and the wolf is used instead of a background to paint over the lines.

Trash polka style wolf

Traditionally, the Thrash Polka style uses two contrasting colors - black and red or black and blue. In this tattoo, the black color naturally depicts the wolf, while the rest is used in a background decoder, in the form of sprawling colored lines.

Pictures of wolf drawings


Why choose?

Without any doubt we can say that such an image has gained special popularity. The wolf is admired, the wolf is feared, many bow before his courage, the ability to hunt. Independence, loyalty - these are the qualities inherent in wolves, as well as people who choose these tattoos. There are many myths and legends about wolves, and because of this a lot of attention is focused on them. No wonder that this is the image chosen by people who decided to make a tattoo. It is clear that sometimes by means of such a picture they want to express courage, aggression, but in most cases the meaning is family, spiritual values, love for people.

Tattoo wolf - the choice of strong-willed strong people with a strong character and principles. Tattoo wolf choose independent people who do not change their interests. Tattoo wolf will be the talisman of his master, will protect him in a difficult situation and give confidence in yourself.

Tattoo wolf for men

A man with a wolf tattoo inspires reliability. This tattoo for men means protection and courage. He is the leader of his pack. Tattoo wolf for men are often performed as realistic as possible, using a single color. Men, as a rule, in such a tattoo seek to emphasize the strongest sides of the beast. With the help of shadows and highlights the picture is more realistic, and with the help of bright colors emphasize the eyes or other elements and subtleties to show the difference about which we wrote above.

Executing the portrait of the beast

7 steps of a step-by-step drawing of a wolf. From simple lines we will get to the image of the beast.

Step 1.

Draw a circle. And beneath it is a figure that is shaped like an egg. It is a little to the side. And the narrow part of it is further away from the circle.

Step 2

Connect both figures concave line on the right side. From the bottom figure departed 4 lines, they will be the feet of the beast.

Step 3

Perhaps here the child needs some help, because details on the muzzle such as the nose and ears are drawn.

Step 4

We draw the neck, eyes, and front paws. Much easier for kids and beginners to depict the wolf step by step in pencil. So each detail is checked against the picture for sketching. And therefore depicted more accurately.

Step 5

We pay attention to hind legs. We remove all unnecessary details. Our drawn animal becomes more like the pictures that we looked at before we started.

Step 6

Going step by step, we didn't notice how we did almost everything. It remains to draw the tip of the tail, which is visible, circle the images, not forgetting that the mate has a strong neck with a muff, a short hair that tangles in all directions and strong paws. Pencil drawing for beginners looks quite decent.


For women

For men