Tattoo Pen - how to draw a temporary tattoo on the arm, tips on applying, fun photos

In recent years, tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity, and if you have not yet decided on such a step, but would like to draw on the body, it is enough to use an ordinary gel pen. In this article you will find a detailed technology for creating such tattoos, which you can change at least every day. Also, they will surely help those who want a real tattoo, and beforehand want to see how it will look on the skin. So, how to make simple hand drawings with a pen?

What kind of pen should be prepared?

Let's note at once that for such purposes the economy is inappropriate. After all, a drawing depicted with a cheap pen will easily smudge and won't last long. Using a quality tool will save you a lot of effort and time.

A beginner should pay attention to gel pens. If the ballpoint type of tool is comfortable, however, buy a model with a thin rod.

From the latter remain even and clear marks on the skin. The choice of ink color is influenced by the sketch. Masters recommend starting to train on black and white pictures, which can make a teenager.

As a precaution we advise to prepare in advance a solution for disinfecting wounds. You may need it if you accidentally press the pen too hard and scratch yourself.

In addition, the following items will be useful for quiet and efficient work:

  • A pencil (plain).
  • Talcum powder.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Paper or tracing paper (thin).

Simple sketches for beginners

In order to apply a drawing for the first time, experienced masters recommend to choose the simplest sketches for beginners.

It is not necessary to believe that to draw with a pen long - this process takes no more than half an hour with due skill.

For the first time small pictures will do well. When the hand is typed, you can move on to more complex types of sketches of medium size and large.

Let's consider several options for independent application at home:

Geometric Patterns.You don't have to be a professional artist to draw beautiful patterns. It is enough to look at a sample and redraw it on leather or parchment.

Among geometric patterns, Greek, Roman and Scandinavian patterns are popular

Instructions for creating a tattoo with a pen

Before starting the work, it is worth preparing each tool. The writing tip of the pen should be disinfected before you start drawing. Alcohol treatment will suffice. This will help reduce the number of problems if a scratch can be caused by carelessness.

It is then recommended that you follow the following instructions:

  1. Prepare a stencil for the planned picture on the body. To this end, the sketch is transferred to paper or tracing paper with a pencil.
  2. The blank is shaded with a gel pen. The outlines are filled in on the paper quickly. There is one condition - the ink must not have time to dry.
  3. Then begin to transfer the tattoo workpiece on the skin. The clay is firmly pressed to the desired part of the body and held up to 30 seconds. Here the manual dexterity is extremely important, otherwise the contours will be smeared.
  4. Now this temporary drawing should be corrected. First the picture is outlined, then the shading begins. It is necessary to make sure that the sketch retains its proportions and dimensions.
  5. In the last step, you need to work out the fine details of the picture. Carefully and carefully draw small details with a pen.

Some people think that such a tattoo requires fixing nail polish or hairspray, but in fact because of it the picture can crack, and its appearance will deteriorate.

Beautiful pictures for girls and boys

For the test of the pen, the artist always chooses mini-pictures, which can easily be hidden behind clothing.

Black gel pen tattoos are no exception, which, if unsuccessful, can be hidden behind textiles.

A selection of several beautiful, but uncomplicated options will determine the choice for girls and men:

  1. The bow. The image is perfect for teenage girls. It is better to put it on the back of the neck - that's where it looks attractive and romantic.
  2. Animal faces. Cool but cute sketches are always admired: try drawing the face of a funny cat on one of your fingers. The tattoo will look great in combination with a stylish ring.
  3. Notes or a treble clef. The option is relevant for music lovers-girls, as well as for those people who are engaged in music. It is recommended to apply the pattern on the wrist.
  4. Marine theme. Well suited as a men's or women's tattoos. Guys are recommended to choose brutal sketches: anchors, ships, sea reefs; girls are better to give preference to cute sea stars, octopuses and seahorses.
  5. A flock of bats. The drawing is relevant for the real boys: it's easy to do, but it looks amazing. It is recommended to draw the image from the back of the hand.

All images are drawn step-by-step: first, visually highlight the main parts of the drawing, then move on to painting over the sections. Draw small elements carefully at the last stage of the work.

Important! To erase the gel pen, use an alcohol solution and a cotton swab: gently dip the swab in alcohol, treat the skin with the excess drawing.

Uncomplicated tattoos made with a pen will help decide whether to make a real permanent tattoo or leave the skin untouched.

Tattoos for men

A representative of the stronger sex will suit a serious and somewhere brutal plot. Usually they do them on the shoulder, forearm or back. If you decide to draw a tattoo for the first time, it is better to do it on a closed part of the body.

For example, the forearm, which can be hidden under a shirt sleeve, etc. That way it can be hidden from people in case the sketch is unsuccessful or its poor quality transferred to the skin.

Men like a few basic themes:

  1. Animals that signify the masculinity and loyalty of the owner of the picture. The selection of the animal requires careful consideration because the pen is not capable of conveying all the details of the picture.
  2. Ships and anchors symbolize the urge to travel. This theme is loved by teenagers and young adults.
  3. The skull is considered a light composition that rockers love to use. It is associated with the sign of death, the power of fate.
  4. The inscription on the hand is considered a universal solution. Men and women can use it. Often Chinese characters are applied.

Choice of marker

The nomenclature of produced markers is extremely wide and it allows using for receiving temporary tattoos and ordinary felt-tip markers, professional permanent markers. The use of the latter will provide a greater existence of the pattern. For example, the outline, executed with a permanent marker, can last for several months and it is difficult to withdraw.

Tattoos for girls

Representatives of the fair sex prefer motifs that are noticeably lighter and more elegant. They are able to emphasize the femininity of the lady, which attracts guys.

Girls like the following tattoo themes:

  1. Floral themes. Inexperienced person is better to draw a rose, tulip or orchid. This theme symbolizes beauty and emphasizes the strength of character of the lady.
  2. Insect - a butterfly or dragonfly in a multicolored version will please a young girl. It symbolizes the lightness.
  3. Heart - a simple version of the sketch for a drawing on the hand. Can symbolize a romantic nature or love for someone.
  4. Another great option is the geometric shapes, which perfectly decorate the forearm. Scandinavian and Greek motifs are popular.

How long does a tattoo last?

The preservation time of a tattoo depends on the technique of its application:

NameCharacteristicsPeriod of Existence
Airbrush methodThe image is applied with an airbrushAbout a week
TranslationBy drawing on wet skin on paperUp to 4 days
MehendiDone with henna, baby powder, and a template1 month
BiotattooPicture is done with colored paint and the outlines are decorated with rhinestones or stones10 days
At homeWith tracing paper, pencil, marker or penUp to 4 days

The drawing, applied with quality paint, with observance of all requirements, will remain unchanged for a long time.

Tips for creating a pen tattoo yourself

  1. Most importantly, take seriously the selection of a photo sketch. Now you can find a lot of options on the web.
  2. If you are not an artist, draw a sketch with a gel pen in a draft. You may not be able to depict some detail, then it is allowed to simplify the drawing.
  3. If you have a swarthy skin color you will have to press the paper with the picture for more than 30 seconds.
  4. The blank for the tattoo in the form of words must first be applied with a pencil, and then on the reverse side with a pen. The letters will appear upside down, but that's how it should be. After translation on the body, everything will fall into place.
  5. If a fragment or the entire image is unsuccessful, the tattoo can be erased with a absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol.
  6. They can be washed off with warm water and soap.

Henna drawings on hands at home

For the beginners in the art of biotatu it is better to give preference to the simple European minimalist style patterns. Firstly, learn how to apply them much easier than the delicate fantasy ornaments. And secondly, you do not have to go into their deeper meaning - the role of such a tattoo is purely decorative.

Do not want to complicate your life searching for the ingredients to make paste? Then you're better off buying a ready-made drawing mixture. It is already in a cone and you can immediately proceed to the creative stage of painting.

If the easy ways are not for you, you can prepare a painting paste by yourself. First of all, you need to stock up on special henna. The one that is used for dyeing hair, categorically not suitable. For painting you need a henna of the finest grind. You can buy it in special or cosmetic stores.


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