Tattoo tit meaning for girls. The meaning, history and meaning of the tattoo tit. The main signs connected with a tit

Fans of tattoo culture often choose images of different birds. Mostly they are eagles, owls or swallows, but the tit is a rather rare bird. They look very cute and bright, and the meaning of the tit tattoo is positive, whichever way you look at it.

Tattoo, above all, is done for aesthetic reasons. Previously, indeed, each image was given a special meaning, because aesthetics was then considered not so important criteria in the creation of the image. For example, tribal tattoos had a certain sacral meaning: some were to protect their owner from evil forces, bring good luck, some were to give him strength, courage, victory in battle, and others were to endow him with secret knowledge, magical abilities, open a channel of communication with higher forces.

For a long time, most tattoos were associated only with certain segments of the population, such as prisoners. For a long time, most tattoos were associated with a variety of mediums such as inmates and convicts.

Today, with tattoos not serving as identification signs but elevated to the rank of art, meanings and implications are often relegated to the back burner. However, to say that the symbolism of the image is not important at all, too, is not quite right.

What is interesting about the bird

Agile and swift tits have long lived side by side with humans. By destroying pests in the fields, these birds have earned the favor of farmers and so provided food for themselves in winter.

The most recognizable of all the family of tits is the Bolshek. It is her most often portrayed on the tattoo. The yellow abdomen, charming "tie", funny white cheeks require the active use of color, so monochrome drawings of tits on the body are not popular.

Tits settle not only in sparse forests and groves (thickets these birds like much less than open spaces), but also in gardens, parks, squares. And the nests of tits can be found anywhere - in hollows, crevices, notches of natural and artificial origin, even in the trunks of museum cannons.

Who is suitable for a tattoo with a tit

Frisky tits cause sympathy in many people. However, not everyone dares to do a tattoo with the image of this bird. If you hesitate, we suggest you to take a small test that will help you determine whether a tattoo of a tit will truly please you and have an important meaning for you. Arm yourself with a piece of paper, a pencil or a pen and respond to each statement as follows: "true" (2 points), "true in part" (1 point), "not true" (0 points).

  1. You don't like to spend your weekends at home.
  2. You love to sing (and not only during your morning shower, but also in public).
  3. When meeting someone, you feel at ease and at ease.
  4. For travel, you choose favorite, familiar places, preferring them to new cities and countries.
  5. You are considered by others to be an optimistic person.
  6. You like bright colors in interiors and clothing, even if sometimes it disgusts someone's taste.
  7. You usually talk quickly and a lot, so that the person you are talking to rarely gets a word in edgewise.

If you score from 12 to 14 points inclusive, a tattoo with a tit should definitely adorn your arm (or any other part of your body): you're on the same page as this perky bird. Those who scored from 7 to 11 should look for other images for tattoos with deeper meaning, and those who scored from 0 to 6 points may wonder if it is worth it to make a drawing on the body at all. However, even inveterate introverts sometimes find reasons to adorn themselves with tattoos.

There is a popular omen: if a tit settled on your hand, you should make a wish. It turns out that, having made a tattoo with a tit, you provide yourself with the opportunity to make wishes round the clock.

Selection of photos

A selection of sketches

After seeing a small bird in dreams, there may be interest, what do you dream about a tit. Various dreamers and researchers of the symbolism of dreams offer a very detailed description and many interesting options. Most often the symbol is interpreted as a harbinger of some minor difficulties, but the state of affairs is not always such.

Ideas of sketches

Most often these tattoos are performed in bright color, but there are also black and white variants. You can score a beautiful composition with such a bird sitting on a green branch. All this is often complemented by a drawing of a small flower.

And also a good option would be a printed image with a small soaring tit with beautiful outspread wings. If desired, the background can also be made.

Some give preference to sketches depicting two such birds at once. They can take off or sit next to each other on the same branch. Most often, such pictures are printed on the back or on the hip.

The meaning of the signs and details of the dream

Each dream book means something different, but not everywhere the details are described.

Here are the features of the dream to pay attention to:

Many interpreters interpret this symbol in connection with the well-known expression about a bird in the hand. At the symbolic level, such an interpretation is also worthy of consideration. In this case, depending on the details, the meaning of the proverb also varies.

For example, What do you dream about a tit flying in through a window?

: we are talking about some kind of acquisition, which should be appreciated. Sometimes it's really better not to be a crane in the sky, especially if something necessary comes to you by itself.
If you see a bird wounded or weakened
You may not be taking advantage of some opportunities that should be appreciated.

What does the future hold for you?

Don't think of catching a bird to put in a cage! If you can not stand the chaotic fluttering of a bird, gently cover it with a cloth and let it out the window. Is there a superstitious shiver left on your soul? The bad omen connected with birds, it is possible to neutralize or weaken its action. Throw food (crumbs, grains, seeds) and say: "Flew in for food, not for misfortune" in the wake of an unwelcome guest.

Tattoo with the image of a tit means love of life, optimism, joy, hope for the best, goodwill, talent to adapt to any circumstances, independence, independence, loyalty, justice, attractiveness, angerlessness, compassion, love and relaxed attitude to life.

The symbol of the tit.

In conclusion, we should consider the figure of this bird itself and, in particular, the main color. If we do not take dreams where the bird has strange shades, most often it is yellow. This color symbolizes happiness and prosperity.


Thus, the appearance of this bird in your dream is not at all spontaneous, more often than not, it refers to the well-being in affairs. Especially positive is considered a dream where Tit flies into the room,

where you work, or a space that is related to your work. Such signs indicate an opportunity to advance considerably in your career, and these symbols should not be neglected.

Legends, myths, proverbs, and fables are the historically formed wisdom of people. It is passed down from generation to generation. Each story carries a deep meaning. It can either warn against potential misfortune, or have a purely instructive subtext. Omen have a very important place in people's lives. They have also been formed over the centuries. Their purpose is to warn of an event or to tell of some misfortune.


The main diet of tits is insects. In view of their unpretentiousness, they do not refuse plant food either. Their favorite food is spruce and pine cones.

There are some species of tits that enjoy pecking at the bark of a tree and pulling out larvae and others from under it. Often, looking at such a picture, you might think that it is a woodpecker that has changed its image.

Birds love , bedbugs, caterpillars, eggs. Those that live near people do not refuse cottage cheese, bread crumbs, cereals, meat pieces, lard, berries and fruits. They do not engage in food hoarding. But with great pleasure they can rob their fellows.

Muskrats, downy chicks and nuthatches are often attacked by them. In wintertime tits stay longer in places with enough provisions. They can visit the feeder during the whole winter and not fly away from it.

Chick of Tits

Why it is so helpful to create bird feeders during the winter. It saves many tits, which in turn saves green spaces. It has been suggested that an adult tit eats as much insects as it weighs in one day.

The resounding bird.

A few centuries ago, everyone was incredibly closely connected with nature. People listened carefully to all changes in the behavior of animals and plants. This way they drew conclusions about future events, which were sure to come true.

Birds are special animals that evoke positive emotions already on a subconscious level. They are very sensitive to the slightest change around them. Therefore, there are many omens associated with them. The most popular is the tit.

Tits are one of the most common birds in our country. It is a small multicolored bird that lives in parks and green areas. It has a bright ringing voice. For city dwellers they are associated with joy and spring.

The most common omen that tells of the imminent arrival of spring and calm warm weather is the singing of sweet-voiced tits.

Omen with tits

The ringing singing of birds, their unusual behavior indicates some kind of warning. Many of the behaviors have long had an accurate interpretation, which has been passed down from mouth to mouth for centuries. Some signs have been slightly interpreted over time. In addition, a beautiful tit can be confused with a sparrow for size. But a knowledgeable person will always distinguish these birds, because they have different colors.

The main signs associated with a tit:

  • Flew into the house.
    . It is not uncommon for this situation to happen. But once it has happened, expect good news. If the bird looked into the room for a few minutes and flew out, then in the near future a holiday or a good event is expected in the house, which will lead to general merriment.

It happens that the feathered beauty is delayed and can not find a way out quickly from the room. In this case, a pleasant and important news, a holiday is also expected. But this time the fun will come from the closest friends or relatives and will touch this house.

The behavior of the guest who flew in may be extremely disturbed. This is not a good thing. You should not panic and scare the animal even more. Open the window fully. On no account should you catch it and cover it with a towel. To avoid possible negative consequences, it is worth to throw after flying away beauty bread crumbs, buns or seeds. It is necessary to see her off with words: "She came for food, not for misfortune.


Folk omens

It so happened that people practically forgot to listen to nature because of their rhythmic way of life. And all birds like no other animals feel any changes around them, they can communicate with people on a subtle level. Many members of this species used to be pets, guards, letter carriers, and hunters.

The little tit is capable of soothing with its singing. Its voice can lull a child, cure depression and simply lift your spirits. The beauty is able to sit on the window, on the hand, to enjoy in the park, flying from tree to tree. There are many omens associated with these cute feathered birds. Here are a few of them:

  • The whistle of a tit means a clear, cloudless day;
  • There are several kinds of these birds. If a "big tit" sings, expect an early spring;
  • If the birds are nesting on the house, it is a sign of a late and cool spring;
  • Singing at lunchtime is a warm day to come;
  • The droppings of a brightly colored bird speaks of impending wealth or a momentous meeting;
  • If in February a tit is heard - to a severe frost;
  • If in autumn a bird often sits on a window, there will be a frosty winter;
  • To see a budgie on your balcony means that soon you will be in for a paper fuss;
  • Hearing a bird sing when you are at home but not seeing it gives you hope for the fulfillment of a wish or the solution of a pressing problem.

These are the most basic and proven omens.

Since ancient times, in all Slavic peoples, the bluebird has been considered the "blue bird of happiness." So, in most cases, this animal brings only profit, joy and good news.

It is worthwhile to treat the appearance of this creature in your home or within sight correctly. Birds sense every person, his thoughts, motives and experiences. Perhaps an unexpected meeting with a tit will be the first step toward the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

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Parshenkova Ulyana Yurievna

A small bird, but the name is loud - big tit! Here toiler, clever worker, worker, defender, helper to man, beauty and fashionista. Many kind words can be said about this bird, a lover of unsalted lard. And the Russian people glorified Sinitsa in proverbs and sayings, riddles and jokes. The yellow-breasted beauty has not been overlooked in omens. Many good things can be said about the big tit, so it can safely become a symbol of Smolensk!


Tattoo tit is equally popular among members of both sexes. More precisely, equally unpopular, which only fuels interest in such works. What can it mean?

  • Freedom
    . The desire for freedom is a common interpretation of bird tattoos. The ability to fly has always been associated with the sea of opportunity, the freedom to choose a path in life, the absence of internal fetters and other factors that constrain the development of man as a person.
  • The creative beginning.
    . This is another meaning associated with the ability to soar in the sky, it is not without reason that there is even the expression "flight of fancy. A tattoo with a bird suggests that its wearer likes to fly often in the clouds in search of inspiration, to be pondered over the great, to dream, fantasize and create.
  • Cheerfulness and optimism
    . Have you ever heard the characteristic whistling sounds that tits make when feeling the warmth of spring approaching? If you have, you too must have had associations with joy, anticipation of something beautiful. A person who has chosen a tattoo with a tit is used to rejoice in what he has in this life, rather than to lament about what, for whatever reason, is now inaccessible to him. If some unpleasantness happens to him, he is likely to perceive it not as a blow of fate knocking him down, but as a lesson that must be learned in order to act smarter and more correctly in the future. When others have the earth from under their feet because of worldly difficulties, incorrigible optimists, confident that the black bar is inevitably followed by a white, that the darkest before the dawn.
  • The ability to adapt easily to any circumstance .
    . Tits are masters of survival, they won't be lost either in the forest or in the noisy megalopolis. They know how to be content with little, make the most of everything, be content with little and still maintain their strength.
  • Easy attitude to life
    . The bearer of the tattoo with this bird is not used to get bogged down by trifles, he does not spray on all sorts of insignificant little things, focusing on the main thing, than does a huge favor to themselves. He knows that sooner or later everything will work out, otherwise it can not be. Such a person is not prone to excessive worries.


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