Rating of the best Moscow tattoo artists (tattoo parlors and studios) - 2021

Tattoo salons in the majority are closed communities. All information about them is possible to receive through reviews of those who used the services of this or that salon, on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances. Professional masters-tattoo artists become so popular in their circles, that on session to them lines are built, and the record occurs for some months.

The most popular tattoo studios in the capital willingly provide information about the services provided and their cost, as well as photos of work and customer feedback about the work of the masters and the studio as a whole. About the best of the best we will tell below.

"Maze Tattoo Studio".

Maze Tattoo Studio is an art boutique with its own atmosphere and individual concept.

It is located in the heart of Moscow, a stone's throw from the exit of Novokuznetskaya metro station, at 8 Pyatnitsky Lane, Building 1. The studio has a small team of professional artists with 20 + years of experience in the tattoo industry. The salon meets all safety and sterility requirements and has a professional medical license for the right to practice cosmetology. In addition to artistic tattooing, the studio also offers additional services for laser removal of tattoos, piercing, henna painting and dreadlocking. For more information, visit https://maze.tattoo/

Cost of services

  • Artistic tattoo from 3500 rub;
  • Overlapping and correction of a tattoo from 4000 rubles;
  • Piercing from 1300 rubles;
  • Tattoo and tattoo removal by laser from 2000 rub;
  • Painting with henna and jagua gel from 2000 rub;
  • Braiding dreadlocks, pigtails from 3000 rubles


  • High quality;
  • Experienced masters (from 20 years of experience with tattoo artists);
  • The presence of an official medical license;
  • Attentive staff;
  • A stone's throw from Novokuznetskaya metro station.


  • Small room;
  • Difficulties with parking;
  • Relatively high price tag.

"Tattoo Times.

The best studio in terms of value for money.

This is a very popular professional studio in the capital, located on Suschevskaya Street 25 s1, in Business , not far from the metro stations Mendeleevskaya and Novoslobodskaya. The masters have a great experience and guarantee a perfect result of their work. In the studio "Tattoo Times" do not only tattoos, but also piercing, bio-tattooing, permanent makeup, as well as perform correction and removal of tattoos.

Principles of Work:

  1. Safety. Specialists have medical education, disposable instruments are used in the work, and the session is held in a sterile room. SanPiN norms are observed, and work is carried out in accordance with international quality standards.
  2. Quality. The studio employs masters who have an art education, and can perform a sketch and tattoo of any complexity.

The cost of services:

  • Tattoo size 5cm x 5cm and 10cm x 5cm - from 1 500 rub. and from 3 000 rub. respectively;
  • Tattoo correction - from 3 500 rub;
  • Bio-tattoo - from 500 rub;
  • Tattoo removal - from 600 rub.


  • great attention to safety and cleanliness;
  • high level of professionalism;
  • valuable advice and attentive attitude of the masters;
  • friendly atmosphere;
  • convenient parking place next to the studio.


  • high cost;
  • a small range of designs.

"Tattoo Territory".

The best salon in the "Mastery" category.

The studio has been around for several years and is very popular. It is located near the metro stations Maryino and Bratislavskaya, on Mayachkovsky Boulevard 4. Six masters have great experience, have the appropriate education, they are professional and talented to perform tattoos of any complexity, permanent makeup and piercing.

Studio "Tatu Territory" performs a range of additional services:

  1. Removal of tattoos, including laser. This method of getting rid of the tattoo is the most effective, painless and safe - this procedure does not require anesthesia. Full removal of a tattoo is done individually, with modern technology, in a few sessions, the duration of which depends on the size of the tattoo.
  2. Overlapping of the tattoo. With care and precision, specialists select the perfect sketch for a beautiful and maximum-complete overlapping of the previous tattoo.
  3. Restoration and correction. The studio provides a range of services for professional renovation and correction of tattoos.
  4. Bio-tattoo with henna. The salon provides a catalog with sketches of bio-tattoos in different sizes, formats and shades. Styles and directions of drawings are also diverse.
  5. Training for tattooing. Masters of the studio organize courses for all who wish to try themselves in this type of art, share their knowledge and experience.


  • In work we use disposable means;
  • sterility is maintained in the rooms;
  • the air in the rooms is treated with ultraviolet;
  • equipment and tools are specially cleaned and sterilized;
  • disinfectants are used in the process of drawing.

Cost of services

  • Applying tattoos - from 2 000 p;
  • Overlay, restoration of tattoo - from 2 000 p;
  • Laser removal of tattoo - from 500 r;
  • Development of individual sketch for tattoo - from 1 000 p;
  • Consultation with the master of the salon is free;
  • Training in the art of tattooing - from 30 000 p;
  • Express-training - 20 000 p.


  • high professionalism of the masters;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • high quality of work;
  • friendly staff;
  • a wide range of services.


  • not found.

Services Syndicate Tattoo

art tattoo

Our tattoo artists apply not just a picture, but create a real work of art that expresses the client's inner self. We make drawings of different styles and complexity, single and multi-color. Masters Salon Syndicate Tattoo are well versed in all directions and masters different techniques in applying artistic tattoos.

An individual approach to each client is provided. The customer can choose a ready-made sketch from the catalog and the master will change it so that you get an exclusive tattoo. The work is done by photo, sketch, provided by the client, as well as unique drawings are developed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

The cost of applying an artistic tattoo depends on the complexity, style, size, detail, color density and the level of the master. Also on the final price affects the selected area of the body for tattooing

If you want to know the price of your tattoo, call our studio by phone or send a letter with a detailed description of the future drawing on our email. We will give a preliminary estimate of the tattoo cost and recommend a suitable master. The exact cost of tattoo can be found out in consultation with the master.

The service tattoo is available only to persons over 18 years.

Consultation of the master


Miniature tattoos are images of less than 10x10cm in size. The procedure for applying such tattoos takes no more than 1 hour and is included in one session. To the miniature tattoo can be attributed small symbols, patterns and inscriptions with a minimal amount of color and low detail.

5000 ₽ minimum cost

Medium size tattooThe medium size tattoo refers to images larger than 15x15cm. Depending on the complexity and area of the body, the procedure for such images takes no more than 4 hours and fits into one session.

15000 ₽ minimum cost

Large size tattooBig size tattoo refers to work that usually requires long sessions. The procedure of applying such images takes more than 5 hours. For example, a full-color "realism" design, from the shoulder to the bend of the arm, may require a session lasting more than 6 hours. Depending on the complexity and detail of the drawing, there may be several such sessions.

25000 ₽ minimum cost

Full-format tattoo. The cost of an hour's work.To full-length tattoo refers large-scale work that requires several long sessions. One procedure of applying such images takes more than 30 hours. For example, applying a full-color design to the entire back, may require 5 to 8 sessions of 6-8 hours each. As a rule, such projects are paid by the hour.

4000 ₽ minimum cost


The safest salon.

The studio is located on Taganskaya Square, 86/1 bldg 1, in the shopping center on the 2nd floor, as well as on Bakhrushina Street 13, close to Paveletskaya metro station. This salon is one of the leading in the area. Only professional artists work here, capable of producing even complex sketches and realizing the most daring ideas in a short time.

Specialists of the studio have a great experience, win prizes in competitions and exhibitions of international level. Their work is of high quality and studio also guarantees absolute safety - only disposable supplies are used and sterility complies with all modern standards (work is done in special rooms sterilized daily).

Salon also provides services of tattoo correction, and for those who wish to try themselves as a tattoo master, the salon offers a training program. Thanks to this anyone who is interested in the subject and has an artistic ability can learn the subtleties of the art and the basics of technique and use the acquired skills.

Cost of services

  • Tattoo - from 1 500 p to 3 000 p (depending on the size of the picture);
  • Bio-tattoo - from 500 p;
  • Tattoo correction - from 3 500 p;
  • Laser removal of tattoo - from 600 p;
  • Permanent Make-up - from 3 000 to 8 000 p, depending on the type of tattoo;
  • Piercing - from 1 000 to 1 500 p;
  • Training - 10 000 (training piercing), 20 000 - 25 000 (training tattoo), 38 000 - 48 000 (training permanent makeup).


  • high level of service;
  • high quality equipment;
  • the latest modern technology;
  • rapid production of the sketch;
  • attentive, patient and accurate craftsmen;
  • pleasant atmosphere.


  • not identified.

The best tattoo master in Moscow: how to choose the ideal one?

Now let's try to explain how exactly you need to choose a specialist who will do you a tattoo. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you should take into account a number of factors.

To choose a tattoo master Moscow it or any other city, in fact, is not so simple. First of all, when communicating with a potential "artist" who will be doing a drawing on your body, be sure to ask how he is doing:

  • with sterilization;
  • disinfection;
  • barrier protection;
  • disposable supplies.

Remember that every self-respecting master is reverent about the issues of hygiene and health of the client. He always treats, uses disinfectants, does not mix colors and does not reuse needles and other consumables.

If the master collects, and then wipes with alcohol and reuses even those needles, which pierced you, you should not trust him. After all, it's about your health and even life!

In addition, the master must be not just a "ringsmith", thoughtlessly transferring someone else's sketches on your body. Ideally - a real tattooist is an artist, capable of giving valuable, sensible advice. Yes, he may not be able to make sketches, but he has an excellent sense of style, unsurpassed taste and he knows what to do and how to do to get the perfect result.

By the way, a true professional before you start work, be sure to talk to you to clarify all the details, but not just say: "Come on, give me your sketch, now nakolem in a hurry.

Master is important to clarify exactly how you imagine the end result of the work, what colors and shades are preferred. In general, a good master will always complement your idea when drawing a sketch, or will suggest how to change the existing sketch to make it look perfect on the body!

And, of course, a good master is not interested in making a copy of an existing tattoo. It's boring. And it is not respectful to yourself. Good tattoo masters Moscow it or other cities, work only on original, unique sketches.

"Liberty Tattoo.

Studio, equipped with the best equipment.

The salon is located at: Varshavskoe metro station, Varshavskoe highway 70, building 1. Tattoo studio "Liberty" is distinguished by the availability of the latest equipment. Talented masters with special education and vast experience work here - true professionals who can make any client's dream come true.

Numerous examples of work can be seen in the portfolio. Moreover, the studio provides services on tattooing (permanent make-up) - this is done by experienced masters with medical and cosmetology education. For those interested in piercing - tattoo studio "Liberty" provides piercing of any kind, while ensuring maximum safety. All kinds of consumables are disclosed in the presence of the client, and procedures are carried out in strict accordance with sanitary regulations.

The cost of a tattoo is determined individually, based on such parameters as the complexity of the image and its size. Determine the price will help free consultation tattoo master, which will be discussed all the details and the details of the procedure.

Cost of services

  • Tattoo - from 2 000 rub;
  • Correction, overlapping, restoration of tattoo - from 2 000 r;
  • Correction of tattoo - 500 - 1 000 r;
  • Laser removal of tattoos (without burns and scars) - from 500 p;
  • Sketch development - from 1 000 p;
  • The cost of permanent makeup - from 2 000 to 15 ooo (depending on the type of tattoo);
  • The correction of the tattoo - 15 000 p;
  • Correction, removal of tattooing - 5 000 p;
  • Piercing - from 1 000 to 3 500 p.


  • high-quality and fast work;
  • Safety - masters are neat, sterility is observed;
  • pleasant environment, friendly atmosphere;
  • reasonable prices.


  • were not detected.

All best Moscow tattoo masters are here and now.

Today tattoos are at the peak of popularity. More and more people want to decorate their bodies. The tattoo industry itself is also developing:

  • There are new directions;
  • new technologies are being developed;
  • better tools are created.

Therefore, if you want to get a really original and unique tattoo that has no analogues - it is quite real! The main thing is to know whom to ask for help!

It is noteworthy that every tattoo artist in Moscow seeks to stand out from the crowd of others, improving in a certain direction, coming up with new ideas, imagining and boldly realizing their ideas. Only so it is possible to be kept at the top of conditional hit-parade: "The best tattoo master Moscow".

By the way, when searching for a master, many people are faced with one problem - it turns out that specialists in this matter almost never use the standard advertising to promote their services! To most of them new customers come on the advice of those who have already tattooed. That is, the power of "word of mouth" comes into play.

However, modern realities are gradually changing the situation. And now to find a qualified specialist is quite realistic, even if none of your friends have never done tattoo and can not advise anyone.

It is enough to visit our web site and in the corresponding section, where the best Moscow tattoo specialists are presented, get acquainted with the works of professionals!


Tattoo studio with the best location.

Salon "Arbat" is located in the place that corresponds to its name - on Arbat Street, 12. Tattoo studio has a great experience and a rich portfolio, which presents tattoo designs made in a variety of styles - these are author's sketches, black-and-white (monochrome) and color, as well as temporary, bio-tattoos. Masters will help to choose a drawing, give necessary recommendations, besides the salon renders services in restoration and correction of tattoos, concealment of scars by means of successfully chosen tattoo.

Among main services also belongs piercing - piercing of nose, ears, eyebrows, tongue, lips, as well as belly button and intimate places. Professionals guarantee a safe and painless piercing, they will help to choose the jewelry and give advice on caring for the piercing.

As an alternative to the permanent tattoo, "Arbat" salon offers to perform a temporary tattoo with natural paint. In appearance temporary tattoo is almost no different from the permanent.

In addition, in the tattoo studio "Arbat" practiced performing permanent makeup - tattoo eyes, eyebrows, lips, as well as imitation mole flies.

In case it is necessary to correct a tattoo, the masters will help to do it - to overlay the existing tattoo with a new one, to make correction or to restore the picture, detailed or completely.

Specialists can also help to hide scars with a tattoo - correctly chosen design can hide any type of scar. Masters approach this very carefully and responsibly, individually selecting the shape and type of figure, according to the features of the scar. After overlapping, this unpleasant defect will disappear under the beautiful pattern, which will allow you to wear your favorite clothes and not be embarrassed to open your body.

If it is necessary to get rid of the tattoo, laser tattoo removal will help with this. This procedure also helps to correct the existing body image, or remove it completely. There are no scars and scars on the skin after the session, and the procedure is painless enough. The number of sessions for complete tattoo removal is determined by the master, the consultation is free.

The cost of services

  • Tattoo - from 2 000 p;
  • Correction, restoration and overlapping of tattoos - from 2 000 p;
  • Development of individual sketch - from 1 000 p;
  • Removal of the tattoo - from 500 p.


  • good atmosphere;
  • attractive prices;
  • safety, hygiene.


  • Inattentiveness of the staff;
  • quality of work unstable.

Our masters

Tattoo master Catherine

From an early age tattooing caught my attention. Already at a young age I developed a clear desire to link my life with the art of artistic tattooing. And as soon as I had the opportunity, I took a short course in dermopigmentation

in one of the best salons in Moscow. The received knowledge was quite enough for the fruitful beginning of my formation as a tattoo master.After purchasing the necessary consumables, inexpensive, but high-quality equipment, and preparing a workplace, I began to practice. About two years I spent all my physical, mental and material resources on tattooing. At the same time I studied forums, where many experienced masters shared their advice. I thoroughly studied the work not only of local artists, but also of foreign ones. Most of the work was done at no cost to myself in order to raise my level. I believed, and still believe, that until a master reaches a certain quality, he has no moral right to take payment for the work. With time all of the above coupled with my diligence began to bring good results, and I got a job in a tattoo studio. After working there for six months, I realized that it was time to move on. For a couple of years I successfully worked at home, then, having heard about a vacancy in a tattoo studio (Liberty) which interested me, I decided to have an interview. After a heart-to-heart talk with the employer I started to join the team. At the moment I continue to work in this studio and get great pleasure from that.

As for my favorite styles, at the very beginning of my career I was attracted by laconism and seeming simplicity of the style traditional

. That's why most of my works were made in this style. But because I was also always attracted by the oriental theme, at a certain point my attention was completely absorbed by the oriental style.
which to this day is my favorite style in tattoos. I have a special respect for the traditional Japanese tattoo style. I have a deep respect for the history of the origin of this style, as well as for the masters who continue to preserve these traditions. For me, this style is the true embodiment of a tattoo's purpose.
The Japanese tattoo
As with most traditional ornamental tattoos, it has an admirable harmony with the wearer's body. Despite the seeming primitivism of this style, the tattoos look sophisticated and are a work of art. Always with great pleasure perform work in this style, as I am engaged in development
individual designs

As the level of our studio tattoo obliges all masters to be all-rounded and to carry out work in absolutely different styles, me as well as my colleagues, do not limit their skills to one style. I am pleased to work and develop individual designs in the styles of realistic black and grey, realistic trash polka, traditional, ornamental. So I try to follow new tendencies in a tattoo, I am interested in appearance of the new equipment and materials.

P.S. There is a perception that I can be too serious with my clients. Such behavior is explained by the fact that I think it is unacceptable to speculate on friendly relations with my clients. A conscious client of a tattoo studio should first of all pay attention to a master's portfolio, then to his competence and professionalism. I always act solely in the interest of the client. In the process of work we can not become the best of friends, but you for the rest of your life

remain a happy owner
High quality and competently performed work

How to find a good tattoo master?

Tattooing is a question that should not be approached lightly, because the process of drawing on the body affects, above all, the health. An experienced professional will do it painlessly, observing all the necessary sanitary and hygienic norms.

In the hands of an unreliable master there is a danger of serious damage to your health. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing a tattoo parlor, focusing on the main criteria of choice:

  1. Safety. This is the most important characteristic. Studio specialists must provide maximum information on the matter, tell what the procedure will be, what materials are used, how the instruments and cabinets are cleaned. The room where the tattoo is applied must be as clean as in the operating room.
  2. Cost. The experience of the masters, the experience of the salon as a whole, the quality level of its services, the reviews of visitors - all these aspects should be considered and carefully studied. Salons with a high status offer services with a high cost, but you should remember about the value for money - the inexpensive cost of services does not promise a perfect result, not to mention the safety.
  3. Status of the tattoo studio. The study of salons is preferable to start with the most respected and old in the city - such salons have a huge experience. Their skills have been honed over the years, all possible shortcomings and mistakes have been taken into account and corrected in the past, in addition such salons have a rich client base, which means a large number of reviews from knowledgeable people. To the search for tattoo studio should be treated the same way as if you were looking for a good doctor.
  4. The stylistics of the work. This refers more not to the studio as a whole, but to the master in particular. Each tattoo master works in a certain style, maybe not one. It is worth to look carefully at his portfolio, examples of his work. A good master will not perform a tattoo that does not match the main style of his work. A real professional will develop a sketch or adjust the existing one, and also will help to determine the choice of design and the place on the body where this particular design will look the most effective artistically and aesthetically literate.

You should by no means entrust such an important matter to an untested master, do not hesitate to demand all the necessary information and it is not superfluous to check the received data. Remember that quality work will not only give joy, but also keep your health.

Tattoo master in Moscow: why search here?

Do you want to find a tattoo master Moscow or another city? Then you're going straight to our rating of masters.

Our portal contains detailed information about real creators who can make a true masterpiece. These are masters, working in different styles and genres, practicing a variety of directions. And capable of implementing virtually any idea.

Most of them do not just put a drawing on the body, but can independently draw a unique, unparalleled sketch. And, as it is known, only the original tattoo should be imposed, not a copy of the figure found on the Internet!

After all, each picture, each sketch is created for a concrete person, corresponds to his feelings, inner world and peculiarities of character. Therefore looks harmoniously on his body. If you will pick up drawing in the Internet, among already used before sketches, can be sure that tattoo will not be combined with your character, world perception.


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