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The zodiac sign Sagittarius is represented as a centaur shooting an arrow. This image is most often used as a sketch for tattoos. Often Sagittarians use an image of a glyph (arrow) on their body, which looks minimalistic and not as voluminous as a centaur.

The Sagittarius tattoo is most often portrayed by people belonging to this sign of the zodiac. What can not be said for example about the zodiac sign of Scorpio or Leo. Even people who are not born under these signs of the zodiac can imprint them on their bodies.

Features of the Sagittarius image

Currently, the following principles of the correct composition of the Sagittarius tattoo have been formed, which should be taken into account by both guys and girls:

  • Esotericists believe that the arrow should look right-up, as only this position will bring good luck and help avoid extremes;
  • the strongest influence on a person will be a tattoo made in the lower half of the body, on the legs;
  • as for the inscriptions, they are left entirely to the discretion of the client;
  • the neighboring of fire or Jupiter is an added enhancement;
  • But placing a tattoo above the waist can seemingly increase negativity in a person's life and lead to disappointment;
  • astrological meaning of the picture will become deeper, if we consider recommendations of stargazers concerning color solutions, and also add stars and objects of space to the main picture.

Sagittarius tattoo for men and women

The meaning of the centaur tattoo is the same for both men and women. For men, the tattoo is often performed in the style of realism, with the tracing of the smallest details. From this tattoo turns out to be three-dimensional and large. On girls successfully looks constellation or symbol of Sagittarius. Typically, such a tattoo is placed on the foot, hand, or collarbone.

Men often choose sketches where the centaur is depicted as a mythical creature, a strong and aggressive. Often the sketches are complemented by fire, a graphic depiction of Jupiter, runic symbols.

Tattoo with the symbol of Sagittarius means the desire for freedom and independence, the disclosure of creative potential. Girls often complement the symbol or constellation with cosmic elements, colors, lines.

Tattoo with Sagittarius has a dual meaning. On the one hand, Sagittarius is characterized by the desire for perfection, on the other - the readiness for constant confrontation and struggle. A tattoo with a centaur, symbol or constellation in any case will serve as a talisman and amulet for its owner. As tattoo-masters believe, it is not the sketch that matters, but the value a person gives to the image on his body.

And on the body.

Sagittarius in the form of small drawings (photo) of the classic format looks ideal on the feet and wrists, on the neck. Shoulders, chest and back are better given to more serious and large-scale sketches of him, otherwise the image will be "lost", its effect both in aesthetic terms and in terms of impact on the destiny will be much less than expected.

Astrologers recommend applying Sagittarius images to the lower half of the body, where they achieve the greatest impact. Alternatively, you can have just a symbolic substitution in the form of a pair of large wings on the back. You can also combine Sagittarius padding with burning arrow padding. These recommendations will help both girls and guys to choose a handsome Sagittarius without running into problems.

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Sagittarius sign of the horoscope

People belonging to the Fire element are prone to take ill-considered actions, they may take important steps before they have even gathered and analyzed the necessary information.

As representatives of the element of Fire, Sagittarians are distinguished by intelligence, lively mind, impetuosity, hotness, impetuosity, impatience for small things. They understand everything from a word and do not like long explanations.

On the other hand, Fire people are prone to make ill-conceived actions and make important decisions in a hurry without having gathered necessary information. Therefore, the impulsiveness of Sagittarians often can lead to undesirable consequences, with no trace of any discontent or remorse Sagittarians do not feel.

But because of their hot blood and explosive temperament Fire people are very sexy and passionate, warmth of soul, the liveliness of nature attracted to them by the people around.

Harmonious relations for Sagittarians are possible with the representatives of fire and air signs, often with people belonging to the element of earth. But Sagittarius and Water elements are not compatible.

People who are born under Sagittarius have fully embraced the changeable and fickle nature of Fire. They can be quick to start and quick to cool down. Their temperament needs to be constantly fuelled by adventure. That being said, Sagittarians tend to be successful, otherwise failures haunt them constantly.

Sagittarians like to fantasize, while constantly assuring the reality of their fabrications. As representatives of the Fire element, Sagittarians pathologically need freedom. They are not accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. The same inconstancy characterizes the personal life of Sagittarians: loyalty is alien to them, Sagittarians are constantly looking for changes and new adventures.

Peculiarities of the Fire element

People of the element Fire have such distinctive features as clairvoyance, lively mind, irascibility, fervor, a predisposition, to flare up quickly and vividly, like a forest fire. They can not tolerate long explanations, because all captures on the fly, impulsive, impatient in detail.

As representatives of the element of Fire, Sagittarians often make thoughtless steps, taking certain steps before the required information becomes, selected and analyzed. Their swiftness often leads to unnecessary results, but they do not express discontent, they are not in the habit of repenting for what they have done, even if they lose, they will not admit it.

Possessing a hot head, a hot blood that moves swiftly thanks to such a hot heart, an explosive character, people of the element Fire are considered very sexy and irrepressible. Despite their flaws, their soul is as warm as their hot heart, which attracts people to them.

More often than not, the element Sagittarius - Fire - patronizes them and they become successful. But it should be noted that if they suffer a setback, the series of failures may not stop.

What is he like in marriage?

Getting a lawful wife is a very responsible step for Sagittarius. It is much easier for him to maintain a relationship with a mistress, to whom he has no special obligations, than with a real spouse. It is no coincidence that the conversations that the woman initiates about the prospects of family becomes a signal for this guy: it's time to go away. And only in some cases the lady manages to behave so that her initiative is not rejected, and Sagittarius does not dissolve into obscurity.

In order not to break up a marriage, a woman will somehow have to accept Sagittarius with all his shortcomings, not infringing on his freedom, taking part in the man's affairs and sharing his hobbies.

The wife must meet her husband's high standards so that he can introduce her to the society to which he belongs. She will be required to be elegant and nice to talk to, and on occasion shine with her talents. Then Sagittarius will get a legitimate reason to be proud of his lady.

The wife, in turn, will have to learn to hide her own jealousy. Her Sagittarius is always surrounded by beauties, but this does not mean that he will necessarily have far-reaching plans for the next skirt. If his wife accuses her husband of this, he will be offended, and he will demand from his other half the same honesty that he himself possesses with regard to "strange members of the opposite sex".

Finding a woman who meets the requirements of Sagittarius on all counts is a difficult task for him. But if he meets such a unique person on the way, she can count on a sincere feeling on the part of her man. She will not have to fear for the prospects of her marriage.

She should be prepared for the fact that Sagittarius will want to dominate the family. The word of this man should be the last word in solving those or other issues, because he believes he is always right. Expect that such a guy will immerse himself in household chores with his head, too, is not necessary. This is not the main thing for him.

Passion for freedom leads to the fact that such a head of the family spends a lot of time outside of it. The home routine will sooner or later begin to irritate him if the spouse or children begin to demand special attention to themselves.

As for the intimate side of the relationship with his wife, here she can be satisfied. Sagittarius is very good in bed. At the same time he is able to understand in time what she wants and approaches this activity with fantasy. Ready to welcome his partner's initiative in sex. Role-playing pleases this man.

The role of a daddy Sagittarians get used to not immediately. But children love them with all their soul. Such a positive and kind man not to love. Despite the tendency to leave the house for a long time, such a father knows how to be an egghead in various endeavors with children, and can captivate them with their own interests.

Such a father becomes a true friend to his offspring. At the same time, he can be strict with them, so they can learn to achieve the goals that they have outlined for themselves.

Character and qualities

The mission of Sagittarius is to bring an idea to life that will make the world and humanity a better, fairer, happier place. The role of Sagittarius is that of a Teacher with authority - after all, his planet is Jupiter.

To fulfill their mission, Sagittarius has many positive qualities:

  • Subordination of life to some philosophy, religion, the search for truth.The fact that the representatives of this sign are at least interesting, extraordinary people,
  • optimism and cheerfulnessThe sign of the famous Russian writer and author of the book, which he generously shares with others, inspiring them to follow his ideas for a brighter future;
  • charm and likeabilityhis influence - the man is perceived as free and independent, and many consider his character easygoing, direct, sincere......and that he himself is a man... broadminded;
  • overall luck and good fortunewhich makes his enthusiasm and energy almost endless.

But Sagittarius also has downside:

  • can behave Fanaticalin denial of all dissent;
  • he a lover of generalizations He likes to generalize and is inattentive to things that do not matter to him, which can look like rudeness, indifference or superficiality;
  • ignorant of the difficulties and sorrows of others, he is a weak psychologistBecause he himself is accustomed to receiving psychological support from above;
  • likes adventurism and risk-takingwhich is fun for him, but often goes wrong for his partners;
  • Not inclined to detailed analysis and logic, distracted At the everyday level.

Taking into consideration these advantages and disadvantages, talismans are chosen, first of all, symbolism.

What qualities do the Fire element bestow on Sagittarius?

For the Fire element people, the best place is a spacious, cool room equipped with an open fireplace where the living Fire is burning. A ventilated room or work outdoors will be the best place to work. Fire people should never work in a narrow, confined space, because the lack of air will suppress Fire.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius, the properties of Fire elements are very changeable: the Fire inside them then suddenly flashes brightly, then just as quickly fades away. His temperament needs constant adventures. At the same time Sagittarius is constantly accompanied by various troubles.

The element of Sagittarius is Fire and its representatives are tireless dreamers, who are stubbornly proving the truthfulness of their fictions. As a representative of the Fire element, Sagittarius pathologically needs freedom. It is impossible to bind Sagittarius to one particular mass.

In the same way Sagittarius is unstable as a partner. Loyalty is alien to him. In sex Sagittarius seeks constant change, seeking and here a variety of adventures.


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