Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

Among the popular subjects for tattoos you can find images of different letters. Most often it is the initials of the name. Such tattoos are a huge field for the flight of fancy of the master. The letter can be executed in any style and decorated with all sorts of additional details. Such drawings are suitable for all parts of the body, as well as fans of any gender.

The meaning of the images is interpreted depending on their belonging to different languages and alphabets. For example, a separate category is the alchemical alphabet.

Rules of a choice of a place for a tattoo on a hand

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls can look spectacular on the wrist as well as on the forearm or shoulder.

The choice of a particular tattoo area depends on several factors:

  • The physique of the individual. On the body of people with excessive body weight, tattoos will look best on the shoulders and forearms, because the voluminous wrists will deprive the tattoo in this area of elegance.
  • Individual preferences of the girl herself. For example, in a number of cases people get a tattoo not to improve the appearance of their body, but to hide skin imperfections - scars, scars, pigment spots and so on.
  • A person's level of pain threshold. It is much more painful to create flesh drawings on the elbow bend and wrists than on the other areas, because the skin in these areas of the body is the most delicate and sensitive.
  • Lifestyle of the potential tattoo owner. If a girl spends most of her time in the open sun, beating a tattoo in her case is best on the shoulders and biceps - in those places where the skin is usually hidden from the sun rays by clothing. Otherwise, the body art can blur and fade.

Deciding to beat a tattoo on her arms, a girl should understand that such a picture will be open to the eyes of others, which can provoke some difficulties, for example, in employment.

Despite the existing obvious disadvantage of the tattoo on the upper extremities, a significant advantage is the fact of the greatest duration of preservation of such a tattoo in its original form (subject to the recommendations of the tattoo master). The skin on the hands is not prone to the appearance of stretch marks and other deformations under the influence of external factors.

Styles of execution

Tattoo initials, the meaning of which is described above, are performed in different styles. It is worth studying them before you go to the salon, because even the letters can become a real work of art, if they are performed by a talented artist according to the individual sketch:

  • Old-school and new-school. Bright and unusual tattoos in these styles are complemented by various elements, such as ribbons, skulls, flowers, branches, etc. Thanks to this, the drawing will look stylish and you will be able to bring an interesting idea into it;
  • Thrash Polka. Tattoo in the style of thrash-polka are usually quite large, so the initials in them serve as additional elements. Performed in this style tattoo mainly in black and red shades;
  • engraving. Volumetric graphical letters can become a great idea for an original, concise tattoo. To make the drawing more volumetric and bright, you can complement it with colored strokes;
  • dot-work. Tattoos in the dot-work style are images of dots of different diameters. Initials in this style can be beaten in very interesting ways, for example, making "melting" or "badly printed" letters.

Tattoo initials with small print
Tattoo initials in a thin font.

Tip: Do not ask the master to do initials in the font, which is available in the standard office programs! This rarely looks original and interesting. It is better that the tattoo was created according to the individual sketch, only this way you can be sure in its originality and artistic value.

Tattoo initials VA
Tattoo initials VA

How to choose the language and font of the inscription

In order for the body drawing to evoke in its owner only positive emotions, even after several years, it is necessary to carefully approach the development of the sketch.

It is recommended to follow a common algorithm, developed by qualified tattoo artists:

  1. Determine the essence of the text, which is planned to be inscribed on the body. The most popular are names of loved ones; significant dates; quotes from favorite songs or movies; aphorisms and sayings of famous people.
  2. Choose the language in which the phrase will be written. If a girl wants a tattoo with foreign words, it is best to use popular languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and so on). It is recommended to translate the phrases together with a native speaker or a competent translator who specializes in working with the chosen dialect. Otherwise, the girl, not knowing an authentic translation, can stuff phrases with foul language or insulting characteristics on her body. If there is no possibility to use the paid services of professionals, you can turn to special online services that allow at least a general understanding of the meaning of the foreign phrase that the girl wants to make her body art.
  3. Choose a font for writing the text. The choice should be based not only on the preference of the girl herself, but also on the correspondence of the font with the language chosen for the tattoo (some foreign letters become unreadable when they are depicted using a number of fonts). The main criterion for the choice of font should be the ease of perception of the text for others. The typed phrase should not look like a black spot on the body. The font should be chosen so that even at a distance there was a possibility to distinguish if not the letters, then at least the words written.
  4. Complement the sketch individual features (optional). For example, if as a tattoo girl wants to use a phrase from a favorite song, the sketch can be decorated with notes or a treble clef, forming a complete composition as a result.

Tattoo inscriptions: Original sketches, translation of phrases, beautiful male and female options in the photo

Mankind has always strived for the beautiful. That is why people since ancient times have decorated their bodies with a variety of tattoos. Tattoo on the body in the form of inscriptions - a way of self-expression and manifestation of individuality. Nowadays such tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity. Just a few decades ago to see a tattoo on a woman was a gimmick. In today's world, they are applied equally to both men and women.

Choosing a tattoo is a fairly responsible and complex process. More and more often there are tattoos in the form of inscriptions of different configurations, in different languages and with a certain deep, maybe even philosophical meaning. Tattoo inscriptions, unlike drawings, have their own unique personality, as well as mostly consist of your personal thoughts, experiences and mood, which can not be picked up in a catalog. In today's post let's try to understand the variety of tattoos in the form of inscriptions, look at photo examples, which tattoos are applied by men and women, as well as what phrases and in what languages inscriptions are most often applied.

Women's tattoo inscriptions, ideas

Tattoo inscriptions on the hand of girls can symbolize the girl's reverent attitude towards her other half, husband and children or be a life credo for its owner.


As love tattoos girls prefer to stuff phrases from songs, movies or open recognition of their feelings to their other half. When creating a sketch of this type, it is recommended to avoid including the names of specific people. If, after several years, the relationship in the couple will deteriorate or cease altogether, the natal drawing will be an inappropriate reminder of events from the past.

Sketch variant of a love tattooExpected meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The word "love" (from English) symbolizes the presence in the life of the owner of the tattoo of the object for light feelings. The font chosen for the body image emphasizes the ease of the relationship in a couple and full satisfaction of the girl with her partner.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The phrase "I love you to the moon and back" (from English) became popular after the release of the melodrama "Three Meters Above Heaven". The girls who stamp these words on their bodies not only talk openly about their feelings for a guy, but are also fans of the famous film.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The names of lovers, enclosed in the sign of infinity, testify to the inseparable spiritual and physical bond between them. Girls who have chosen for a tattoo of such a sketch, confident in the choice of his chosen one and do not even allow the thought that their relationship may subsequently end.


Family tattoos girls usually hit in honor of their husband or children. In some cases, it is possible to meet natal drawings dedicated to parents or brothers, sisters. Such a sketch does not necessarily have to contain specific information (names, dates). It is possible to stuff the body with phrases similar to the motto of a particular family, or emphasizing the importance of this segment in the life of the tattoo holder.

A variant sketch of a family tattooSuggested meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The phrase of gratitude to the mother for the fact that she gave life, choose as a sketch for a tattoo girls who ignore the opinion of others associated with all aspects. They understand the price of what their parents have done for them, and also try to become a reason to be proud of them with their actions.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The names of their children are usually inscribed on the body of girls who believe that their destiny is motherhood. The birth of a child for them is associated with the multiplication of existing happiness. They ignore all the difficulties associated with raising children, focusing their attention on the achievements of growing up.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The word "Family" (from English), depicted as a bracelet around the wrist, choose as a tattoo girls who believe their loved ones as the main support in life. The family protects them from rash decisions, encourages them to make informed decisions and is the meaning of their existence.


Tattoo inscriptions on the hand of girls can have a philosophical meaning. The meaning of such phrases usually symbolizes a significant stage in a person's life, is his credo or personifies a life position.

It is recommended to make such natal drawings uncomplicated, choosing the language known to the owner of the tattoo to write them. Otherwise, after several years, the meaning of the words on the skin can be forgotten, and the tattoo will lose its meaning and original purpose.

Draft sketch of a philosophical tattooSuggested Meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The phrase "Wisdom without desire for action, as a bird without wings" is printed on girls who are used to achieve everything in their lives by their own efforts. They consider practical skills more important than theoretical ones and strive in every way to carry their thought to the masses.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The words "Only God has the right to judge me" choose as a sketch for the tattoo of believing girls. They are indifferent to the opinion of others, believing that other people have no moral right to evaluate their actions and life judgments.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The philosophical statement "Everything is in my hands" is stamped on girls' bodies to remind them that, given the will, all goals are achievable. The owners of such tattoos are often hesitant to make vital decisions and need the support and approval of those around them.

Beautiful phrases

A beautiful phrase chosen by a girl as a body art, in most cases is taken from a favorite song or movie of the owner of the tattoo. When developing a sketch, it is important to remember that after a few years, a person's preferences may change, and the tattoo will be with him for life.

This means that the selection of a particular text should be made without taking into account the current musical taste of the girl or her favorite modern movies.

Examples of beautiful phrases chosen as a tattooSuggested meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The phrase "Time waits for no man" (from English) is a neutral one. Despite its widespread use in contemporary works of art by artists, it has no specific reference. Such words can be a girl's life credo, reminding her of the need to take action, guided by the idea that time and life are fleeting.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

"Listen to your heart" (from English) is a phrase from the song of the same name by the band Roxette, famous in the 90s. Despite the duo's lack of popularity today, the phrase from their song has already become a winged phrase. It encourages people to listen to themselves while ignoring external circumstances.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

The lyrics, "If I can dream it, then I can do it," are appropriate as body art for girls seeking to emphasize the melancholy nature of their nature. Such holders of tattoos spend most of their lives daydreaming about the future without noticing what's going on around them. The tattoo in this case will bring them back to reality, reminding that, if there is a desire for action, nothing is impossible in life.

Tattoo names of celebrities

Even international stars from the unassailable Hollywood Olympus have repeatedly imprinted "lovely names" on their skin.

  • Mariah Carey's husband tattooed her name horizontally on his back in the shoulder blades area.
  • Pink and her husband's initials tattooed on her wrist, back and even her stomach. There are five images in all.
  • Angelina Jolie's tattoo history is not so serene. Her husband Billy Bob's name she had to pander to for a long time after the breakup of her relationship.


  • David Beckham loves to flaunt on social network Instagram photos of tattooed initials of his own children. Recall that the soccer sex symbol is also a father of 4 children, which he gave birth to his wife Victoria.


  • Ksenia Borodina tattooed the name of her daughter Marusya on her arm.

Borodina and Vodonaeva

  • Alyona Vodonaeva tattooed a reminder of her son Bogdan on the bend of her right elbow. The star just adores her firstborn son, and states it in every way.

in Russian

To put a personal tattoo on her body or not, the decision is purely personal. Remember that sometimes the relationship with a person can change drastically and the procedure of removing the pigment from the skin is quite painful. Anyway, consult the doctor-dermatologist, choose the checked and experienced master in a sanitary-hygienic tattoo salon and determine in advance the expected result.

Examples of phrases in different languages with translation

Tattoo inscription on the hand of girls is often inscribed in a foreign language in order to hide the meaning of what is written from strangers, among whom not everyone can translate the tattoo.

It is important that the meaning written was not only clear to the owner of the tattoo, but also had a special meaning for her.

Otherwise, a few years later, the body art will cease to evoke positive emotions in the girl, provoking thoughts about its laser removal.

In the absence of an opportunity for a particular person to develop the concept of her tattoo together with a native speaker, he may take the following phrases as the basis for the sketch:

  • "Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori" (Latin) - "Love will conquer everything, and we will submit to it;
  • "Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori" (Latin) - "Faster, higher, stronger."
  • "Be careful with your thoughts - they are the beginning of deeds; "Be careful with your thoughts - they provoke us to action;
  • "Let your fears go;
  • "Je vais au rêve" (French); "Stubbornly go to your dreams";
  • "Jouis de chaque moment" (French) - "Enjoy every moment you live".

Why do I get my name tattooed?

In the salons, masters of body painting ask their clients why they have chosen this or that option and why they want a tattoo in general. Often clients only talk about beauty and attractiveness or belief in a talisman. If they have chosen the option for beauty, then more often than not it simply does not make sense. But things are more complicated with ideational tattoos.

Why do parents choose tattoos with children's names? More often this way they express love and tenderness to their offspring, pride, and also want to emphasize that the child is in the first place. Of course, this is all nice and unusual, but it is worth once again to think whether such a tattoo is necessary.

Family values can be emphasized in other ways - to put a photo of the baby in his purse, hang it on the wall pictures, set the screen saver on your phone. There is no need to unconditionally follow fashion trends, because a tattoo with the names of children - not the most important way to express love.

Tattoo bracelet

Tattoo inscriptions in the form of a girdle girls usually stuffed on the wrist. Such a naked picture emphasizes the elegance of the female image, visually makes this part of the hand slimmer and is a kind of message addressed to the people around.

The advantages of this type of tattoo include:

  • The possibility of decorating your body, saving on the purchase of jewelry;
  • a bright way of self-expression;
  • The possibility of interpreting a tattoo bracelet as a talisman for its owner;
  • Ability to hide skin defects on the hands;
  • If necessary, this bracelet can be hidden under a watch or bulk jewelry.

In making the final decision on the need to score a tattoo bracelet, a girl should study the disadvantages of the inscription, placed in the way under consideration:

  • excessive trauma to the skin (on the wrist the skin is the thinnest and most sensitive); Tattoo inscription on the hand in girls is well combined with a bracelet
  • A high degree of painfulness of the procedure for creating such a naked pattern.

Stylistics of tattoos with letters

When creating such tattoos, the emphasis is on the font. In addition, originally look letters, drawn in the form of woven ribbons, barbed wire or ropes. Ribbons are often combined with flowers and barbed on women's bodies. The other options are chosen by men.

Coat-of-arms fonts look interesting. Bold, curved curls in the shape of a letter end in charming stars or hearts. Bloodstains or drops of water look spectacular. Also original and fashionable lately have become specific images, similar to the volume images that appear from under the skin.

When choosing the design of the sign letter it is important to listen to yourself and choose the most imposing style and shape. Only in this case, the tattoo will bring its owner pleasure.

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Colored tattoos from elbow to hand

The inscription on the arm as a tattoo choose quiet girls, not seeking to stand out against other people and not inclined to challenge society. For extraordinary people the most suitable option would be a colored tattoo from elbow to hand - the so-called "sleeve". Most often "sleeves" are printed in a single style, as if creating a coherent composition.

Example of a tattoo "sleeve"Intended meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm for girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

This tattoo is made in the style of "Polynesia". A red flower on a black background symbolizes the desire of the owner of such a nail design to preserve their femininity. These girls, despite their explosive character and leadership inclinations, as their life partner are looking for a guy who can let them be weak.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

Goldfish, printed on the hand, reveals the dreaminess and infantilism of a daring, at first glance, man. Such a tattoo is also a way for a girl to keep warm memories of her childhood. The main character of the fairy tale by A.S. Pushkin serves as a kind of protection for the bearer of the tattoo from the negativity of the "adult world".

Pictures of mini-tattoos for girls on the hand

Elegantly on a woman's hand also look mini-tattoos. Small pictures not only if necessary, you can easily hide from prying eyes with accessories, but also emphasize the mystery and femininity of their owner.

Despite the lack of a large number of components of this type of body art, a special idea should also be put into them. If there is no significance of the tattoo for its owner, the printed figure will quickly get bored, which will lead to the idea of the necessity of his information with the help of a laser.

Example of a mini tattooIntended meaning

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

Tattoo clover on the hand is considered a symbol of good luck of its owner. Making such a "tattoo", a girl creates a kind of talisman, setting herself morally, that with it she will cope even with the most severe trials of life.

Tattoo inscriptions on the arm of girls. Photos, sketches in Latin with translation, meaning

An airplane on the arm illustrates the attraction of the owner of such a tattoo to travel. The girl prefers an active lifestyle, does not accept monotony in life and seeks active self-improvement in all spheres (airplane taking off).

The chosen inscription as a sketch for a tattoo on the arm, should be carefully thought out by the girl (idea, font, size, the specific place for the "tattoo", its style).

Simple, at first glance, the idea, for its competent embodiment requires not only a large amount of time from the potential owner of the tattoo, but also a high professionalism of the master. Lack of experience or a non-serious approach can lead to the fact that the nail pattern will look ridiculous and unreadable, and after a few years will turn into a solid dark spot on the skin.

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What you should know before going to the salon

Tattoos are an option for body modernization, which has a "long-lasting" effect. That is why you should study some of the subtleties of image selection. A tattoo is something with which you will go to sleep and wake up every day, so do not give in to the temporary desire or advice of others. Think carefully before taking such a step.

on the neck

The name of a loved one is a kind of oath of loyalty, and a woman's name on her hand - the recognition to others that you have found the one. If you still decided to hit the initials, it is better to let it be a tattoo of a child or parents, and for the rest it is better to use a safe temporary tattoo. Speaking of the font, we note that there is an opportunity to apply the name tattoo in the form of a simple word, and you can turn one word into a whole work of art. Especially popular are beautiful tattoos in Latin or Chinese, used to convey the meaning of your own name.

on the arm

The peculiarities of language selection are as follows:

  • Arabic ligature- suitable for tattooing exposed areas of skin of a large area. For example, the full length of the forearm.
  • Chinese and Japanese characters are better to apply on vertical stripes. The best place is the spine area.
  • The larger the font of the name tattoo, the more space is needed for the result.
  • On dainty women's hands or ankles, it is better to use a lettering with a thin font.



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