Soccer tattoos. Tattoos for a real fan CSKA tattoos

CSKA tattoos on the chest
Tattoos on his chest
CSKA, Spartak, Zenit. The appearance of fan tattoos is inextricably linked to the history of Soviet soccer. Entire generations were raised on the cultural legacy of the first clubs supporting the national teams of their cities.

Symbolism developed as part of the promotion of ideas to protect the interests of their favorite national team. With its help, fans can distinguish a member of their guild from the opposing one. By the type of picture you can tell if the fan is a fan from the stands or a football hooligan.

Black and white style

Those who want to get a tattoo, you need to decide on the choice of color. The simplest option would be a black tattoo (conditionally it can be called black and white because of the color of the skin), in addition, such a picture will cost less. Often it is this variant looks the most harmonious and natural, rather than the colorful tattoo.

Before imposing a tattoo, it is necessary to look at the available designs of the CSKA tattoo or draw your own original. In the black and white version are popular as individual inscriptions and combined with pictures. A CSKA fan can get a shouting phrase like FVBP or OUCS. For the person who isn't a fan, these words won't say anything, which is a definite plus. The Army Men may also put a silhouette of a horse or the date the club was founded. Those are the most popular options.

Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure, moisturize the skin from the inside, so that it better absorbs the ink.

  1. Drink at least eight glasses of water the day before visiting the salon to prevent dehydration.
  1. Do not drink alcohol or dilute your blood with medications.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes.

Dizziness often appears during the drawing. To avoid this, eat well before the session.

Colorful tattoo of CSKA FC

Tattoos in Color

Color CSKA tattoos are no less popular than the usual black ones. In this variant, the most common tattoo is inscribed:

  • club emblem;
  • red and blue flag;
  • army camouflage;
  • mascot - a horse.

Whatever the choice, the main thing is to keep the message, namely belonging to the club. Some decide to get a tattoo of their idol, but this option is quite difficult to perform, in addition, no one guarantees that the player will stay in the team. It is best to make a tattoo that reflects the symbolism and memorable dates of the club or to score slogans or chants. It is the colored version that can suit both the guy and the girl who cheers for their club.

How far can soccer fans go? Is watching all kinds of matches, studying the tactics of favorite teams and fighting in stadiums really all the fans can do? No, they're not. Since then, as soccer tattoos, photos of which are pervasive throughout the expanses of the Internet, became mainstream among fans, on the streets we can see more and more people on whose bodies are printed various kinds of soccer symbols, portraits of prominent personalities in the world of soccer and tattoos dedicated to your favorite soccer clubs. Let's take a closer look at the photos and meanings of such tattoos.

Boots hanging on the string

Soccer themes in tattoos. General information

Both Russian and European and other foreign fans do not spare their bodies, trying to show their ardent love for their favorite players, referees, and soccer clubs as clearly and vividly as possible. After all, stuffing team logos and portraits of their favorite athletes is not just a tribute to fashion, but also a way to show yourself as a person who has given preference to a particular hobby and club in particular.

Sometimes soccer players express their attitude towards their favorite hobby in the form of a similar tattoo

The most popular soccer tattoos, sketches of which are chosen by almost all fans:

  • The name of the team for which the owner of the tattoo supports;
  • A portrait of a favorite soccer player;
  • soccer;
  • Symbols of the soccer club;
  • A portrait of a favorite referee;
  • soccer team mascots;
  • flags;
  • football-themed caricature variations.

The most preferred places for football-themed tattoos:

  • arms;
  • feet;

Soccer ball lying on the field

Meaning of tattoos with soccer themes

Such a category of people as soccer fans are often ready for selfless acts for the sake of their favorite soccer club. Someone can faithfully cheer for their favorite team, just sitting at home or in the bar in front of the TV screen. Someone will follow the team around the world, not missing a single match, enjoying the stunning game and supporting the athletes live.

And there are those who certainly want to have something memorable imprinted on his body, associated with the world of soccer. Most often, the meaning of the soccer tattoos, which are not particularly worried about and fans do not carry absolutely no semantic load and are simply indicators of devotion to a certain team or player.

And only a few are willing to go further and independently come up with a truly stunning sketch that will make a lot of sense at least to the owner of the tattoo.

Recommendation! Over the course of a lifetime, everyone's tastes and preferences tend to change several times. This applies both to music and literature, as well as to the sport and a particular soccer player, the opinion about which can change even after one unsuccessful interview, in which the athlete in certain issues can unintentionally "touch a nerve" his fan and forever spoil a good impression about him. Therefore, before applying the soccer tattoo, it is necessary to think many times whether to resort to such drastic measures, so as just to support your favorite team and to show your individuality in this way.

Tattoo in honor of the famous soccer player - Maradonna

Memphis Depay, the man of the jungle

The image of an animal on the body usually symbolizes the power of nature and represent the character of a person. However, Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay took a more creative approach to solving the mystery of the tattoo. The spectacular lion on the back speaks of the athlete's difficult childhood, who had to overcome many blows of fate. The Dutchman speaks clearly and succinctly about the meaning of the king of beasts on the body:

I was raised as if in a jungle.

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Ovechkin's smile and McGregor's torso: Guess the athlete by his body part
Ovechkin's smile and McGregor's torso: guess the athlete by his body part

Tattoos of famous soccer players

Tattoos are in great demand not only among fans, but also among their idols. However, famous athletes, strangely enough, rarely decide to imprint anything related to soccer on their bodies.

  1. David Beckham
    . Tattoos with the name of his wife Victoria in Hindi, with the names of his sons in Gothic style, the image of a guardian angel and the number under which David plays, adorn the man's body.
  2. Andrei Voronin
    . The angry man tried to project wisdom and self-control with the image of a snake on his left hand.
  3. Diego Maradona.
    . This soccer player is the owner of a number of portraits of left-wing leaders.
  4. Andriy Shevchenko .
    . One very important event in the life of the athlete, which we can only guess about, is captured in the form of a fire-breathing dragon on his left shoulder .
  5. Ronaldo .
    . Famous for his many romances, the athlete honored only one girl and her initials on his arm. The man also has a tattoo on his shin, made in honor of his favorite son.
  6. Sergio Ramos
    . And this soccer player is covered with all kinds of tattoos from head to hips. Most of the images are inscriptions and symbols in different languages.
  7. Daniel Agger .
    . The man on this list stands out not just for his passion for tattoos. The footballer in his spare time also likes to act as a tattoo artist. On the body of the athlete paints a stunning image of a Viking and winged expressions.

Soccer tattoo motif, an image of your favorite soccer player

How to choose a master

To assess the quality of the master's work, view his portfolio.

  1. There are competitions among tattoo masters.
  2. By voting their best work is chosen and awards are given out.

Look for the master who received one or two such certificates. This is professionalism and popularity of the artist.

Big CSKA tattoo on the back

Masters have a profile on social networks, which often serves as their portfolio.

CSKA fan tattoo

It is allowed to approach the tattoo salon and ask to show the workplace of the selected master.

CSKA logo tattoo


From an early age I had to watch soccer, because there was only one TV set at home, and my father and grandfather terrorized the whole family with such fan sessions. At first it really pissed me off, but then I got a taste for it and became a fan too) My opinion was finally confirmed when I first saw the handsome Beckham, who won my heart at first sight, both as a soccer player and as a man. As a teenager, I had already dreamed of getting a tattoo of my favorite player, but my parents were naturally not enthusiastic about the idea. After much persuasion, my dad took pity on me and took me to the salon personally. Now I have David under my left breast and I'm so happy!

Tanya, Omsk

Tattoo fan of Manchester United FC

And I have almost my whole body full of England symbols, which I've been systematically doing since I was twenty-two. I like my tattoos very much, my friends also appreciate them, but not so long ago I ran into a problem: the girls consider it tasteless, and many do not understand what I am depicted and why. Lately I've been meeting only with the cheerleaders of my favorite team, they certainly love it)

Peter, Kemerovo

World of Warcraft on Andrei Kirilenko's back

Many people like to spend time playing computer games and some even make cyber sports their profession. Russian basketball player Andrei Kirilenko includes himself in the first case. In 2010 in one of his interviews the athlete confessed that he is a big fan of World of Warcraft.

Once CSKA gave me two days off, so I spent 36 hours in front of the monitor. I just played and ordered takeout.

Andrey even got a tattoo on his whole back, showing a level 80 paladin riding a dragon. The drawing was so big that the wings of a fantastic creature cannot be hidden under the basketball uniform.

Photo: Getty Images

Kirilenko can now visually answer the question of who his favorite character in the game is.

Sketches Football Tattoos

Tattoo on the chest

CSKA, Spartak, Zenit. The appearance of fan tattoos is inextricably linked to the history of Soviet soccer. Entire generations were raised on the cultural legacy of the first clubs supporting the national teams of their cities.

Symbolism developed as part of the promotion of ideas to protect the interests of their favorite national team. With its help, fans can distinguish a member of their guild from the opposing one. By the type of design you can tell if the fan is a fan from the stands or a football hooligan.

Healing and recovery after the session

Healing takes up to two weeks, it all depends on the skin type.

  1. In two or three days after removal of the bandage tattoo is covered with crust,
  2. After another 3 days, peeling appears.
  3. Moisten the skin with oils, so the drawing does not rub off.

Tattoo care

Do not steam the skin or expose it to ultraviolet light during the restoration.

Soccer themes in tattoos: CSKA, Spartak, Zenit

Soviet soccer gave 3 legends: CSKA, Spartak and Zenit. Even with the fall of the USSR, the clubs continued to exist and raise a new generation of champions. Not surprisingly, the original symbolism developed inspires fans to create tattoos.

By covering their skin with inscriptions, the wearer feels the fighting spirit and the desire to uphold the interests of their club.

In 1960, an emblem with a star on a red and blue field was designed for the army sports club. Gradually, its simple outlines were redesigned and supplemented with a laurel wreath, which symbolized the club's victories.

The CSKA tattoo began to appear on the skin of fans after the 1998 game against Spartak. In the game CSKA won by a technical score of 4-1.

The famous Spartak club received its pennant emblem in 1935. The drawing was almost unchanged, changing in small details.

For tattoo fans, Spartak Moscow stands for resilience and the desire to win. Until the loss in 1998, this team steadfastly held its position as champion of Russia. Wearing a tattoo to a Spartak fan is like being a part of their achievements.

The third star on the national soccer skyline is Zenit. The blue stroke of lightning appeared as a logo in 1925.

The tattoo is considered the pride and a real privilege for the fan. It is imposed after after officially joining the club.

The meaning of tattoos of the clubs CSKA, Zenit, Spartak

For connoisseurs of tattoos, soccer is one of the brightest hobbies. If the CSKA inscription appeared, then the fan has joined the ranks of the official club. Tattoo with the name of the club is equal to the official attributes such as a scarf, T-shirts in team colors.

Sketches of tattoos most often reflect the image of a logo without changes. However, some fans interpret the image in their own way. They invest personal motives and meanings. Due to this various alternative images can appear.

For example, one of the fans had a Zenit logo made in the style of bio-organic. Through the imitation of the "torn skin" a shield with the team's inscription came through. With this the author of the work wanted to emphasize that the team is his essence.

Fan tattoos

Fan tattoos fall into several categories:

  • Tattoos of soccer hooligans;
  • Fan tattoos of club members;
  • free of the club fans who do not break the law.

Each trend has its own traditions. Hooligans near soccer prefer to have battles in the stands. Their goal is to support the team's morale with aggressive support.

Covering themselves with tattoos, they apply insignia, which can be compared to the symbols of . A selection of hooligan tattoos are made in the Chicano style. This trend is the best way to express the essence of the movement.

Tattoos of fans from clubs are more often stuffed with the style of realism. The drawings contain only pennants, slogans and club emblems. They are not complemented with details, as it is equated with an insult to the symbol.

Free fans choose different variations on the theme of their club. Common with the second type is the observance of the color scheme of their favorite team and the preservation of recognizable details: the inscription, the elements of decor and the structure of the shield.

Places for soccer tattoos

Traditional places for padding are considered:

  • The area on the arm;
  • Tattoo on the chest;
  • on the shoulder;
  • On the back.

If a fan wants to express loyalty to the team, the picture is printed in the heart area.


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