Stunning heart tattoo - a current trend in the modern tattoo industry

The heart tattoo is the most recognizable image worldwide. No matter what nationality you belong to, the heart looks the same. The heart tattoo is considered to be a symbol of love. Modern trends in the world of tattoos are constantly changing, but the image of the heart remains always in demand and relevant. Such crazy popularity is due not only to the versatility, but also to the feelings that are reflected in a beautiful tattoo. The beauty of performing a heart tattoo directly depends on the master's technique and additional elements, which are very often seen on the body. Read on to find out what modern heart tattoos look like in 2021.

The best heart tattoo designs

Modern tattoo masters offer a whole series of spectacular heart tattoo designs for girls. Several proposed on the photo sketches of heart tattoo testify that this tattoo looks dazzling. A stunning effect is produced by the openwork heart tattoo. No less remarkable looks tattoo on the tailbone in the form of the heart, executed in colored colors. Three-dimensional variants of the heart tattoo look great in the shoulder blade area, and on the neck you can nail a sketch of the heart tattoo in a minimalist style.

Sketch options for inspiration

With a sketch you need to decide even before you go to the master, so that the specialist can understand your preferences. Help in the choice can galleries with beautiful photos.

Variants of sketches.

Styling for men

Men's tattoos are more often in the form of an anatomical heart. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer black and red colors. The image can be complemented with wings, flames, etc.

For men
Brave heart for men.

Tattoo heart: the meaning of symbolic natal images

The generally accepted meaning of the image of the heart is known to everyone, but if you abstract from the usual perception, the meaning can change significantly. Adding certain details to the heart dramatically changes the meaning. On the perception of the tattoo plays the whole composition. The way a woman looks reflects her inner essence. This denotes only one thing, that it is easy to determine the character even by the tattoo. Many experts interpret the meaning of the heart image depending on the location. For a heart tattoo, more often choose the limbs or the heart area itself. But there are also certain creative individuals for whom the law in the category of "Freedom from Society" applies, and therefore the place for the tattoo is chosen the most original, such as the ear or the back of the head.

The heart: the history of the symbol, the general meaning in tattoos

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In many world religions, the heart is seen not just as an organ that pumps blood, but also as the receptacle of the eternal soul. In the past, barbarian warrior tribes ate the heart of a defeated enemy so that he could not return to earth and take revenge.

The symbol was most common during the Middle Ages, it represented:

  • The love and self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ;
  • chivalry and heroism;
  • the ability to feel heartache, to empathize with others.

Today the heart is traditionally associated with with compassion, responsiveness, the prevalence of feelings over the voice of reason. In tattoos, the interpretation largely depends on the color of the heart, its location, additional decorative elements.

The color of the heart tattoo and its interpretation

ColorWhat can tell about
RedThe most popular option, a symbol of passionate affection, love, sincere feelings.
BlueColdness, insensitivity, unwillingness to open your soul and thoughts to a loved one.
PinkFascination, tenderness, vulnerability of the bearer of the tattoo.
BlackIndicates sadness, tragic life events, mental trauma associated with the loss of feelings or a loved one.
WhiteCompassion, the ability to empathize with others, peacefulness. This tattoo is worn as a sign of friendship and reconciliation.
GoldSpiritual purity, commitment to religious morality and ethics, devotion to God.

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Meaning of a heart tattoo

The meaning of a heart tattoo. The heart is a symbol of eternal love. This tattoo was very popular among soldiers, during the Great Patriotic War. There are several variants of images of the heart. 1. A heart pierced by an arrow. 2. A heart pierced with a dagger. 3. A broken heart. 4. Flag in the shape of a heart. 5. Hands holding a heart. 6. A golden heart. 7. Black heart. 8. White heart. 9. Sacred heart.

Spectacular broken heart tattoo

A broken heart on the body in the current fashion does not look exactly broken. The modern elements in the image indicate broken love and loss. A broken heart symbolizes not only broken love, but also betrayal, disappointment, and unjustified hopes. It may be a heart with arrows, a torn heart, a bleeding heart, a heart sewn with rough threads. All of these details indicate the presence of depression. It is better to do the broken heart tattoo where only you will be able to see it. Life is fickle, and therefore you should not put a "cross" on yourself, let the tattoo of a broken heart will be your little secret and the memories of the past will, at least, upset only you. A hidden place for tattoos with a broken heart will save you from unnecessary uncomfortable questions from others, and even more so from barely familiar people.

Sad symbols of love

Hearts are used in tattoos not only to tell about your love, but also to convey the pain of loss for a loved one who has passed away. For such options, hearts will do:

1Cross pierced, with drops of blood. Often a banner is depicted on the cross, on which they leave the date of passing and the name of the loved one. Men more often choose a Celtic-style cross for such a drawing. Women in the Gothic style.

2With the wings of an angel. The wings can grow out of the heart, frame it on the contour, fly upwards. Usually, this option is preferred by men, as it takes up a lot of space on the body. The design is placed on the chest and back.

If the deceased person was the tattoo owner's spouse, wedding rings are depicted on the wings. About the remaining children together tell the stars in the sky, the tattoo.

Tattoo of the winged heart on the male chest

3With a portrait of the beloved, which is no longer alive. But the portrait inside the heart does not always indicate death, only if a date or a sad inscription is written next to it.

4A bleeding heart. The drops of blood symbolize pain, the unhealed wound of the soul from the loss of a loved one. Most often, such a picture is painted in bright red. If the symbol of love as well depicted by a crack - then the owner of the tattoo will never come to terms with the loss.

Such sad tattoos are more often imposed men, for them it is the best For them it is the best way to keep a memory of a loved one who passed away.

Novelty photo heart tattoos: realistic images

It is not uncommon to meet brave individuals who have depicted on the body the very real human heart, including blood vessels and other internal parts of a person. In the opinion of many people, such tattoos look very strange. Do not save the overall picture and additional elements in the form of geometric shapes or precious stones.

The symbolism of the tattoo

The heart is the main organ of the human body, without which life would be impossible. Each person has his own associations with this word, but the main meaning, which originated in ancient times, is love. Love for the family, love for life, for the motherland.

To express love to the whole world, many decide to tattoo in the shape of a heart. It is popular with both girls and men. The shape, color, design can be very different. From this will depend on the meaning of the tattoo.

Heart-shaped tattoo: stylish examples in color

Whatever the heart tattoo, it will always symbolize a person as brave friendly, compassionate. It is not uncommon to see a loving, unbridled passion displayed in an entire composition. Very effectively look colored hearts tattoo. The colorfulness of the body image even more conveys feelings and emotions of love.

Trending minimalism: the tattoo of the little heart

To date, minimalism is in trend not only in the fashion world. Rather unconventional look small hearts on the female body, although many girls consider a simple miniature heart in black too ordinary. But it is worth adding red to the black heart shape, and the situation changes. If the black heart is shaded like fingerprints, you can end up with a stunning tattoo that shows that the heart of the wearer belongs to only one person. After all, everyone knows: each person's fingerprints are unique and unrepeatable.

Significance for women

Among the fair sex there are a lot of romantic and tender personalities. For them, relationships with men, love are always in the first place.

That is why it is not uncommon for girls and older women to choose images of hearts as a tattoo.

These can be beautiful drawings in the form of scarlet hearts. Tattoos with heart designs for women mean:

  • love, passion
  • broken feelings
  • emotionality
  • loss, sadness.

A beautiful heart tattoo for women will mean love and passion. Although sometimes such a body image can symbolize the loss or grief of its owner. A girl with such a tattoo is for sure an emotional person.

If a broken heart is depicted on a woman's body, be sure - the owner of the tattoo has learned about the sorrow of undivided feelings.

Tattoo heart with wings: meaning and photo

Very often professional ringers choose the most diverse variations on heart themes. Around the heart you can often see an inscription, abstracts, floral ornaments. One of the beautiful variants of the tattoo is the image of the heart with wings. It symbolizes inspiration, love. A person who has a heart tattoo with wings is ready for anything for the sake of love, even the most desperate deeds. If we turn to the history of the heart tattoo, we can learn that such an image was a source of vitality and energy. If the heart tattoo is completed with a certain inscription, then it begins to remind of love to the one who is spoken about in the text when looking at the nail picture.

Heart tattoo on the leg: unique sketches for modern girls

Very often a heart tattoo becomes a body decoration of a girl's legs. On the thigh you can make a large-scale tattoo, within which the main figure will be a scarlet heart. The composition of the tattoo on the lower leg catches the eye, and therefore will suit confident individuals, going in the cut of the rules of society, but not career women. A small heart near the heel looks nice. Such a variant would be suitable for two halves. It can also be used as a symbol of friendship.

Tattoo heart on the hand: female options

Tattoo heart on the hand without any hidden meaning indicates that the owner of the tattoo is a romantic nature. The heart is the real cradle of feelings. The modern world of tattoos suggests the tattoo of the heart as a symbol of sensuality and sympathy. We offer a small overview on the photo of the heart tattoo on the hand.

The choice of location for the application

Before deciding where to get a tattoo, it is necessary to consult with the master and try on a few sketches on different parts of the body. To pick up a picture and area correctly, it is necessary to feel them. If there is the slightest internal discomfort, the sketch or area of application should be changed.

Ancient people gave each area of the human body a sacred meaning. They believed that when you apply a tattoo to the right area, you can change a person's life and character. Specialists recommend taking this factor into consideration when choosing the location of a permanent picture.

The most popular areas of the body to wear the heart are:

  • wrist;
  • hands;
  • face;
  • neck;
  • chest.

Less commonly, such a picture is applied to the legs or lower back.


On the wrist tattoo "Heart" asked to score girls. In this case, the picture will emphasize the tenderness and sophistication of its owner.

Since ancient times, this part of the body symbolized the hidden desires and tenderness. For example, geishas in Japan honored their admirers by showing them the wrist.

Tattoo heart on the wrist, hand, face, chest. Sketch, value

The advantages of the picture in this area are not many. Here we can highlight the fact that the tattoo is not always in full view and is only visible when you turn your hand. It is also convenient to take care of it after the procedure.

Among the negative qualities are the painfulness of the procedure. The wrist refers to one of the areas of high sensitivity at the time of the tattoo machine.


Hands are considered the most popular part of the body for the application of tattoos, and place the picture on its various parts. Men prefer to wear a heart on the inside of the arm from the elbow to the wrist or on the biceps.

The ancient sages associated this part of the body with the ability to give, to create and to embrace. They believed that it was the hands that allowed a person to be in the here and now.

Heart tattoo on the wrist, hand, face, chest. Sketch, meaning

Among the pluses of tattoos in this place are:

  • The relative painlessness of the procedure;
  • The convenience of drawing;
  • the ability to take care of the picture yourself;
  • ease of concealment under clothing.

Experienced masters note that doing tattoos on the arm is tolerable. The most painless area is the biceps, and it's not the most pleasant to make a drawing on the inner side. At the same time the image here the longest keeps the form and color. Disadvantages in this area of the body for a tattoo there is no.

The face

Some brave people without complexes wear a tattoo "Heart" on the face. It can be as a small symbol in the area of the temple or under the eye, and a noticeable image on the forehead or cheek.

Heart tattoo on the wrist, hand, face, chest. Sketch, meaning

Ancient sages considered the face as a place of manifestation of the inner "I" of man. The tattooing procedure is painful here. Besides this, not always the surrounding people react to such a permanent jewelry correctly. If a woman can hide the picture under makeup, a man can do it much more difficult.


The "Heart" tattoo on the neck can be found on both guys and girls. According to Eastern beliefs, this part of the body is responsible for the ability to look in different directions and helps to keep the connection of consciousness with the subconscious, being responsible for intuition.

The pluses of the tattoo on the neck include:

  • originality;
  • the ability to emphasize natural characteristics;
  • ease of care.

Despite its popularity, this place has its negative sides for wearing tattoos.

Heart tattoo on the wrist, hand, face, chest. Sketch, meaning

They include:

  • painfulness of the procedure;
  • long healing process;
  • The need for frequent paint updates;
  • Difficulty to hide under clothing.

Masters point out that it is painful to do tattoos on the neck. In addition, the skin here for a long time heals, because it is constantly in motion.


The image of the heart on the chest is more common among men. At the same time guys do tattoo in the area, located not far from the location of the real organ.

The ancient sages believed that the chest was responsible for openness, strength, feeling, and endurance. At the same time only here live emotions and soul.

Heart tattoo on the wrist, hand, face, chest. Sketch, meaning

Among the advantages of applying tattoos to the chest, experts highlight the discreetness of the picture and the relative painlessness of the procedure. At the same time, it is convenient to take care of the skin on the chest on your own after visiting the tattoo salon.

The negative sides of the image on the chest include its rapid fading and the need for frequent updating of the paint. In addition, the tattooing procedure can stretch over several sessions.


For women

For men