Tattoo of the zodiac sign of a fish: meaning, 30 photos and sketches

3D tattoo zodiac sign fish

3D tattoo of the fish zodiac sign

Tattoo sign of a fish is quite popular not only among people born under this constellation. The point is that the zodiac symbol is quite interesting and even somewhat magical. It conveys harmony, fertility, intelligence, intuition and many other important qualities.

The zodiac sign of the fish in astrology and tattooing

The Zodiac Circle includes twelve signs, and Pisces is the last of them. The period of the constellation is from February 20 to March 20. Pisces are creative individuals who constantly see things around them as more than just an outer shell. They look into the very essence and are often misunderstood by others. That's why tattoos can often be found among people born at this time.

Tattoo the fish zodiac sign

Tattoo - sign of the zodiac Pisces

Pisces' element is water and its patron planet is Neptune. They both make people born under this constellation fickle dreamers. Pisces is often caught between the past and the future, in a state of inner turmoil. At the same time, they have high ideals and high expectations of life. Tattoo with the Pisces zodiac will help its owner to focus on important things and not to squander on trifles.

Tattoo on his back - the sign of the zodiac fish (photo)

Tattoo on the back - the zodiac sign of fish (photo)

Tattoo photo of the fish sign zodiac on a man's arm

Tattoo photo of the zodiac sign of a fish on a man's arm

According to astrologers, it is always difficult for Pisces to get rid of bad habits, and it is not only about alcohol or smoking, but also about lying or laziness. Tattoo of the fish zodiac sign will remind of what is really important in life and will help to restrain at the right moment. It will guide on the right path and become a talisman against bad people or thoughts.

Sketch of the tattoo "fish".

The modern school of artistic tattooing is characterized by different ways of drawing fish - some of them are quite symbolic, others depict sea creatures in detail.

  • Tattoo zodiac "fish" is denoted extremely simply - two wavy lines crossed by a straight line.
  • The clarity of the picture and the presence of interesting details distinguishes the tattoo of the goldfish, contributing to the prosperity of the owner and the fulfillment of his desires (just think of Pushkin's fairy tale).
  • The carp has a special mystical meaning, emphasizing the strength, diligence, overcoming difficulties and persistence in achieving the intended goal. In eastern countries - Japan and China, the common image of the koi carp symbolizes fearlessness, wisdom and power.
  • Traditionally, the koi carp is created in the Oriental style in gray-black or yellow colors, bright - orange or red tones, as well as blue and blue shades are allowed. To enhance the properties of the talisman inherent in such a tattoo, its scale is drawn on the forearm, arm or back.

Men choosing the tattoo of the fish, prefer to convey the power, aggression, unwillingness to go along with the earthly passions. Their choice - sharks, pikes, catfish.

The sketch of the tattoo "fish" varies greatly, depending on personal preferences and the meaning invested in the image. To place a small zodiacal symbol is perfect for the wrist or neck, and connoisseurs of spectacular body images will prefer to make a large tattoo on the back, shoulder or leg.

The meaning of the zodiac sign of the fish tattoo

The symbol of the fish in the tattoo and astrology looks like two half-moons, turned the outer part to each other and connected in the middle of a perpendicular line. This symbol represents two fish swimming in different directions and the fact that they are inherently connected to each other. It is believed that this symbol means Yin and Yang, harmony and balance between everything that exists in the world. The same meaning can be invested in the sign of the fish in the tattoo.

Tattoo on the neck - the sign of the zodiac fish

Tattoo on the neck - the zodiac sign of the fish

In addition, the zodiac symbol also means the desire for freedom in creativity, personal life and work, because this requires the element of water. Drawing on the body may also emphasize the desire to go at ease, to become more independent. However, the fish associated and deep dive, that is, the desire to see the very essence of things, to get to the bottom of the truth and find new opportunities.

Fish zodiac sign - tattoo on the side

The zodiac sign of the fish - a tattoo on the side

Fish zodiac sign

The zodiac sign of the fish

The meaning of the fish sign tattoo can also be quite different. This zodiac is the last one, so astrologers associate it with the end of the life cycle, death and transition to another world. Therefore, when getting a tattoo, you should be careful and not abuse the dark colors.

A place for a tattoo with the zodiac sign of the fish

Interestingly, astrologers suggest a rather atypical tattoo location. They believe that a tattoo made on the heel can become an excellent amulet for a person. However, any master is ready to argue with this statement. Not only that the picture, printed on the heel, will not be visible to the owner or others, as he and quickly enough will lose its shape, and over time and completely erased. This is due to the increased load on this area.

If you still want to please the stars, it is better to choose a place for a sketch in the area of an Achilles tendon (careful - it hurts to put it on!) or on the side of ankle. For a talisman, placement on the wrist will also be suitable. If, however, you are putting a different meaning into your tattoo, it is better to score it on the neck, shoulder blade or stomach - away from prying eyes.

Color tattoo of the fish zodiac sign

Color Tattoo - The Zodiac Sign of the Fish

Tattoo - female fish zodiac sign

Tattoo - the zodiac sign of the fish in a woman

Note that the tattoo in the form of the zodiac sign of the fish, printed on the shin, will be an "amplifier" for all emotions and feelings. If you are prone to melancholy or hypochondria, it is better not to beat the picture on this place.

Where is the best place to score a tattoo with Pisces

It is noteworthy that in astrology, the appropriate place to perform a tattoo is considered the heel. In this case, the tattoo will turn into an effective amulet for the person. But, of course, there is no special sense to do a tattoo in such a strange zone: first, such a tattoo will not see either the owner himself or his surroundings, and because of constant contact with shoes, the picture risks to lose its shape and erase quickly enough.

If you want to achieve star cover, choose the area around the Achilles tendon (although note that getting a tattoo in this area will be quite painful). The lateral area of the ankle is also suitable.

Another suitable area to score the talisman is the wrist. In general, if you do not see any special magical meaning in this process, you can perform tattoos and on the neck, on the shoulder blades and in the area of the stomach - so that they are not seen by all the curious.

An interesting point. If a tattoo of Pisces is tattooed on the lower leg, then you will be able to noticeably enhance all your emotions and feelings. But it is worth to refuse this area to melancholic and hypersensitive personalities.

Color solution

Drawings of the tattoo sign of the fish should be bright, noticeable and impressive - this requires the creative nature of the future owner of the tattoo. Astrologers recommend choosing purple, purple and lilac shades. They emphasize the lightness of the Pisces soul, their constant enthusiasm for new ideas. In addition, these colors are perfectly combined with the water character of the sign. Not bad suit and blue, green or blue.

Color tattoo - fish zodiac sign

Color tattoo - the sign of the zodiac fish

Color tattoo photo - fish zodiac sign

Color tattoo photo - the sign of the zodiac fish

In general, it is better for Pisces to design their tattoos in bright hues - this will allow to get rid of melancholy and take control of themselves. Black, gray and other gloomy colors is better not to use.

Tips for tattoos

Sketches for the fish tattoo can be chosen in the form of the zodiac or a living creature. For paired pictures with live fish, the picture is taken from a photo or has a schematic performance.

Under such drawings there is a deep meaning. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose ready-made sketches and nets. It is worth ordering a sketch to the master, having stipulated with him the details of the image.

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What style to choose for a tattoo

Because Pisces are creative and generally quite unconventional, they often choose new styles for their tattoo. Often there are unsuccessful attempts to combine several techniques. It is best to stick to any one version or slightly decorate the basic idea of the elements of another style.

Pisces and Libra - tattoo on hands

Pisces and Libra - tattoo on the hand

For a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Pisces, the watercolor technique is as relevant as ever. It consists in drawing a sketch with paints or gouache. The result comes out a few sloppy and fancy. The style of watercolor is characterized by the use of a large number of bright colors and "runs of paint.

No less interesting is the oriental style. It comes from Eastern countries and is distinguished by bright colors and dense shading. However, the symbol of the zodiac in this style is not printed, but you can portray on the body of carp or other fish, and even to complement such a sketch of other Eastern details.

Color tattoo - the zodiac sign of fish on the leg

Color tattoo - the zodiac sign of the fish on the leg

Pisces is better not to dwell on such aggressive styles as chicano, new or old-school, thrash-polka and others. They do not combine with the mental organization of this zodiac sign and even contradict it, which can lead to confusion in life and even more impermanence. In graphic styles (linework, dotwork, graphics, minimalism, handpoke and others), too, it is recommended that only the symbol of the sign or a tattoo with the constellation of the sign of Pisces be inscribed. In addition, such a sketch will still have to "dilute" with bright colors or additional elements.

The place of tattooing

The meaning of the constellation Pisces tattoo directly depends on its location. If you do the tattoo on the wrist, shin or heel, it will serve as a talisman. Also, the drawing will always bring good luck. As they say, it will attract to you like a magnet. In addition, the tattoo, located on the wrist, will contribute to the discovery of talent or creativity.

If you score a tattoo on the shin and heel, it will help the right decision-making and organize thoughts in the head. It is also believed that such a graphic talisman will improve financial matters.

Fish constellation tattoo sketch

Additional elements of the drawing

Astrologers recommend several ways to enhance the positive effect of the tattoo on a person's fate. First of all, add to the sketch a picture of your patron Neptune or other important attributes - pearls, amethyst, splashes of water, wavy lines, narcissus, poppies or jasmine. Seashells, shells, small stones will also look good.

Sketch tattoo sign of the zodiac fish

Sketch of a tattoo - the zodiac sign of the fish

If you want to emphasize your creative nature or penchant for reverie, it is better to supplement the tattoo images of esoteric paraphernalia or space objects. In combination with stars, meteorites, planets and satellites, tattoo with the constellation of fish looks especially good.

Sketch tattoo - sign of the zodiac fish

Sketch of a tattoo - zodiac sign fish

Somewhat different and the use of additional elements in the sketch among girls and guys. For women, the masters recommend decorating the crescent moon with water lilies or water lilies. The combination with raindrops or a waterfall also looks interesting. Guys, you can replace the perpendicular line in the middle with a snake, and the crescents with metal rings with the addition of ornaments.

Remember that a tattoo with your zodiac sign can essentially be tattooed only once and forever. If you were born under the constellation Pisces and really feel an inner struggle and uncertainty, it is better to postpone a session with the master until a better time, when you are really sure about the sketch.

Who is suitable for whom

Naturally, a tattoo with the constellation Pisces is best done by those born under this sign of the Zodiac. Drawing can choose both women and men - in any case, it looks attractive and harmonious. Girls can add floral compositions, but it should be taken into account that the most preferred flower is the narcissus.

Not only those born under this sign can do a tattoo with the constellation Pisces - the sketch is quite common, you can read about it in this material. Often it is complemented by various water themes. Suitable colors are blue, purple, purple and green. Often, along with the fish, they draw shells or waves, as this is the closest association.

Tattoo constellation of fish


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