Tattoo Inscriptions on the arm. Tattoo pictures of the best tattoo artists

Tattoo on the arm in the form of an inscription has become very popular among both guys and girls. Tattoo inscriptions are fundamentally different from all other types of tattoos. Such images carry a specific meaning and ideology that is clear to everyone, at least the person has a suggestive thought about the meaning of the tattoo. Wax drawings with quotes can express love for one's neighbor, friendship, trials experienced, attachment to something, etc. The tattoo inscription can be done on any part of the body, but the most popular place for quotes is the arm. The size of the tattoo is also determined by the person's preference. It can be just one word or phrase. You can put on your body an entire excerpt from a work or saying you like.

Since English has become an internationally recognized language of communication around the world, inscriptions in English are more popular with young people. Besides you can send "your message" to the world in Latin. It is most often chosen for philosophical quotations.

In detail, this topic has been covered in the last post Tattoos with translation: the best sketches (photo), as well as the Text of the tattoo: translation from English.

Today I would like to pay special attention to tattoo design. Fonts and the size of the tattoo as an inscription play not the least role in the perception of the figure. collected the most interesting tattoo inscriptions on the hands that will help you decide on your choice.

Popular Quotes

Quotes are not a couple of words, but a phrase with deep meaning, which means that such inscriptions can be an independent tattoo and without additional elements and pictures. Quotes can relate to different topics - love, family, friendship, life, freedom, religion.

About love

The most popular theme for tattoos - love, most often today men pad the following tattoos with inscriptions:

In love and war all methods are good - In love and war, all methods are good;

Choice of Fonts for Tattoos

Gothic, textured, graffiti, a la typewriter font can radically change the appearance of tattoos, for better or for worse. Usually men choose classic, standard fonts.

You can do without a hike in a consultation on fonts to the tattoo-master, there is always the possibility of viewing options yourself. For example, in a text editor WORD. There are also sites that allow you to try out different fonts both with downloads and online.

Celtic pattern.

The Celtic pattern tattoo has a mesmerizing look - peculiar patterns intertwined with each other, creating a single pattern. The Celts themselves were convinced that the mysterious ornaments had magical properties. Each symbol has its own interpretation.

In the Celtic knot symbols, you can see areas that resemble a labyrinth, and this is no accident, because the Celtic philosophy says that life is a labyrinth in which people go, and it depends on him who and what he will come.

The basic symbols and their meanings:

  1. Cross. Means four sides of the world and their harmony. Protects from the pernicious influence of evil thoughts of enemies, inspires wisdom in the mind.
  2. Heart. Symbol of love, signifying the eternal union of body and soul of two lovers.
  3. Birds. Sign of the will of the spirit and freedom of the body. The bird that brings good news-pigeon, the raven the opposite, and the heron-symbol of caution.
  4. Snake. A symbol that protects the health of man. Analogy of the snake changes its skin, as well as man, constantly energetically regenerated. Also symbolizes wisdom.
  5. Shamrock. Today the most common symbol of the Celts, found even in marketing, as the symbol has a powerful attraction of goods as money and luck. The three leaves are the elements of fire, water and earth.

The Celts believed that mystical symbols could influence a person's destiny, because any symbol was a metaphor for a path long into eternity.

Care Features

A tattoo is a skin injury, in its own way, also a wound. Therefore, it is very important to monitor its condition and care during the first days. On a fresh tattoo the master will impose a film, and from above will fix everything with a bandage. It must be removed no later than after 8 hours.

Tattoo on the hand for men, girls. Photos, sketches, inscriptions, pictures with meaning, tattoo ideas and their meanings

The picture should be washed with water and smeared with a wound-healing ointment (specially for tattoo care). It is sold in a tattoo parlor. After applying the cream, the hand should again be wrapped in film or a disposable baby diaper (according to the recommendations of the masters). The bandage should be changed every 8-10 hours for 4 days.

After that, cover the hand with the film is no longer needed, but continue to ointment should be at least 3 days.

Tattoo on the hand is a breakthrough and an overcoming for some people. It brings them a feeling of freedom and independence. Often important phrases or dates dear to the heart are placed on the hands. This way they will always be in front of your eyes, and serve as a pleasant reminder.

Article design: E. Chaikina

Choice of place

The key to the tattoo inscription is the choice of location on the body. Agree that religious tattoos are not suitable for a place on the legs. And the name of a loved one inscribed on a girl's waist would look rather vulgar. For this better suit the place on the chest, under the heart.

For example, for the wrist are perfectly suitable small tattoos. These can be inscriptions in the form of a single word with meaning. These tattoos are more of an option for girls. It is also a good place for paired tattoos.

On the shoulder and forearm cool look small quotes and aphorisms. They can be complemented with small drawings or symbols. Or make a beautiful background for the inscription. Men's compositions on the arm look more aggressive and carry a different message than women's.

On the chest and abdomen, many people inscribe the year of birth. Girls also do tattoos under their breasts, wrapping the text around curves and shapes. On the sides and ribs you can often find tattoos on the theme of religion: prayers, postulates, precepts. One of the most frequent is: save and preserve. Women's mini tattoos with one or two words gracefully adorn the collarbone.

The back is considered a good area for large tattoos. There you can place such an inscription, which does not fit on other parts of the body.

The neck, ribs and arms are good for name tattoos. On the leg look funny phrases: light jokes, sarcasm, irony. It can even be a meme that includes words. It's rare to see writing on the thigh at all.

On the hands and fingers draw or rapper tattoos on the knuckles (usually his pseudonyms), or a simple minimalist phrases: life, love, family.

It has become fashionable for young people to get tattoos on their faces and heads. The idea is the same as at a tattoo on a wrist - a minimum of symbols, a maximum of sense.


Images of wild predators are designed to scare away enemies. In ancient times, people so intimidated enemies and showed their strength of spirit. It was believed that lions and tigers, settled on the body, would help in the hunt. Interesting look tattoos, in which the main part is done in black and white version, and the color accent is put only on the eyes of the predator.

The head of the tiger looks very eye-catching. It symbolizes the willfulness and independence of the owner. Usually, such a tattoo choose men.

Tattoo on the wrist for men, girls. Photos, sketches, inscriptions, pictures with meaning, tattoo ideas and their meanings
Tattoo on the hand - a kind of opportunity for men to show their individuality.

Tattoo can be performed in any gamut - from realism to surrealism.

Tattoo inscriptions: how to choose a language?

For several years, the leader among foreign languages are inscriptions in Latin. Despite the fact that this language is not used in everyday speech and is considered dead, many still choose it. Perhaps because it helps to hide the meaning of the tattoo from outsiders.

"Love conquers all."

"Remember Life."

But in any case, you should choose only the option that represents you, motivates you, reminds you of significant events or life goals. Some choose phrases about love, self-development, or the transience of life. You need to be sure that several years from now, that the phrase will still be relevant.

"Flies on its own wings."

"Flies on its own wings."

The next most popular language for tattoos in the form of inscriptions is English. It is the one that most people learn, so be sure to hide the meaning will not work. The only way is to choose a place that is almost always under your clothes.

"After all these years?", "Always."

"Everything that is not done is for the best."

"God has wounded our hearts to prove to us. He takes the best."

"Happiness is real when shared."

"Forget the risk and accept the consequences. If that's what you want, it's worth it!"

"Follow your heart."

In terms of meaning, in this language, most often girls choose phrases that are associated with love, passion, motherhood. It is also not uncommon to see a tattoo that represents a person's life values. For example, family, love or the name of a loved one. Very often they are accompanied by appropriate drawings of minimal size.

"Victory in my veins."

"Matching the soul to the flaming heart."

"I love you endlessly."

"This too shall pass."


Ornaments are chosen by lovers of mystery and mysticism. The whimsical repetition of the same motifs make up a unique pattern, in which the author hides some sacred meaning known only to him. Many such tattoos inspire creativity, to some bring peace.

Tattoo on the wrist for men and girls. Photos, sketches, inscriptions, pictures with meaning, tattoo ideas and their meanings

There are people who are calmed by looking at a repeating pattern. That is why it is placed on the brushes - it is easier to look at it that way. Often ornaments hide a religious background behind them. Next to them, an image of Buddha or another deity is placed.

Laconic tattoos

In fashion minimalism, so the domes and portraits on the wrist

Minimalism is in fashion, so domes and portraits on the whole back have not been relevant for a long time. The body, resembling a hohloma looks strange, to say the least. If you urgently need a tattoo, choose something concise and modest, so that, if necessary, it could easily be hidden. Many companies are demanding to the appearance of their employees. Who knows, maybe in the future you become a top manager of a major bank, the dress code does not allow tattoos on exposed body parts. Laconic tattoo on the arm is easy to hide under a shirt, and something bright and something heavy even a thick foundation to plaster difficult.

Do not put the names of lovers on the body, no one knows how life will turn out in the future. So there will be a divorce stamp in your passport, and the inscription on your hand: "Vasya/Petya/Nastya/Tanyusha - eternal love. It can be removed, but: it is painful and very expensive, and what to do with the scars that will remain in place of the tattoo? Overlap it is also possible, but a complex drawing is overlapped only by blackwork, to put it mildly, such tattoos are only for lovers.

A small laconic inscription on the wrist is much more appropriate and neat than a Konstantin Korovin landscape to the shoulder.

Fashion is fickle and it's important to understand that your tastes and preferences will change over time.


An interesting solution for those who are not afraid to look strange and even frightening is a tattoo-rail. It implies a fine anatomically correct drawing of human bones, which are actually located in these places.

For tattoos on the hand for the real "freaks" there are different additions:

  • Tattoos in color;
  • with the addition of Mexican patterns (flowers);
  • A tattoo that simulates an open wound.

In general, these tattoos are in the "not for the faint of heart" category.

Men's tattoo inscriptions: variants of the arrangement of phrases

Tattoo designs on the arm, depending on the size, could

Sketches of tattoos on the hand, depending on the size, can be applied to the shoulder, forearm, wrist or hand. It is worth knowing that all of these areas are characterized by their painfulness. That is, in those places where there are more muscles, nakolki beat not as painful as in areas with a close location of bones or tendons to the skin. Below we will consider funny tattoo inscriptions for men on the arm, made in different styles.

Tattoo inscription on the shoulder

Most often, for the application on the shoulder, guys choose

Most often, for the application on the shoulder, guys choose a minimalistic style, implying the predominance of simple black lines. Below in the photo you can find interesting works of different masters.

Tattoo inscriptions on the forearm

These pictorial tattoos on the forearm look very impressive.

On the forearm effectively look inscriptions in the style of Chicano, Thresh Polka, Gothic or minimalist. The text can be applied both on the inside and on the outside of the hand.

Tattoo inscriptions on the wrist

The wrist application for men is suitable for a short

To apply on the wrist for men is suitable a short phrase, a word or a significant date. It is worth remembering that the tattoo on this area may require frequent correction, as constantly in contact with clothing, water, etc.

Tattoo on hands

Tattoo inscriptions on the hand

Not all men risk putting an inscription on the hand.

Not all men risk putting an inscription on the hand. The thing is that such a tattoo can interfere with professional activities or simply look ugly, that is, to be placed on the hand independently, without "flowing" into the sleeve. To apply the tattoo on the area of the hands is better in the case of the completion of the sleeve, starting with the shoulder or forearm: so the tattoo will look more harmonious.


The lion is the sign of the leader. It is placed on the body of people, independent and self-confident. A person who placed the image of a lion on his hand, declares to others about his greatness and inner strength. A lion's head with its mouth open, placed on the hand, is a rather aggressive tattoo. On miniature girls it will look a little strange.

A video selection of colorful lion tattoos on the hand:

Although, if a fragile lady dared to score a lion tattoo, it means that her inner state is different from her outer appearance.


For women

For men