How to draw a wolf step by step with your own hands - easy instructions for children, unusual ideas and schemes for creating a drawing

drawing a wolf
Our task today is to understand how to draw a wolf with a pencil, evil and terrible Gray, who knows a lot about piglets. And we have to do it in such a way as to understand his nature.

But first let's define! The wolf, who is he to us, the hero of fairy tales, or a predatory animal that lives in the woods? Accordingly, by choosing his role, we will portray this character. That's what I'm going to teach my son.

Drawing a picture with a wolf

Answering the question of how to draw a wolf in pencil, you can recommend to use well thought-out step by step instructions for children.

It is quite detailed and will help beginners to determine how to beautifully draw all the well-known representative of predators.

The characteristic aggressiveness can mostly be conveyed by the corresponding grin of the animal. It is difficult, but it is possible to convey in a drawing the coldness and predatory gaze.

If you already have some experience in drawing a dog, you should slightly change your approach with regard to the wolf, whose body strength, more pronounced than that of a pet, is first of all striking.

Putting into practice a simple drawing technique and your creative skills, it is quite easy to draw a wolf step by step in such a way that everyone can immediately say with confidence that it is a predator, not a dog.

General outline

Using the recommendations offered by the beginner's workshop, you should create a sketch sketch in pencil step by step.

To do this:

  • Preliminarily, to simplify the task of drawing a wolf representative, it is necessary to divide the place for drawing into equal squares.
  • By marking the surface in this way, you can more accurately show the basic contours of the predatory animal;
  • Initially, the outlines of the torso and the circumference of the head are drawn.
  • Separately added strokes to indicate the paws and tail.
  • It is not at all difficult to represent the front pair of legs, unlike the hind legs, which are always in a slightly bent position. In this they are akin to feline.

Animal's paws

The front paw lines are drawn from where the bottom segment ends and separated from the limb by a single segment at the bottom. Next, the belly and hind paw of the animal are drawn. The upper part of the hind leg must be rounded.

Sections of the neck, chest and abdomen must be highlighted. They will be subsequently shaded and painted in different colors.

Then draw the front and rear paws of the second plan, with the lower part of the paws separated by one line.

Drawing the head and face of the beast

Many people have a little difficulty in how to simply draw a predatory head with a small grin.

  1. Before beginning such work, it is worth removing the marking lines, which are now no longer needed.
  2. Then proceed directly to drawing the approximate head outline, leaving the detailed drawing for later.
  3. Initially the outline of each ear is drawn, and only then the muzzle itself.
  4. It is the exact execution of such detail, makes the image look like a wolf, rather than a fox or a member of the canine breed.
  5. If you have a drawing of a person in front of you, then first of all the attention will switch to the head and face. The same happens with the animals.
  6. Draw a wolf in such a way that its predatory nature is immediately visible.
  7. If you don't give a special expression of a beast of prey on paper with a pencil, the result will be a drawing of an ordinary mongrel dog.
  8. First you need to remove the now unnecessary contour lines in the drawing of the head, and then start drawing the nose.
  9. Then it's turn to depict the eyes and gaze. Gradually all the small details are added, denoting the main features of the wildlife representative.

In general, then drawing a wolf in several stages is not that difficult and fascinating. As if a little touch to such a mysterious world of animals.

At the step when the body, head, paws and tail are already done - the picture looks like a completely finished composition. It remains to decide on one important point - whether to resort to coloring.

Quite often, the image with a simple pencil so expressively and fully conveys the essence of the inhabitant of wildlife, that after coloring with paints or colored pencils wolf somewhat loses its animal attractiveness.

The meaning of female tattoos

Women are more fond of stuffing wolves, as a sign of devotion to the family, boundless love for loved ones. She-wolfs have a symbolic meaning of eternal loneliness, infinite love for the only companion in life.

Girls tend to stop their choice on tattoos, where only the outline of the beast is depicted. Or the image of the wolf is accompanied by additional elements: flowers, patterns, ornaments. Thus, gentle colors are added to the harsh beast.

Tattoo Wolf is the choice of smart, brave, resilient people with a really strong character. At all times, people from different cultures and nationalities respected these animals. The modern art of tattooing makes it possible to depict the noble beast in any way you want: it may be with a predatory grin, which speaks of fearlessness and courage; or howling at the moon, which promises impending change.

Drawing Wool Properly

How can you simply draw a coat that looks a lot like a wolf's skin? The question is as interesting as the activity itself.

If in the process of drawing it is decided to use only a pencil, it is best to put into practice the schematic application of shadows, using a competent description on this subject.

After all, the image of wolf hair is always considered the most difficult.

  • To do this, it is usually necessary to apply a lot of little strokes along all the contour lines using a pencil.
  • Carefully review, before you begin, the possible options for such hatching.
  • In reality, the wolf's coat varies in color and shade. This is clearly visible during the molting period.
  • Therefore, when painting, it is better to use several colors instead of one.
  • It is not an easy task to properly apply the right colors on a pencil drawing.
  • The difficulty lies in both the selection of the right color and the need to take into account the application of at least the main characteristic shades.
  • The back must necessarily be marked with a dark stripe. Similar stripes can be seen on parts of the neck and belly.
  • Darker tones are selected for the forehead and bridge of the nose.

It is possible to apply a tactic by which it will be immediately clear. What is in front of the audience a typical wolf, if to portray him preparing for a fight with dogs, or standing quietly in a clearing in the silence of the forest.


The next step in creating the image of the forest animal is to draw the tail. The tail is drawn in wavy lines with zigzag edges, which symbolize the wool.

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The middle of the tail is divided into two parts by a long vertical line.

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