Tattoo with Eagle Owl: Meaning, original techniques and designs with photos

Any tattoo sketch can not be a simple and meaningless drawing. Such a serious decision, as a choice of tattoo, necessarily requires you to define a clear position in the question - what does this step means to me? In order to help make sense of this question, we specifically create such topics. Today our material will tell our readers what meaning is invested in the tattoo with the image of an owl. And also you will learn to whom such a picture is suitable, in what techniques is performed and where it is better to stuff it.

What is the meaning of the tattoo owl

The opposing qualities that different peoples endowed this feathered raptor, could not but affect the symbolism and meaning of the image. The ancient Greeks characterized the owl with positive qualities, and endowed it with wisdom and excellent erudition. This legendary bird was a symbol of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and learning, and the famous expression "scholarly owl" became a companion of educated people.

The owl is a talisman against irrational investments and foolish thoughts. One of the talismans of feng shui, the money tree, is often decorated with such a symbol.

Indians praised the ability of the raptor to see in the dark and believed that these feathered birds are endowed with the gift of foresight. The feathers of owls very often adorned the headwear of Indians, acted as a talisman and protected from evil forces.

Polish legends tell of an owl as a bird hiding from the shame and ridicule of its relatives, because it dared to boast of the beauty of its chicks.

The Celtic peoples often considered the raptor an accomplice of the witch and called it the "night witch. The silent hunter with his glowing eyes in the dark of night had intimidating and terrifying qualities.

In Christian culture, the owl was considered a companion of the devil himself, and his cry was necessarily a harbinger of death or trouble. The same view was held by the Egyptians and Japanese, who attributed this feathered creature to the otherworldly forces and considered it a personification of gloom and grief.

Northern peoples sacredly believed that the cry of the owl summons the souls of the dead. Modern interpretation of the tattoo owl for a long time do not bear in themselves the negative or frightening values. In most versions, the image of the nocturnal raptor is compared to the insights and knowledge, and to emphasize this supplement the image of a bird with books, glasses and similar attributes.

The main common meanings of the tattoo owl - clarity of thought, wisdom, willpower, resilience and self-sufficiency. This sketch is the choice of judicious, wise people who have a certain life experience. Often it is also the choice of freedom-loving, silent and melancholic people. For them, loneliness is a constant companion of the night owl lifestyle.

The dark cult of the nocturnal bird

The owl is a bird of prey that hunts at night. Many occult practices are associated with the worship of this animal, which represents the mystery of the night. Owls are a representation of loneliness, sadness, and death. As you can see, the owl is a very ambiguous symbol.

In the customs of many peoples you can observe the worship of this animal, reverence for wisdom and the mystery of the night. Many people associate the owl with witchcraft, and for good reason. Evil spirits and witches are characters that are inextricably linked with owls. Birds are often found in folk superstitions as harbingers of something bad. Perhaps that's why the owl remains a demonic dark symbol to this day.

Let's dive a little back in time. In ancient Rome, the cry of the owl was a harbinger of misfortune. In medieval Europe, Christians believed that the owl was a reincarnated witch flying to a coven. The Celts called the animal a corpse bird, which vividly emphasizes the dark side of this symbol. What is interesting, many Asian and African peoples depicted the owl on the funerary paraphernalia, which also causes very clear associations.

So why does the owl have such a dark fame? It has to do with a primordial animal fear, which arose in man when he encountered a bird with burning eyes, emitting afterlife cries in the silence of the night. The owl, suddenly appearing out of the mournful darkness, left a depressing impression. And so the owl's fame as the ominous messenger of bad news was cemented for many thousands of years.

However, the image of the bird is multifaceted and not so unambiguous. In many cultures this animal is perceived fundamentally differently. Let's open the other side of the coin.

Women's tattoos with an owl: original ideas

The fair sex mainly prefers to depict on her body sketches with an owl in abstract or cartoon style. Such a drawing on the leg or arm symbolizes the mystery of the owner. Space image emphasizes the carefree and cheerful life of the hostess. Bright and colorful drawings inform others of the openness and thirst for communication girl.

The most common areas of the body for such a tattoo among women are the shoulders or chest. Many use the image of an owl as a talisman or protection against negative influences and thus demonstrate their independence and love of freedom. Today, colorful images of an owl with big eyes are very popular, symbolizing the ability to see the human soul and emphasizing the mystery of its mistress.

Equally popular are images in a mystical or fairy-tale form. In general, the tattoo owl on the female body shows a special perception of reality, reflecting the experience gained and wisdom. The owners of such a body image are not ashamed to declare themselves and thus emphasize their individuality.

Where to score?

The meaning of the owl tattoo will vary depending on the choice of location on the body. In this case, you should carefully consider in what style to choose the tattoo sketch. In order to add wisdom, the sketch is performed in the style of watercolor, using bright colors, often replacing the eyes of the bird on precious stones or clock faces, adding depth and philosophical meaning to the tattoo. If the aim is to take the night bird strength, power and mystery, the sketch is better to perform the tattoo in black and white and owl depicted in flight or with outspread wings. Choosing the place on the body for a tattoo, it's worth to decide on the main purpose. After all, if it will be a talisman, it is not necessary to show and demonstrate it to all. Suitable back, chest and thighs for the security tattoo. Choosing open areas such as the neck, arms, forearms and shins will add extra power to the tattoo. After all, the more people will see it, the more energy such a tattoo will give its wearer.

Whatever the meaning of the owl tattoo you have not chosen for yourself, it will change your life. But in what direction - it's up to you.

Tattoos with an owl for men

Unlike young ladies, men prefer more restrained and serious images. Black and white options symbolize calmness and wisdom. The maximum realistic in size sketch demonstrates power over one's destiny and love of life. Reckless and "unserious" personalities decorate their bodies with bright and colorful drawings. Unusual interpretation of the image of the bird characterizes the owner as a creative person, who renounced the usual fuss in life.

To beat or not to beat?

So, what does the owl tattoo signify? This symbol can have a variety of meanings. For example, a white owl represents purity, wisdom and eternity. The black owl with fiery eyes will be a symbol of mystery, darkness and knowledge.

Often girls give preference to such tattoos, as many associate their mysterious personality with this totem. The owl tattoo has a special meaning for girls. It is a symbol of female insight and the ability to understand the essence, unattainable for most people.

What place to choose for an owl tattoo

The image of an owl can decorate any part of your body, but the most common options are considered shoulders and arms. Tattoos with an owl on the left arm - the choice of bold and brave people who do not depend on the opinions of others and have a strong will. The image of the bird on the right hand emphasizes the unconventional thinking of the owner and his desire for self-development. The image of the bird on his wrist acts as a talisman and protects from trouble and evil intentions at the energetic level. Miniature tattoo of an owl on the finger is also a protective talisman.

The image of the bird on the back confidently tells about the freedom and strength of the human spirit, especially if the bird is depicted with open wings. Such drawings are often unique compositions of large size. Tattoo on the neck is rare and protects the wearer from the influence of evil forces. Thirst for life and individuality are characteristic of chest drawings, and for young ladies, a bold demonstration of femininity. Sketch of an owl tattoo on the leg - a symbol of renunciation of suffering and pain.

Choice of sketch and technique

In many ways, the choice of the sketch and technique of tattooing depends on what you want to see on your body and what symbols for this choose. Sketches in the cartoon style are always bright and noticeable. Realism in color allows you to emphasize the smallest details. Engraving or Dotwork direction is characterized by brevity and crispness of lines. In such monochrome drawings there are no unnecessary details and pathos. Sketches in the technique of Polynesia or ethnics underline interest in esoteric wisdom and exotic cultures. The image of an owl can be supplemented with various ornaments, backgrounds of the night sky, a clock, a key, a variety of vegetation, arrows, skulls or dream catchers.

Any tattoo can tell a lot about its owner. Therefore always refer to this question very seriously and carefully, so as not to accidentally "tell" yourself a little too much, especially when it comes to the tattoo with an owl. If you just like this majestic and noble bird - feel free to decorate your body with such a picture, but do not forget about the ambiguous and controversial symbolism of this image.

Minimalist owl tattoo

Since owls are so distinctive, they are a great option for very small tattoos. Which by their very necessity must be relatively simple to look good when done. These little owl tattoos can fit almost anywhere - even in places like your finger or behind your ear.







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