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Today, the tattoo is not just a way to decorate your body, but also one of the most common ways to protest against the lifestyle that has been established by society. Quite often, the reason for applying to his body tattoo is the person's desire for self-expression. It is for this reason today there are a huge number of options for tattoos. Note that those that are made in the form of animals are widespread. Especially popular are the jaguars. Let's try to figure out what the meaning of the jaguar tattoo.

Information about the meaning of the jaguar tattoo

It should be noted that the meaning of this tattoo is fully rooted in ancient times. It was believed that the jaguar is one of the most dangerous predatory animals, among all existing on the planet. The animal is noted for its cunning, calculating, cleverness and quickness. A person who chooses to have a tattoo of the species, most often has a difficult character. This animal is a symbol of royalty. Even long ago, it acted as one of the companions for shamans, priests, rulers. It was believed that the appearance of the animal on earth appeared in the form of the gods, who descended from heaven to earth.

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The magical meaning of the jaguar tattoo

This animal had magical powers. There was an opinion that they acted as a guide to the netherworld. The image of the jaguar was used to create tombs for the wealthy. Speaking of witchcraft, it was believed among the people that these animals have the ability to read minds of others, and also look into the soul of man. Also they were one of the symbols of power and justice. Today, the meaning of this tattoo is, first of all, strength, danger, power and fearlessness. It is impossible not to note the mystery and beauty that the jaguar has.

Jaguar: general meaning

Jaguars are some of the fastest animals on earth. They are cunning, intelligent, dangerous and calculating. Since ancient times, they have been considered regal and majestic predators. They were the constant companions of shamans and rulers.

In pagan culture there was a belief that the gods came down from heaven in the guise of the jaguar to bestow gifts on their people: fertility, fire, crops and weapons. These animals were worshipped by the high priests to gain some of their majesty. They performed rites of praise for the predators by donning the skins of these beasts. Magical talismans and amulets were made from the bones of jaguars.

In China, these animals were believed to have mystical powers. There is a belief that the jaguar accompanies a person to the netherworld, so the images of these animals can be found in ancient tombs and tombs.

The Japanese are convinced that jaguars see right through people's souls and can read minds. It was believed that if the jaguar does not attack a person, he has pure thoughts. The predator symbolizes elevation over human fears and base desires. Such a tattoo is able to purify the soul and rid the soul of addictions.

In Slavic culture, the jaguar is the embodiment of strength, power, majesty, beauty and danger. Tattoo with this animal is equally popular among both men and girls. Cute cat fill up bold and courageous individuals who do not depend on the opinions of others and act according to their own principles. This tattoo symbolizes determination, fearlessness and self-sufficiency.

Jaguar tattoo owners are leaders in life. Such people are used to occupy a dominant position in society and always make their own way. They are able to make quick decisions and find a way out of difficult situations. If a person has the above qualities, but has a cheerful disposition and good character, it is worth thinking about choosing another animal. Jaguar is a predatory animal; tattoos with it reflect toughness, determination and steadfastness.

Jaguars tend to lead a solitary lifestyle. In order to hunt their prey, they do not need helpers. The tattoo with this animal symbolizes self-sufficiency and the ability to overcome obstacles in life on their own. The animal is capable of reaching speeds of 100 kilometers per hour and is the fastest among cats. Therefore, this body drawing is suitable for people who are accustomed to act quickly and like speed.

The meaning of the tattoo affects the pose in which the animal is. Crouching predator represents the gradual advancement towards the goal. The bearer of such a tattoo is aware of the transience of life and ponders the meaning of his existence. Jaguar, depicted in a jump, symbolizes courage and strength of spirit. Also, the tattoo can indicate the aggressiveness of its owner. The jaguar's vicious grin represents the fight against opponents and the willingness to achieve his goals by any means.

For whom is the meaning of the jaguar tattoo suitable?

Tattoos that are made in the form of an image of a jaguar look great on both male and female bodies. Depending on the size and type of the image, the tattoo can be applied to almost any part of the body. As a rule, the choice in favor of the tattoo with the image of this animal make those people who are successful and determined. They are not afraid of obstacles, are able to solve various problems, and also take responsibility for their actions. Such people can cope with various tasks that arise in front of them.

However, it is worth recognizing that quite often such leadership qualities do not find manifestation in the life of an ordinary person and can hide behind communicability and a special disposition. In this case, the right thing to do is to give preference to an image that will be distinguished by its lightness. For example, such are images of cartoon characters. Visually, the tattoo will be characterized by bright and fairly light colors.

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Jaguar Tattoo Pics

Lifestyle[ | ]

Jaguar The lifestyles of jaguars are solitary. Like all predatory cats, jaguars are territorial animals; one jaguar's territory ranges from 25 (for females) to 50 or even more (for males) square kilometers,[16] depending on the landscape and the amount of game. As a rule, the hunting area of a male is a triangle in shape. The male hunts in his territory for 3-4 days in a certain area and then moves to another area. In addition, the animal visits certain "boundary points" every five or fifteen days. For this reason, the jaguar is a real vagabond, constantly "wandering" in the jungle. The jaguar is extremely intolerant of other felines (particularly cougars) in its territory, but is quite peaceful to its congeners, and jaguar hunting territories often overlap.

The jaguar is a dusky predator. Its most active hunting hours are after sunset (about 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.) and before dawn (03:00 to 06:00 a.m.). In captivity, the jaguar lives to be 22-25 years old.

How to choose a tattoo parlor?

The image of this species has found distribution among many people. That is why it is not difficult to find a tattoo parlor in which to do such a tattoo. At the same time it is necessary to admit that not every master is a professional with experience. Therefore, turning to the first "specialist" there is a probability that the tattoo will be unsuccessful. When choosing a master it is recommended to give preference to the services of those professionals who have experience, appropriate qualifications and a portfolio of similar works.

Ideas of sketches

There are many ideas for tattoos with the image of a jaguar. Especially often this image is applied in black In the style of realism, which is characterized by detail.

Colored versions of such tattoos are also not uncommon. As a rule, they are performed in the style of Old skool or watercolor. The stylization of the image of this animal for such tattoos is quite appropriate.

If we talk about the subject component of the tattoos, the jaguar is allowed to portray as an independent image, but to complement the picture with some elements of the natural landscape or any inscription.

In the picture, the predator can be depicted with a grin, which will give the nude image more aggressive motif, will show the determination of its owner. It is these images, by the way, are popular among those who wish to do a tattoo with this predator.

However variants with the image of a jaguar in a quiet condition are not less popular, and on a body look quite aesthetically and attractively. Such tattoos represent wisdom and a certain danger that can be seen in the gaze of the beast.

The eyes of the predator in such drawings pay great attention, especially in cases where the tattoo is performed in the style of realism.

Styles and colors for the panther tattoo

Panther is a beautiful and graceful animal that combines splendor and gloom. To convey the fullness of the picture you can use different styles, for example:

Old-school. - A bright and colorful spectacle for fans of the old school;

Tribal - Nautical symbolism that conceals a lot of mystery;

Realism - The most believable performance of the panther;

Minimalism - Minimal detail, simple execution;

Dotwork - Beautiful execution by the dot method.

The meaning of the jaguar tattoo | Tattoo Art! Tattoo photos, tattoo in Kiev.

Tattoo is a decoration, but also a way to show personal qualities, your personality, it is a way of self-expression. For this reason for many people is very important symbolism body image. Very interesting and symbolic meaning of the jaguar tattoo.

Jaguar is a very beautiful and very dangerous predatory animal. He is a representative of the feline family, but you can't exactly call him a cute cat. His behavior and qualities inspire respect and admiration. He is fast, wise and cunning. One of the most dangerous predators, the jaguar, symbolically displays these qualities of its owner. Therefore, it is suitable for both girls and men.

The meaning of the jaguar tattoo is the inner power, wisdom and even danger. It is suitable for a man who outwardly very restrained and calm, but within whom there is incredible strength and power. This is a very bad joke, because he knows how to stand up for himself and for his loved ones, and can even be dangerous if someone dares to threaten him. At this time, girls prefer to put on their skin representatives of the feline family to show their grace, sensuality and sexuality. However, even in this version, the jaguar is not a pussycat. A girl with such a tattoo also seems playful and feminine, but inside - strong and confident, with a rod and the ability to respond to abusers.

In ancient times, in many cultures, the jaguar was considered the embodiment of power and authority, mysticism and strength. This is why different rulers, priests, wizards and shamans chose the jaguar as their symbol. There are legends in which it is in the form of the jaguar gods come down to Earth. In others, the jaguar was the conductor of souls to the netherworld. That is why in some cultures this animal was treated as a sacred animal, with special reverence. People believed that the predator had magical powers, could read minds and see the very essence of man, his hidden desires and fears. It is these beliefs became the reason that the jaguar is also considered a symbol of justice.

The coolest jaguar tattoos look in realistic color image. Of course, to get such a decoration you should look for a good, experienced tattoo master that works in this style. After all, to spoil such a difficult task is very easy, but to fix it will not be easy. It is also important to find a successful sketch and the right place on the skin. In search of an original idea, you can refer to our catalog of tattoos with cats.

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