All meanings of the dog tattoo - who is suitable for a tattoo with a dog, and how to choose a sketch?

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Tattoo in the form of a dog became predominant on the bodies of the female sex in recent times, despite the fact that this symbol was originally only a male symbol. The symbol of the dog characterizes the positive aspects of the character of the person. He is very strong and can easily change your life.

Let's look at what role dogs played in the culture of the ancient world, as well as determine what the symbol means now.

The dog symbol in the mythology and culture of the ancient world

In different peoples of the ancient world, the dog was considered a highly revered animal that was worshipped. The dog was the companion of man everywhere - in peacetime, in hunting and even in war.

Let's tell how it was represented in mythology and culture by different peoples:

  • In ancient Egypt. the dog was represented as a deity. It brought people only good things: protected against monsters, fought against evil spirits, guarded the entrances to sacred places.
  • In ancient Greece. the animal was deified and attributed to the afterlife. A dog, the three-headed Cerberus, was the guardian and guide to the realm of the dead.
  • The inhabitants of the Germanic-Scandinavian countries also saw the dog as belonging to the same world. The dog was depicted as fearsome, with four eyes. The people thought he was the guardian of the passageway to hell.
  • The Aztecs also imagined a dog alongside the god of death - they depicted this very god with the head of a dog. After the death of a person, the sacrifice of a dog was an obligatory ritual next to his tomb.
  • The Indians who inhabited the AmericasThey used to say that the dog was not such a bad animal. It brought rain and fire. According to tradition, the Indians sacrificed a white dog to the gods so that the gods would grant them a quiet and fruitful life without a season of drought. In addition, American peoples believed that the dog could heal, endowing it with magical properties - the gift of healing.
  • In China Dogs were seen as having only positive qualities--goodness, protection, amulet, and well-being. The Chinese believed a dog could ward off evil spirits and ward off misfortune.
  • In India Dogs were revered but considered servants of the god of death. It was they who looked for people who were destined to die and escorted them to the realm of the dead.
  • The Celts associated the dog with the god that no one could ever defeat. He was a symbol of courage, bravery, bravery, war, heroism, hunting, loyalty.
  • Slavs It was believed that the dog has a magical ability - it can foresee the future, feels the approach of misfortune and can save, save a person from it. According to legends, the sun God could turn into a dog, so this animal has always been treated with respect and love.
  • Christians personified the dog with the good, presented it as a shepherd, a guardian, a preacher. In addition, the dog was a symbol of loyalty, protection, vigilance, sincerity, courage and bravery.

Undoubtedly, the dog is a strong and very loyal animal. Those who have a dog at home know that it is the most sincere animal capable of love.

It is often compared to a wolf, so wolf tattoos have almost the same meanings as dog tattoos. The only difference is that the wolf has more negative meanings. The dog symbol can be considered the bright, positive side of the wolf symbol.

Basically, the peoples of the ancient world revered the dog, putting it on an equal footing with the gods, deities. Many think that the dog gave people fire and taught them how to use it.

The designation of the tattoo in men.

First of all, such a tattoo indicates the enormous physical strength of its bearer. After all, pit bulls are fighting and very tough dogs. Most people associate pit bulls with cruelty, so it is not surprising that the owner of the tattoo will be treated with caution. Indeed, you shouldn't stand in the way of a man who has decided to put such an image on himself.

Another character trait - the incredible perseverance. Man tend to achieve their goals, and in any way convenient way. Even in a violent fight. "Bad guys" often prefer tattoos with pit bull terriers. They are aggressive and very demanding to the people around them. For enemies, this is an ambiguous hint that it is better to stay out of a person's space.

Dogs of this breed are a symbol of courage, incredible strength and determination. Therefore, the pit bull tattoo is not suitable for everyone. Not only because of the masculine character mismatch, but also because of the rather rough and severe appearance.

However, there is a positive meaning - loyalty. Incredible loyalty and deep affection, not allowing you to leave your friend in a difficult situation. The man will definitely come to the rescue, even to the detriment of his own interests.

If a man has a tattoo with his real-life pet, it characterizes him only from the best sides.

Popular places for a drawing in men

  • Calves - one of the most popular places. If desired, the tattoo can always be hidden from prying eyes. The drawing on the calf characterizes its owner as a person strong, strong-willed and authoritative. Symbolizes self-confidence and the desire to win.
  • Legs - sign of dominance.
  • Arms - looks great on the biceps, especially on a beautiful body and pumped up muscles.
  • Shoulders - courage and strength. On the shoulder, too, looks very impressive.
  • Elbows: very rare. It reveals an original personality and some secrecy.
  • Chest - power, tenacity, courage. It is not recommended to girls to do on this place.

Who is suitable for a tattoo in the form of a dog - the features of the choice of tattoo with a dog

Tattoo with the image of a dog can do, anyone. There is no strict distinction.

Guys used to create brutal dogs on themselves, unusual and sometimes scary!

Since recently, girls began to openly declare their desires and continued the endeavor of the male sex - to create a dog on their bodies, that's just drawings are more lovely, gentle and feminine.

Specialists of the tattoo studio "Maruha" recommend to choose a tattoo, first of all - paying attention to your character traits.

The tattoo in the form of a dog will suit:

  • Open people.
  • Sociable.
  • Those who love company and hate solitude.
  • Liberated.
  • Trusting.
  • Sensitive, sensitive.
  • Loving.
  • Strong.
  • Faithful.
  • Determined.
  • Brave, bold, courageous.
  • Attentive.
  • Vigilant.
  • Cheerful, positive.

Since the dog symbol is very strong, it serves as amulet .. He may be suitable for those who need protection or caution against misfortune and trouble.

We can guarantee that the dog will protect you from negative influences. Also, you will feel more confident with the dog tattoo.

Of course, if you can not determine whether this symbol will suit you or not, ask your loved ones. They, knowing you, will tell you if this tattoo is suitable for you.

The meaning of the tattoo dog

  • The dog tattoo has only positive meaningIt carries in itself a bright energy. Therefore, the dog tattoo means: strength, honor, valor, determination, attentiveness, purity, goodness, love.
  • But most of all, a dog tattoo means bravery, determination and loyalty.
  • Also A dog tattoo can mean courage, openness and bravery.
  • Many people tattoo a dog in memory of their four-legged friend.
  • Very often a dog tattoo is done as a talisman against evil forces or evil spirits.
  • Tattoo German Shepherd Means determination and independence.
  • Tattoo Doberman tattoo Means determination, superiority, and fearlessness.
  • Tattoo Greyhound Means strength and courage.
  • The tattoo Boxer Means friendship and courage.
  • Tattoo Husky Means magic, intuition and harmony.
  • Tattoo Bull Terrier Means fortitude and endurance.
  • Tattoo Labrador means motherhood, loyalty, devotion and love.
  • Tattoo Bologna Means ease and serenity.
  • Tattoo Pug Means cheerfulness and openness.
  • Tattoo Crusty Means sociable and easygoing.
  • Tattoo Chihuahua Means power and determination.
  • Tattoo Spitz Means charm and femininity.
  • Tattoo Terrier Means passion and boldness.
  • A tattoo of a dog with a flower in its teeth means love, friendship and loyalty.

It is best to tattoo a dog in blackwork, chicago, sketch style, traditional, geometric, realistic, watercolor, minimalist styles.

Peculiarities and types of tattoos with a dog - what tattoo sketch with a dog to choose?

Coming to tattoo salons (St. Petersburg), many do not know how to depict a dog on the body. Masters of the network of tattoo studios "Maruha" advise to think about it in advance and try to convey your dreams and desires to a specialist or on paper.

We will help you figure out how stylistically correct you can design a tattoo in the form of a dog.

To do this, you will need to consider some specifics:

Style and design of the dog tattoo

The most popular styles that depict a dog on the body are realistic and watercolor. The first will suit everyone, and the second - the romantic, those who have a romantic, feminine, more sensual nature.

Also perfectly obtained tattoos (Petersburg) in the styles:

  • Portrait. Your dog's muzzle will look great in a frame decorated with flowers or patterns.
  • Cartoon. It's not uncommon to create cartoon dog characters on your body. They will emphasize your positive, slightly childlike character.

  • 3-D. These tattoos (Peterburg) are just cool and cool. Realistic images will please not only you, but also those around you. Many say that the sketch will not be inferior to the photo of the animal. Only an experienced master can create a really good 3-D picture on the body, contact Studio Maruha! The specialists will be happy to help you with this.

  • Classic, black and white. Tattoos remain in demand as well.
  • Neo-traditional. The clear edges of such an image, bright colors will make you and others be surprised every time they see it. Excellent look tattoos (Petersburg) in two styles - realism and neo-tradition.
  • New skool. Such tattoos are particularly colorful. For them there are no restrictions. In the sketch you can add a lot of additional details and boldly fantasize!
  • Geometry or linework. The muzzle of the dog can be created with graphic lines. Suitable tattoo for guys.
  • Minimalism. You can make only the outline of one doggie or two. Cute and gentle will look such a tattoo on the wrist of a girl.

Determining the style, you can decide - whether your future tattoo will be colored, or black and white, black and gray.

Most often, the dog in the tattoo is depicted in the colors in which it is in life - realistic. But, you can use any other colors, most importantly, that they are combined.

Note that the color does not affect the meaning of the tattoo (St. Petersburg).

Location of the tattoo dog

Most often the image of a dog women and men apply to:

  • Shoulder.

  • Chest.
  • Scapula.
  • Thigh.
  • Shin.
  • Wrist.
  • Head.
  • Side.
  • Fingers.

Where to place the tattoo in the form of a dog - it is up to you. There are no prohibitions.

Many people choose Open areas, or where the tattoo is visible and reminds you of yourself.

The place is also chosen based on the size of the tattoo (St. Petersburg).

The size of a tattoo of a dog

No tattoo master will not forbid you to make a huge dog on your body. There are no prohibitions. The main thing is to think everything through to the smallest detail, So that the tattoo does not seem empty.

You can "score" a tattoo of large, medium or small size. Rely on your preferences.

Designation of a tattoo in girls

Representatives of the fair sex in most cases stop their choice on cartoon characters. This shows the kindness of the girl, her love for our little brothers. A funny dog from a cartoon indicates a sense of humor.

Pit bulls are characteristic of courageous and strong-minded women. After all, not everyone can dare to become the owner of such a tattoo.

Therefore, they do them ladies extraordinary, not supporting all sorts of standards and templates. As with men, in women, the dog means loyalty, so the girl is sure to be a good wife and friend.

Popular places for drawing in women

  • Wrist - most often found in girls, indicates the fragility and caution of the owner. If it is the image of a cartoon character, the lady is definitely optimistic and cheerful.
  • On the shoulder or forearm is a symbol of courage and self-confidence. Such girls do not take into account the opinion of other people, but are friendly and easy to get along with others.

The tattoo of a fighting dog breed can tell a lot about the character of its bearer, whether male or female. Only people who fully comply with the pit bull character traits can dare to put it on.

Where it is best to apply the tattoo of a dog

The dog tattoo is considered universal, it likes to put on their body, both men and women. But in our time tattoo of a dog most often impose it girls. For men the most suitable tattoo of hunting and guard dogs. Girls fit tattoos more quiet four-legged friends, such as: Chihuahua, Bologna, Spitz, Pug. If you want to score a tattoo of a fighting dog, the best places for this are: the shoulders and forearm, thigh and chest. Also everything depends on the size of the future tattoo, for large or medium-sized tattoos suit such places as: ribs, stomach, back, chest, lower back, thighs. For medium sized tattoos it is best to choose: shoulders, forearms, arms, hands, calves, feet. For very small tattoos suit such places as: wrist or neck.


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