Belly button piercing: pros and cons, care, consequences, jewelry, photos

Belly button piercing - a very fashionable procedure, able to give a girl an additional share of charm and sexuality. Elegant earring, decorating a flat (or not) tummy beautiful lady, according to the vast majority of men, makes it even more seductive and more desirable.

But there are some serious drawbacks as well. Any piercing, even the usual earlobe piercing is a wound. And the belly button after piercing heals much longer than the ears. During the recovery period the wound needs care, and in case of sloppy treatment and non-observance of the recommendations of the master serious complications are possible.

Pluses and minuses of belly button piercings

It is worth paying attention to the fact that belly button piercing is not the easiest manipulation and refers to a type of surgery. This is due to the fact that the intervention is made in the zone of internal tissues, which border the abdominal cavity, where access to all internal organs. Therefore, the area, unlike other places, is one of the most dangerous and is fraught with complications.

Among the pluses of belly button piercings are the following:

  • Cute appearance.
  • Men like belly button piercing, consider it sexy
  • The opportunity to emphasize, to draw attention to their ideal figure

Stylish jewelry
Stylish decoration
Among the disadvantages of belly button piercings, it is worth noting the following:

  • Highly traumatic procedure
  • Long period of healing of the wound
  • The possibility of a large number of complications, including suppuration and abscesses
  • Traumatization of tissues and the possibility of getting into the biologically active point

In general, it is worth to think a hundred times before resorting to such a procedure, especially if your figure is far from ideal, and you are not going to wear open tops. If the figure is not very good, then with the piercing is worth to wait or to give up altogether. That is why most often girls aged 14-20 years resort to such manipulations. It is worth noting that if you are under 18 years old, the salon can refuse. In this case, you need a written permission of parents for the procedure. Otherwise, no one will pierce the navel teenager.

Piercing treatment
Puncture treatment

About piercings at home

Doing piercings at home is a great risk, but many take this step consciously. Information about how to pierce the belly button at home is of interest to many people. Before performing the manipulation, you need to prepare everything you need for the procedure. In the salon, specialists guarantee quality and safety to clients, adhere to all medical and sanitary norms and rules. If there are no contraindications, then at home you should act in the same sequence as the masters of piercing in the salon.

Before the start of the procedure, it is necessary to make a plan of work. Prepare in advance the tools and jewelry, disinfect them. Provide a clean space. Before piercing the belly button, the skin should be carefully pulled away with tweezers. It is recommended that the needle be inserted from the bottom up, taking in air, pushing it through the skin in a soft, continuous motion. If a drop of blood appears, it is normal, you need to remove it with a cotton swab moistened with antiseptic. Without removing the needle, insert the earring into its hollow part. Then the needle is removed and the wound and the jewelry are treated.

Does it hurt to pierce my belly button?

It is necessary to pay a lot of time and attention to the choice of the salon or cosmetologist who will carry out the manipulation. The fact is that cleanliness is important, as well as sterility of the salon. You can come additionally to the salon and order some inexpensive manipulation to look at the behavior of the masters, as well as cleanliness.

Does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?

  • The salon should be free of dust, dirt, and the master should work exclusively in disposable gloves using all the rules of disinfection and treatment of tools. The procedure must be performed with sterile instruments, which are unpacked in front of you.
  • To perform the procedure, special forceps with round shackles are usually used, as well as a large laser-sharpened needle with the possibility of connecting a catheter. It is through the catheter that the earring is inserted and secured. All instruments must be sterilized.
  • Therefore, the specialist must open the Kraft bag in front of you and take out all the necessary accessories. If the specialist does not understand where he pulls out the tools, you can get up and leave, refuse to perform the procedure.
  • The needle is also disposable, sterile, laser-sharpened. Almost no salon performs belly button piercing with a gun. This is because usually the piercing is not flat, but semicircular to emphasize the anatomical shape. This is why guns are not usually used when performing belly button piercings.
  • The procedure is painful. Feelings depend on the number of nerve fibers in this part and the thickness of the fat layer.

Stylish jewelry

Anatomy is important.

Of course, the anatomy of the girl's body is also important for piercings. Classic piercings are not suitable for everyone. For example, if at the top you do not have a fold, which can be pierced - from the classic should be abandoned. The girl's low belly button doesn't allow her to have an ordinary "banana". It will not fit. In this case you will need an upper piercing. In general, it all depends on your body.

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How does the belly button piercing heal?

After the piercing, the master usually gives recommendations for the care of the wound. They must be strictly adhered to, otherwise you risk irritation or infection.

How a belly button piercing heals:

  • Among the risks is the possibility of catching dangerous diseases that are transmitted through blood. However, this is only possible if the master used non-sterile tools.
  • That is why it is important to make sure that all instruments are treated, and the piercing is carried out with a new needle. Earrings can be chosen in a salon or purchased independently. Most often masters offer titanium alloys, as they take root very well and rarely cause complications, as well as festering in the area of the puncture.
  • However, if you are not sure that your skin will accept such metal, you can buy some inexpensive titanium jewelry and put it in your ears. Now watch the reaction.
  • If after a while you find that your ears began to hurt and yellowish or transparent fluid is coming out of them, this metal is definitely not suitable for you.
  • Therefore, buy jewelry for the belly button from another material. Oddly enough, many people have a rejection of titanium, as well as surgical steel, but the tissue responds well to gold or silver.


Processing: rules for the choice of products

The wound on the navel is not cauterized with iodine, green and their analogues. Because of the burn, the cells take longer to recover. Bactericidal powders also do not promote healing. Large inclusions irritate and traumatize tissues. Particles of powder accumulate in hard-to-reach places.

What you cannot treat belly button piercing after piercing:

  • Alcohol, alcohol-containing products;
  • Miromistin ointment;
  • Peroxide;
  • Levomecol;
  • Several antiseptic preparations at once.

Please note! Miromistin ointment is not suitable. Other forms of release - solution and spray - are successfully used for the prevention of infection. Creams, on the other hand, retain moisture. Favorable conditions are created for the course of pathogenic processes.

Instructions on the Internet, telling all about the belly piercing, often contain instructions to use physiological solution. In itself, the remedy is harmless, fraught with consequences only if it is used incorrectly. It is not worth resorting to saline because of its ineffectiveness. It does not have antiviral properties, it will not protect from suppuration. It is inactive against aerobic bacteria, fungi, protozoa. Disinfection will have no effect.

What you can treat the belly button after the puncture:

  • Chlorhexidine;
  • with Miromistin spray;
  • a weak solution of salt (but not iodized salt, but sea salt).

How long does a belly button piercing heal?

Not everything depends on the beautician and the specialist who will exist the piercing, but also on the peculiarities of care.

How long heals a belly button piercing:

  • The fact is that the wound in this area heals for a very long time, on average the wound heals in about 7-21 days, but finally the channel is formed in 3-6 months. That is how long you will have to treat the navel.
  • Every day, several times a day, preferably at least 4 times, to treat with antiseptics. Note that in no case do not use alcoholic liquids, as they contribute to the oxidation of the metal from which the jewelry is made, as well as drying the skin, which can later begin to crack, dry out and redden.
  • To prevent this from happening, use water-based antiseptics. Miramistin is ideal, as is Chlorhexidine. These liquids are very inexpensive and can be purchased at the pharmacy.
  • A bottle of 100 ml is enough to last for a long time, as about 1-2 ml of the solution is used for treatment. In no case the puncture site should not be rubbed and irritated. Specialists recommend that the piercing be performed in the spring or autumn. This is due to the fact that in winter, as well as in summer, the navel can be affected by clothing, elastic bands and thermal underwear. In the summertime, the navel area can constantly get sweat, which will irritate the wound.

Beautiful piercings

What not to do until the skin has healed

During the healing period of the wound, you can not bathe in the bathtub or pool, wear tight clothes that will rub the belly button. It is not recommended to twist the earring in the hole until it has completely healed.

It is also worth refraining from sports training. You should not forget the advice given by the master. For those who are going to do the piercing themselves, it is advisable to read the necessary information before the belly button piercing procedure. It is necessary to understand how the operation takes place and what treatment is necessary for the normal healing of the wound in the belly button.

Care after belly button piercing

There are many complications associated with belly button piercings, including festering. They can occur if the rules of the piercing in the salon, as well as with not enough care. Most often, suppuration appears in the case if the time of the piercing is chosen incorrectly, and there constantly gets dust.

Care after the belly button piercing:

  • Accordingly, it is the summer season, when the skin sweats a lot, and in the area of the belly button accumulates dirt, debris, as well as sweat. It is at this time that careful care must be taken and the wound must be treated constantly until the canal is fully formed.
  • Note that purulent discharge with an unpleasant odor is abnormal. They can be yellow, green or brown in color with admixtures of blood. Please note that the piercing should not be removed from the navel for 3 months.
  • This is necessary so that the channel is formed and scar tissue is formed, which will prevent the hole from overgrowing. Very often, if you remove the piercing yourself, it is quite problematic to put it back in. Therefore, there is additional trauma to the tissue, which is not sufficiently healed due to constant traumatization.

Nursing after piercings
Care after the piercing

Care of the piercing site

It is necessary to take care of the place of the piercing in order to exclude unpleasant consequences. This process does not require complicated actions, but it should be carried out until the wound is fully healed. It is a daily treatment of the jewelry and the skin around the piercing.

The preparations used for this manipulation are recommended by puncture masters. If the wound healing process is normal, Chlorhexidine or Miramistine should be used. Hydrogen peroxide or alcohol experts do not advise to use, as they dry out the skin. If there is severe inflammation and swelling, you should seek help from a doctor.

Piercing Care
Touch the piercing only when handling the piercing and only with clean hands.

What kind of earrings for belly button piercings?

There are many options for belly button piercing jewelry. It is worth taking into account that there are some anatomical features, so most often choose an earring with a curved arc.

Earrings for belly button piercing:

  • Banana. Reminiscent of an ordinary barbell, but somewhat rounded. Its shape is a bit like an exotic fruit, that's why it is called so. Usually the width is classic and is about 1.5 cm. The length varies from 6 to 15 mm. On these bananas can be attached pendants, pendants or long jewelry, in the form of a chain, an abundance of rhinestones.


  • Spirals. Also called winchesters. Can be with several curls or one. Also used for piercing in the lower abdomen because of its convenient shape.


  • Clickers. This is a kind of half-ring with a barbell, they got the name because when putting on such jewelry, a certain click is created. Originally created exclusively for nose partitions, but now they are also used in piercings.


Varieties of jewelry for belly piercings

On the way to beauty, an important point is to choose an earring for belly piercing, because it gives the belly an unusual look. What kind of jewelry to choose from a variety of options - it is up to the client to decide. All factors must be considered when choosing: weight, shape of the piece, material of manufacture, as well as the individuality of the navel anatomy.

The most suitable and safe metals for the production of jewelry are considered to be gold, silver and medical steel. When buying a piercing earring, you should remember that the material of the product determines the speed of healing of the wound. To give a beautiful look to the abdomen, you need to choose the right earring. Classification of piercing jewelry:

  • barbell;
  • banana simple;
  • banana shaped;
  • twister - spiral;
  • piercing ring;
  • circular;
  • microdermal;
  • pendant earring;

Jewelry Choices
The piercing industry produces a wide variety of jewelry.

It is not difficult to buy jewelry, because there are earrings of all shapes and varieties, made of different materials, including precious metals.

Which is better, silver, titanium or gold belly button piercing?

Also, the master can draw your attention to the fact that there are a lot of options for materials for belly button piercings. Most often the following metals are used.

Which is better, silver, titanium, gold belly button piercing:

  • Titanium. This is a special alloy that is often used in the manufacture of implants. Usually mounted in the bone of the skull, or used in prosthetics. The material takes root well and rarely rejects. Although there are cases when titanium does not adhere well in the ear, it is necessary to change the ornament for another one.
  • Gold. It is also considered to be a hypoallergenic metal, which very rarely causes allergies, suppuration, as well as swelling in the puncture site.
  • Surgical steel. Represents a special kind of stainless steel with certain additives and impurities. The main advantage is the low price, and high hypoallergenicity.
  • Note that this steel contains an admixture of nickel, so it can cause complications in those who have hypersensitivity, allergic reactions. In some European countries there is a ban on the first piercing made of surgical steel. It is believed that it works best after the formation of the canal.

The choice of metal is influenced by the financial situation of the client, as well as how one feels with this metal in the ears. Therefore, it is recommended that before choosing a product for belly button piercing, purchase ear jewelry made of the same metal and test.

And in pregnancy?

A beautiful belly button in girls is one of their virtues. However, how to maintain the piercing after pregnancy? During this period, the tissues are noticeably stretched, microcracks are formed. Fibroblasts quickly appear in them. This is the very substance that causes stretch marks to form. As a result, the piercing, even if you keep it, will not look good after delivery. In addition, it can also move away. In principle, you will have to remove the earring closer to delivery anyway. Therefore, as soon as the piercing becomes small, give it up. A new piercing can be done after the birth. In the same place.

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