Top 5 best tattoo parlors and studios in Voronezh in 2021

Why do people get tattoos? There can be several answers to this nonsensical question for many. For example:

  • it's trivially fashionable;
  • it is one of the most spectacular options to emphasize good shape;
  • It is a self-assured and elegant way to declare your views and life philosophy;

I often wanted to get a tattoo, but the nature has awarded the Matryoshka appearance, and with an eagle on his back, I can not imagine myself. Unless I could do something out of khokhloma. My girlfriends, the owners of a more fashionable type, looked at tattoos more often, but they were stopped by the painfulness of the procedure. I searched the Internet, read the relevant topics in authoritative communities on social networks and forums, and here are the conclusions I was able to come to:

  • tattooing is at least sensitive, but iron will to endure the session, usually not necessary.
  • The degree of painfulness depends on the chosen site and the personal peculiarities of the body. Generally, each adult understands which places are more sensitive and which less.
  • It is better to make a tattoo without medication; this will reduce the stress on the body and prevent the shrinkage of the color;
  • if you are too afraid of pain, you can take an analgesic after the session;
  • During the session you can use freezing gels / sprays (the names will tell you the master), but some of them give color shrinkage;
  • anesthesia with injections at sessions is not practiced, as masters are afraid of anaphylactic shock and do not want to take the risks of anesthesiologists, on whom they are trained for five years.

If we talk about healing the tattoo, it will only take 2 weeks, but they must be approached responsibly. Remember:

  • do not consume alcohol;
  • Do not go to the baths;
  • Do not dry out the tattoo, that is, do not sunbathe;
  • Do not apply a cream.

Nonobservance of these simple rules can lead to the fact that your tattoo will fade or fester, in general, all your sufferings will be in vain.

After one of my fearful girlfriends still became the owner of a cute tattoo (thanks to which the salon I will not say, because against free advertising), I decided to gather information on where, what and how much you can score in Voronezh. I share my findings with you.

Tattoo parlor JOKER

  • Voronezh, 52 Revolution Ave.
  • 291-99-66.
  • Voronezh city, Moscow avenue, 10.
  • 230-99-66.

The site gave the impression of being made for people who are not accustomed to change things. No naughty things like girls' henna drawings. A tattoo means a sleeve, not a sleeve, but a battle canvas on the whole back.

In addition to tattoos, you can get piercings, body art and tattooing in the studio. There are training services, if anyone suddenly wants to change careers. A separate page is devoted to the prevention of infectious diseases, particularly AIDS. There is a store where you can buy piercing accessories, supplies and the same henna.

Bottom line: What's not to say, but the pictures of the tattoos are a sight to behold. There are different styles and everything is perfectly done. See for yourself!

This one, for example, look at the colors and the plot is not banal. Personally, I have a lot of respect for the craftsmen's ability to do masculine things without getting hung up on the gloomy stuff.

Or this one: a little sloppiness and it would have turned into a "3 bent scraps" painting. And here it's all straightened out.

I chose another dark one for my taste. I think it looks great. All the contours are in place. If it doesn't float, it's a dream, not a tattoo.

Tattoo parlor REVOLUTION

  • Prices for tattoos: "The size of a cigarette pack" - 2500 rubles.
  • Voronezh city, Kirov Street, 7.
  • 293-74-86.

The range of services is very wide. It is at once obvious that brutal bikers and glamorous beauties come here to pamper their pussies. And beauties are offered apparatus cosmetology to preserve eternal youth, nail and eyelash extensions, permanent and body art. Also here you can get piercings and Afro cuts. There are art courses at the studio. To be honest, it's kind of strange. The impression is that the masters "between clients" lead.

Bottom line: The gallery of work here is decent.

I even got my hands on a matryoshka doll. I really liked the expression on her face. I think that the ability to convey animate human emotion is very important for a master.

And this "canvas" is the real measure of the master's artistic taste and experience. I think he did a good job.

But, unfortunately, I did not find any blackwork or old-school. Maybe, of course, they have not ordered them yet.


  • Price: from 2000 rubles, a tattoo with a pack of cigarettes - 4000 rubles.
  • Voronezh, 25 October Street, 50.
  • 290-35-81.

Salon with a serious approach to the modification. Here, in addition to the usual tattoo and fix the old, you can do piercing, scarring, tattooing, set mikrodermalov, become the owner of afrokos, as well as get rid of the torn tunnel.

Bottom lineTo sum it up: on VKontakte page you can see the studio's work divided by masters, and it's just great, because you can immediately see with whom your ideas about beauty coincide.

Here are some works of different masters from the studio:

I am not a specialist, but I really liked the lightness and grace. These works often look pressing, but not this one.

Here you guys, I love pictures like this. With an idea, with fire! You can tell right away that girls/boys will love this one, and doctors and ... okay, I won't mention the pathologist.

And this is a great example of work that makes you think how such amazing beauty can be realized on a living, uneven surface of the body. Just a miracle.

How to choose the right salon?

Before choosing a salon, you should pay attention to several important factors, which will be discussed below. If they all will be harmoniously paired in one place, then this tattoo parlor is a reliable place, where you can trust the experienced master. A full set of positive characteristics means that the service guarantees complete safety to the client.

Any reliable tattoo parlor (it does not matter if it is individual business or juridical organization) in case of unforeseen circumstances fully compensates to the client. In some cases it comes to a lawsuit to law enforcement agencies. As a rule, companies try to resolve such cases in pre-trial proceedings.

Age restrictions

According to general law, to decorate the body with tattoos and piercings can be from 18 years. Some tattoo parlors may provide this service and with the 16-years old in the presence of permission from the parents or legal representatives of the minor.

However, do not think that this is a good thing. Such "emancipation" means that tattoo masters are ready to expose the health of a minor without a guarantee of compensation for damages. The forbidden fruit is sweet, but do not be seduced by it.

It is worth choosing a salon, where the age qualification is strictly from 18.

The range of services provided

Rarely what a special salon does only tattoos on the body. There are also services of eyebrows tattooing, piercing.

In addition, the implementation of tattoos is possible not only the traditional way, but also by henna.

The wide coverage of the consumer's interests means that the employees of the organization are really experienced craftsmen, and in different areas. And in case something goes wrong, they will always be able to take the right steps to reduce all kinds of risks.

Full information of the client

It is mistaken to think that the process of tattooing occurs on the following algorithm: short-term consultation with the master => the choice of design for the tattoo => directly the result. So act only in unreliable salons.

An excellent tattoo master must inform the client about all possible risks and peculiarities of the procedure. If planned an extensive tattoo, carry out all necessary medical tests.

Proven tattoo salons and studios do just that to avoid further claims from the client.

The image below shows where it hurts the most and where it hurts the least.

Reviews on the Internet and reputation

A reliable tattoo salon should have impeccable reviews on the Internet, so that there was nothing to get to the bottom of.

If the institution has at least one negative review that can be objectively considered, then it has pitfalls.

It would be nice if the salon had its own social media account (Instagtam, Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Pinterest), where professionals and satisfied customers could post photos of their tattoos.

It is desirable that satisfied customers make posts on social media, referring to the tattoo parlor. This strategic marketing move will both increase the salon's fame and bring it a good reputation.

Legal status of the tattoo master

Any self-respecting tattoo master, working in the corresponding institution, stuffs only in it, not making a home visit.

On the one hand, it is good, because it is possible to provide the client with full comfort when using services at home.

On the other hand, it means that the tattoo artist will not be able to provide the proper level of sanitation and medical safety at home. And it means that there is a great risk that something can go wrong.

The working place of the tattoo master is in the salon, with which he has an employment contract. The presence of an employment contract is also an important aspect. This means that the company is serious and can be legally responsible.

Portfolio of the tattoo master

Not always a tattoo is performed only on the sketch of the client. Sometimes the choice falls on the tattoo master who can offer something from already worked out and executed.

The quantity of sketches in portfolio at the specialist is his visiting card and basic component of professionalism. Not the least important is the number of tattoos and general work experience.

But don't forget that sketches are a reflection of a person's imagination and inner world. If there is a large number of interesting works, it means that the master is not bad at all and he can be trusted.

The furnishings and equipment of the tattoo salon

A reliable tattoo shop, first of all, has not a small area of the room. This is important because this is the only way to ensure full confidentiality to the client and decent working conditions for the tattoo-master.

Secondly, the staff must have at least 1 medical officer. This precautionary measure is needed in case the client's health deteriorates sharply.

Thirdly, it is important that the working place of a tattoo master is equipped with all necessary instruments, including medicines. This contributes to the observance of sanitary norms and increases safety.

In addition, it is important for the salon to play relaxing music and have a friendly atmosphere. There must be an administrator and a video surveillance camera, as well as a guard post.

Regular inspections of the tattoo salon

Reliable salon is characterized not only by the above criteria, but also by compliance with the requirements of state authorities. So, every time at a certain period of time special services should conduct an inspection on the suitability of the institution.

Sanitary, labor and fire regulations must be complied with.

Tattoo shop XXX

  • Tattoo prices: Minimum of 2000 rubles, the cost of a session of 5000.
  • Voronezh city, ul. 20 let Oktyabrya 119.
  • 240-50-38.

Here you can make tattooing, henna tattooing, piercing, body art and even airbrush. There is also a store of consumables for all this new art.

Bottom line: I would say that the work is for the amateur. But, MY Opinion is SUBJECTIVE. They did not seem to me too bright and too "in the manner" of the direction in which the author works. Although, perhaps, that is the idea.

For example this one: beautiful, large-scale, multi-colored, but somehow not bright. What do you think?

This one is good. A kind of symbiosis of the two styles and the idea is original.

Tattoo master Voronezh: where and how to decorate the body

On this page you will find all the important and necessary information relevant to the request Tattoo masters Voronezh. We have compiled for you a kind of rating of specialists, making high-quality and bright natal drawings.

Tattoo masters Voronezh

Familiarizing yourself with the information provided, you will be able to understand what kind of masters you can trust your body. And then contact them by available contact information to clarify the cost of work and the time when a specialist can receive you.

Tattoo Salon: GOLDEN DRAKON (beauty studio)

  • Tattoo prices: from 900 rubles.
  • Voronezh, Revolution Ave 26/28.
  • 255-83-87.

"Golden Dragon is, of course, a beauty studio. Here you can get your hair cleaned, get a haircut, or get a tan in the tanning bed. In addition, piercings, henna tattoos and tattoo removal are available.

Bottom line: The artwork, in my opinion, matches the salon audience. The subjects are fairly neutral. I chose a couple of the most brutal ones, but they are also kind of plain in my opinion.

Here are a few more places where you can get tattoos. I will not write about them in detail, because there is very little information online, and photo galleries are uninformative, and all my friends voted with their feet for less conspiratorial places.

  • Freedom & Pain Tattoo Studio.
  • Banzay
  • Knajna Daria
  • Studio of Yulia Gladkikh

And finally, a few words about temporary tattoos.

Temporary henna tattoos

Temporary tattoos - the choice of those who have not decided whether he wants to leave a particular design on his body for life. It is worth noting right away that despite the name, henna tattoo drawings are not tattoos in the usual sense of the word: no one will pick at you with a needle: henna is smoothly and evenly applied to the skin, not under it.

If you want the drawing to last longer, when drying, treat the place of application with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar in a 2:1 ratio. For a week after drawing, you should wipe the drawing with sesame or mustard oil and avoid getting water on the skin.

However it may happen that you don't like your new tattoo. Maybe you'll get tired of it, or maybe you'll be disapproved of by those around you. Unfortunately, even such a drawing can not be taken and removed in the blink of an eye - henna is able to discolor over time, but very reluctant to try to speed up the process. However, if you treat the unsuccessful tattoo daily with soap and warm water on a daily basis.It will disappear faster.

Uniqueness of the sketch

Searching for "tattoo master Voronezh" allows you to find not only someone who makes a body drawing, but also is able to create a unique sketch. Because any image must be unique - true professionals never work with drawings simply downloaded from the Internet. After all, this is a bad tone.

Besides, someone else's drawing is someone else's life, someone else's style. If you want to reflect your life, your hobbies and your character, ask to prepare for you is a unique sketch.

By the way, if no one agrees to do it, or you do not have the opportunity to go to the master, you can order a sketch for tattoo on our website. Just describe exactly what pattern you wish to get and attach a few images that you like. Our artist will make a unique, unparalleled drawing - the cost of such a service is affordable.


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