Drawing with a pen for beginners easy, beautiful, fun

Uncomplicated drawings, which require the use of an ordinary pen, by their technique are best suited for novice artists. The only difficulty in creating such images is the need to take into account the features of a particular type of working tool (gel or ball type).

Having mastered the basic skills of drawing with paste, a beginner will be able to decorate his notebook with colorful pictures or create a portrait of a real person, with the characteristic features of his appearance.

Features of drawing with a pen

Drawings with a pen for beginners will turn out better if, when choosing a working tool, the artist will take into account the peculiarities of using each type of pen.

When creating images with a gel pen, it is recommended to pay special attention to:

  • The absence of an overly oily structure of the rod filler. If the paste is greasy, when working with images, previously drawn lines and details will be blurred, which will provoke the need to start over.
  • Ability to create variations in line thickness with a particular rod. If a worksheet of paper is placed on the page of an open, thick book, the lines created by a quality gel pen will be thicker than the actual diameter of the rod.
  • To create thinner lines, you need to place the paper on a hard, perfectly flat surface, such as a polished wooden table or glass.

Drawing with a pen for beginners easy, beautiful, fun
Drawings with a pen for beginners will be beautiful if you choose the right tool, namely a pen
The most significant features of using ballpoint pens by beginner artists are:

  • The need to avoid touching the working surface with your hands while creating an image, because it is impossible to remove ballpoint pens prints from the paper without leaving them behind. This is especially true if a beginner works with shading and shadowing with a pen.
  • It is possible to get different halftones using only one pen. Variations in shades arise due to the different force of the pressure on the rod, the inclination of the pen itself and the density of the strokes being applied.
  • In order to apply the hatchings correctly, it is necessary to mark the interface line between the 2 planes. Under this line, the strokes of the ballpoint pen must be horizontal, and above it, vertical.

You don't need to be an artist

You do not need to be a manicure specialist or have experience as an artist. Drawings and patterns with gel rods on the nails can be done even by an inexperienced person. This requires patience, assiduity, inspiration and, of course, pens. Often the work of novice masters of nail art cannot be distinguished from the work done by professionals. But first it's better to train to do the simplest drawings, trying to make them look the same on the nails of the left and right hands. If you are right-handed, painting with gel rods with your left hand will require some dexterity.

This tool is recommended for beginners, because unsuccessful drawings are very easy to wash away with water. And to fix a successful result, you need to wait for the pattern to dry, and then cover the nail with colorless varnish. This kind of manicure is also loved by experienced craftsmen, because the texture of the gel pen has a noble sheen, and the rod has the optimum thickness. Even very complicated drawings with many small details can be depicted with this pen.

What you can do in black and white

Creating simple drawings in black and white is suitable not only for experienced artists, but also for beginners. This work does not require a large amount of time and special skills.

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

You can depict with a black pen and a white sheet of paper:

  • domestic animals (they can look both realistic and cartoon style);
  • wild animals;
  • children;
  • adults (including full portraits and self-portraits);
  • characters in comics, movies, books, which are in motion and are part of a complete composition;
  • anime characters;
  • foodstuffs (both individually and as ready meals);
  • Inanimate objects that are part of everyday life (e.g., furniture, toothbrushes, dishes).

Draw in laconic black-and-white style, following the basic steps formulated by professional artists To help fellow beginners:

  1. Select a source image for sketching. Looking for pictures is recommended on the Internet, as a large number of options presented there will help each person to find a picture that suits his inner state, as well as existing skills.
  2. Print the picture on a black and white printer.
  3. Put the source under the work surface. The sheet of paper on which the beginner plans to draw should have medium density so that it is possible to see the outlines of the original image.
  4. Using a black gel pen, lightly pressing down on the penstick, trace the outlines of the source on the work surface.
  5. Doodle the details of the composition, trace the outline and apply shading, shadows and pen shadows in the right places with a ballpoint pen.


Any paper is fine. You can have a notebook like Moleskine with thick sheets, so you can draw on both sides. I have several kinds of notebooks. I have a watercolor notebook on a spring, a moleskine, regular printer's sheets, fastened with a metal spring and a homemade sketchbook, which I sewed by my own hand. What's handy about a sketchbook is that it's always on hand. Just don't get notebooks with textured paper. Texture is more for watercolors. And for a full-fledged drawing a usual sheet of A4 or A3 will do, as well as any smooth thick paper.

In 2021 I drew with a fountain pen on textured paper. I was very happy with the result, but it's better on smooth paper.

Merkulov Sergei, pen drawing, sketch

Easy drawings with a pen

Beginner pen drawings should have a minimum number of elements so that the artist can concentrate on refining a specific detail, avoiding scattered attention.

Example of a pen drawingThe sequence of steps for its creation

Drawing with a pen for beginners easy, beautiful, funny

  1. In the center of the work surface, draw a vertical straight line with a pencil, the length of which should correspond to the scale of the planned image.
  2. If there is no possibility to use a pencil, the vertical straight line can be drawn on a separate sheet to be placed under the work surface.
  3. Taking the drawn vertical for the central axis, on both sides of it depict deformed semicircles so that the manipulation results in a flat heart.
  4. Delete the vertical straight line.
  5. In the upper left part of the figure draw a curved line that repeats the contour of the heart.
  6. Repeat step. 4, depicting a short line under the main line created in the previous step of the work.
  7. Connect the curves.
  8. Visually dividing the heart into 2 parts by a horizontal line, draw 2 parallel lines. The distance between them should not exceed 15 cm (depending on the scale of the final image).
  9. From the side borders of the heart derive 2 horizontals on each side, as if lengthening the straight lines depicted earlier inside the figure.
  10. The area between the horizontal lines to fill any phrase or word of choice, such as "I love you".

Pen drawings for beginners easy, beautiful, funny

  1. In the center of the working surface, draw an even circle. If by eye to create a perfect outline is not possible, it is acceptable to use a secondary object, such as a glass, circling the throat or bottom of which, you can get a smooth circle.
  2. At the top of the figure depict a small semicircle with a downward bend.
  3. From the center of the semicircle derive a diagonal with a vertical direction equal to the horizontal curve.
  4. Draw a vertical line exactly repeating the line obtained in step 3.
  5. Connect the vertical line with horizontal straight lines (tail).
  6. Connect 2 semicircles with opposite curves from the same point on the side of the apple's tail. Connect the curves (leaf).
  7. The space between the 2 semicircles divided diagonal into 2 parts.

Background and pattern fixer

Perfect and unique manicure can be made at home with ordinary gel pens. This process has several steps. To make the drawings on your nails look neat, you need to do a classic trimmed manicure or push back the cuticle, first softening it. Next, you need to paint the nail plate with nail polish. It is better if the nail polish will be one or two colors. A manicure in the style of ombré will look great, too: one color fades into another. French manicure as a base for a gel colored pen drawing is also great.

Beginner artists may not have enough experience to do these types of manicures, so you can just paint your nails with one color. It should be a shade that contrasts and harmonizes with the gel pen. For example, silver patterns look winningly on a black or dark purple background, and red - on a yellow or white background. The base can also be transparent. Transparent varnish can also play the role of a fixer. Before drawing on the nails, you need to wait for the base varnish to dry.

Beautiful drawings in different colors

In the presence of multi-colored pens, it will be possible to create bright drawings that can later be used to decorate diaries or design living spaces.

Example of drawing with a penSequence of steps for its creation

Pen drawings for beginners easy, beautiful, funny

  1. Without taking the pen off the sheet of paper, draw an oval, the borders of which should form a wavy line.
  2. Visually divide the figure with a horizontal line into 2 parts.
  3. Above the horizontal line draw 2 small semicircles curved upwards (eyes).
  4. Along the length of the semicircles draw short vertical lines (eyelashes).
  5. Between the eyes at the top edge of the cloud draw an elongated triangle (horn).
  6. The inner part of the triangle is divided into 4 parts by diagonals. Fill each area with a different color by shading with a colored gel pen.
  7. Draw 1 heart on each side (cheeks) of the side edges inside the figure. Shade them with a red or pink pen.
  8. Under the horn between the cheeks draw a semicircle with a downward curve (mouth).

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  1. In the center of the work surface draw a semicircle with the curve upwards.
  2. Under the first line, draw 3 more curves, repeating the contour of the source.
  3. Each of the sectors of the rainbow should be shaded with different colored gel pens, trying to minimize the sharpness of the transition of colors.
  4. At the left base of the rainbow, draw an oval without a bottom edge. The upper border of the figure should consist of 2 small triangles.
  5. In the center of the oval depict 2 small circles (eyes).
  6. From the side edges of the figure derive multi-directional lines (mustache).
  7. Between the eyes with 2 semicircles draw the mouth of the animal.
  8. Step back 5-10 cm (depending on the scale of the image) up from the right base of the rainbow, depict the elongated oval (tail).

Funny drawings

Pen drawings for beginners usually reflect the emotional state of artists.

For those who are in good spirits, such sources will do:

Example of a pen drawingThe sequence of steps for its creation

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  1. From the bottom base of the work surface, draw a semicircle strongly curved upward.
  2. From the left side edge derive a diagonal pointing upwards.
  3. Departing from the first line 3-5 cm down (depending on the scale of the image), draw a line parallel to the upper, but longer in its size.
  4. Connect the straight lines by a horizontal line (arm raised up).
  5. From the inner area of the main figure, closer to the right edge, derive an oval, placing it diagonally upwards (2 hand).
  6. Inside the main figure, at a distance of no more than 7 cm from the upper boundary, draw 2 small black ovals (eyes).
  7. Between the eyes, step 2-3 cm down, draw a large circle (open mouth).
  8. The inner area of the circle shaded with a black pen.
  9. On top, if you wish, you may add any phrase or word corresponding to the artist's emotional state.

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  1. In the center of the work surface, draw an even circle.
  2. Visually dividing the circle into two parts with a horizontal line, draw two small circles (eyes) close to each other in the upper area.
  3. Inside the secondary figures draw one more circle (pupils). Paint the pupils with a colored pen.
  4. Under the eyes in the middle draw a small rhombus.
  5. Divide the rhombus into 2 equal parts horizontal line.
  6. On the side edges of the main figure in its inner part depict a half-circle on each side (wings).
  7. From the bottom face of the main circle derive 2 short verticals with 3 differently directed diagonals on each, coming from one point (paws).
  8. From the upper edge derive 2 straight lines, directed in opposite directions (hair).
  9. Complete the image characteristic features of the cartoon bird. If desired, color the picture.


One of the most challenging tasks for beginning artists is to create a drawing of a person with a pen.

Example of a drawing with a penThe sequence of operations for its creation

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  1. Draw a horizontal line in the area closest to the left border of the work surface.
  2. From the end point of the original line, on the right, draw a vertical line downwards, slightly curved downwards.
  3. At a distance of 5-10 cm, depending on the scale of the final image, draw mirror lines with a straight line from step 1 - 2.
  4. Complete the human limbs, adding parallels to the original lines.
  5. Outline the boundaries of the human body.
  6. Using an oval to depict the head between the arms.
  7. If desired, refine drawing by adding details to the image base (e.g., outline a facial expression, finish drawing skis, poles, clothes, etc.).

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. At the bottom of the inner surface of the main figure, finish drawing 2 small black dots (eyes).
  3. From the bottom edge of the circle take a rectangle.
  4. Inside the rectangle on the left side draw a heart of the future person.
  5. From the side edges of the rectangle derive 2 straight lines, directed diagonally downwards (dropped arms).
  6. From the bottom edge of the rectangle derive 2 parallels, directed diagonally to the lower left corner of the work surface.
  7. If necessary, supplement the image with details (hill, cloud, rain, sun, trees).


It is recommended to draw the upper extremities with the pen according to the generally accepted algorithm:

  • Mark out the general outline of the hand, using landmark points located in the areas of the supposed wrist (2 points) and fingers (5 points).
  • Draw the contour of the fingers using vertical lines of different lengths.
  • Round the contours of the fingers, giving them a realistic shape.

Drawing with a pen for beginners easy, beautiful, funny

  • To correct the contour of the hand. Make it clearer by redrawing the outline.
  • Mapping out the fingertips.
  • Finish with hatching.


1. There is a different type of shading. You can make a drawing in black and white (without gray tones).


2. You can hatch with intersecting lines. Lines are superimposed one on top of the other, changing direction. This tinting option will give you many shades of gray.


An eye can be drawn with a pen like this:

  • Outline the approximate shape of the future eye using 3 upward curved semi-circles, spaced at different distances from each other, and 2 downward curved semi-circles, drawn as close together as possible.
  • Adjust the borders of the figure,
  • In the inner area of the resulting figure draw a circle.
  • Inside the main figure, draw a smaller circle (pupil).

Easy, beautiful, fun pen drawings for beginners

  • At the pupil draw highlights: 1 small, located just above the central area of the pupil, and 1 larger, located on the left side of the viewer.
  • Use shading to recreate the shadows.
  • Darken the pupil.
  • Dot the eyelashes with smoothly curved lines coming out of the upper and lower eyelids.

Being a handy tool for every artist, a pen, whether a beginner or an experienced one, allows you to spontaneously create drawings, succumbing to the creative impulse in any place.

Not only can such pictures become a decoration for notebooks, diaries or notepads but they allow a person to discharge his accumulated emotions, relax and stabilize his psycho-emotional state.

Some subtleties

The stems of gel pens are usually thick, which allows the artist to draw with an uncommon dotting method called dotwork. Since colored tools always draw not too well, the graphics with a black gel pen will be much richer and of higher quality

It is important to remember that gel paste tends to dry out quickly, so the rod must be used within a few weeks, otherwise it will stop drawing. Graphics drawn with a black gel pen will lose a little shine and hue after 2-3 days from the day of drawing

It is necessary to draw lines on paper very carefully, as it will be impossible to wipe them off. It is also important not to forget that you can not touch the finished drawing, because the gel can smudge on the surface of the paper.


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