Tattoo Inscriptions on the back. Tattoo photos of the best tattoo artists

Practicality and versatility are the main advantages of tattoos on the ribs of men. The sketches look more brutal and laconic than the female ones, however this circumstance does not make them less attractive. Proof of this is the numerous photos of sports and show business stars.

Footballer David Beckham has decorated the right side of his torso with the icon "Man of Sorrow" and the left side with the inscription in Chinese "Death and life depend on fate, and honor and wealth - from heaven. This suggests that the tattoos on the ribs have a special meaning for their owners, are something personal and intimate.

Tattoo of a dove on his ribs

Small or large tattoo to do

Tattoo masters believe that small size tattoos are almost never of high quality, except for monochromatic geometric figures. If the client wants a really beautiful work, with a variety of details and color transitions, then it will not be small a priori. Here The principle is valid - the more elements, colors, outlines, the bigger is the size..

The small tattoo with a thin outline, after some time will fade, the outline "will float", and the work will look smeared and untidy. Also, the size depends on the style chosen. It happens that even with a strong desire to make a small drawing simply will not work.

Why do men apply tattoos in the form of an inscription?

To understand how appropriate and justified an inscription tattoo, a man needs to understand and clearly define for himself its purpose and objective. As a rule, inscriptions have 3 purposes:

  1. Remind you of some important event, phenomenon, person.
  2. Inscriptions with meaning decorate an existing tattoo and are an original symbol.
  3. The inscription gives life the right direction, meaning or turn.

Important! The choice of language is not an arbitrary decision of a man, it also hides a certain meaning. If the inscriptions are of a personal nature, directed only to himself, choose sophisticated ancient languages. About love and life can be written in more modern and understandable languages.

How to choose a font?

It is not enough to choose an utterance full of meaning for the image on the body. The tattoo should look beautiful and attract attention.

I'll bend but not break
"I will bend, but I will not break."

God feeds the ravens
"God feeds the ravens."

Ancient or modern script, seal or lettering,
Ancient or modern font, print or lettering, pretentiousness and roundedness or severity and angularity - you decide

Latin fonts masters of tattoo offer in 2-3 times more, than Russian, because they more often are popular. Chooses tattooed: ancient or modern font, print or lettering, flashy and rounded or austere and angular, gothic, medieval and other fonts captivate with variety.

Modern tattoo parlors on the sites offer to choose a font for tattoos in Latin online. To use the service, you need to enter the inscription in Latin into a special field. After that, a palette of fonts will appear, which you can try on the utterance.

If you decide to impose a tattoo in the salon, the site of which selects the font, the completed form can be immediately sent to the master. If there is another salon in town, just print the image for clarity.

Modern tattoo parlors on websites offer a choice of
Modern tattoo parlors on the sites offer to choose a font for the tattoo in Latin online

Every person is unique and can find a Latin alphabet and a design for his or her penmanship.
Each person is individual and can find a Latin winged expression to their liking

They look harmonious and full of meaning.
They look harmonious and full of meaning

Advice! Choose a font not less time than the inscription. For outsiders, the form is more important than the content, so you need to make the tattoo look stylish and harmonious.

Inscriptions that are not worth doing

Tattoo-masters do not recommend to their clients-men to strike a word on their hands:

  • In a foreign language, the meaning of which they are not sure (especially hieroglyphs, Hebrew and Arabic);
  • that have a connection to a specific person, unless it's a child or other immediate family member;
  • being quotations from contemporary songs, artwork or movies (when the source of the phrase loses its relevance, the tattoo will become meaningless and begin to irritate its owner).

Men's tattoos - inscriptions inscribed on the hands should emphasize the strengths of the character of its owner. In addition to the fact that they adorn the body of a representative of the stronger half of mankind, beneficially emphasizing the relief of his muscles, body art can give a man confidence and charisma.

Star tattoo inscriptions

Music and movie stars follow fashion trends and also decorate their bodies with meaningful Latin inscriptions. Thus they attract the attention of the public, deciphering the meaning of the sayings, and also emphasize their own individuality.

Ksenia Borodina after the birth of her first daughter tattooed her name on her hand. The idea was copied from Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who did not make any unconscious tattoos. Even their location on the body is symbolic.

Ksenia Borodina after the birth of her first daughter naked
Ksenia Borodina after the birth of her first daughter tattooed her name on her hand - Marusya

Lera Kudryavtseva has an inscription on her back, which means "And soul and body", and on her wrist - "The main thing in life is love".

The great thing about tattoos is that they have a meaning. They look stylish, original and beautiful, if you choose the right font. As a disadvantage, you can highlight the illiteracy of the master of tattoo, who can make a mistake in the writing of the Latin letter.


Looks stylish, original and beautiful, if under ...
They look stylish, original and beautiful, if you pick up the right font

I'll always be a keeper
"I will always be a keeper."

Tip! Carefully check the spelling of each letter. The master can make a mistake, and the meaning of the inscription will be spoiled.

Tattoos on the ribs and their meaning

Like an open book. That's what people said about Megan Fox when she got a tattoo on her ribs.: - "Once upon a time there lived a little girl who knew no love until a boy broke her heart."


The saying is tattooed in English and clearly refers to some kind of failure in a personal relationship, which brought Meghan a lot of suffering. Apparently, the actress does not want to hide it.

To appear in public, Fox often chooses to dress with an open back, exposing and tattoo on the ribs. It, or rather, all the patterns in this area and is the subject of today's article.

The meaning of the tattoo on the ribs

Tattoo designs on the ribs Can refer to religion. We are talking about Christianity, more precisely, the biblical story of the creation of man. Woman was made from Adam's rib. Therefore, many people tend to place religious subjects exactly in the area of the rib cage.


It is interesting that biologists partly confirm the biblical truth. Normally, all humans have 24 ribs. However, about 10% of the world's population has Adam's syndrome. It is twice as common in women as in men.

The diagnosis means that there is one extra rib in the skeleton - the 25th rib. The tattoo is a reason to remind yourself and others about the Christian precepts and their reflection in real life.


Photo tattoo on the ribs can also be associated with the philosophy of energy centers. For example, Carlos Castaneda wrote about them. He determined that on the right side of the ribs is the area of dreams. Therefore, many people tattoo a dream catcher here.

It is a Native American amulet consisting of a circle, threads, beads, and feathers. The object is designed to capture nightmares, to keep them away from a person while he or she rests. To the left of the ribs, Castaneda discovered a vision center. It is the ability to see into the future, to know the essence of things. So, the tattoo on the left side of the sternum comes in handy for magicians, philosophers, and scientists.


Ribs are not only a part of the thoracic skeleton, but also the edges of something. Therefore, it is also worth considering the meaning of of a tattoo on the rib of the palm, for example. Such tattoos are popular among employees of the Navy.

They put the inscription "Navy!" on their hands. The abbreviation is located so that it was visible at the moment of overturning the cup. For general visibility, however, other symbols are chosen: a polar bear on the shoulder, a shark on the chest, and anchors on the arms. The inscription "Navy!" - A sign of pride in his troops, a demonstration of strength and fearlessness, but only for his own.

Tattoos on the ribs of men

Tattoos on a man's ribsTattoos on men's ribs tend to be larger than on women's ribs. This is due to the proximity of the bones to the skin and the strong tautness of the coverings in the area of attachment to the sternum. This makes the process of stabbing images painful.


Men are less frightened by this state of affairs. They are ready to spend several sessions, to cover the entire area of the ribs with a drawing. Girls do not always stand such a thing, stopping at small sketches or inscriptions. They are usually done in one session.

Tattoos on the ribs are painfulBut it is effective. Men more often than women expose the torso, and this is another reason to suffer unpleasant feelings during the procedure. It is possible to demonstrate the tattoo not only on the beach, but also in the ring, during a walk around the city on a hot day.

Tattoo-on-the-Rib and Their Meaning-11

So, during the boxing will come in handy the demonstration of the tattoo in the form of gloves, or a pear on the ribs. In the pool, those around will appreciate a ship, or a shark on the side of a guy. They also stuff astronauts, and images of idols from the world of show business, and hin animals, mythical characters. Trees are also popular as a symbol of lineage and family dignity.

Tattoo on the ribs of women

Tattoos on the ribs of girls More often serve only for aesthetics than for overeating philosophical meaning. The main role of female tattoos is to emphasize grace, to become a kind of attribute of sexuality.


Thus, among the ladies in demand is the drawing on the ribs of the corset lacing. The ribbon may be tied in a bow or hang down on the hips. Floral garlands, fluttering butterflies, rainbow feathers and diamonds on the ribs also become symbols of femininity.

Berries, tropical fruits are another favorite in the category "Female Rib Tattoos». InscriptionsAlso, are requested, mainly by ladies. The phrases are placed at an angle, or vertically.


This helps to visually narrow and elongate the area under the chest. On the contrary, sayings applied horizontally visually broaden the ribs. This is no way to beautify a girl's figure. The option is suitable only for slim girls, who will not be spoiled by a couple of extra centimeters.

Among the fairer sex are gaining popularity sketches of kissing animals. Kissing cats, cuddling penguins and other representatives of fauna become a secret sign of a girl's feelings for her chosen one.


He tattoo sees, and from the surrounding people it is hidden under the clothes. As a sign of love, infinity symbol is also applied. He, by the way, comes in pairs, is painted on the ribs of both the guy and the girl.

The nuances of tattooing on the ribs

In addition to the painfulness of the procedure, it has no disadvantages. Nakolki on the ribs do not interfere with employment. In the office space, no one will see the tattoo. At the same time, there is an opportunity to show off on the beach, during the holidays. Girls know how to emphasize their refinement with a drawing, and men - the muscular relief of the torso.


Tattoos on the ribs allow you to choose any plot, any picture. The area of the covers allows you to transfer the sketch to the body. If the image will not go in, you can always continue it on the back, neck, waist and hips. However, given the scale of the tattoo, it is worthwhile to take a responsible approach to the selection of a master.

A layman, a person with a taste far from yours, will make a tattoo that will not bring joy. It is even more painful to remove the tattoo than to apply it. In addition, getting rid of the pattern is an expensive procedure. You pay by the square centimeter.


So think about how much it will cost to remove the tattoo on the whole side. So, it is better to put the question straight away and trust only a proven master, or no one at all.

It is not for nothing they say that a man's body is his temple, and temples should be treated with respect. Pray for the tattoo, do not curse it, let the drawing give joy and charge with positivity.

Choice of place

The key to a tattoo inscription is the choice of location on the body. Agree that for religious tattoos is not suitable place on the legs. Yes, and the name of a loved one, printed on the girl's waist will look rather vulgar. For this better suit the place on the chest, under the heart.

For example, for the wrist are perfectly suitable small tattoos. These can be inscriptions in the form of a single word with meaning. These tattoos are more of an option for girls. It is also a good place for paired tattoos.

On the shoulder and forearm cool look small quotes and aphorisms. They can be complemented with small drawings or symbols. Or make a beautiful background for the inscription. Men's compositions on the hand look more aggressive and have a different message than women's.

On the chest and abdomen, many people tattoo the year of birth. Girls also do tattoos under their breasts, wrapping the text around curves and shapes. On the sides and ribs you can often find tattoos on the theme of religion: prayers, postulates, precepts. One of the most frequent: save and preserve. Women's mini tattoos with one or two words gracefully adorn the collarbone.

The back is considered a good area for large tattoos. There you can place such an inscription, which does not fit on other parts of the body.

The neck, ribs and arms are good for name tattoos. On the leg look funny phrases: light jokes, sarcasm, irony. It can even be a meme that includes words. It's rare to see writing on the thigh at all.

On the hands and fingers they draw either rapper tattoos on the knuckles (usually their pseudonyms), or simple minimalist words: life, love, family.

It has become fashionable for young people to get tattoos on their faces and heads. The idea is the same as in the wrist tattoo - a minimum of symbols, a maximum of meaning.

Popular sketches

Men's sketches often look austere and minimalistic. Representatives of the stronger sex give preference to monochrome large-scale drawings to emphasize the steely abs, give the image of brutality and masculinity. Convenient location allows you to extend or combine the tattoo if you want, making the composition on the chest or back holistic.

realistic tattoo

  • Biomechanics . This style became relevant with the development of technological progress. Half-man, half-robot is a really impressive sight: gears, metal pistons, nuts and bolts look through the flesh. Such an effect is achieved through the correct placement of composition, light and shadows, taking into account the individual anatomical features of the person. In order for the tattoo to look organically on the ribs, it is necessary to seriously approach the choice of the master, because not everyone can cope with such a complex work. It is necessary to give preference to a specialist with experience in this area, having previously studied his portfolio and collecting reviews about him.

    sideways tattoo

  • Inscriptions Tattoo inscriptions are a universal option. They reflect the inner world of their owner, his thoughts, feelings and emotions. More often there are wise phrases and sayings in Latin, Sanskrit, English, Spanish and French, with or without translation. Men are more suited to the Gothic script and clear and pointed lines. Tattoo prayer on the ribs is a great way to protect yourself from the negative influence of evil people, gossipers and envious people. There is an opinion that tattoo amulets are better to apply on the right side, and drawings that help in the spiritual and personal development - on the left.
  • wolf, raccoon and owl tattoo

  • Animals Men prefer images of animals of prey like a wolf, bear, tiger or lion. Usually, the image indicates with whom the owner of the tattoo identifies himself, as well as the qualities that he wants to adopt. A wolf is a symbol of aggression, courage, and loneliness. The lion is associated with power, majesty, royalty, the tiger - with strength and nobility. Very stylish looks male tattoo with a scorpion. For a representative of the zodiacal constellation of the same name, the picture can serve as a talisman, for everyone else - to symbolize courage, caution, selflessness, loyalty and devotion.

    tribal tattoo on the side

  • Patterns Very beautiful and original look on the ribs compositions in the style of tribal. Usually these are monochrome images with many pointed lines intertwined with each other. On the relief men's musculature tattoo looks convex, adds volume to this or that part of the body, as you can make sure by looking at the photo of the tattoo in the gallery. No less original are the Polynesian authentic ornaments. In the Maori tribe, each pattern had a special meaning, reflecting the life path of its owner. The stylized images of the sea inhabitants served as powerful amulets and talismans. This is why many fans of body art go to exotic countries to get an exclusive tattoo, filled with magical energy.

Video about choosing a tattoo for men

Gallery of photos

Popular Quotes

Quotes are phrases and whole sentences, their meaning is much deeper and stronger than a short inscription in a couple of words. Quotes can be divided into thematic subgroups - about love, family, friendship, freedom, religion, and also motivational phrases.

About love

The most relevant topic for guys of all ages is love. The best inscription ideas in this theme are as follows:

Mea vita et anima es (Latin) - you are my life and soul;

Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori (lat.) - all things triumph over love, and we submit to love;

One life one love

One life one love (One life one love;

Forever in my heart (Forever in my heart;

إن كانت الحياة زهره فالحب رحيقها (Arabic) - If life is a flower, then love is its nectar.

About friendship

Friendship is no less a popular theme for men's tattoos, as every man has friends with whom you share life's struggles and joys. In the format of friendship tattoo inscriptions can be as follows:

الصداقة هي عقل واحد في جسدين (Arabic) - friendship is one mind in two bodies;

Fortune befriends the bold (Fortune befriends the brave;

Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro (Italian)

Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro (Italian) - who found a friend, found a treasure;

Die Freunde nennen sich aufrichtig. Die Feinde sind es (German) - friends call themselves. Enemies are;

Homo hominis amicus est (Latin) - man is a friend to man.

About life

Tattoo inscriptions can refer to the life peripeteia, principles and priorities of a man. Quite a lot in such words of philosophy and morality, which can be seen in the following popular examples of tattoos:

Yo mismo me hago la vida - I make my own life;

Memento vivere (Latin) - remember life;

La mia vita, il mio gioco (Italian) - my life R

La mia vita, il mio gioco (Italian) My life is my game;

Wait and see (La vie est belle;

La vie est belle (La vie est belle.

About freedom

If a man has a freedom-loving and independent character, temperament, tattoo in the format of the inscription can manifest these features. Bright examples of tattoos about freedom:

Credi nei sogni, credi nella libertà (Italian) - believe in the dream, believe in freedom;

Homo liber (Latin) - a free man;

Vita sene libertate nlhil (Latin) - life without

Vita sene libertate nlhil (Latin) - Life without liberty is nothing;

Non accontentarti dell'orizzonte...cerca l'infinito (Italian) - Don't be content with the horizon... seek the infinite.

About family

Family is an important part of every adult's life, and if a man wants to express his devotion and love for his family, he can get a tattoo like this:

La famille est dans mon coeur pour toujours (French) - family is always in my heart;

My family-my state (English) - my family-my State;

Family begins with children

Family begins with children (Family begins with children;

Sei sempre nel mio cuore (You are always in my heart;

Che il cuore della mia mamma batta in eterno (Italian) - Let my mother's heart beat forever.

Religion and Faith

Nearly 80% of the world's population believes in God and follow their religious beliefs. You can reinforce your connection with God, to express your love and obedience to him with a tattoo, for example:

My angel is always with me (My angel is always with me;

Dio è sempre con me (Italian) - God is always with me;

Luomo propone - ma Dio dispone (Italian)

Luomo propone - ma Dio dispone (Italian) - Man supposes, but God disposes;

Nur Gott sei mein Richter (German) - Only God is my judge;

Deus ipse se fecit (Latin) - God created himself.

Quotes for tattoos in English:

When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it

When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it.

Success is the child of audacity

Success is child of audacity (Benjamin Disraeli)

Be wiser than other people, if you can, but do not tell them so

Be wiser than other people, if you can, but do not tell them so (Lord Chesterfield)

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step towards knowledge

To admit your ignorance is a great step towards knowledge.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success (Herman Cain)

You can find more quotes with translation here.

Any quote you like or have liked

Any quote you like or a pithy word that reflects your views can become a tattoo. You can also inscribe the names of dear people, important dates and motivational slogans for yourself.

You can pick up fonts at the link.

Rib tattoos with flowers and trees for men

Flowers are some of the favorite women who get tattoos somewhere on their bodies, but you should know that there are men who also want to tattoo flowers somewhere on their bodies and surprise everyone with this design. This time we want to leave you with a selection of men's rib tattoos with flowers, plants, leaves or trees so you can get inspired and create the design you like best.

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