How to draw a simple tattoo pen on the hand. Tattoo with a gel pen on the hand, simple designs options

How to draw a tattoo pen

Before you start creating tattoos with a pen, carefully consider what you would like to see on your body. Since the applied drawing will last for several days, you should like it in the first place.

  1. Before you start drawing directly on your body, try to make a sketch on any draft. It will allow to correct the drawing and in case if it is not possible to execute it accurately, to change the sketch in time or to choose another more simple variant
  2. To create a tattoo except for a pen you will need another piece of paper on which you need to place a sketch of a future tattoo, a piece of fabric, warm water. It is necessary to paint a sketch accurately in order the ink will not run.
  3. Apply the tattoo can be in any place, so decide in advance on the place for the tattoo. If you have chosen an area of the body where you can't get by yourself, ask someone to help you.
  4. Soak a piece of tissue in warm water. Place the paper with the design facing downwards and apply it to the chosen area. Put a piece of wet cloth on top and hold for 35 seconds.
  5. Without removing the cloth, gently peel off the edge of the paper and make sure the design is fully transferred to the body. If it doesn't, hold the wet cloth for a few more seconds. Next, remove the paper and fabric.
  6. Wait until the tattoo dries and spray some hairspray on it. This will keep the tattoo looking attractive for a few days.

Practical work

If you want to know how to draw a tattoo step by step with a pen, two options for images will be considered here. The first will be suitable for a gentle female image, the second will emphasize the masculinity of a guy. Whatever material you draw the picture, the sequence of work will remain the same. You can first practice on paper, and then move on to human skin. If you want to see the image on your left forearm, you can do it with your right hand. It is better to additionally use a mirror. If it is quite difficult for you to reach the chosen part of the body, ask someone to help you. This will simplify the work and you'll be able to get a better result.

How to draw a tattoo on your arm, in detail

If you are going to do your first tattoo and your artistic skills are far from perfect, try to choose an uncomplicated and simple design, then draw it several times on a piece of paper and only then proceed to apply it to your body. Once the pattern has been chosen, degrease the area of the skin on which you plan to apply it. Step by step trace the contours of the future drawing. Draw not all at once, but element by element. Next paint the fragment.

Then draw the contours of the next fragment and paint the same way. Wait until the ink dries.

Image with a snake

Next, you can explore how to draw a tattoo with a picture option for a guy. The male version of the plot looks more complicated than the rose. However, in fact, it may even be easier to perform, since some of the elements are drawn on a ruler.

So, the sequence of work will be as follows:

1. Draw the vertical axis of symmetry of the sword, mark the location of the head of the snake.
2. Begin to draw the details. 3. Use smooth and clear lines. 4. Perform the first rotation of the snake's body. 5. Draw all the elements of the sword. 6. Mark the curves of the snake. 7. Detail the pattern of the skin. 8. The finished image can be filled with color completely or partially. So, you have learned how and with what it is better to perform a tattoo. When working on your own, especially if you have no experience, it is better to first practice on a sheet of paper. Choose simple images that match your skill level. Create temporary tattoos. This will allow you to change the subject often and, accordingly, your image. In addition, this way you can avoid many medical problems.

How to draw a tattoo step by step

If you want a multicolored tattoo, then prepare several colored pens at once.

  1. Prepare the place on your skin for the future tattoo by degreasing it.
  2. Draw the outline of the drawing, painting over the details.

  3. Complete the drawing with colored pens. Allow to dry.

Features of tattooing with a pencil

Any temporary tattoo emphasizes the individuality of a person. It is wrong to believe that with the help of pencil technique it is impossible to convey the beauty of the pattern. The correct application of the figure step by step, tracing and darkening it with other colored pencils, will give a natural tattoo design, which looks no worse than other types of temporary tattoos.

The advantages of a temporary tattoo done in pencil:

  • ease of performing the tattoo;
  • no need to look for salons with experienced master tattooists and wait for your appointment;
  • pencil sketch is easy to correct in the case of unsuccessfully carried out outlines;
  • absence of painful discomfort;
  • no skin damage;
  • minimum of necessary accessories;
  • the possibility of drawing a tattoo yourself at home;
  • The tattoo is not eternal, over time it will disappear and you can draw a new tattoo in the same place.

black and brown pencils

Performing a drawing with a transfer pencil allows you to reduce the procedure in time, to get a high-quality color and clarity of the drawing on the body. It should be taken into account that a small-sized ornament looks more natural than a large-sized tattoo with a pencil.

Tattoos in gel pen

Blue and black gel pens can draw a tattoo that at first glance is not easy to distinguish from a real one. There are 2 ways to apply a gel pen tattoo yourself: with and without shallow needle punctures. The latter will only last a few days. If you do a temporary tattoo with pinholes, it can last for several months. Drawings with gel pens are applied both through a stencil and by hand, giving preference to clear fragments.

Method without piercing:

  • Prepare the skin for the temporary tattoo by disinfecting it;
  • draw a sketch on tracing paper with a pencil;
  • blot out the sketch with a gel pen, without exceeding the borders;
  • put the tracing paper on the skin with the drawing downwards, put a wet sponge on top for 3 minutes;
  • Remove the tracing paper;
  • Draw the tattoo directly on your skin with a gel pen.

Method with piercing.

This option is painful and involves the observance of sterility.

  1. Draw the outline of the drawing with an eye pencil or tracing paper on the body.
  2. Making shallow needle punctures on the skin, immediately put a gel line, leading it directly behind the needle. Several times, in this way, draw the pattern.
  3. After 2 minutes, remove the excess gel paste with alcohol.
  4. Reinfect the tattoo area with alcohol.

How to do it yourself

If you have no difficulty and know exactly how to draw a tattoo with a pen, choose this tool. It is very easy to make such a drawing. You can even take different colored rods to give more aesthetics to such a picture.

How to draw a tattoo with a pencil

Exquisite beautiful images are quite complex, so it is worth studying how to draw a tattoo step by step. Performing the work gradually, one element after another, you can create a decor of any complexity.

Of the materials at hand will also suit felt-tip pens. However, keep in mind that all tools that are not specifically designed for drawing on the body, can cause allergic reactions. If your skin is hypersensitive, it is better to use, for example, henna. This is an exclusively natural dye that will not bring any harm to the body. The disadvantage is only a limited range of colors and more complicated technology of drawing. The picture will have to be done with a brush, which is not so easy. Before doing the work directly on the skin, it is better to practice how to draw a tattoo with a pencil on a sheet of paper.

How to draw a tattoo with a pen simple drawings

Simple drawings are considered those where there is no need to detail the fragments, carefully tracing them. These can be geometric fragments, flowers, leaves, birds, insects, etc. Below we show how to make simple drawings on the example of a cardiogram.

Wipe the area to be tattooed with hydrogen peroxide, then draw the outline of the future drawing.

Set the contours. The tattoo is ready.

Women's Tattoos

Girls prefer lighter, more elegant motifs that accentuate their femininity and seem attractive to men. Here's the kind of pattern you can use when working with the fair sex.

pen drawings on the body

Flowers. For those who are new to the business, sketches of roses, orchids, tulips will do. Flowers - these are not only symbols of beauty: they emphasize the sensual and strong character of the owner of such a tattoo.

doodles on hands gel pen

Insects. Butterflies and dragonflies - symbols of ease and flight. Multicolored tattoos with the image of these insects especially like young girls.

Tattoo on the hand pen

Heart. Ideal for tattoos on the hand. A small heart can become a symbol of love for someone or just to describe a romantic nature of the owner.

Gel pen hand drawings

A winning option for women's tattoos are geometric patterns. Especially effective look Scandinavian and Greek motifs.

pen hand doodle

Tips for applying tattoos with a pen

  1. If you have chosen the way of applying a tattoo using paper or tracing paper, but you have dark skin, then a wet cloth or moistened sponge should be kept longer, from time to time peeking at the translation process.
  2. You should remove the tracing paper slowly and carefully, so as not to smudge the drawing.
  3. If you decide to choose as a tattoo inscription and translate it with paper, then write it first in pencil, then turn the sheet over and draw it with a pen. This way your inscription will be read correctly.
  4. In case you have not drawn the sketch correctly, missed words or something went wrong, moisten a cotton pad with alcohol and wipe off the excess.

What's the best plot to take

Want to know how to draw a tattoo yourself? In fact, the process does not require much work. The most important thing is to find a suitable image. The symbolism of certain signs is everywhere, so when you choose a subject, you should definitely know if it has a hidden meaning. How is a beautiful hieroglyph translated, what can a picture with a wolf or cheetah mean? If you doubt the meaning of the image you like, try to consult with an expert, find detailed information, especially when you are going to make a permanent tattoo that you will walk around with for many years.

If you decide to create a complex image on your own, it is worth thinking about how to draw tattoos in pencil step by step. Only the consistent execution of the steps, the image of simple elements that make up the whole, will allow you to get a good quality result.

Sketches of a pen tattoo, photo


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