Tattoos under the sternum for girls. Photos, sketches and meanings: inscriptions with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

A few centuries ago, tattoos had religious, cultural and social significance. Although the same is common in the modern generation, but these days tattoos are more about fashion. In ancient times, kings and warriors used to engrave certain images in the form of tattoos with profound meanings related to their armies and their families. They were required to portray their ancestry and their ancestors with a special mark and tattoo engraved on their bodies.

Can girls get a tattoo under their sternum?

Tattoos under the sternum of girls is the best option for those who want to have a beautiful and large drawing, but not to show it to everyone. When wearing casual clothes, the tattoo will be invisible. Therefore, masters recommend this place of drawing for women with strict criteria to the appearance at work.

Some girls use the tattoo under the breast to hide scars or scars after surgery.

Contraindications for tattoos under the breasts are as follows:

Tattoo under a girl's sternum is not recommended during menstruation. During this time, the sensitivity of the breast increases and it may change size.

Breast tattoo ideas and designs for girls

Sketches of tattoos between the breasts in girls are different from those on the chest, on the side or slightly below. The drawing directly depends on the location of the future tattoo. Therefore, often the finished sketch is taken solely as a basis. A good master will be able to adapt it in size and shape, suitable to the place of application.

Ideally look those tattoos, which emphasize the beauty of the figure, in other words - fit the complexion.

Cool mini tattoos under the breasts

A small tattoo under the chest is one of the most popular and beautiful modern tattoo options. You can choose absolutely any object as a sketch.

Advantageously and delicately look under the chest the following mini drawings:

  • Birds;
  • Sprigs of plants;
  • Flowers;
  • Feathers;
  • Heavenly bodies;
  • Animal faces;
  • Colorful fish;
  • Inanimate objects.

Mini-tattoos can be black and white or with the addition of colored elements. To emphasize the femininity of the tattoo, preference should be given to gentle shades: lavender, sky blue, purple, lettuce.

Tattoo inscriptions under the sternum

Tattoo inscriptions are rightly considered a classic of tattoos. However, more and more often girls refuse certain inscriptions because of their popularity. And after all the essence of a tattoo exactly in order to stand out.

Causing the desired inscription just under the breast is the ideal option in this case. Especially spectacular will look such an inscription under the bust on the side.

The font for the inscription under the chest is better to choose italic with thin curls. Also a straight classic font will look good. It is better to avoid bold gothic motifs, as they look crude and instead of emphasizing the figure - will spoil it.

Sketches tattoo mandala under the chest and on the stomach.

The "mandala" patterns look best between and under the chest. Chains extending to the abdomen look beautiful. It is better not to apply a tattoo mandala on the side, not having model parameters.

Depending on the chosen pattern, you can "adjust" your life on the astral level. It is possible to attract in life:

  • Peace and harmony;
  • Wisdom and experience;
  • Love and family;
  • Money and well-being.

Mandalas are originally aimed at achieving spiritual balance and peace. Such tattoos will suit sensitive and sensual natures as well as lovers of oriental religious trends.

Elegant plant ornaments

The most fashionable tattoo pattern of this year is the branches of various plants. It can be simply leaves or stems with flowers. Particularly popular are drawings of lavender, roses, camellia.

Along with this, do not forget about which has become a classic tattoo pattern under the breast mandala with a central element in the form of a lotus.

In most cases, it is plant patterns are executed in color. Only the flowers on the stem or the leaves can be colored. This contrast draws more attention to the tattoo.

It is best to place such a tattoo:

  • Under the chest on one side, so that the branch "holds" and wraps around the chest;
  • Between the sternum;
  • On the side of the ribs, close to the chest.

It is not recommended to do such tattoos on the abdomen, as on a large area of skin they are simply lost. Along with floral ornaments are gaining popularity and animal elements.

Various birds, fish or even predators (such as a fox) will look beautiful under the breast.

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Peculiarities of tattooing under the sternum

Before applying a tattoo, it is necessary not only to find a suitable sketch, but also to consult a doctor. The dermatologist will examine the skin for diseases and will recommend the necessary anesthesia.

There are several peculiarities of tattooing under the breasts:

  1. The thinner the girl, the more painful the procedure will be. In the area of the ribs the fat layer is minimal, which leads to discomfort and pain during the padding of the figure.
  2. If your breasts are large, the pattern should be printed a little lower. It should be remembered that with age, after pregnancy and lactation, the breast sags, which spoils the aesthetic appearance of the tattoo.
  3. Treat the skin after applying the tattoo under the breast should be more often. This place sweats more and serves as an excellent "refuge" for microorganisms.

Sketches of tattoos on the chest for girls

Most often, women's chest tattoos are depicted in black and white and represent lace patterns, images of birds and various flowers.

The tattoos can extend under the breast as well as located between the breasts. Below in the photo let's consider the most beautiful and original works of masters from all over the world.

tattoo on the chest

Tattoo inscriptions on the sternum

Many ladies choose the minimalist style for lettering, which is simple and sophisticated. More determined women may opt for a gothic or chicano style.

Under Chest Tattoo on Girls

Small tattoos on the chest

Girls who are afraid of the pain that occurs during the session, choose small images. Basically, such drawings are flowers, unalome, geometric shapes, crescent shapes, sprigs of plants, etc.

Tattoo between breasts

Tattoo of flowers on the chest

Most often, women apply flowers in a minimalist style, linework or dostvorok, which imply the use of dark ink. Less often you can find bright drawings in the style of watercolor or old skool.

Tattoo on the chest with a pattern

Beautiful ornate patterns that mimic lace - this is a trend in recent decades. Moreover, in different countries the ornaments are called differently, for example, chandelier or mandala.

Tattoos for girls on chest

In general, this motif is depicted in a fairly large size and is located in the area between the chest and the waist. In some cases, the ornament is combined with other elements: precious stones, flowers, etc.

Tattoo on girls breasts

Under Breast Tattoo on the Side

The side under the breast can be successfully placed an image of small size: butterflies, stars, the moon, various natural elements, unalom, arrows, etc.

Wolf: meaning and ideas

In the female tattoo, the wolf symbolizes constancy and loyalty to his partner: boyfriend or husband. The image of the she-wolf also refers to children: she is able to protect her offspring under any circumstances.

The sketch of the wolf or she-wolf is rarely applied in color, in most cases it is performed in the gray-black scale. In some cases, red eyes are allowed, as a symbol of witchcraft and the otherworld.

In girls, the wolf tattoo under the sternum is performed in combination with dream catchers or feathers. You can add romanticism to the sketch with another style of tattoo - watercolor. It is possible to use absolutely any gamma and combination of colors.

Tattoo inscriptions with meaning for girls

Tattoo on the ribs of girls, the inscriptions for which are chosen according to the inner state, are very attractive. Their meaning can be available to everyone, as well as only to the chosen ones. Nude paintings in the form of text on the side help to express love or gratitude. Emotional and thoughtful women choose for themselves tattoo inscriptions that convey their feelings and worldview.

About love

As a rule, love phrases and expressions that are not spoken aloud are transferred to the skin. Often such inscriptions are complemented by other symbols, such as a heart or the infinity symbol.

They are single words or entire statements:

  • While I'm breathing - I love and believe. - While I'm breathing - I believe and love.
  • To love deeply is to forget about oneself.
  • A woman is made for love, not understanding.
  • Family is forever - Family is forever.
  • A good family is when there is someone to give happily.

About life

Through tattoos about life girls acquaint others with their credo.

Tattoo on the ribs of girls: inscriptions with translation. Sketches

Phrases for body art can be taken from books or movies:

  • Life is beautiful if you learn how to live.
  • Spend your life on something that will outlive you.
  • The meaning of life is only one thing: struggle.
  • Let's make today beautiful - Let's make today beautiful!
  • Live, love, dance.

About friendship.

Expressions that help convey loyalty and trust in friends are shown in the table:

الصداقة هي عقل واحد في جسدينFriends have one mind for two
Fortune befriends the boldFortune and courage are friends.
Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoroWho found a friend, found a treasure
Homo hominis amicus est.All men are friends to each other

On freedom

Self-sufficient and freedom-loving individuals will appreciate the following inscriptions:

  • Credi nei sogni, credi nella libertà - Dream and freedom - for faith.
  • Homo liber - A free person.

    Tattoo on the ribs of girls: inscriptions with translation. Sketches

  • Vita sene libertate nihil - A non-free existence is nothing.
  • Non accontentarti dell'orizzonte...cerca l'infinito - The horizon is not the limit - go to infinity.

On Religion and Faith

One's own attitude towards faith and religious issues is expressed in phrases:

  • My angel is always with me - My angel is always by my side.
  • God broke our hearts to prove to us He only takes the best - God broke our hearts to prove He only takes the best.

    Tattoo on the ribs of girls: inscriptions with translation. Sketches

  • The soul won't have a rainbow if there weren't tears in its eyes.
  • My dreams come true - My dreams come true.

Original phrases

Interesting expressions for text body art can also be:

Philosophical inscriptions

Girls who adore deep thought and correct messages may prefer the following:

  • Vincit qui se vincit - It is a very hard thing to defeat oneself.
  • Faber est quisque fortunae suae - We make our own destiny.

    Tattoo on the ribs of girls: inscriptions with translation. Sketches

  • Veritas vos liberabit - Truth works liberatingly.
  • Minima maxima sunt - Small things are considered especially important.

The Owl

Modern culture regards the owl as an image of wisdom. But in the beliefs of some European nations the bird is compared to the night and witchcraft, and the Chinese consider it a harbinger of misfortune.

There are several options for tattoo designs with owls:

  1. A black and white owl drawn using patterns and geometric shapes. If the owl sits with its wings folded - it is calm, peaceful, a little pessimism. A bird in flight - the desire to gain wisdom.
  2. Colorful owl, made in the animation genre. Indicates the charismatic, spontaneity of the hostess, which at his flightiness has a good mind and a sense of humor.

    Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Photos, sketches and meanings: inscriptions with translation, small, beautiful, flower rose, heart, gothic

Tattoo inscriptions on the ankle

The ankle will allow you to beautify your leg with a tattoo inscription, but at the same time it will not be catchy. So if you are a beginner, the most ideal place to get a tattoo is the ankle.


Flowers always speak of femininity and romanticism. That is why girls choose their sketches for tattoos.

The following options can be used:

  1. Wildflowers. - Romanticism, simplicity, falling in love.
  2. Tulip - Belief in the future, good luck, symbolizes spring, awakening.
  3. Flowering thistle or burdock - Masculine austerity and firmness in a woman's body.
  4. A blooming sakura - youth, romance, the cycle of life.
  5. Magnolia - A symbol of self-respect and a willingness to sacrifice oneself for the benefit of others.
  6. Orchid - Grandeur over others, power, desire for power;
  7. Jasmine - a symbol of eternal love.

For many flowers, the colors in which the master paints them also have their own symbolism. For girls it is recommended to use natural shades.


A bird can be stuffed under the chest, which flies to the flower located in the solar plexus area.

Single birds outside of compositions may have the following meanings:

  1. Black raven.. Wisdom, long life, commitment to dark forces and magic.
  2. Hummingbird . - Optimism associated with freedom, love of life;
  3. Swallow - love for the native land.
  4. Bullfinch - symbol of uniqueness and survivability in all conditions and circumstances.
  5. Firebird and phoenix - symbol of immortality of the soul, rebirth.

    Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

A popular tattoo under the breast is a single bird feather or a composition of several. They are performed in color and black and white.

Openwork patterns

Tattoo with lace patterns under the breast are applied to the body exclusively girls. Such compositions are a wonderful decoration for the body. Many drawings mimic natural lace lingerie.

Tattoos with lace can serve as additions to other compositions, such as flowers or gothic font. Beautifully looks a pattern with precious stones and tattoos with jewelry. Some masters use such sketches to tear down tired or unsuccessful drawings.

The color can vary depending on the skin tone. Girls with pale and thin skin are advised to use a black or dark brown shade. On swarthy and dark skin, lace in beige shades and white look unusual.

Tattoo inscriptions on the collarbone

Here the tattoo inscription will look especially beautiful and sexy. You should apply it horizontally or with a slight slant. Only in this case your tattoo inscription will look perfect.


The sunflower has always been considered a symbol of life, good luck and longevity. In most religions, this flower is associated with the love of God and the sunshine, refusing to worship dark, magical forces.

The tattoo under the sternum in girls with a sunflower is printed in compositions with insects, bees, butterflies or ladybugs. In most cases, a colored drawing is used, although there are sketches with black and white sunflowers printed on the outline of the plant.

Another option is the drawing by small multicolored squares of shades of yellow, orange and green, imitating a mosaic.

Features of the tattoo of the inscription

The main feature of the tattoo inscription is that it can be done in absolutely any size. In one version it can be a single word in any language, and in another - the whole text in Latin. Here already picked up exactly the version of the text that you need.

Tattoo inscriptions are a great way to express your love to the person you care about. Only you should always remember that the tattoo will remain with you for the rest of your life, so carefully consider the meaning of the text before you apply it to your skin.

Important! If you pick up the inscription in a foreign language, always find out the translation. Because in most cases you can get into an awkward situation if the translation of your tattoo is stupid or, worse, offensive.

Geometric design

Tattoos in the style of geometry allow you to experiment with the image and, if necessary, change and complement it. Sketches of geometric tattoos look unusual, modern and stylish, and their execution will not require an abundance of palettes and a long time of work.

Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

Sketches are most often performed in the form of various triangles, circles, angles and straight lines that can intersect with each other or form minimalist compositions. Figures such as deer head, elephant, human, arrow, feather, made with the use of planar or three-dimensional geometric shapes are considered more complex.

Rose and lace

The rose tattoo has a huge number of meanings, the main one being love. The intertwining of the rose in the lace gives an image of intimacy, especially if the tattoo is located under the breast.

In the symbolism of such a pattern, the main role is played by the shade of the flower. If the rose is executed in scarlet, burgundy or pink, its owner loves passionate and ardent relationships. A white and unpainted rose speaks of the modesty and even innocence of the girl. Unusual colors such as, purple, blue and black symbolize "withdrawal into oneself", aloofness,.

Naturalistic composition

Insects, sketches of an elephant's head painted with lace or patterns are popular in female naturalistic composition. Realistic drawings of insects can symbolize both a love of all things natural and a commitment to mysticism. Some girls apply the image of a dragonfly on their body, decorated with watercolor paint strokes.

Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

Butterflies are often used in naturalistic compositions. They can be black and white or colored. Sketches depicting insects on flowers or fruits are widespread.

Features of tattoos on the side

Tattoo on the ribs in girls (inscriptions) are suitable for those who like small and meaningful images. Phrases or expressions in any language can be both horizontal and vertical. Female inscriptions on the side have a special meaning and elegant forms. Their vertical varieties are applied strictly in the center. In this form they do not spoil the figure of the girl. Inscriptions also often take the form of delicate ornaments or patterns. Women with voluminous forms will be suitable not just phrases, but entire poems framed by other symbols.


Gothic is used to add mystique and mystique to an image. Quite often gothic designs for tattoos are chosen by girls with a romantic nature.

There are the following options for a gothic style tattoo, which can be done with a chest:

  1. Inscription. Gothic style is characterized by a typical lettering. The letters can be smoother or sharper, embellished with swirls.
  2. Gothic cross. It is inscribed in the solar plexus area.
  3. Gothic patterns. They are characterized by monotony and gloominess. They can be mandalas or patterns of a large number of scrolls.

    Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

  4. Flowers. Gothic style tattoos are led by black roses with spikes.
  5. Skulls. Unlike men, girls can get skulls decorated with colorful hair, flowers and jewelry.

The main colors of the gothic tattoo are black and blood red. Recently, some girls are trying to "soften" this style with elements of other colors, often pink and blue.

Precious stones

The image of the diamond under the breasts symbolizes the firmness and hardness of the girl, her purity and steadfastness.

There are several options for applying the gemstone:

  • A diamond with wings;
  • gemstone framed in the petals of a flower;
  • Realistic black-and-white or color version;
  • A diamond in a jewel or crown.

A pendant or thin scattering of diamonds can be placed under the left or right breast. Gemstones are performed in black and white, monochrome or multicolored version.

The meaning of the tattoo on the chest

The meaning of the figure depends on what it depicts. After all, even the coloring of plant petals can symbolize absolutely diverse things. Below we will consider the main motifs and their meaning for women.

Tattoos under the sternum for girls

Many girls, applying a tattoo to their body, in addition to the external appeal invested in it a special meaning.


Tattoo under the sternum

The lotus flower is highly valued in Hinduism and Buddhism and signifies purity of soul and thoughts. Also, the lotus symbolizes femininity, attractiveness and spirituality. Generally, the design is done in black and white. Sometimes, inclusions of colored precious stones can be found in the composition.


The patterns, which represent a mandala, symbolize harmony and unity with the universe.

We can notice that this motif is chosen by girls who believe that this pattern is a talisman of sorts, exudes a certain vibration and helps them to achieve the goals they want. You can use the mandala to attract love, family well-being, finances, health, etc. into your life.


girls chest tattoo
As a rule, birds signify independence and freedom for a woman.
Depending on the species of feathered, the meaning of the tattoo can vary significantly. For example, a female chest tattoo with an owl represents wisdom and intelligence. A hummingbird represents cheerfulness and optimism. Parrot - communication skills and beauty. Swallows - loyalty and family values.


Compositions with flowers are the most popular motifs in tattoo art.

The most common plants are roses, sunflowers, sakura and peonies. The meaning of these flowers is beauty, nobility, femininity, elegance, sophistication, and love.


Tattoo on girls' breasts
Drawings with hearts are chosen by romantic natures, for whom love is the most important thing in life.

Women's tattoos on the chest with a heart can be performed both in color and monochrome. And the size of the picture does not matter much, because the heart, as a motif, does not lose its value depending on its size.


With the help of body phrases you can show the people around you your views on life, denote meaningful values, create a motivational mood, etc.

Inscriptions are among the top 5 in popularity among the main ideas for tattoos on the chest in women. The choice of language in which the text will be applied is based on the girl's own preferences. The most common are English, French and Arabic, as well as Latin.


The lotus is an ancient symbol in tattooing. Buddhist monks applied its outline, to learn their inner world and find harmony. The lotus is very popular in women's tattoos, it is applied on the solar plexus. The flower symbolizes femininity, seductiveness, but at the same time, purity.

In Chinese culture, the lotus signifies inner spiritual development. It is applied in white on the solar plexus area with different hieroglyphs on the petals. A flower surrounded by carp or other fish is considered a "magnet" for attracting personal happiness. Lovers often make paired red lotuses, where the name of the partner is inscribed.

Tattoos with a lotus pattern in the Indian style are very popular. Their sketches resemble mandalas, can be monochrome or colored. Such tattoos are decorated with strings of beads and patterns.

Tattoo under the chest in girls. Photos, sketches and meanings: inscriptions with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic

What does the raven tattoo mean?

The raven tattoo has the most contradictory images, which carry both positive and negative meaning. It all depends on what style is used to depict it.

The Celtic raven is one of the most popular images that symbolizes death and war. At the same time, it denotes protection and prophecy. The Celts believed that the black raven had magical powers.

To Native Americans, the stylized raven was more of a positive character that signified the balance between good and evil, and, accompanied spirits to the afterlife. In this culture, a tattoo with its image symbolizes personal growth.

For the Vikings, the black raven was associated with the God Odin: this sacred bird carried wisdom and informed its master of all important events that happened on Earth.

However, the meaning of raven tattoos can vary depending on their complementary elements. Below we will consider the sketches of tattoos with crows and their main meaning.

New What does a bull tattoo mean?

Tattoo of a raven and a skull

Since the bird is a symbol of death during war, the tattoo with its image means evil, danger, victory over the enemy. On the other hand, a tattoo of a raven on a skull can act as a talisman and protect the wearer from trouble and accident.

Tattoo of the wolf and raven

The meaning of the tattoo raven and wolf - solitude, wisdom, independence. The owner of such a tattoo can be characterized as a strong person, ready for the toughest tests of life. And having an inner core and self-confidence allows a person to associate themselves with wolves.

Tattoo of a double-headed raven

The double-headed raven tattoo is used by those seeking revenge. The first head denotes a positive attitude towards the future, while the second head shows that you remember the wounds you received in the past.

Raven's head tattoo

The raven head means that you can foresee the future and prepare for it. Such a drawing is perfectly suited for people relating to esotericism or magic.

To emphasize the wisdom and insight of the symbolism, the bird can be depicted with an eye in its beak, crystal balls or a full moon.

Tattoo of a raven with outspread wings

The bird with spread wings is one of the most common designs. Such raven tattoos signify freedom and supremacy of one's own opinion over others. A person who possesses this drawing is characterized as a determined, courageous person and independent of the influence of other people.

Tattoo of Odin's crows Hugin and Munin

The Viking god Odin always carried on his shoulders two talking ravens Hugin and Munin, who brought him information from all over the Earth and the underworld. Consequently, the meaning of the tattoo is to gain hidden knowledge. Birds are often depicted in conjunction with runes.


Floristic motifs are more often chosen by romantic and sophisticated girls.

Modern tattoos in the genre of floristics can be performed using the following sketches:

  1. A sprig of verbena, lavender, cherry blossom or cherry blossom. The tattoo is placed under the chest or slightly to the side.
  2. A small forget-me-not or daisy flower In the solar plexus area, with the stem turning into an inscription. If the stem is placed horizontally, its continuation under the left breast becomes the heartbeat line.
  3. Plant branches with buds and leaves. Dicentre looks very beautiful. Its flowers resemble hearts. Two branches of the flower are stuffed under the breasts, and their bases are connected by leaves in the area of the solar plexus.
  4. Herbs and ferns. Skeins of field grasses and large leaves of ferns are often stuffed under the chest with left and right sides out. A wide range of green colors are used for them, making the tattoo realistic.

Floristics are used in combination with other motifs: animals and jewelry.

Tattoo inscriptions on the hip

On the hip should always do a large tattoo. Because small simply will not look. A little below are photo examples of small and large inscriptions, and you just have to choose what most will have to your liking.


The dragon is a popular design for tattoos under or on the chest. In Japan, dragon drawings were and are applied to the body by women to protect the family home and children. The use can be made of a sketch where the head of the dragon is above the sternum or on the solar plexus, and its tail wraps around the chest.

It is believed that the color of the dragon becomes symbolic of its wearer:

  • black - a symbol of respect for the older generation of the family;
  • red - helping to protect children from the evil eye and bad luck;
  • gold - kindness and wisdom;
  • green - a declaration of love to the native land.

A female dragon tattoo is performed in combination with flowers and colorful ribbons.

Lavender tattoo meaning - meaning, history and photos of tattoo drawings

  • Sketches for tattoos lavender
  • Photos of finished lavender tattoos

What does the drawing of lavender in a tattoo mean?

Representatives of the fair sex love to decorate the body with a variety of colors. One wants to put a quivering and delicate flower on the skin, so that at first glance there is a feeling of some simplicity and fragility. Lavender tattoo meaning is exactly that, although additionally the symbol gives long life, good health, as well as helps to find a soul mate.

Worship of lavender in different countries

Even the ancient Romans invented to add a few sprigs of the fragrant plant in the bath for cleansing and freshness. In ancient Egypt, lavender was so revered that it was grown in the sacred groves of the city of Thebes. The flower was used to scent rooms and also to make healing drinks. In the ancient world, lavender had cultural, religious and commercial significance.

The Catholic Church used lavender to ward off sorcerers and witches, and to cast out the devil. Superstitious people always carried a few sprigs of the plant with them, and reinforced a dried bouquet at the entrance to their homes.

According to church legend, the Virgin Mary herself gave the flower its magical fragrance. This is how she thanked the lavender for providing its sprigs to dry the clothes of little Jesus.

How lavender is depicted

The characteristic image of lavender is a sheaf of thin sprigs covered with small green leaves, solidly sprinkled with beautiful purple flowers. The figure is dominated by long, elongated lines, so the tattoo is applied to the legs, shoulder blades, arms, sides.

Lavender tattoo value depends on the color scheme, which is preferred in the drawing. Drawing in dark saturated tones hints at mysticism, hidden meaning and mystery. The more intense purple tones of the flowers suggest a balanced and tranquil character. Soft blue lavender suggests a serene nature, a readiness for adventure and a penchant for romantic daydreaming. The rich green color of the stems indicates a cheerfulness, a desire to learn new things. But if you think about it, lavender is often dried as a reminder of a past love that has become a lifelong memory. But in place of the old love a new love is sure to come, in place of the dried lavender plant the next spring fresh shoots will reach for the sun, which will be covered entirely with small purple flowers. Therefore the lavender is sometimes portrayed as a symbol of cyclicality and rebirth.

New Tattoos in Arabic with translation and their meaning


Who is suitable for a tattoo with lavender

According to the advice of astrologers, a sprig of lavender will bring happiness to people born under the sign of Leo. The flower will endow them with courage, determination, will help to save their strength. The Slavs used lavender sprigs to protect babies from evil spirits and dark forces. To the pious, the flower symbolized true faith and service to God. Therefore, lavender is suitable for many people, especially those who wish to become bolder, braver and stronger in faith.

Sophisticated girls adore decorating their bodies with lavender, but couples often apply this flower as a sign of undying and eternal love, too. In this case, most often depicts two sprigs, draped with a ribbon.

Men apply a tattoo with lavender in honor of an upcoming wedding, to capture the tender and reverent attitude towards his beloved. The inflorescence of this plant is associated with the French style of Provence, which intertwines simplicity with sophistication. In the past, the lavender symbol was often worn on the body by French soldiers as a way of expressing their love for their country. But the most eccentric male tattoo is the skull of a ram surrounded by sprigs of lavender. Such a tattoo is a talisman and symbolizes courage, deep intelligence and rational thinking.


Symbolic meaning

Most often the fair sex apply lavender tattoo in quite inconspicuous places or hide it under the clothes. A sprig of lavender looks very beautiful on the wrist, back or ribs. Such an image can act solo or be a component of a bouquet of flowers or an elegant bracelet. If lavender is complemented by poppies, the image has a mournful, sad tone.

Before you finally decide to appeal to a particular tattoo master, we advise you to read more information on the website, where there is an impressive number of reviews on tattoo artists, their works and salons.

You can look at:



Prepared by: Vasyuhno Nelia Vasilyevna


Watercolor is the best option for a romantic girl. Tattoos are performed in a gentle, pink and blue scale with shades of yellow, green and purple. Most often, drawings are applied in the solar plexus.

It can be a rose or another flower with "flowing" colors from the petals. It is popular to draw the outline of an animal, most often a mythical elephant, deer, cat or wolf, on pre-painted drops of paint with no clear outlines.

Tattoo under the sternum in girls. Pictures, sketches and meanings: the inscription with translation, small, beautiful, rose flower, heart, gothic


Not every girl will allow herself to make a tattoo in the style of biomechanics. This trend is more popular among men. Women add flowers, butterflies or ribbons to the main sketch in order to soften the image.

One of the options for tattoos under the chest can be a sketch with an imitation of scratched skin. You can see gears, bolts and other mechanisms in the gap. Tattoo stylists advise girls to add bendable details, such as plastic tubes. They lighten the image.

On the left, a real heart can be tattooed, surrounded by the mechanical parts that keep her alive. A cage or lock can mimic a broken heart.

Putting a tattoo on the body, especially in such delicate places as the place under the sternum, is the acquisition of a symbol that can influence one's destiny. The choice must be approached with caution, passing minute impulses and temporary ideals.


For women

For men