All meanings of the heart tattoo - how to choose a tattoo with a heart and do not make a mistake?

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Despite the unique simplicity of the outline of the heart symbol, this sign has always been and remains popular. It has a huge semantic load and is a well-known emblem of the world, which brings positive things.

The heart tattoo is most common among women, but men also prefer it.

Let's consider where this symbol came from, what meanings it has, as well as determine the peculiarities of the execution of this tattoo.

The emergence of the heart symbol - where to look for the origins of its meaning?

Where the heart symbol appeared, no scientist knows. It is not tied to a country, culture, or religion.

However, there are several hypotheses of the origin of this symbol:

  1. The basis of the heart is a square, inverted and "standing" on the corner. When a rhombus was created, a semicircle was placed on the upper two sides. This figure in ancient times meant the earth, fertility, abundance, femininity, family, home. In addition, the figure was a symbol of light, divine protection.
  2. The second interpretation is based on faithful, loving birds - swans. The sign is associated with two birds, sailing towards each other, and when they meet, touch and get the shape of a heart. The red hue of the heart is also justified - the swans are sailing against the background of a scarlet sunset. Thus the symbol of the heart began to represent love and fidelity.
  3. Another hypothesis is based on ancient times. In ancient Greece, the goddesses Demeter and Aphrodite, who symbolized womanhood, were revered. In addition, the Greeks appreciated the forms of their goddesses, they liked them, compared the heart with the beautiful part of the human body - the pelvic region. Of course, in those days, the sign was not pointed toward the bottom. But over time, the sign began to be depicted as we know it, and also began to be called exactly "heart".

In the cultures of the peoples of the ancient world. the heart was associated with positive concepts.

It meant:

  • Desires, feelings. In ancient Egypt.
  • The manifestation of sexuality and desire. in ancient Rome.
  • The place that allows a person to breathe, to live - in India.
  • Safety, protection, care for the family - in European countries.
  • Faith, divinity, spirituality - in Russia.
  • In addition, Christians believe that the symbol of the heart signifies Christ, who took death for the sins of others.

Over time, the meaning of the symbol changed and began to represent romance, love, falling in love, passion.

In its astrological aspects. this sign reflects the cosmic vibrations of evolution and degradation.

And in mysticism. The heart means the receptacle of the human spirit.

The meaning of the heart symbol in tattoos

Coming to the tattoo salons (St. Petersburg), you should decide what kind of tattoo you want to see on your body. In order not to make a mistake, it is worth paying attention to all the meanings of the characters that make up the tattoo.

The sign of the heart in the modern tattoos means:

  • Love.

  • Infatuation.
  • Affection.
  • Sensuality.
  • Sincerity.
  • Oneness.
  • The union of two souls.
  • Source of life, of the world, of the universe.
  • Warmth.
  • Kindness.
  • Charity, compassion.
  • Light, divinity.
  • Romance.
  • Vitality.
  • Courage.
  • Friendship.
  • Memory.
  • Protection as an amulet or talisman.
  • Suffering, pain.

Note that the symbol of the heart has only positive energy. That is why such tattoos (St. Petersburg) are very much in demand. Scientists say that even the simple contemplation of this sign can quite Improve your mood and evoke positive emotions.

But this applies only to the traditional shape of the heart. If you add other elements to the sketch, then The meaning of the tattoo will change..

When choosing a tattoo, you should consider the meanings we wrote about above. In some cases, the heart represents pain, suffering. Of course, in such a sense, tattoos are rarely done.

Try to put into the drawing its meaning, which will know only you. You may even try to draw your own sketch.

If you can not, you will definitely help in this master tattoo studio "Maruha"..

Such unique tattoos bring happiness, joy and can even change the world for the better. Therefore, the choice should be taken seriously.

Who is suitable for a heart tattoo?

Since ancient times, the heart as a symbol attracted young girls. For the most part, this symbol belongs to the section of female tattoos.

But the symbol of the heart in the tattoo is used not only girls, but also guys. Everyone wants to express their feelings, to tell the world about their affection or suffering because of love. Such tattoos are very popular among young people, because the heart is a symbol of love.

A heart tattoo may suit you if you:

  • Are in love, in love with someone and want to tell everyone about it.
  • You want to impress a loved one by inscribing their name in your heart. This way you will keep him or her in your heart for years to come.
  • You are not afraid to show your feelings.
  • You are a sincere person.
  • Faithful and loyal.
  • Have firsthand knowledge of what mercy and compassion are.
  • You dream of warmth, love.
  • You want to find your soul mate.
  • Want to emphasize passion, sexuality.
  • A kind person.
  • You believe that the heart will be your talisman, directing you on a bright path.
  • You want to gain vitality,
  • You're a romantic.
  • You have courage, willpower.
  • Worried about unrequited love.
  • Suffering from the betrayal of a loved one.

Tattoo wizards recommend to pick up tattoos, not only in its significance, but also intuitively, by your character. Only you know yourself like no one else. Listen to your inner voice and determine if you are a suitable tattoo in the form of a heart.

If you decide to create such a unique, surprising, simple and at the same time mysterious body art, you can safely come to the tattoo parlors in St. Petersburg.

Masters tattoo studio "Maruha" Will gladly accept you and give you advice on this tattoo. They will help you not only with the choice of tattoo, but also tell you how to properly and beautifully design a picture. Most of the clients are satisfied. According to them, experience and imagination help professionals in the field of tattoo creation to convey through tattoos feelings, emotions that a person wants to express.

Tattoos on fingers for girls

Girls decorate their fingers with tattoos more often than men. Ladies tend to emphasize the elegance of the fingers, the beauty, the jewelry. Besides, girls gesticulate more often.

This gives a chance to demonstrate the tattoos to others. Hip-hop singer Iggy Azalea, for example, wears it on three fingers of each hand. The singer chose to wear the inscription live love A$VP.

It's the name of A$VP's mixtape Rocky. The rapper was Iggy's boyfriend. The relationship didn't work out. This prompted Azalea to redraw the singer's name. Later on, the hip-hop artist even removed a tattoo on her finger.


It's convenient to put your finger to and ask for silence without making a sound. More difficult to decipher the tattoo on Sky Ferreira's finger. On the index finger of the American singer there is a pattern in the form of a droplet.

Journalists wondered whether it was a sign of the freshness of the morning rain, or a symbol of tears. In the end, it turned out that the drawing was painted by convicted shooters.

Skye had little to do with carrying a gun. Lil Wayne was convicted of unlawful possession of a handgun. Rapp and Ferreira are a couple. The tattoo is done as a sign of solidarity with his lover, his support.

Tattoo on the finger for girls

, first and foremost a piece of jewelry. Hence the imitations of chains and rings. Cara Delevingne, for example, wears an image of a lion's head.

The regal snout looks at others from the index finger of the top model. The figure fits on the first phalanx. Hence the association with the ring. For Cara herself, the lion is also a symbol of her zodiac sign. The girl was born in August.

Beyoncé also marked her birthdate on her finger, but already in the form of a date. The singer is a Virgo by zodiac sign, and was born on September 4. The number 4 is inscribed on Beyoncé's finger.

The ring finger was chosen for the tattoo. The same tattoo is worn by Jay Z. The rapper was also born on the 4th, but in December. What unites the tattoos of the singers is the relationship between them. Jay Z and Beyonce got married, choosing the same 4th date for the ceremony. The wedding took place in April.

Fucher and Ciara also got a pair of tattoos on their fingers. The rapper and the airenbee performer scored the first letters of each other's names on their unnamed fingers.

Ciara brought together, because the picture was made in honor of the engagement. It took place in 2013, but was canceled a year later. Fucher, on the other hand, continues to wear the letter C on his ring finger.

Maybe the rapper still has feelings for Ciara, or maybe the man just doesn't attach importance to the tattoo. However, the intricate tattoo patterns on men's hands suggests a deeper meaning.

While Fucher's tattoo is easy to decipher, the designs on the other guys' hands are a little more complicated. Let's prove the thesis by the example of the same stars.

Types of tattoos with a heart and peculiarities of their performance

Depending on how the heart will be depicted with, with what elements the tattoo sketch will be created, the meaning of the natal figure will change.

Let's list all the tattoos that use the symbol of the heart, and define their meanings:

  1. The most common is a heart tattoo with a name inside. The text can be inside the heart or in a special frame for inscriptions. Such tattoos were usually made by sailors. They inscribed the word "Mother" in the heart, as this woman was always waiting for them. Some created tattoos with the names of their loved ones, but not many girls waited for sailors, so they stopped doing them.
  2. Another popular type among heart tattoos is the "broken heart." It symbolizes forgotten love, and such tattoos are made as a reminder of past love, parting with a loved one, grief, suffering and pain. If you meet a person with such a tattoo, you should not ask who exactly offended him so much. So you will only show your tactlessness.
  3. Heart-shaped tattoos can be pierced with daggers, swords. Such tattoos will mean betrayal, restraint, courage and strength. If the heart is pierced from above, it means treason committed against the tattoo holder.
  4. A beautiful model is a tattoo in the form of a half heart. Usually the other half is applied to the body of your loved one or significant other. If you touch the parts of the body, the halves will add up to one heart-shaped tattoo. Also, such a tattoo can mean the loss of your other half. Perhaps the owner of the tattoo wants to find his beloved.
  5. The heart can be decorated with flowers. Together with the heart is often drawn a rose. Rose - is a symbol of love.
  6. A silhouette of your other half is tattooed inside the heart. The purpose of such a tattoo is to impress and please your beloved, as well as to accurately determine the choice of the other half.
  7. The heart can be pierced with an arrow. Such a tattoo means concentration, purpose, direction, flow of positive energy. And also the tattoo will mean falling in love, as arrows are the weapons of Cupid, with which he gives people the power of love.
  8. A heart that is key-locked, or has a key lock. This tattoo is usually done by lovers to bind themselves to a loved one. One depicts a heart, the other depicts a matching key.
  9. The symbol of the heart with wings. Such a sketch is associated with joy, optimism, lightness, falling in love.
  10. The dolphins, depicted in the form of a heart, will tell those around them that the heart is the symbol of love and optimism.The dolphins, depicted as hearts, will tell people around you that you love the sea and these creatures.
  11. Angel with a heart, or a sign with a halo. This tattoo idea says that you are a religious person, possessing purity of spirit, devotion and love.
  12. The symbol of the heart and the stars. The sketch will represent happiness, good luck and bring only good things in your life.
  13. The sign of the heart in the hands. Such a tattoo is understood as a manifestation of care, parental love.
  14. Heart in the form of a flag. The tattoo represents patriotism, love for the motherland.

  15. Art tattoo "music in the heart". Master Ilya Beryoza
    "Anatomic" heart. Depicting such a heart can not every person. As a rule, it is stuffed with people who have had or have heart disease.

  16. Heart with trefoil - An ancient tattoo. It is a sign of spiritual immortality.
  17. A symbol woven from a wreath of thorns, or a heart with a wreath. Meaning such a tattoo will be pain, suffering, which should be taken by each person to atone for his sins.
  18. A vignette with a heart Will be a reminder of first love. Some people add drops of blood to the sketch.
  19. Heart and Crown. Usually the first symbol means love and the second symbol means fidelity. The combination of these signs is excellent, they harmonize together.
  20. The symbol of a heart and any other sign, the image of an animal. The idea of such a tattoo is to show your preferences to others. For example, you can depict a heart in headphones. So you will show the world that you adore music. The heart and the infinity sign mean eternal love. Another idea is to draw a heart in the paws of a cat. With this sketch, you will tell the world that you love cats. And there can be a huge number of such tattoo options.

Tattoo masters studios "Maruha" Note some peculiarities of performing tattoos with a heart. You should know about them, they will help you understand the design and stylistic design of the tattoo sketch.

Colorfulness of execution

Usually the heart is tried not to depict in black color. As a rule, it is dominated by Scarlet, purple, red, pink shades.

Depending on the color performance, there are several other types of tattoos with a heart:

  • Golden heart. It means unity, peace, harmony, love for God.
  • The white heart. Symbolizes the connection with medicine, healing.
  • Black symbol. Always associated with loss, pain, suffering.
  • The scarlet heart Means passion, love, romance.

Pay attention to the color your heart will be depicted in!

Places to apply

Girls Prefer to put a tattoo in the shape of a heart on:

  • Chest.
  • Lower back.
  • Lower abdomen.
  • Scapulae.
  • Side.
  • Wrist.
  • Neck.

And guys get these heart tattoos on their:

  • Shoulders.
  • Chest.
  • Legs.

Finger tattoos for men

Johnny Depp is another celebrity who has gotten a tattoo on his finger. For men

and women, the actor's tattoo has become a mystery. The three rectangles on the index finger resemble the Roman numeral 3, the blocks of some structure, a row of walls or pillars.

There are hundreds more associations to be made. Depp denied all of them, saying that he himself does not know the meaning of the symbols. The actor explained only that the meaning is profound.

To prove this, Johnny had cited notebooks, notebooks, and scraps of paper with rectangles arranged in rows. It turned out that Depp had drawn them during school lessons and then during phone conversations.

Symbols surfaced from the subconscious, accompanied the celebrity all his life and only therefore worthy of imprinting on the actor's body. Would you understand it without explanation?

Johnny Depp's tattoo is made on the outer side of the first phalanx of his index finger. Such a tattoo can only be concealed with a ring.

It is also difficult to disguise the drawing on the side of the index finger, looking at the thumb. Men choose the open areas for it. This demonstrates their demonstrative and straightforward nature.

Women more often keep an intrigue by choosing tattoo between the fingers.

. Such pictures are easy to hide from prying eyes. It is enough to put the fingers together. Men, on the other hand, by bringing their fingers together, make the tattoos as obvious as possible.

Among guys are popular subjects divided into as many parts as possible. They are displayed on the outer sides of the different fingers. Bringing them together, you get a single picture, for example, a skull, or a river.

While the female set of classics for the fingers include inscriptions, stars, hearts and feathers, the male list is dominated by anchors, wires, geometric symbols and knives.

The latter are often drawn with an imitation of partial skin care. The reception is peculiar to the stylistics of biomechanics. Popular among guys, as well, directions thrash-polka, blackwork, tribal. Girls also request nails in the style of the old school, made in watercolor technique, or made with white pigment.


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