Drawings with a pen ✍ 100 photos of funny templates and samples

Most people, sitting with a piece of paper and pen at a boring lecture, meeting, meeting, or just thinking, make unconscious movements, pen, drawing involuntary lines, figures, creating obscure drawings, thereby improving their mood and distracting themselves from something uninteresting that makes them bored. But not everyone knows that he performs drawings in some style. Therefore, it is worth considering, such a direction as zentangle and doodling in the art of drawing, which is considered by right a relaxation procedure that brings inner satisfaction.

Definition of concepts

It is worth noting that Doodling and Zentangle are two similar activities that contribute to the relaxation of the person doing the drawings, but with some differences:

Doodling is the unconscious reproduction, any action with a pen of intricate patterns, curls, drawing the same strokes and other forms. Drawings are most often made on a small piece of paper, in the margins or in the corners of notebooks.

Zentangle is a patented contemporary trend in the art of drawing and art therapy with a person, its psychological release. It is performed on small sheets of paper with a specific sequence of actions and clearer requirements for patterns and schemes of drawing.

A newfangled style of drawing patented by Americans R. Roberts and M. Thomas in 2006. Roberts and Thomas defined zen as a way of development (movement), and reflecting the character of R. Roberts, tangle is a tangled curl reflecting the character of M. Thomas. In fact, "zen" (Zen) means poise, meditation, and "Tangle" came from "rectangle," a rectangle for drawing.

The main similarity of the two trends is the age range of people who can perform them - from small to great, who can hold a pen, pencil or liner.

Tips for aspiring artists

Before you start drawing in the Zentangle or Doodling style, you need to buy drawing supplies. For Zentangle - watercolor paper, make cards 9 cm by 9 cm, for Doodling - notepad, notebook, etc. You will need a ballpoint pen, a liner, a pencil (plain or colored) - you can choose anything with different thickness of the rod and softness.

When performing Doodling drawings, you should not think too much, you have to rely completely on your intuition and inner feelings, without rules and limitations of fantasy, color and shape and type of drawing.

Zentangle is performed in black and white, with certain clear lines, in the form of abstraction. The sketch must be finished from all sides and look like a single picture.

The main thing in performing any drawing technique is interest, relaxation and inner feelings.

Some subtleties

The rods of gel pens are usually thick, which allows the artist to draw in an uncommon dotting method called dotwork. Since colored tools always do not draw too well, black gel pen graphics will be much richer and higher quality. It is important to remember that gel paste tends to dry out quickly, so the rod must be used within a few weeks, otherwise it will stop drawing. Graphics drawn with a black gel pen will lose a little shine and hue after 2-3 days from the day of drawing. You have to draw the lines on the paper very carefully, as it will be impossible to wipe them off. It is also important to remember not to touch the finished drawing, because the gel can smudge on the surface of the paper.

Black gel pen graphics

Zentangle - step by step lessons for beginners

How to start drawing in the zentangle style:

  1. It is necessary to make a frame with a pencil on a sheet for drawing, leaving small margins, for this purpose put dots in the corners and to them to draw thin lines with a pencil on the perimeter. Such way should help a beginner to orient in delimitation of space on the sheet. Gradually, with coming experience, such a frame does not have to be made, as they say, everything will arise by itself "by eye".
  2. Next, draw out with a pencil the zones that will make up the integrity of the picture. The main thing is to make all the strokes that will divide the sheet into zones, without taking your hand off, smoothly.
  3. Fill the selected segments with patterns one by one. Having finished one drawing, it is possible to proceed to filling in a new zone.
  4. When drawing, you should use not only simple lines, but also scrolls, geometric shapes, shapes of irregular shapes, giving them shades with a simple pencil, inducing some strokes several times.

A few examples of simple patterns for beginners with which you can begin a fascinating path in drawing:

Dots and straight lines

Before moving on to drawing simple lines, you should practice on a separate sheet of paper: draw simple and thickened lines, give them shadows with a simple and colored pencil or pen:

  1. Draw dotted lines and gradually thicken and give a different shadow with each line.
  2. Draw broken lines and make them three-dimensional, also highlighting with shadows, color strokes.
  3. Try to give lines cone-like thickenings in different directions.
  4. It is important to learn how to give directions to lines, for this you should learn to draw straight lines from one point, like a fan. This exercise should be carried out by creating fans in different directions on the same sheet, first in a straight line: right-left (west-east), up-down (north-south), then use other directions.


Wavy lines, waves, arcs

You should draw 2 straight lines parallel to each other. Between these lines first draw straight lines that are the same distance from each other. Then gradually decrease the distance between them, then increase the distance between them. Then curve the lines in the form of an English S and do the same exercise with it.

Then draw arcs, increasing and decreasing the distance between them and giving a shadow and changing the width and force, pressing on the lines.

Draw a few squares, each of which we divide into 4 equal parts. First we make straight lines in different directions or from the center of the square. Curved lines and arcs in different directions, making them also wider and narrower.

Scales, stones, lanterns, rings, volumetric shapes

Rings are drawn similarly to the second lesson, first between two straight lines, narrowing, widening the ring, following the reduction-increase the distance between them, changing the thickness of the lines.

Then the rings are drawn one inside the other and at a distance going away from each other, you get a kind of tunnel of rings.

The scales are depicted alternately wide and narrow, shading them with a simple pencil, pressing harder to create dark shadows and weaker to create light shadows

Lanterns are drawn using notebook squares. From one end to the other, from two sides, draw arcs that will connect and form a kind of lantern. The lobes that are inside should be shaded, this will give volume to the lantern.

Stones are a simple version of zentangle drawing, they are drawn in a rounded, uneven shape, overlapping each other, shading. The exercise should begin by filling in the square from the corner, drawing stones that will create a blocking effect in the drawing, then try shading them.

Practice should be carried out every day, giving at least 30 minutes, then the sketches will acquire more beautiful, clear, confident lines and figures, curls.

Creating a background

Step 1.

In this section, let's create the background. Go to the menu Layer - New Fill Layer - Solid Color (Layer - New Fill Layer - Color) to create a new layer, call it Background Color, the color is #f3f3f3f3.

Step 2

Select the background layer and press Ctrl+J to create a copy of the layer. Drag the layer to the top of the Layers panel.

Step 3

Go to the menu Filter - Filter Gallery - Sketch - Photocopy (Filter - Filter Gallery - Sketch - Photocopy), set Detail (to 2 and Darkness (Darkness) to 5.

Step 4.

Change blending mode to Multiply (with an opacity of 65%. Name the layer Outline Sketch.

Doodling step by step for beginners

There are no rules or restrictions for creating Doodling drawings, just using your imagination in weaving whimsical twists and patterns.

To create a picture it is necessary to decide what to draw on: an album, a notebook, a notebook page, a wall, glass. Choose pencils, rulers, ballpoint pen or markers for drawing;

The following are the easiest step-by-step doodling drawings.

Detailed the image

Step 1.

In this section, we detail the image. We select the background layer and press Ctrl+J to create a copy. Drag it to the top of the Layers panel.

Step 2.

Press Ctrl+Shift+U to discolor the image. Go to the menu Filter - Other - High Pass . (Filter - Other - Color Contrast), set the radius to 10 pixels.

Step 3

Change blending mode to Overlay (Overlay), and name the layer Reveal Details (Reveal Details).

Examples for sketching

For the drawing, you can use any figure that creates an original ornamentation from lines and curls. The patterns can be repeated or scattered chaotically in the drawing.

Here are examples for the advanced level (advanced complexity of drawing):

Final Correction

Step 1

In this section we make the final adjustments to the design. Go into the menu Layer - New Adjustment Layer - Curves (Layers - New Adjustment Layer - Curves), create a new adjustment layer and call it Overall Brightness (Overall Brightness).

Step 2

Double click on the layer thumbnail and in the Properties panel (Properties) set the following settings:

Zentangle patterns and schemes for beginners

This style is so interesting that many find unusual uses for it, such as decorating Easter eggs or tea sets, manicures, T-shirts.

Zentangle has a lot of positive effects:

  • relaxes;
  • inspires;
  • concentrates attention;
  • eliminates negative thoughts;
  • relieves stress;
  • develops fine motor skills;
  • Increases the motor activity of the eyes.

There are a huge number of patterns and schemes, the main thing is to start with the simplest, training your hand and imagination.

Doodling in pencil, pen, ruler - simple drawings

The owl is a wise bird that many people try to depict on a sheet of paper in the style of Doodling - it looks original and unique:

  1. On a sheet of paper, first depict 2 eyes in the form of a circle, in which draw 2 shaded semicircles on one side.
  2. Draw a cone-shaped nose in the middle between the edges of the circles.
  3. Determine the size of the owl, from below to the top of the eyes draw a half oval and draw a line between the line of the incomplete oval, slightly angled, so that the resulting 2 angles, resemble the ears of an owl.
  4. On the sides of the oval to draw 2 arcs - the wings of an owl.
  5. Next, you should highlight the eyes of the owl, above the eyes and below the eyes and nose draw an arc on one side of the ear and the other, connecting between the eyes and the bottom under the nose of the owl.
  6. The penultimate stroke - paws, to depict in the form of 2 strips.
  7. Now you can get down to technique Doodling, and apply shadows and strokes of a pen, pencil, ruler.

Monsters are often drawn by pupils and students in lectures.

As well as other drawings:


Beginning to Record Action

In this section, we will start recording the action. Go to the menu Window - Actions. (and in the window - Actions menu you go to the Actions (click on the top right menu icon, select New Set (New Set to write a new set, call it Ink Sketch. (Ink Sketch). Then click on the same menu icon, choose New Action (to create a new action, call it Ink Sketch. (Ink Sketch).

The most beautiful drawings in the style of Doodling

We made a selection of the most beautiful drawings in the style of Doodling:

Tips on drawing techniques

For those starting to draw in these styles, there are a few tips to follow:

  1. If you pre-draw with a pencil, you should choose the thinnest pencil, which can then be masked under the drawing.
  2. You should not use an eraser to erase details or not obtained curls, you can spoil the drawing with it.
  3. In the first stages of drawing and hand training, you should stick to the rules. Once the necessary experience and confidence in the movement of the pencil, pen, then the rules can be neglected, creating the most incredible and bizarre compositions.
  4. For drawing, it is better to use rulers with different thickness of the rod, which are sold in any department of stationery;
  5. During drawing it is necessary to relax, distract from the outside world and immerse yourself, concentrate on your inner world;
  6. It is not necessary to create a huge picture at once, it can be done for several days, months.
  7. If you cannot do something, to draw, it is necessary to distract yourself, and then a new idea will come to create a drawing.

Each person, drawing daily, over time will understand and find just the secrets to make the most original and unique paintings in the style of Doodling and Zentangle.

Some people have long used the techniques of Doodling and Zentangle, maybe even since school, but do not know that these "doodles" have their own name and technology of execution. After reading this article and practicing a little, you can sit down and relax, creating unimaginable patterns and figures even after the work day. It is even possible that the pictures created after the work day will one day become a masterpiece of art and will be highly appreciated by art critics and admirers of such creativity.

How to draw with a 3D pen | DIY

Do you want to bring your author's drawings to life? Then you need a 3D pen.

With a miniature printer you can draw toys that will be almost no different from the factory products, but absolutely free.

Don't believe it? Rather try the possibilities of three-dimensional design at home, and all doubts will be put aside. With a simple hand movement you can bring to life the brightest and most original ideas.

What is a 3D pen?

A compact 3D pen is a unique tool for creative creativity, which literally draws in the air. According to the method of three-dimensional "printing" there are cold and hot 3D printers. In the first case, photopolymers are used as the initial "raw material", and in the second - a special plastic thread of different colors.

Gel Pen Graphics: Doing it Step-by-Step

"Magic" pens are especially useful for children of any age to develop spatial thinking, but adults (especially designers and artists) will also not hurt to master the innovative technology of drawing in practice. The standard kit of the device includes a 3D printer and a power supply for connecting to the mains. The branded plastic thread for the pen must be purchased separately.

How to use?

Don't know how to draw with a 3D printer? That's okay - it's not hard to learn how to use the wonder pen for its intended purpose. However, this "tool" can also be used for domestic purposes. For example, if you need to quickly restore loose plastic parts. At the initial stages, it is better to use the 3D pen for beginners.

No complicated manipulations do not need to be: connect the unpacked 3D printer to the mains, wait about 1-2 minutes, until the device warms up, and then you can proceed directly to the creation. Load a plastic rod of the desired color, press one of the two buttons, responsible for starting the process of drawing, and create any colorful composition that comes to mind.

Useful tips for beginners

Gel Pen Graphics: Using Step-by-Step

If you want your 3D pen to draw directly in the air you should buy ABS plastic. If you use different surfaces for drawing, including paper, then the best option is PLA plastic, but it is advisable to additionally use a laminated coating, so that the melted plastic does not stick to the surface. And most importantly, try not to touch the ceramic nozzle of the device in the process, so as not to burn yourself.

When frequently changing plastic rods you should pay attention to the light indicator. Red color signals that the 3D pen is preparing to work, green indicates that you can start the process of drawing.

Using special templates, which are available on the internet, you can depict Dilka or another character. There are no limits for the flight of creative imagination.


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For men