Tattoo of the sea: meaning, sketches, male and female options

The sea - the strongest symbol and image in the tattoo. It is associated with mystery, mighty power and eternity. At the sight of waves people are filled with positive memories and emotions. This makes many contemporaries decorate their bodies with tattoos on the theme of the sea. The water element always evokes associations related to creation and creation. Let's consider with you different tattoo designs with the sea, as well as explore their meaning.

Meaning of tattoos on the sea theme

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The image, the shape of the sea, the ocean can be different on the body. Each person's tattoo with the sea is characterized by its individual meaning. For some it is quiet, calm, for others it is turbulent and prone to perturbation. It can be associated with death or life. The peculiarity of the sea tattoo is that it can be shown in different variations.

With the water element is associated with the meaning of human life. Each symbol in the tattoo has its own sacred hint. The abyss of the sea connects the bearer of the picture with ancestors, waves give life spirit. The inhabitants of the sea in the tattoo "hint" at wealth and fertility, good catch, the network promises the owner profit and happiness.

sketches of waves

Water, waves in tattoos can be blue, gray, blue, sapphire. Sometimes the water element is depicted in red. Each color has its own meaning. A calm tone is more harmonious, and a bright, saturated shade - aggressive and militant.

Many people think of the sea as an image of a woman and a mother. Entering the water is a return to the bosom of the mother, a rebirth. In the tattoo of the sea lies renewal, purification from the past state. It is associated with new life. With water is associated with the existence of man and plants, it fills with energy, renews the state of mind. It is necessary for food and growth. It is worth to distinguish the following meanings of a body drawing with the sea:

  • Infinity;
  • time;
  • eternity;
  • struggle;
  • the inner battle of man;
  • the image of the mother.

The flows of water are associated with the flow of time, an avalanche of energy, marching in step with modernity. But this movement forward is unhurried, thoughtful. The meaning of the sea tattoo is harmony with your inner beginning. After all, the water carries a very strong energy.

color tattoo

Places and zones of tattoos on the human body

Choosing the sketch for the application on the body, it is best to take your time and trust the professional masters, who will help select the tattoo. It is best to see different images and know their meaning, get acquainted with all the meanings and only after that hit the tattoo you like:

  • Wrist and chest. Areas of the body where the image will always be hidden from prying eyes and covered with clothing;
  • Forearms and legs. Open areas, this is where tattoos are often applied with a meaning that is open to others and outsiders;
  • fingers and neck. Maximum open areas, the tattoo on them, it is a certain way of self-expression and a way to convey important information.

The more the tattoo, the more thoroughly his details should be worked out, and all the fine elements of the picture are traced. The quality of the onal image directly depends on the chosen technique of execution, work and experience of the master, who can work exclusively in one subject and stylistics.

Each chosen tattoo can have several meanings and regardless of what is depicted in the picture for each person it can mean different things. A meaningful choice of drawing will help to bring bright colors in your own life and even change the destiny, to complement it with new twists and turns of fate.

Who is suitable for?

Such a tattoo is inherent in choosing strong, energetic people who know what they want from life. Also, it likes romantics, people prone to contemplation. Often this image for the body choose lifeguards, sailors and surfers.

People with a tattoo of the sea are fickle, often changing priorities and goals. Difficulties and obstacles they overcome with a philosophical approach, they realize the temporality of what is happening. Such a body image suggests that his master believes in fate, the law of the boomerang.

wave in a circle

The ancient symbol of Earth

Mystic meaning of waves, rain, ice

Earth is an ancient symbol of fertility, joy. The ancient Slavs Earth mother was a totem. She was considered alive, sacred.

It was preserved in proverbs: "It is a sin to beat the earth in spring - it is pregnant", "It is a sin to beat the earth - it is your mother...", "Earth is the breadwinner".

Later the Earth as an ancient symbol acquired a chthonic meaning as the opposite of Heaven, became a symbol of the grave: "Man came out of the earth, to the earth and will return..."

"Parting you, parting you, / A stranger's side, / No one will take care of you, / Only mother earth...", the song sings.

The earth is understood here as a home, which is always native to man. It was also perceived as a parent with the right to parental judgment and the righteous punishment of sinners.

It was said, "How does the earth carry him?"

The powers of the earth are magical. Witches rolled on the ground to recharge their energies. Kissing the earth sealed vows. Eating the earth is a symbol of submission and sincerity.

In memory of visiting a holy place and as a symbol of carrying it with them took a handful of earth. A handful of earth from the home site was carried with them, it was thrown on the coffin first.

All agricultural rites are connected with the land. The festivals of the first furrow, which had to be done by the most respected person in the village, and in the state by the king, are known...

For a bountiful harvest, the shaman or the king had to impregnate the land. The earth was perceived as feminine, passive.

In maritime symbolism, the shore, the land is a temporary shelter, a hostile element, a place to rest, to obtain necessary supplies.

What Heaven meant to our ancestors

Heaven as an ancient symbol means infinity, height, the kingdom of bliss, the highest power, order in the universe.

The gods of Heaven are usually the Creators. They are omnipotent and omniscient and symbolize the cosmic rhythms.

They are the guardians of the Law. Under matriarchy, heavenly deities are usually female, sometimes the gods of Heaven are sexless.

In ritual architecture, Heaven is depicted by a vault, stupa, chorten, or a central opening in a tent, canopy, and sacred structure.

Everywhere they are depicted in blue, but sometimes in black.

The peculiarity of the wave tattoo

A variety of images of the sea is the tattoo of the wave. This is a simple, but very original tattoo. The wave is associated with the striving forward, to self-development. It is a very ancient symbol of humanity. The embodiment of the constant changeability of the world around. The wave is a symbol of movement, the birth of something new. Many contemporaries put on the body the simplest image - a wavy line. But for romantic girls it is something delicately beguiling.

What do the sea, the lake, the river, the whirlpool symbolize?

The Sea

Symbol of the infinite expanse of water. It is compared to a field: fishermen call it an unseeded field from which they gather the harvest, sailors call it a road.

They prefer not to swim in the sea, comparing it to road dust.

Flood. Symbolizes the lunar force of the waters. The end of the old cycle and the beginning of a new one. Death and rebirth.

Lake .

Mystical meaning of bodies of water

Means feminine beginning, the element of moisture, a place where monsters or magical female forces, such as those mentioned in the phrase "maid of the lake.

Ocean. Element of procreation of life, boundlessness, the sum of all possibilities. Symbolizes the feminine. Means original waters, chaos, formlessness, material existence, infinite motion.

This is the source of all life, which contains all the potencies, the sum of all the possibilities in a manifest form, the incomprehensible, the Great Mother. Symbolizes also the sea of life, which is to be crossed.

The maelstrom .

The place of danger, the transition, the threshold of the underwater kingdom; deceptive calm place: "To draw into a whirlpool", "There are devils in a quiet pocket.

The River

Symbol of the irreversible flow of time. Symbol of loss and oblivion. The river is the road to the land of the dead. The river is a symbol of the barrier that separates the two worlds.

A symbol of constant changeability: "You cannot enter the same river twice. The water of the rivers is sacred. It is used to baptize at the first initiation, to wash away sins, to cleanse the body and soul.

It relieves fatigue - physical and mental (the river of oblivion of Lethe). The river gives fertility. The river is the artery of the earth. It is the source of life for the people of sedentary cultures. Their rivers - Nile, Ganges, and Huang He - are symbols and guarantors of prosperity.

The world flow of phenomena, the flow of life.

  • The river of life is the realm of the deity, the macrocosm.
  • The river of death is manifest existence, the world of changes, microcosm.

"Return to the source," symbolically depicted as a river flowing upward, is a return to the original, heavenly state, in order to attain enlightenment.

The mouth of the river has the same symbolic meaning as a gate or door. It provides access to another realm, the ocean of unity.

In rites of passage and when "traveling" from one state to another, the movement is usually thought of as crossing from one shore to another across the river of life or death.

If the traveler is headed to the mouth of the river, the banks appear to be dangerous and should be avoided, so that the whole journey across the river takes on the symbolic meaning of a dangerous passage.

The four rivers of paradise, flowing in the direction of the four corners of the world, coming from a source, key or well at the root of the Tree of Life, or from the rock below it in the center of Paradise.

They symbolize the creative power flowing from its implicit source into the manifest world to its utmost limits (the sea). In other words, from the highest level to the lowest.

The river is the way down to the ocean, the river generates the ocean. A river-wall, a barrier, which is overcome either with the help of a mediator or magically: the river of fire, the river Styx, etc.

In Christianity, the four rivers of Paradise, flowing from one rock, symbolize the four Gospels coming from Christ.

Tattoo plots with the sea

The most common are black and white images of the water element on the body. These can be very small waves or large realistic drawings.

Very often there are tattoos with a compass and the sea. This is a symbol of a clear course in life, firm convictions in their principles. The compass is a helper for people to find the exact direction of the sea, saving them from death.

Sometimes such tattoos are complemented by a lighthouse. He displays the guiding light. The owner of such a drawing wants to show that he is always looking for a way out of a difficult situation.

Tattoo on the leg

Sometimes they choose an inscription on the maritime theme. Often such a short and succinct expression speaks of love for the sea.

The wave in a circle is chosen by passionate natures, prone to soulful experiences. The image of the storm represents forward motion. Wave in a zigzag is associated with brevity and simplicity. Such individuals are characterized by mobility, unwillingness to complicate life for themselves and others.

tattoo for a girl

The choice of style

The nautical theme is preferred by the representative of the fair sex. A large sketch of azure, blue and white colors looks effective in the style of realism on the back or on the shoulder. Lovers of simple and concise tattoo can opt for a schematic composition in black and white tones. Minimalism, engraving or oriental style will be suitable for this. A small wave tattoo looks beautiful on the hand, wrist, ankle or foot.

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Pictures of tattoos with a wave

Penrose Triangle

Seeing Penrose triangle tattoo many people have a question: what does this figure mean? Attracts such a figure with its surrealistic appearance. When creating the drawing, Penrose did not use sharp corners, but straight corners. In this way the effect of volume is created. It is impossible to recreate such a figure from material. Characterize the owner of such a tattoo can be described as a creative person.

The line in the triangle

What does the triangle tattoo with a line inside mean? This drawing comes from astrology. The sign in different positions signifies the 4 elements:

  • inverted with a line in the middle - earth;
  • inverted without a line - water;
  • upside down with a line - air;
  • even without a line - fire.

A fully painted triangle.

An upward looking figure symbolizes activity. Looking down - passivity of nature. The choice of color indicates the psychological portrait of the owner. Black - closeness, brown - comfort, red - passion, white - purity. If it is important for a person what his tattoo broadcasts, it is worth analyzing the meaning of colors.

Tips for sketches

Stormy waves have inspired more than one generation of artists. It does not matter whether the master drives a brush on the canvas or a needle on the skin. The energy of the drawing fills the filled area with movement and brings the power of transformation into the owner's life.

Before starting work, consider sketches of already completed works by recognized masters who have connected their careers with the theme of water. Such sketches are full of expression and original presentation. This will help to let your imagination go on the way of creative search.

Otherwise, water tattoos are depicted according to the laws of a particular style. Before you go to the salon, choose one or a couple of them. This will help you choose masters who specialize in this direction.

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Popular techniques of execution.

A classic variant of the sea tattoo is an old-school style, because the progenitors of this technique were precisely the sailors. The main elements of this direction just are anchors, mermaids and ships. More extensive and colorful execution of the marine tattoo will be in the style of realism. Thanks to the colors and talent of the master on the body you can create unique story lines, revealing all the features of the inner state of the tattoo owner. The main feature of sea tattoos is their symbolism, so if you want to decorate your body with a seascape, be sure to learn the meaning of all the details. Because someday you may get a "connoisseur" of nautical tattoos and you will have to justify your bodily decorations.



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