Tattoo on the forehead: ideas, inscriptions and drawings with translation and meaning, photos

Gone are the days when the tattoo on the body had a special sacred meaning. Nowadays, many people simply decorate themselves with these items of clothing. True, there are some types of tattoos that are not used to do such things: you have to know the philosophy, which for centuries has been closely associated with the tattoo in a certain place.

Types and meaning of tattoos on the forehead

Where does the trend originate?

For starters, it's worth looking into why people have chosen to put peculiar skin tattoos on the frontal part of the skull and on the face in general. There are a few basic principles:

  • Fashion. At the moment, unusual and obscure tattoos are very popular. That's why young people want to follow trends and be aware of all the new products, so that people can see it.
  • A significant event. This interpretation is basically relevant to all tattoos on the forehead or any other part of the body. A person has some situation that is related to the tattoo, or religious features.
  • An opportunity to stand out. A very small portion of the population has tattoos on the face, much less on the forehead. People are curious about this, which is why they instantly notice the owner of the tattoo on the forehead.
  • Composition. For example, a person already has a tattoo on his body, neck or face. It is necessary for him to connect them or to complete them. That is why people do additional tattoos.

Tattoo on the forehead, on the face, options

Now you are familiar with the trend. You may very well have your own reason, individual and new. But don't forget that any trend is a fleeting phenomenon. Think about whether you will be worried and remorseful later.

Kirill, 20

Last time,

my girlfriend and I were counting
(and it was six months ago)
I had
70-something tattoos. There are eight on my face.

When I first decided to get a tattoo, I was 15 years old. I was dating a girl at the time - those great teenage feelings. When we broke up, I decided to have her portrait tattooed across my back. I found out how much it cost and realized I'd rather refrain. A year or so passed. It was my birthday, I had some money to spare, and I thought, "Man, I still want a tattoo.

I ended up getting a tattoo on my stomach - a rose with wings, the size of two palms. It came out to 2,500 rubles, but I got it down to 2,400 rubles. It took me five hours to get this tattoo. It's small, of course, but because it includes so many colors, it took a long time to get it done. After the third hour, I got the feeling that I was being stabbed back and forth in the gut. I said to the artist, "Let me give you 2,400 rubles and buy cigarettes for 100, because this is hell. After that I never got a tattoo again. But then I changed my mind, of course.

The most painful part was getting a tattoo on my Adam's apple. As soon as the outline started to fill in with brown, I felt sick - I went to the bathroom and threw up from the pain. After the session I was supposed to meet a friend. I get out of the subway car, stand in the center of the hall and see my girlfriend coming down the stairs. I walk in her direction, but then the pain from the session catches up with me, I switch off and fall to the floor - lay like that for five seconds. But the tattoo healed in literally two days.

The last time my girlfriend and I counted (and that was six months ago), I ended up with 70-something tattoos. I have eight on my face. Soon I will have three more. I want to make the person on my left cheek more interesting, because it just looks like a big spot. I got the last tattoo on my knee about a month ago, and a lotus on my forehead. I want to organize everything I've done, because I've been getting tattoos for four years now. And you can see the changes in my life philosophy in them - as in the painting of some artist.

Recently I had an interesting story related to one tattoo. My friends and I went to a festival in Yalta this summer. After that we hitchhiked all the way to Krasnodar. A friend of mine has an acquaintance in Rostov, and we stayed at his place for a day. We ended up hooking up, and I met a tattoo artist. The next day I wake up and go get a tattoo. I look at the master's sketches and realize that everything is beautiful, but it does not catch on. And then he pulls out a dusty sketch from somewhere, and it's from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," and instead of the main character, it's a bat with glasses, a mouthpiece, and a panama. And I think, "That's what this trip was all about.

Originally I had little tattoos on my face, which I got when I was 17, but just six months ago I covered them all up with big works. My mom was very worried and still is. She, of course, wants me to bring them together, but has a calmer attitude. On the other hand, she sees that I'm getting on in life a little. She knows what my goals are and what my values are. And my mom is proud of me. Of course, my sister teases me sometimes. She has one tattoo that she got when she was 16, a hieroglyph on her shoulder blade. But that's about it.

In general, every day there are different situations related to tattoos. For example, I'm reading a book and feel someone looking. I automatically turn my head to the right and bump into someone. Sometimes I notice some rejection on the part of others, but this, I believe, is a projection of your inner state. What you radiate is what you get.

If you notice some animosity coming your way, it means you've allowed yourself to radiate it. I try to be neutral about it. But there have been different occasions. For example, once on my birthday a non-Russian wanted to beat me up right in the subway. He said, "I'm going to drop you. And after literally three minutes of talking, he gave me a Nuts chocolate bar and got off the train.

Another problem I ran into recently. My girlfriend and I came to look at an apartment for rent. The owners there are Armenians, very kind, interesting and hospitable. But before us, literally ten minutes before us, two girls came for the same question. We immediately decided to take an apartment and were ready to pay a couple of months in advance. And the owners said: "No, the girls came first.

Then we went to look at the next apartment - "two-room" on Mosfilmovskaya Street. The owner of the apartment spoke to us friendly on the phone. But when we met him, he suddenly became taciturn. He started to merge: "The owner is my wife, I'll talk to her and give her an answer before morning. Naturally, he refused, but he and his wife argued that we were too young for them and they would like to rent the apartment to more serious people. Although I work, and the girl also has no problems with money. No one will say openly what the reason is. And if they do, I'll shake hands with them.

At first, tattoos were just a decoration for me. After two years, I realized that they still have some meaning. I began to get more selective and look at the quality. When you do tattoos for a long time and then consciously look at yourself in the mirror, you see the course of your life. For the last year I started getting tattoos very rarely, but more seriously.

There are a couple of foreign tattoo artists that I would like to get to someday. All in all, if it is really needed, fate itself will work out so that I will get to them. As the ancient myths say, you do not choose the artifact, but the artifact chooses you. It's something similar with tattoos, too.

The meaning of a tattoo. What is the meaning?

At this point, society has not yet got used to the idea of tattoos on the forehead, face and, indeed, other parts of the body. This is why you need to get used to the idea of criticizing your art right away. So what might people think when they see you have a tattoo on your face? Well, there are a few ways to go about it:

  1. The tattoo is just above your eyebrows. Many historians explain this by saying that a person uses a tattoo to express his or her self. Shows himself, his features and manifestations. In simple terms, immediately reveals the inner world.
  2. Below the eyebrows. This location of the inscription reveals a person's state of health, his life situations and other internal feelings.
  3. Hair, below the hair. All the areas that a person chooses next to his hair speak of his relationship to society. If the tattoo is in the upper part of the forehead, it speaks of an inseparable connection with the person, people.
  4. Photo tattoo on the forehead, which is located exactly in the middle, speaks of harmony in the world of the person. It reminds of inner peace. Many people stuffed there a tattoo in the form of an eye. That's where the "third eye" is most appropriate! Physiologists believe that in the middle is the organ of internal secretion - the gland epiphysis. It is responsible for storing, processing information from the past. Responsible for its perception - the ability to see memorable moments.
  5. The entire forehead is associated with childhood memories. Most often, the tattoo on the forehead of girls is associated with something joyful and cozy - childhood.

Tattoo Ideas on the Face

There are also unique meanings based on a person's religion and emotions. They tend to be individual in nature, requiring deciphering.

Berta, 19

At the entrance to GUM a security guard appeared in front of me and said: "I'm sorry, but you can't come in,
we don't allow people like that in here.

I got my first tattoo when I was 16. Everyone I knew tattooed something small, but I got mad and went and got two Van Goghs, one on each arm. The last tattoo I got a month and a half ago were lines on my face. And this Thursday I'm waiting for another session - I'm going to do another eye. I do everything with the same master, he's very cool at coming up with ideas. Although I can draw everything myself, I'm an illustrator.

There's a separate story about the eyes and how they're portrayed. I was 14 years old, I had trouble sleeping, and it was hard to socialize: people around me don't always understand creative people. I had strange dreams: some humanoids, ladies and gentlemen, dressed in dresses and three-piece suits, with a white sheet instead of faces, and all of them carrying little teapots in their hands. Suddenly a bunch of eyes of different sizes and colors start opening up on their white blank faces.

These images haunted me for a long time, and I had my forehead eye done last summer. The excess paint was coming out along with the lymph, and it looked like the eye was crying black tears. At the time, I had just gotten a call from an employer, who I no longer work for, calling me in for an interview.

I come with this eye, oozing black tears, to a studio that makes children's cartoons, and they take me in without a problem. The studio is called "Aeroplane" - they make "Ficsics". Apparently, among artists and designers and in the film industry, no one really cares what you have written on your face - unless you're an actor or producer, of course.

My left arm is completely tattooed, and my neck will be re-tattooed by my ex-husband. A certain amount of tattoos are related to movies, games and music, which I'm very attached to. And I have a whole composition on my face, a kind of visualization of the superego. The eye is the eye, it doesn't fall asleep and always sees everything, as if being over everything, and never looking into the eye. I am a very strong Freudian, I even have Freud's portrait on my hand and a pig in rabbit ears.

My grandmother keeps saying, "Get that thing off your forehead." For the first three days, when I stuffed it, she didn't notice at all. I sat next to her, she watched her Petrosian, I stole her chips, and everything was fine - even though I had a fresh, bright tattoo on my forehead, still shiny from the cream. But then my grandmother suddenly noticed, and ever since then she keeps repeating that "Get it off."

About my mom, I don't know. About 15 minutes before they put an anesthetic on my face, I wrote, "I'm getting a tattoo on my face now." Then I sent her a picture, and my mom said, "Mm, I see. Sometimes people close to me get in over their heads like, "Look at you, you've disfigured yourself.

I encountered discrimination very recently. At "Vyshka" we had a closed screening of a movie in the GUM cinema. My girlfriend and I came to the screening. Already at the entrance to GUM a security guard appeared in front of me and said: "I'm sorry, but you can't come in, we don't allow such people in. I said, "What kind?" To which he replies that my appearance is unacceptable and considered indecent. But then another guard came over and reluctantly let us in.

My favorite social phenomenon is the sociable alcoholics. One day on my lunch break I went out to eat. I walk up to the cafe, smoking a cigarette, and suddenly a carcass in sky-blue jeans and a jean of the same color - a real Marlboro cowboy - walks out into the street. He staggers around the cafe, he's shaking, and he smells horrible.

He stops, looks at me for a long time, and says, "Are you having an intrapersonal conflict? It was unexpected - I don't even remember what I said to him. And as he walked away, he threatened me with his finger several times. Perhaps it was a failed psychiatrist.

Tattoos are like icons to me. Only in an icon you show the face of the one who sits on top with a beard, but here you're depicting what's inside of you. If you look at it from the perspective of psychoanalysis, then in all the tattoos that people keep covering themselves with, you can see a very big connection to the character traits of a person.

I consider myself eligible for a degree in psychoanalysis in general. I was even kicked out of art school for "phallic" eggplants. I didn't even know such a word then, I was 11 years old. We were given an assignment to draw a still life with eggplants. I started, and the teacher came up to me and said, "What did you do? It's obscene! You're actually in a decent institution.

Then this woman called the other curators, who also made round eyes. And I'm standing there, and I don't understand anything. That's when they explained to me that eggplants were phallic, that I had drawn something indecent and unacceptable. Since then I have been wondering if eggplants are not phallic.

I think I found my tattoo master and he is perfect for me in every way. I have a lot of tattoos, a bunch of little ones connected into one big one, so it's hard to count. I have about 30 of them for sure.

I had anesthesia a couple of times, but it didn't work in three places: my forehead, my left cheek, and somewhere else. I think the more things under a person's skin, the more it hurts. When I got a tattoo on my stomach I almost died. After that, I spent two days moving around, bent over in three bends. It was so painful that I had to stuff it in two sessions.

A lot has changed for me since I got my facial tattoos. The eye is an amulet, it protects me from idiots. With these tattoos you immediately begin to understand how the man treats you, what he thinks about you, why he communicates with you and what he needs from you in general. I've been photographed in the subway a lot - it's terribly annoying. A photo of my sleep-deprived face even appeared in the "Fashion of the Moscow Underground" subway. But my complexes have become much less. Tattoo on the face - definitely a solution to the problems of socialization.

Ideas for tattoos on the forehead. Philosophy

Most often, people who choose philosophical tattoos on the forehead, place them in the middle, starting from the growth of hair. Some bend the inscriptions, imitating eyebrows.

Plotting the same philosophical tattoo is made in the form of geometric shapes. At the moment one of the most popular themes is the vastness of space. If you like art direction, this is the best option. Mix neon colors and other bright colors.

additional facial tattoos

If you place a cross on your forehead, then the tattoo will carry not only a bright ideological meaning, but also a religious, spiritual one. The crucifix is a universal image of the world as seen by believers. A cross on the forehead is a tattoo of a complex religious nature.

Interestingly, the cross has two beginnings - female and male. The energy of the girl is embedded in the horizontal line, and the masculine beginning is associated with the vertical stripe.

Tattoo ideas. Art direction.

Plots, which belong to the creative, have a more complex and incomprehensible interpretation. They are also unique and individual. From the artistic direction can be distinguished strokes, scrolls, which are worth familiarizing yourself with.

Most often neon ornaments are used by women. The artistic direction in a serious form is inherent to the weaker sex. Men, on the other hand, prefer to stuff more funny and incomprehensible tattoos.

forehead tattoo, ideas

Their interpretations are individual. Most often the hidden meaning of a tattoo lies in its location and in the arrangement of its individual parts.

Tattoo variants for men

Statistically, men more often than women stuff up tattoos in the form of an inscription. They prefer provocative symbols with a share of humor. There are also unique tattoos. For example, some people tattoo a joker on their forehead. There are variations of the "blood" style. A scratch, which runs down the middle and as if "tightened" by various threads and laces. Also very often a cross is stamped on the forehead. If there is an animal on a man's face, it is the personification of his qualities: justice, courage, kindness, etc. This trend originated with the Slavs.

Tattoo on forehead, above eyebrows

With the advent of Christianity, this opinion changed. A tattoo of an animal, such as a wolf, began to express the ability to scare away evil spirits. They were used to scare away beasts. It turns out that the tattoo became a kind of protection against evil spirits.

Guys very often get tattoos on their foreheads based on anime or manga motifs. This not only looks stylish, but also represents the spirit of the man. Such memorable tattoos include Naruto anime and manga. Very often guys, some ladies get a Gaara tattoo on their forehead. This character is famous for his strength and abilities.

Dasha, 27 years old.

One day

a grandmother saw me on a shuttle bus,
decided to wash her face with holy water.
I got my first tattoo on my left hand and the last one on my nose, a few dots. There is no hidden meaning in them. I just had a party at Armagh one night, and I wanted to paint my face. I took a black marker right at work, drew dots on my nose and walked around all day, and in the evening I realized that I wanted them forever. That same evening I went and had them done.

Almost all of my tattoos appear this way - I never think for a long time. Sometimes I draw them myself, but I can't reach some places. If I see that the master has drawn something cool, I immediately stuff it. There are people who come into the salon and it starts: "Well, I don't know what I want." If you don't know, then you don't need it. That doesn't happen to me.

Now I work at the Trajectory store. I purposely choose a job where there are no problems with tattoos, and on the resume immediately mention that I have tattoos. When people see me, of course, they are surprised.

I don't know exactly how many tattoos I have. More than thirty. But I still have a lot of places on my body without tattoos. For example, my back - it's clean. But that's for now. I have six or seven tattoos on my face, including white ones. They might even glow in the dark with some fluorescent lighting - I haven't checked.

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old. Back then it wasn't as popular as it is now, the tattoo was small, and everyone at university was okay with it. They said it was cool, they asked if it hurt. Yes, it hurt, the wrist is a terrible place for a tattoo. As a last resort, there are painkillers that help. Until recently, I didn't use it and was always against it. I thought, "It's a tattoo, you have to be patient."

But once I decided to get a tattoo practically on my ribs, it lasted an hour, and it was the worst hour of my life. I never got the place anesthetized and I regretted it so much. It was so painful that I didn't even look at the tattoo when it was done. It was also painful to do on the palms of my hands.

When I got my first tattoo, my mom gave me money for it, and I assured her that the tattoo would only be one and that it wouldn't really be visible. But then a second one followed, a third one, and so on, on a global scale. My mother, of course, was very upset, I was even ashamed. And to this day, she's always chiding me: "You told me it was the last one! And my dad makes fun of me all the time, making jokes about tattooed people. He says that only convicts and bad aunts and uncles do that.

Maybe it's because Dad is an old-school man and quite conservative. Still, my mom is probably more adequate to my tattoos. My sister, for example, likes them, even though she keeps saying I'm sick. She has children, my nieces and nephews, they love to look at me.

Personally, I'm not part of any tattoo hangouts, but I do have another hangout - skaters, and there are a lot of tattooed guys among them. Not on the same scale as me, of course. Often they look and say, "Jesus, how do you live with that on your face?"

Maybe I have begun to pay a lot of attention to this, but I don't like the way tattoos are treated in Russia. It's horrible when you're on public transport and you try not to notice the stares. People stare at you openly and shake their heads - they say you've disfigured yourself, it's a nightmare. I try not to react to this in any way. But I do meet people who like it, they give me a thumbs up and say, "Whoa, cool tattoos! (or something similar). Not a day goes by without questions about facial tattoos of the "Did it hurt or not?" variety and how white tattoos are done.

One time a grandmother saw me on a bus and decided to wash her face with holy water. I hear the phrase "disfigured myself" quite often. Again, I don't care, I have and will continue to get tattoos because I like it. Probably even more I like the process than the result.

I get tattoos in salons from friends. But not for free: I value their time, and the material is also quite expensive. Although, of course, I get tattoos at a discount. I think tattoos used to cost more than they do now. My most expensive tattoo cost me 20,000. It's all in color, takes up half of my calf. There's a sloth with a skateboard, and my friend Dima Tobacco did it for me-he's a really cool artist.

Tattoos for me are like marks of certain periods of my life. Now I'm planning to do a black sleeve on my right arm. I just want more black. It's my favorite color, and it looks cool.

My life has really changed since I got my face tattooed. I guess no one looks at other people that way. I'm even glad it's winter when I can relax and wear gloves so no one is staring. Plus, the hood also saves. People say to me, "Well, how do you live with so many tattoos - they must get on your nerves?" No, they don't, I don't even notice them when I look at myself. It's part of who I am.

Options for tattoos on girls' foreheads. Bright combinations and religious meanings

Not only men, but also women get tattoos. Very often such tattoos (on the forehead) have some kind of backstory, a story. These can include tattoos of Hindu women. These are women who have one or more large dots on the forehead. Russian women get this tattoo if they're into yoga.

Tattoo on forehead girls

Red dots are inherent in women who have a family. It is this color means that the lady has learned the wisdom of marriage. Among the artistic direction, you can choose animals and flowers, which are most often in the form of a bouquet.


For women

For men