Dragon tattoo: the power and might of a mythical creature on your body

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The symbolism of the dragon in tattoos has ambiguous, double meaning. Various civilizations endowed this mythical creature with powerful abilities that were used both for the global good and as a destructive force in its path. Dragon is infinitely wise and prudent, many peoples worshipped him as the keeper of centuries of knowledge and sacred secrets of the universe. However, the power of the elements and magical spirit hidden within him draws his opponents to flight. The tattoo of this legendary lizard indicates firmness, determination, and principled action, but the dragon's power and magical spirit draw him to flight.

A tattoo depicting this legendary lizard indicates the strength, determination, and integrity of the wearer's character. A person with a similar body image strong in spirit, poised and reasonable. It is difficult to bring him out of his mind, but if it can be done, the anger of the patient dragon will be terrible and destructive. This tattoo is not suitable impulsive, changeable in desire and overly emotional nature. Inappropriate it will be in the case of a man with a mild temperament and malleable, "fluffy" character, because then the nail will be meaningless and contradictory.

What is the meaning of the tattoo Dragon

Each world culture gives its own definitions to dragon tattoos and mainly their meaning lies in the character traits that are ascribed to these unearthly beings, and it is not only intelligence, wisdom and fearlessness, but also cunning, flashiness, desire for solitude and much more. In Europe, dragons are ascribed a kind of negative image and depicted mostly with wings. In the East, these creatures have a serpentine body and four paws. They are also characterized by more positive qualities than his western counterpart.

Each experienced master when choosing a tattoo in the form of a dragon will help you create exactly the sketch that will reflect your inner self, not the least of which may play a role in the colors and the way exactly where your chosen creature. So, blue can mean compassion, calmness and openness, while green symbolizes life. Red can represent purposefulness, power and passion. Black is associated with wisdom and respect. The yellow dragon represents kindness and wisdom.

The image of a sleeping dragon successfully displays mental balance. The image with coins symbolizes wealth and prosperity. A dragon flying upwards signifies friendly intentions, and a dragon crawling or standing signifies a connection between the elements of heaven and earth. The fangs on display symbolize aggression, while the wings speak of fortitude and confidence. And that's not all the meanings and interpretations of the images you may encounter. Discuss your wishes and preferences with the master in advance, and he will easily help you decide on the choice of the sketch.

Meaning of the symbol

The dragon is a tattoo that can have a very different interpretation. For example, in Eastern cultures the dragon symbolizes heavenly powers, nobility and courage. At the same time in Europe, the winged serpent is the embodiment of chaos and destruction.

Decided to score a tattoo dragon, we recommend to study the sketches and symbols in detail. The same plot can have a different meaning - enough to miss at first glance a minor detail. Even small barely visible dragon tattoos can have a global meaning.

Dragon tattoos for men

Images such as the dragon, for example, are very popular among the variety of tattoos for men. The symbolism of invincible power, strength and wisdom is very close to men's nature and not only emphasizes these masculine qualities, but also sets up the owner himself to never lose the human form within himself. Men's tattoos of the dragon usually occupy a large surface of the body and can be performed as in a colorful Japanese style, and in Celtic themes, or a black and white version.

Tattoos for men and women

As in the case of style, there is no clear division between male and female tattoos.

Yes, traditionally, men more often choose aggressive images of dragons: claws, swollen nostrils, fire and a predatory grin. All the more so, men can afford larger tattoos, as society is more loyal to large-scale male tattoos than to female ones. In a large-scale version, dragon tattoos are even more formidable and powerful.

Women are less likely to choose crude, overt aggression. Rather they are determined to play up the flexibility and grace of mythical animals in their tattoos. Girls romanticize the image of the winged predator by adding color and scenic details to it.

Women's dragon tattoos

Beautiful ladies give preference to more subtle and colorful images of the dragon, or small drawings, which mainly mean passion, loyalty or emphasize some traits of the character of its owner. In addition to the heroine of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", the popularity of images of mythical creatures added to the series "Game of Thrones", in which the dragons of one of the main characters, act as not only her helpers and weapons, but also personify all her omnipotence. Girls can choose a drawing of any size for themselves, and both black and white and color images are equally popular.


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The Celts chose the dragon as a symbol of struggle, and the Chinese and Japanese Dragon was considered a divine being worshipped and temples built.

In recent years, the dragon tattoo has gained particular popularity after the release of the Stieg Larsson trilogy "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and the eponymous film based on the books. The main character is Lisbeth Salander, a complex and ambiguous character, but undoubtedly she is the embodiment of a strong personality. The dragon in the book is used as a symbol of the heroine's inner strength. After the release of the book and the movie, many girls were inspired to get a tattoo with a dragon.

Dragon tattoo - Dragon tattoo - Dragon tattoo - Dragon tattoo

Where to stuff the image of the dragon: ideas and tips of tattoo masters

The location of the tattoo in this style depends in general on the subject you have chosen and, accordingly, the size and sketch. If you stopped the choice on a big picture, or it is not one dragon, and the whole picture with additional images, it should be understood that for such a plot will need a lot of space and should think, as far as will be appropriate such a composition on your body. The most suitable for this are the back, chest, thigh and arm with the transition to the scapula and neck. For small or very small sketches absolutely any part of the body is suitable, and you can stuff them depending on your preference.

The dragon tattoo on the shoulder

The image of a mythical monster on this part of the body More often chosen by men. Girls, if also stuffed dragon tattoo on the shoulder, then in the form of a small picture. And guys do nakolka, starting on the forearm and leaving on the chest or on the scapula.

Nakolka looks beautiful in one color, as well as multi-colored. A winged snake with an open mouth and a grin, slithering down, symbolizes hostility, courage, determination to attack at any moment. As a rule, these young men not to be the first to be confronted or attacked.As a rule, these young people are not the first to come into conflict, do not attack themselves, but it will not be nice to those who interfere in their affairs, trying to take away their property or force to submit to the opinion of others.

The original tattoo on the shoulder

It is believed that the dragon tattoo protects the owner from bad influences, assists in establishing leadership positions in the team, is an assistant in achieving dreams. The red winged lizard will help its owner to become successful .. The gold kite, crouched on the shoulder, Will bring wealth.

If the dragon is calm or asleep at all, the owner is guaranteed a serene life, without nervous outbursts and shocks.

Tattoo of the dragon in the style of realism

The style of realism implies performing tattoo images in the style of fantasy, with which we are familiar thanks to computer games and movies. These crisp drawings highlight every detail and individual touch, which makes them very popular and in demand in the tattoo world. You can depict both individual parts of this magical image, such as the eyes or head, or the creature in its entirety.

Popularity with girls.

Girls very rarely apply this tattoo to their body, as they prefer more passionate animals. However, if this tattoo is applied in the kukushi-boro style, then, at least in ancient Japan, it is considered a very frank and passionate act. More often than not, the Japanese dragon tattoo can be found on girls in America.

Japanese style dragon tattoos

In Japanese culture, all the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire treat dragons very respectfully and consider them a symbol of good luck and longevity. In the East, these creatures are treated as guardian spirits and endowed with sacred qualities. Performed tattoo in Japanese or Asian technique, using vibrant colors and a wide range of shades. Dragon depicted with three fingers on his paws and very long claws, and often his body has a wriggling shape or gathered in rings. Also on his head there are horns and the most important attribute is the long and developing mustache.

Dragon's head

If you want a "portrait" of a dragon, you can try drawing just its head.

Stages of work:

  1. Draw two circles, so that one goes a little beyond the other is the head. Left and slightly below draw a small square - the nose. Connect it to the circles with three trapezoids, expanding as you approach the circles.
  2. From the right circle draw down three curved lines - the neck of the dragon.
  3. On top of the head add two figures, resembling rolled paper sleeves, and on the right - sticking out a triangle.
  4. From the goblet lines extend to make horns, and under the right sketch the outline of the eye.
  5. Protruding triangle make curves - these are the fins. Continue to make jagged edges on the neck.
  6. Draw more detail nose, adding nostrils and two protruding downward canines.
  7. The left side of the neck, divide into segments with horizontal lines.
  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

You can start coloring the picture.

Girls are unlikely to be interested in such work, but you can't tear the boys away from the work on the dragon. The main thing is to advise and direct, what to do and in what sequence, so that the drawing turns out really beautiful.

The graphic style in tattoos

Graphic drawings are commonly thought of as gray pencil sketches, but this is far from the case, and graphics may well be depicted in color. Colored dragon tattoo images also exist and are no less popular than the classic black sketches. The color palette has no limitations in the choice of shades, dragon drawings in red or brown are considered standard. The graphic depicts the dragon as a whole drawing or only its grinning mouth or burning eyes. The animal may have spikes or webbed wings. Black and white and colored versions of the intimidating look are preferred by men, while ladies choose softer forms of sketches.

The Dragon tattoo is very common and it can be rightly attributed to the universal symbols that are among the first to come to mind when it comes to the varieties of images on the body. But do not forget about the many meanings and symbols of this, as it turns out, not an easy pattern that conquered more than one fan of decorating your body with tattoos.

Ascending dragon

Having mastered the technology of drawing kind cartoon dragons, let's move on to more complicated techniques - let's try to draw a dragon with outspread wings, preparing to take off. You won't be able to tame such an animal, but you're welcome to admire the beautiful drawing.

How to do it:

  1. Draw half of the figure of eight, slanting it slightly to the right. On top finish drawing two small circles of different diameters - head and elongated nose. Two more circles depict the bottom bend - the body. The circle, which is closer to the head, should be larger than the second.
  2. Connect the head and the bottom two circles curved line on top. On the sides draw two triangles - the wings, the bottom of which should be drawn in semicircles, to get a curved line.
  3. Behind add a tail - it too must wiggle and have a triangle at the end.
  4. Draw back paws just under the body and front paws should rest on the ground before jumping.
  5. Doris barbs on the back and upper part of the tail. The upper part of the wings, duplicate the parallel line and trace out the vertical lines. Add eyes on the head, draw nostrils and mouth on the tip of the nose, and highlight the claws on the feet.
  6. Erase all unnecessary lines inside the dragon, add spots, trace the contours.

Sketch ready. Proceed to painting the little beast.

Method One

Dragon is easy to draw if you follow certain steps:

  1. You need to draw two circles - the future head and the lower part of the dragon's torso.
  2. Then you need to connect them with two smooth lines, which as a result will create a body. It can be with curves, if the creature stands in a particular position.
  3. After the big circle also need to draw two lines that will converge at the end. They should be longer than the rest. This will be the tail of the dragon.
  4. Next, at the level of the torso it is necessary to draw two broken lines, which will be the wings.
  5. At the end of the tail we draw a small triangle.
  6. On a large circle, which is the back of the body and under the head make two ovals - the future legs of our dragon.

Follow drawing. Wings can be added veins, spikes. Claws are drawn on the paws, you can add elements of scales in different parts of the body. Draw eyes, nostrils for the future dragon.

The final step will be drawing in color. You can use both paints and colored pencils. The dragon can be absolutely any color, because it is a mythical creature.

The version of a step-by-step drawing of a dragon is suitable for both adults and children. Initially, the sketch is made with a pencil, not too soft, so that afterwards it will not shine through the paint.

Drawing in color

To begin work in color should begin with the background, from dark places to light. Shades that work together should be combined to create a painterly work.

You can use any color, but for a better transfer of shade and flavor it is better to use oil paints. This type of paint is very good for highlighting light shades, the color turns out saturated, bright.

We start drawing the dragon by applying the base color on the canvas. At this stage, drawing is not important yet, outline the darkest and lightest places, use different shades to create a three-dimensional drawing. Once finished, let the paint dry for a while and start detailing.

You can experiment with different kinds of scales. Each scale is three-dimensional, at its borders it is darkened, closer to the center it is light and reflects the surrounding colors.

It is important to remember that if the scales are in shadow in relation to the surrounding reality, then their lighter part in relation to everything else will be darker. This is an important consideration in creating quality work.

In addition to the scales, the dragon can have fur, plumage - whatever your imagination can do.

Important point is the drawing of the eyes. Dragon they are large, expressive. Eyes reflect the essence and character. Large, bloodshot eyes will make your dragon look wild and fierce.

Round or elongated pupils can give him wisdom and a kind disposition. The shape of the eye can be studied from the reptiles around us so that it appears most realistic.

An additional technique for creating volume is to blur the boundaries of the body and, conversely, to highlight it. The part that goes into the distance can be blurred, not drawn in detail, combined with shades of blue.

The head and the front of the torso need more detail, so we create an image in space.

Now you have enough theoretical background to draw a realistic and beautiful creature that we so often see in stories, movies, cartoons. With a little imagination and time, you will have a truly impressive work on canvas!

Like a real one.

After the novice artist has mastered the technique described above, you can think about how to draw a realistic dragon in pencil. In the beginning, pictures depicting the creature are carefully studied. How fine details and shadows are drawn.

  1. Particular attention should be paid to facial features. To work on the expression of the eyes and facial expressions. A dragon's eyes convey his character and intentions.
  2. For example, a wide-open gaze would make a character curious, a slight squint - haughty.
  3. Eyes with overhanging shadow, tell about the fierce temper, and the bright red will convey the fury.
  4. This will require much more time and diligence. Also, attention is drawn to the shades of color in each scale, the glare of light.
  5. More carefully worked out every fold of skin, webbing, and veins on the wings.

An important role in the picture, plays a backdrop. It is necessary to think where is the dragon. This could be a rocky terrain, a cave with gold placers or mountains. The mythical creature can hover quietly among the clouds or attack an ancient city.

The dragon can be a water dragon, then the background depicts the sea water, possibly with the outlines of small islands or ships.

Tattoo on the back

This is the largest, and therefore most convenient part of the body for tattooing. Only on the back can be a maximum picture depicted in all its glory, to show the smallest, but important details.

It is possible not just to depict a dragon, but to create It is possible not just to depict a dragon, but to create a whole composition, a narrative picture. Often there is a tattoo of a winged lizard fighting a tiger. The flying lizard's victory over the predator means a victory of good over the dark forces.

Three-dimensional tattoo. Looks chic.

When getting a tattoo on the back you need to Take into account the physiology of man. Do with care not to hurt the spine and shoulder blades. Since the bones are close under the skin, the process of nailing quite painful.

The procedure is especially sensitive when the tattoo is done on the knees, in the clavicle area, on the elbows, neck, chest, particularly female. Even the process of drawing is already unpleasant.

Each person perceives pain differently. Therefore, if it is decided to apply a tattoo for the first time, it is better to try to make a small image on a particularly sensitive area of the body. Then it will become clear whether it will be possible to endure the application of the dragon tattoo.


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