What is the meaning of the rose tattoo for girls and men

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Tattoo Rose on your arm

The rose is one of the favorite drawings for tattoos for both women and men. Historically, the meaning of the rose has varied - from power to submission, from strength to tenderness. Nowadays, such a tattoo will have the meaning that the wearer puts into it. Still, it is worth considering how the meaning of the rose tattoo changes depending on the gender of the person and the location of the tattoo on the body.

Are there any recommendations for tattooing a rose on the hand?

Before you go to the master, be sure to think through a few important points:

  • Make an author's and unique sketch;
  • Find out its exact designation;
  • Decide on the permissible scale and complexity of the picture;
  • Select the style of execution and color scheme;
  • Choose the best location on the arm (hand, palm, wrist, finger, forearm, shoulder, or sleeve).

After that, be sure to consult with the master about all these criteria, find out the duration of the procedure and the approximate cost.

Do you consider the rose tattoo purely female?

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The meaning of the rose tattoo depending on the color and combination with other images

Wishing to score a tattoo of a rose, it is worth deciding on two components:

  • The color of the tattoo;
  • Whether the rose will be combined with other elements.

Because from this changes the symbolism, and the rose will mean something else.

How does the color of the tattoo affect the meaning:

  • A white rose symbolizes purity;
  • A black rose indicates a strong character of the owner of the tattoo;
  • A rose with blood - the person has suffered serious wounds in the past;
  • rosebud in a triangle - luck often smiles on the person;
  • white roses on the hand means that the owner of the tattoo is looking for peace of mind;
  • three roses are three sisters - happiness, good luck and wealth;
  • red rose indicates royalty and power;
  • blue rose prefers romantic natures, as well as lovers of mysticism.

Therefore, it is important to choose not only a beautiful sketch, but also the right color for the tattoo.

What it means when they give red roses to a girl or a woman

Scarlet bouquet - the most popular gift for February 14, which is presented to wives and lovers. It symbolizes romance and love. Many believe that all red roses say: "I love you."

. But that's true of classic bright red inflorescences, such as the Freedom variety. Other hues express a slightly different feeling when given as a gift.

  • Petals in the tone of Burgundy wine. Dark ruby red

    - represents passion and more of a hint of sexual attraction and desire. If a man gives roses of this color, he perceives the girl as an object of lust and passion. Psychologists recommend putting ruby-colored flower arrangements in the bedroom to increase eroticism and sensuality in the couple.

  • Burgundy flowers

    Express admiration and respect. They are appropriate to present to your mother or guests at a gala event. If you are worried about whether it is possible to give dark red roses on a formal occasion, order the decoration in a hat box. The accessory will give the gift a businesslike, austere and elegant look.

  • The burgundy and purple

    burgundy and purple .
    shades in the composition, symbolize the magnetism and attraction. But it is more about a fiery feeling that flares up, but quickly goes out.

  • When a guy gives red roses combined with white roses, it symbolizes his desire to love you in spite of opposing characters. Read more about this color combination in the article "Why give a bouquet of red and white roses.

Can I give red roses to a man?

Roses are a universal gift, but they must be presented to the stronger sex carefully

Knowing that the recipient may interpret the gift as a sign of sympathy. Scarlet bouquet is often presented to the beloved, actors or singers - men who are admired.

If you give a composition not individually, but from the team, for example, on the anniversary, awarding or at the send-off to retirement, the meaning of the shade can be neglected.

Cool rose tattoo designs for men and women

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